Daniel 11 ore fa
This video proofs McLaren is Rubish???
pingpongpung 11 ore fa
Change the title. It's wrong. It's: "Special", not: "Specail".
big zubber
big zubber 11 ore fa
I would use the radio if this is what it sounded like this is art unlike the shit we have now
venom5809 11 ore fa
My dad's friend had a white one when I was a kid, to this day I am still in awe of it, still the coolest thing ever seeing those doors go up and down. I would love to have one today.
Cer 11 ore fa
"in full high quality!" ....mmmmm, all 360 lines of it!
TommyT628 11 ore fa
Him not being able to exit the route guidance is so funny
Lapis Wake
Lapis Wake 11 ore fa
Shame 31107 was scrapped after this crash. At least 26 other locos have survived atm, 10 further ones were preserved but since scrapped.
MaxMOCs 11 ore fa
I swear Top Gear had the highest caravan mortality rate of any show ever. Which is a strange claim to fame but still an impressive one.
Stephanos Demetriou
Stephanos Demetriou 11 ore fa
trust me. you'd wish to find yourself in from of a tiger instead of a honey badger.. that thing is vicious
kleinebre 11 ore fa
1:25 Meep meep!
Harry Wickens
Harry Wickens 11 ore fa
this just isn't fun to watch
Cameron Phillips
Cameron Phillips 11 ore fa
The drivetrain, brakes, and suspension are probably junk in the Marina BUT that gen is still good looking imo. I get strong Datsun 210 vibes from it. Stick a 3SGE Beams in it and we're good to go.
Henry Heron
Henry Heron 11 ore fa
surly when he made the mayday call they clear the airspace around him, atc are obligated to do that weather it be a pan or mayday call
Szarko 11 ore fa
Too much showing off.
Bob Kramer
Bob Kramer 12 ore fa
I think the only thing that will hurt this car and other EVs, the cost. Now they say you get a Federal Tax Credit, which will off set the cost, but a lot of people are not eligible for this tax credit, so who will benefit the upper middle class and the rich. So car manufacturers why can’t you take the tax break and pass it on the buyers.
Aviation_ Mode
Aviation_ Mode 12 ore fa
5:28 😩
Mysterious Turtle
Mysterious Turtle 12 ore fa
Is it just me or is this surprisingly wholesome
9000rpm 12 ore fa
How can the bbc upload such low resolution crap?!?
Jambu Monyed
Jambu Monyed 12 ore fa
missed them all
THE BLUEEYES 12 ore fa
This guys brilliant top gear should promote him and give him paddy McGuinness role 👍
LOLHICRONO 12 ore fa
electric cars that don't look like your typical ugly electric car is always a pleasant thing to see
Eray Kepenek
Eray Kepenek 12 ore fa
Im actually really sad :'(
Georg Schweier
Georg Schweier 12 ore fa
Porsche gefällt mir viel besser ich holl mir ein Porsche Cayenne Turbo s und Mercedes AMG in Zahlung
Het Pacifist
Het Pacifist 12 ore fa
He wants to use a merlin-engine on the new car? Nice one
Matthew John Diores
Matthew John Diores 12 ore fa
The greatest people on the show: the top gear gang, and ramsey himself
Oliver Loftus
Oliver Loftus 12 ore fa
It’s a win that a Tesla wasn’t apart of this
Shariq Yar
Shariq Yar 12 ore fa
"you can get wind in your hair, and wind in your armpits" smh just get a motorcycle
Danny Dore
Danny Dore 12 ore fa
That is as ugly as my pet pug when it eats a wasp.
tastegw 12 ore fa
0-60 8 seconds, ouch.
Fynn Carey
Fynn Carey 12 ore fa
Everyone saying this is the most beautiful car ever made wears tweed with a bowtie to a funeral and only drink on Christmas Eve
Hoonatic Bloggs
Hoonatic Bloggs 12 ore fa
Hunny, let’s go out , I’m gonna wear my favourite skirt. Oh , wait, those doors ??
Christo John
Christo John 12 ore fa
Z8 was the G.O.A.T of all Z's
carlickio 12 ore fa
I wouldn't have used a metal glove 😂
Syneric Tiger
Syneric Tiger 12 ore fa
It has the sonic the hedgehog roof
Aiden 12 ore fa
Watched this so many times before and I've only just realised they play Hawkwind!
Roy Rogers
Roy Rogers 12 ore fa
What the hell, this is not BMW its totaly designfail in the front
Monoja Kennedy
Monoja Kennedy 12 ore fa
Someone tod me that he bought a Hilux because of this video.
Ersoy 12 ore fa
Corvette look, porsche sound Ferrari🙁
Asad Tareen
Asad Tareen 13 ore fa
Wow no word's for her and the new one
Hi Goodbye
Hi Goodbye 13 ore fa
“sounds better at higher rpm” *proceeds to sound like the rings wanna tear apart and shatter the top of the piston*
Dominique Charriere
Dominique Charriere 13 ore fa
RELIANT Robin, what a piece of marvellous marketing in the name!
Arusha Anabia
Arusha Anabia 13 ore fa
What's the soundtrack
Eric Sanderson
Eric Sanderson 13 ore fa
Jet vs the hoonicorn
ervin 13 ore fa
The futuristic one.
VTECH 13 ore fa
3:49 Should mean DCT gearbox. DSGs are VW gearboxes. Good video though.
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson 13 ore fa
Car looks unstable
Nixon 13 ore fa
Good Tube
Funtih leslie tutuwan
Funtih leslie tutuwan 13 ore fa
Chris is Jeremy Clarkson only younger. Refreshingly unapologetic
mario huaso
mario huaso 13 ore fa
e30 with a McLaren body kit?
Peter Ktori
Peter Ktori 13 ore fa
Sabūr Ali Khan
Sabūr Ali Khan 13 ore fa
New tyres..
Shantanu Khare
Shantanu Khare 13 ore fa
It's a pity that Toyota in India since 2018 is nothing more than Suzuki's dealership. They don't launch any new cars; just put their proud Logo on Suzuki's Tin Cans.
First Name Surname
First Name Surname 13 ore fa
B Sho
B Sho 13 ore fa
1.7 million dollars. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Harith 13 ore fa
Hands down.the camera man is clearly the fastest among them .
Clarence Kastner
Clarence Kastner 13 ore fa
The false familiar famous windchime biologically empty because railway mechanically help alongside a ruddy mosque. rapid, careless lamp
Bjorgolf 13 ore fa
Mrs. Clarkson: " Wouldn't it be funny if they hit eachother?" Well, Jeremys mom wasn't watching Top Gear at the time right?
mark dance
mark dance 13 ore fa
I’m confused ? So it looks epic , has lots of power - but isn’t as fast 0-60 or 0-100 as say a Tesla S plaid plus yet costs 20 times or more as much to buy . Is this the new Lexus LFA of the electric car world I wonder
Nelson Koentadi
Nelson Koentadi 13 ore fa
Waiting till I get 350k.........
Azure AD
Azure AD 13 ore fa
Top gear need a new show host. someone more vibrant
Mixed Reality Sim Racing
Mixed Reality Sim Racing 13 ore fa
You can touch the road in a seven without leaning over 😄
Jerry Cecco
Jerry Cecco 13 ore fa
" you should buy this $200k car"........ok I'm writing that down
Andre Engelmann
Andre Engelmann 13 ore fa
Was für ein Schwachsinn! Da werden brauchbare Auto zu Schrott gefahren - traurig, dass das Unterhaltung darstellen soll. Pfui!
0richbike 13 ore fa
ahead of its time...but a bit like a TR7
agressive26 13 ore fa
I am not a fan of BMW but this one always inside my heart
me 13 ore fa
F1 cars destroys moto gp bikes in cornerings, acceleration and in top speed.....😉
Harry Lee
Harry Lee 13 ore fa
The car are rare
Victor K
Victor K 13 ore fa
Plot twist: As soon as they make it out of Alabama, they get shot at in Mississippi.
Harry Lee
Harry Lee 13 ore fa
Stick your hand out sunny it perfectly safe
Phil Barrett
Phil Barrett 14 ore fa
Why are cars not made of plastic? It's not like bikes haven't done it for decades.
Phil Barrett
Phil Barrett 14 ore fa
0-62 in 8seconds 😂🥱
Phil Barrett
Phil Barrett 14 ore fa
Sooooooooo ugly!
Phil Barrett
Phil Barrett 14 ore fa
MX5 all day long!
Rhythmic Soul
Rhythmic Soul 14 ore fa
"I think we might've lost sight of the rules in this race slightly..." You think so, James? 🤣
Like a PRO
Like a PRO 14 ore fa
LynxAdvert 14 ore fa
superb feature
Pete vdG
Pete vdG 14 ore fa
Sorry, to put some water in your wine, but the first transit was developed in Germany 1961. Anyway a great van... They copied the old Tempo.
Autolist Canada
Autolist Canada 14 ore fa
Brilliant... love it 😍
jonus khanwald
jonus khanwald 14 ore fa