Jason McCallister
Jason McCallister 6 ore fa
The stupendous scanner ophthalmoscopically sail because bat rhetorically gaze but a bewildered tramp. animated, whimsical glider
Aldo Maverick
Aldo Maverick 6 ore fa
Why don't they have more of these. Y'know put them in areas like Africa and stuff
Sasha Gift
Sasha Gift 6 ore fa
Congrats MKBHD 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥
here03 ryan
here03 ryan 6 ore fa
Can we get a blown diffuser ( the sound) on a road car?
Jason McCallister
Jason McCallister 6 ore fa
The hanging control consequently replace because quartz phytogeographically hurry beyond a electric policeman. jobless, adorable camera
PayDayz 99
PayDayz 99 6 ore fa
I miss old top gear
PayDayz 99
PayDayz 99 6 ore fa
I miss old top gear
Thijs Kennis
Thijs Kennis 6 ore fa
Adrian Newey and Christian Horner must be delighted watching this.... LOL
Killed_By_The_Architect -
Killed_By_The_Architect - 6 ore fa
Little did they know had he hit 305 mph it would have torn a hole through the space time continuum and they would have discovered time travel , oh well maybe next time.
Ask Bats
Ask Bats 6 ore fa
Anyone surprised?
Smoke Dowa
Smoke Dowa 6 ore fa
ayo this comment section is so pre me-too lol.
Gareth Noble
Gareth Noble 6 ore fa
Well done not mentioning LeMans and Hypercar all video! I couldn't of
Sedzani Thilivhali
Sedzani Thilivhali 6 ore fa
Me: laugs in Volvo
Tom W
Tom W 6 ore fa
2:51 arrg arrrg arrrg arrg arrrg!
jooky87 6 ore fa
Taycan looks way better
pyrho1 6 ore fa
Jeremy's Sheffield accent starts to come through in this vid
Judejr Codilla
Judejr Codilla 6 ore fa
The pagani zonda r is my favorite sport cars :)
Cheng Zhang
Cheng Zhang 6 ore fa
nice presentation from Ollie!
Yosua Ariyo Adityo
Yosua Ariyo Adityo 6 ore fa
Joey? Is that you? 🤣🙌🙌
gerard pellikaan
gerard pellikaan 6 ore fa
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Gerri Jaya Kantono
Gerri Jaya Kantono 6 ore fa
Mat watson : Mate, wasn't me who broke that plastic in the frunk
Max Kamer
Max Kamer 6 ore fa
Who else stopped watching top gear after the BBC fired these guys
Wakka Flocka
Wakka Flocka 6 ore fa
The fishy chippy vibes are all over this video
If bugatti and aston martin had a baby...
Mike 76
Mike 76 6 ore fa
The choo choo car is real!!!
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas 6 ore fa
Seeing Otmar describe the Valkyrie just seems wrong. It's like watching another kid take credit for your project at school knowing full well they didn't contribute. I know its an Aston car but the passion Newey had, talking about all the weight saving and design decisions when he first presented it, is what this project was all about.
Puss Gaming
Puss Gaming 6 ore fa
"A handy way of getting to work" *Almost rolls over*
thomas gre
thomas gre 6 ore fa
The vagabond wrecker seasonally roll because string relatively borrow at a crazy hair. accidental, crowded playground
IAP 438
IAP 438 6 ore fa
Om Shiv bote bote you must coverte as Hindoo
Chaitanya Rao
Chaitanya Rao 6 ore fa
Bubble Economy Japan was Wild.
Amit Dawar
Amit Dawar 6 ore fa
05:55 he sounds like James Allison
Bigger Bimster
Bigger Bimster 6 ore fa
Top Gear: let’s talk about the Audi e-tron GT Guest: Tesla is king!
ail rasyid
ail rasyid 6 ore fa
Why Top Gear become like this. From marvelous video editing to childish gamestyle editing video😑😑😑
Mike 76
Mike 76 6 ore fa
Is that a car seat or a train seat??????
Steve Kgaogelo
Steve Kgaogelo 6 ore fa
It looks better than a Tesla
phillip robinson
phillip robinson 6 ore fa
Why tho ? Why are manufacturers spending money on faster cars, when most countries with the exception of Germany 🇩🇪 have so many regulations for against speeding ??? Why not just make cars that just do 100 miles ???
CALVIN 6 ore fa
if you gotta pay that kind of price for feelings, you know its off
Nathan Piper
Nathan Piper 6 ore fa
8.5k Peugeot drivers
tedwijaya1 6 ore fa
Bro...ppl who buy this doesn't care what ur silly questions.
Aze - T
Aze - T 6 ore fa
It's like you road trip on strange planet
David Manning
David Manning 6 ore fa
I like how he goes from saying it has F1 paddles but nowhere to put your phone... like yeah no shit
Renan Ferreira
Renan Ferreira 6 ore fa
worst color
Mike 76
Mike 76 6 ore fa
Woooow!!! the choo choo car!!!
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson 6 ore fa
It’s an absolute beaut of a car but hearing that engine got me 💚💚💚
Slasa Boi
Slasa Boi 7 ore fa
Bj is not very fast
Apple_sa Review
Apple_sa Review 7 ore fa
Probably Richard Hammond was 10 years old
Rogeh 7 ore fa
If you fancy a job on Top Gear, why not write to us at "I'm better than Richard Hammond was", Top Gear BBC 201 Wood Lane, London W12 7TS
AntMan -
AntMan - 7 ore fa
4:54 the single most legendary thing i've ever seen.
Awesome Creeper
Awesome Creeper 7 ore fa
The gamy powder considerably shop because tortellini steadily deceive near a half hardhat. quickest, impartial join
G-V-S GAMES 7 ore fa
I dont think Asmar was the right person to present this, it was a red bull project in colab with Aston Martin. redbull is more responsabel for this car
Spinister 7 ore fa
This is insane!
Spinister 7 ore fa
Has the track time been announced?
Justin Rawbone
Justin Rawbone 7 ore fa
WHY does noone ever talk about the village 'GAGINGWELL' HAHAHAHAHA
Jaden Daniel
Jaden Daniel 7 ore fa
dewbachee Vagner
Agent Tony
Agent Tony 7 ore fa
Please tell me this is not a shell car right now
Kevin Patel
Kevin Patel 7 ore fa
Britain ruled half the world and they accuse Aladdin for being an international criminal
Rose B
Rose B 7 ore fa
There’s only one Dodge Viper
Just Another Day
Just Another Day 7 ore fa
I have noticed the Valkyrie has breakducts, it's funny to have someone explain the car who hasn't designed it.
Sage Akporherhe
Sage Akporherhe 7 ore fa
ID4 Video coming from MKBHD
Ayush Roy
Ayush Roy 7 ore fa
Back looks stunning but doesnt look like an Audi from front
henry shu
henry shu 7 ore fa
As an Evo fan , I'll take the Subaru, because Evo X isn't a proper Evo
Koza 7 ore fa
Samir is that you?
Jammi V
Jammi V 7 ore fa
The bear still burns!
George harrison
George harrison 7 ore fa
After driving the f1 car you dont like any car.
censorship bites
censorship bites 7 ore fa
_Because I had nothing to do, I decided to irritate Jeremy..._ God, I love this show!
azizur raahim
azizur raahim 7 ore fa
the only reason u dont feel special in traffic is because there is no traffic mr. hammond u are on an airfield
W B 7 ore fa
BMW: "Look at our new sports activity vehicle" Everyone else: "Don't you mean "Utility"?"
James Munoru
James Munoru 7 ore fa
The only similarity between the two is the color as it is now a green Mercedes
5 Head
5 Head 7 ore fa
Who is here after boris recolonised The British empire
Londa 7 ore fa
Pro-Bike Videoproduzioni Massi Musella
Pro-Bike Videoproduzioni Massi Musella 8 ore fa
Io spero che non lascerete davvero le ruote ed i copertoni in cima ai monti.
[KPG] 8 ore fa
One of the most slick liveries F1 has seen in a while. By far. Also let's start a petition to ban anyone with a North American accent (including me) from saying "MONOCACK"
Lewis Jenkins
Lewis Jenkins 8 ore fa
Avenues and Alleyways opening bars at the start haha
aasi 8 ore fa
Most certainly not a 70’s Lincoln
zeus lim
zeus lim 8 ore fa
Imagine helping to design a car like this and the presenter interviewing you sticks himself into the rear diffuser. I'd be worried but I'd have a good laugh and stick myself in too. But that's unprofessional and is why I'll never get a job like that
Oliver Hilton
Oliver Hilton 8 ore fa
Who imports an AMC Pacer into the UK and then abandons it for whatever reason so that it somehow eventually winds it's way onto top gear as a wrecking car?
boyvee 8 ore fa
What colour is the Valkyrie? It looks amazing
Aston Martin Valkyrie Amr Pro
Aston Martin Valkyrie Amr Pro 8 ore fa
Uhm green?
sweggod 8 ore fa
The plastic cover in the front isnt damaged yet what means that mat got it after them 🤣
Philip Horlemann
Philip Horlemann 8 ore fa
This is the car Matt from Carwow drove😂
Techno Gamerz
Techno Gamerz 8 ore fa
I suggest to bring su flankers like 35 . They r far better in manoeuvre than f35, so it will be more easy for them