Chris Harris vs the £325k Alfaholics GTA-R Restomod: the best Italian driving experience? | Top Gear

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In Sunday's episode of Top Gear, Chris Harris proffers the best Italian* driving experience you can get for ~£250k: the Alfaholics GTA-R restomod. A 1960s Alfa Romeo that's completely stripped back and kitted out with the the best components modern engineering can offer. Oh, and this one has titanium suspension, so adds a *little* to the £250k list price. Well then, it had better be good...
Catch the full film on this Sunday's Top Gear, 8pm on BBC One.
*and Somerset-ian
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Service & Feedback

endlandmusic 14 giorni fa
Absolutely killer ! The best thing is, that they kept the „scalino“ from the original Junior GT....Alfa Romeo forever !
Mr Perfectionist
Mr Perfectionist 16 giorni fa
One of the most beautiful car ever made
Thando Mjikeliso
Thando Mjikeliso 17 giorni fa
In South Africa we have a version of the MK1 Golf that sounds wayyyy better than this
chris dallas
chris dallas 18 giorni fa
Дионисий 19 giorni fa
Лол это кто и где Кларксо?!
Dan Holtzleiter Jr.
Dan Holtzleiter Jr. 19 giorni fa
Beautiful car, but not worth that money
Nigol T.
Nigol T. 24 giorni fa
This is what people really want!!! You just can't get this "Feeling" in a Supercar.
Samuel Oyeyele
Samuel Oyeyele 27 giorni fa
I don't know 'bout y'all, i like this guy. Like the old three, Hammond, May and Clarkson
Simulation Onboard
Simulation Onboard 27 giorni fa
Chris has saved top gear
Henry Horse
Henry Horse 28 giorni fa
Chris sells that car so well.
Appa Shinde
Appa Shinde Mese fa
I hate this man . No one like James ,Jimmy& Hammond.
My Next Pet Zak
My Next Pet Zak Mese fa
Wow what has this world become
M.R. Stephens
M.R. Stephens Mese fa
Guillermo Azul
Guillermo Azul Mese fa
Alfaholics ... an amazing company. Beautiful automobile. Horrible music, please, no music, especially when Chris is saying out loud "listen to that .." Don't think he's referring to your soundtrack ugh. Mostly very excellent!
##### Smith
##### Smith Mese fa
Imagine how good this would be with the V6 Ti. That will be £420k please good Sir.
Pandabilly Mese fa
Jeremy would better
asr 01
asr 01 Mese fa
but 7 years waiting for the car to be ready is ridiculous.
Giandarc Mese fa
Pure driving porn 🥰
Nick Manville
Nick Manville Mese fa
I mean it's a beautiful machine but when you can buy a new GT3 for less than half the price is this really worth it? 🤔
Nicolas Smith
Nicolas Smith Mese fa
Analog driving! 💯💯💯
Checkered Flag Films
Checkered Flag Films Mese fa
YO TG!! WHEN are you going to post the Roma/GTA-R challenge???
MrSpeedSix Mese fa
Sound? E30 M3 ???
Cathal Murphy
Cathal Murphy Mese fa
grandcarriage1 Mese fa
I think he had some fun, don't you?
Ansharzetec1 Mese fa
Subhash Tiwari
Subhash Tiwari Mese fa
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Mezouar Attou
Mezouar Attou Mese fa
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Joe Lee
Joe Lee Mese fa
What’s so special about this car than it being very light? I mean can’t you drive around like that in a $20k modded Honda Civic from the 80s?
Adam Orna
Adam Orna Mese fa
Eureka! For once I made the right decision. Purchased a 105 series Alfa Romeo about 8 years ago and I'm under the impression that these are becoming increasingly popular.
Adam Orna
Adam Orna Mese fa
@electroborg That's amusing info regarding being stopped by the police. I wasn't aware that these car's appear in video games. I guess it's due to their now, iconic status.
electroborg Mese fa
Yes, I guess it's being included in videogames and ofc the internet. Italian police quite remembered it for being easily stolen and used in robberies (and they used giulias themselves) so for about two decades I was always stopped at road blocks by older police officers, out of habit :D
It's like the eagle e type jaguar and the singer 911 amazing cars but the price is off the scale
sessiz tepe
sessiz tepe Mese fa
Woooo 😍
Mike Gazanchyan
Mike Gazanchyan Mese fa
Isaac Grant
Isaac Grant Mese fa
I hate this guy and I hate the new top gear.
Lee Rose
Lee Rose Mese fa
I’m not sure...but I think Chris likes that car
SuperSix Delta
SuperSix Delta Mese fa
Oh listen to this guy. "Masterpiece". LoL. I wonder how much Alfaholics paid the BBC for this commercial? (Because that's what it is)
nemaga13 Mese fa
as proud yugoslavian I would like too strike this annoying jerks with a tank like they did car yugo,car was crap but that's not the point they are against truth,justice and human rights that we had in yugoslavia
Paul iceman
Paul iceman Mese fa
This season's Top Gear so far is superb.. Thank you!
Игорь Федоров
Игорь Федоров Mese fa
Да что он мать его говорит?
nurhayat81 Mese fa
Is Chris Harris biracial?
ecdctechmma Mese fa
Chris Harris > old top gear
Wilmer Morbioli
Wilmer Morbioli Mese fa
Wow the sound is amazing!
Phantom User
Phantom User Mese fa
Scalino 😍
Just Driving 4K
Just Driving 4K Mese fa
Awesome!! Good job! 🥰🥰🥰
David N
David N Mese fa
Need to watch this episode.
Jay Lamont
Jay Lamont Mese fa
I'm not paying £325k for an old car restore which I can make in my garage and still own a couple of used supercars with the left over money.
ISI Mese fa
please do video with lord Aleem luxuries cars collection of maclern ,lambo,buggati ,Bmw,Rolls royce etc
Aby Mathew
Aby Mathew Mese fa
John Farnell
John Farnell Mese fa
It gives me shiver's ,no other car has ever done that .
Dawin Alexander
Dawin Alexander Mese fa
Robert Lawrence
Robert Lawrence Mese fa
This is a beautifully built, finely balanced masterpiece. And Harris is just skidding it around like kids in a paddock. What a garbage video :( What a wasted opportunity, and what a waste of talent.
Dagda Instrumentos
Dagda Instrumentos Mese fa
I've never seen him so happy, it really shows that it's not about ultra top-speed or acceleration or anything. Cars ascend to art when we can't really figure out why we love them so much, just like a fantastic painting, you can try to explain it, but it's much more than whichever words you use to rationalize it.
MMShaggy Mese fa
Love this! I've watched his original review of this car on ITpost so many times. Hand's down the car I would buy before any modern-day Supercar.
Nnaemeka Omeruo
Nnaemeka Omeruo Mese fa
i was answering a question in class(while scrolling through youtube) and when i saw this thing i made some noises out load that sounded naughty
Лунoход Калашникова
Лунoход Калашникова Mese fa
I saw a tiny man yell something. What was this?
Per Andersson
Per Andersson Mese fa
Poetry in motion and a sound track to stir the soul. Might be £325k, but what a toy 👍👍👍
Jdmc Vlogs
Jdmc Vlogs Mese fa
Top gear should’ve just called it quits after Clarkson , hammond and may
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht Mese fa
Dermot Shaw
Dermot Shaw Mese fa
As Flintoff said, there is a new supercar several times a year, but thats a one off, the sound is just orgasmic, if i could afford it i definitely would
Adrian Pop
Adrian Pop Mese fa
325.000£ ???? You must be crazy....
Peter D
Peter D Mese fa
Honestly, sounds like a V8 with VTEC lol
HW Fishing UK
HW Fishing UK Mese fa
Wot a load of rubbish hahahahahaha 😂😂😂
Ian Sproat
Ian Sproat Mese fa
Throttle bodies!!! Such a horny noise
Dan O'C
Dan O'C Mese fa
Does anybody else feel that Chris is way more critical of modern cars (especially Ferraris) than he was 5 years ago? I'm not saying that the Ferrari's are perfect, but they're better than he makes them out to be.
EpicThe112 Mese fa
I wonder if they can make it road legal the legal for United States & Canada which uses the American iihs and nthsa crash safety standards. For top gear fans like myself this vehicle is currently road legal because it's been recently taxed if you put in the license plate on the DVLA plate checker
dazzaburger Mese fa
Imagine if these guys remade the SZ I would love to see that
Motorfab 70
Motorfab 70 Mese fa
God save the... Alfaholics
Robert Mario
Robert Mario Mese fa
I need to plan a bank robbery strategy
Thanes Mese fa
Is that a singapore plate?
Marcke 2010
Marcke 2010 Mese fa
Chris is an Ambassador of some description to Singer. Alfaholics should employ him too if he’s moving in those circles. This will have done more for their brand than a million pound spent on worthless advertising.
David Robertson
David Robertson Mese fa
It's all about intake noise
John Henry Dale
John Henry Dale Mese fa
Didn't he (and everyone else in the UK) already review this a few years ago?
Ambady Anil
Ambady Anil Mese fa
Alfaholics and Singer 2 absolutely incredible piece of art....
Bung Hole
Bung Hole Mese fa
so the new tg redoes old tg episodes, weak. this bond car is the last straw. just let the series die
Luka Prelesnik
Luka Prelesnik Mese fa
Here is an unpopular opinion: I think Top gear is now better than ever, every episode is amazing, the editing, driving, humor, everything.
Luka Prelesnik
Luka Prelesnik Mese fa
@Alle Warten Auf Das Licht yeah I agree, they don't seem to care anymore what they film, and they end up filming making sandwiches and house toures instead of new episodes about cars. But I do like the Grand tour though. I just prefer the new TG.
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht Mese fa
To a point. Better than its been in about 13 years. Old top gear took a nosedive at around 2008, when the 3 became caricatures of themselves. Their move imitation Netflix exacerbated the problem and it resulted in the grand tour being a massive disappointment.
Ryan Yardley
Ryan Yardley Mese fa
3,000 hours to build a car that ends up costing £325,000 that works out at £108 an hour to rebuild a beautiful classic car
Michael Doyle
Michael Doyle Mese fa
Looks like Alfaholics might be looking to raise a bit of capital :) A kick up the UK automotive industry?
cer velo
cer velo Mese fa
There is a company in North Wales building new Escort Mark 2 (and Mark 1), price from £84,000. IE, one quarter of the Alfa price.
cer velo
cer velo Mese fa
The price £325,000 ($450,000) its too expensive.
Simon G
Simon G Mese fa
Not at that price!
Ian James
Ian James Mese fa
Is it really 325k tho ? Such an awesome car 🚗😍
Бобур Тохиров
Бобур Тохиров Mese fa
Sound awesome!
BatCaveOz Mese fa
£325k? 240 Horse power? That is stupid.
R K Mese fa
I want it!
ImBarryScottCSS Mese fa
I've come here just to have an angry whinge after tonight's show. Sabine died a week ago, the inability to put something, anything together for her in that time is disgraceful. I love the Top Gear brand but for the show to play tonight without any mention of her was very clearly the wrong decision. It should have led with a segment from he presenters explaining that this show was prerecorded but a full tribute would follow and conveying the shows best wishes, not a apologetic forward from the announcer. I feel like TG let the side down.
Stefan Tinneny
Stefan Tinneny Mese fa
@Leon Bold yes I think so to the only thing they’ve really done is post some things on Instagram which I think isn’t enough
Leon Bold
Leon Bold Mese fa
it would be nice to do a sabine tribute, chris and also jeremy did so much fun stuff together,.... (call tiff needell also, because he did also some stuff with sabine...) Sabine was lovely, funny with her english german accent and she was fast and competitive... we miss her....
Stefan Tinneny
Stefan Tinneny Mese fa
It was made before she died at least I believe.
davidhunternyc Mese fa
... but is the Alfaholics GTA-R as good as a Porsche by Singer? ... and don't try to weasel your way out of an answer.
edmi edmi
edmi edmi Mese fa
What a gorgeous classic!!
PulpComic Mese fa
Cool car but not worth anything close to that money.
Always Smile
Always Smile Mese fa
Toyota 4AGE sounds exactly like that. I mean its a rip off for 325k you can easily build a race car and win races.
grown kid
grown kid Mese fa
This car is so bad in GTA and costs 1.3M lol
Paul C
Paul C Mese fa
if i was gonna buy a classic car it would be an ac cobra.
PooWaffle Mese fa
Listen to it!! Yea NAH says the sound guy
Dave Mese fa
Chris: It sounds better than most modern V8’s. McLaren, Ferrari, and Aston: 😭
Peter Bishop
Peter Bishop Mese fa
Thank god this car it wasn't actually made by Alfa Romeo. If it had been, it would break down frequently. Then it would oxidise into dust while you were still trying to source the spare parts from Italy; ooh, and then the spare parts didn't fit, so you had another three months to wait. By which time the VW Golf GTi had emerged. Problem solved. Love and peace.
Peter Cavellini
Peter Cavellini Mese fa
I watched this tonight, I still think, no matter if if puts a smile a mile wide across your face, it’s still not worth £325,000, that a House!, your pension pot for your old age!
Archie Parry
Archie Parry Mese fa
It's got a stupid name, it's a crazy car, and it's got a ridiculous price. And for that, I love it
Shadowboost Mese fa
My neighbor has an old Alfa GTA rally car. It's amazing, he takes it out every weekend
The Wedge
The Wedge Mese fa
yeah a 4 cyl is ok in that car, it probably only weighs 900kg
James Pearce
James Pearce Mese fa
Who's here after Top Gear tonight?
thejamesonline 2
thejamesonline 2 Mese fa
I just seened this on TV Stop uploading these before the episode airs Likely I did not see this before
Paul Hewer
Paul Hewer Mese fa
This is the best looking best sounding car ever. It's a bloody masterpiece!
J Robbo
J Robbo Mese fa
Tonight's top gear was frigging amazing!.👍
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