FIRST LOOK: Hennessey Venom F5: 1,817bhp, 311mph. Is this the next world's fastest car? | Top Gear

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2 mesi fa

You’re looking at the first production prototype of the Hennessey Venom F5 - the long-awaited 300mph+,1,817bhp all-American hypercar. Ready for some numbers? 0-62mph time of 2.6 seconds, followed by fireworks: 0-124mph in 4.7s and 0-250mph in 15.5s. That last figure? More than twice as fast as a Bugatti Chiron, and over seven secs quicker than a Koenigsegg Regera - the current 0-250-0mph champ. Target top speed is 311mph. There’s a lot more than that, so let Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix walk you around the car with the help of its creator, John Hennessey.
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Cosmic Adg
Cosmic Adg 15 ore fa
Looks like a Rimac concept 3
Cosmic Adg
Cosmic Adg 15 ore fa
Primas Adiputra
Primas Adiputra 2 giorni fa
Mosok tembus 500 lebih km/jam
wigglywormi 5 giorni fa
His beard makes his teeth look so yellow.
Sean C
Sean C 5 giorni fa
Hell ya represent.. TX hypercar 🤘🤘
Rob Eade
Rob Eade 6 giorni fa
What a absolute animal 300 mph beast!!!!!!
OriginalFake 9 giorni fa
I love the sound.
The Alpha Raptor
The Alpha Raptor 10 giorni fa
Idc about how loud it is. It just doesn't sound amazing, unlike a 812 Superfast with Novitech Exhaust system
OriginalFake 9 giorni fa
OriginalFake 9 giorni fa
This is true v8.
It looks like Ferrari F8 reborns.
Its simply a legal jet aircraft on road.
Pliant Impala785
Pliant Impala785 15 giorni fa
Amazing car, but I hate how they brush the fact that John Hennessy is a scam artist under the rug.
Vamble 15 giorni fa
Oh that's sexy
RichardFeynmanRules 16 giorni fa
Bugatti Bolide: "hold my beer..." Next-generation of the 8.0l quad turbo W16 will have 1,850hp, 1,850Nmm. The Chron Bolide will weigh a mere 1,240kg. Projected acceleration figures - 0-100km/h in 2.2s, 0-200km/h in 4.4s, 0-300km/h in 7.4s, 0-400km/h in 12.1s and 0-500km/h in only 20.1s!
Steven Koski
Steven Koski 16 giorni fa
Take a trip to Provo, Utah, there’s an empty area there known as Bonneville, problem solved.
Ohh Nicky Fincher
Ohh Nicky Fincher 16 giorni fa
It’s got apple music
Damien Williams
Damien Williams 17 giorni fa
I thought american were lazy at make super cars
Tony 18 giorni fa
Sounds like anti lag
Rehana Akter
Rehana Akter 19 giorni fa
How much is it
45amunique 24 giorni fa
Such a beautiful car. But I think the interior needed more class, really. Centre screen looks cheap and out of place
Kearl Lago
Kearl Lago 26 giorni fa
First time in CSR Racing 2
Fart Squirrel
Fart Squirrel 29 giorni fa
not even 30 seconds of the actual car in some track....and that, ladies and gentleman that how you ruin a show.
DG Funds
DG Funds Mese fa
Yeah sure, when they actually do that speed let us know. He promises a lot and delivers little.
Doyley U.K.
Doyley U.K. Mese fa
Yet another American talking sht. About how fast the car is
RED Studio
RED Studio Mese fa
Hennessey is top! 🔝 👍👍👍🔝🔝
lasherola05 Mese fa
300+11=311mph fast time
F F N A G Mese fa
Koenigsegg Jesko.
R Valent
R Valent Mese fa
Lighter than my bmw and 10x more horsepower
Alfred Churchill
Alfred Churchill Mese fa
The Americans need to work on their aerodynamics. It’s more like a 2005 design.
Gio Sasuman
Gio Sasuman Mese fa
For some odd reason, when I close my eyes, you sound just like Richard Hammond 🤣
Assassinator 530
Assassinator 530 Mese fa
This is torture I only watched the full vid because I’m a Hennessy fan
Bob Mese fa
So much hate on this car from people who couldn’t afford it anyway.
Jason Purwoko
Jason Purwoko Mese fa
is a long boi
Ram Hruday
Ram Hruday Mese fa
Can you talk in kilometers please. America isn't the whole world.
Royal black93
Royal black93 Mese fa
Beautiful machine 💜
Jordan Kitan
Jordan Kitan Mese fa
Back in 2016. Playing Forza horizon 3 with the Hennesay venom. Shit bringing back memories.
Przemo I
Przemo I Mese fa
I'm here just to check who are new hosts this month on TG... Like I expected, cant watch it longer than 5 minutes.
Joshua Morales
Joshua Morales Mese fa
John barely fits in the cockpit
Brian Westfield
Brian Westfield Mese fa
I guess this is proof Ferrari got their aero right.
Greg Waugh
Greg Waugh Mese fa
Where you going to enjoy this thing? My driver's license would last 3 minutes.
mayorofthenonsense Mese fa
Never thought I’d see a stretch limousine that can do 300Mph.
BeLighty Mese fa
This week on Top Gear. 14 seconds of hearing the car run through light revs, and then a dramatic "cut the motor" .22 minutes of babble.
hardcoreep Mese fa
Texas via Hethel
Adam Mese fa
so this car doesn't drift? how do you counter steer with this steering? 🤔
Ficon Mese fa
This is totally not going to be vaporware like SSC, right? Doing 300+ on street tires when Veyron and Chiron, engineered by the largest carmaker in the world as a CEO pet project with unlimited resources, require bespoke rubber.
Giles Clement
Giles Clement Mese fa
The car equivalent of a trump rally. loud, brash, utterly dumb.
Thomas Moss
Thomas Moss Mese fa
Powered by pennzoil made by Hennessey If that ain't texan
Huawei Maman
Huawei Maman Mese fa
I feel sorry for Hennessey's customers.
jey Lee
jey Lee Mese fa
Smart man, he's right about the need for it to be an exclusive, limited run, for good reason... 311mph, it's a useless ability, it almost makes this car pointless beyond the initial hype, brand optics, and build experience. Other than an expensive suicide machine, there's really no reason to buy something like this. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy it exists, I love speed, I'm just thinking of the practicality of having that ability, and the price you pay is other areas to achieve it...and never get to use it in most cases. The fact that anyone can pilot such a dangerous machine as long as they have the money, is a bit scary too. Imagine some 65 year old businessman coming up behind you on the road with this, it's almost the same as someone pointing a gun at you...and lol@Mr.Hennessey, this is most definitely a "flex", a good one too.
Drifty Boi
Drifty Boi Mese fa
I need Jeremy to review this
manzoor pm
manzoor pm 2 mesi fa
Hennessy venom f5 will fight the bugggati chiron sport
Danijel Hrup
Danijel Hrup 2 mesi fa
Bravo Hennessey ... you have just copy/paste Rimac C2
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson 2 mesi fa
And part of the SSC Tuatara too
Aswin S Kumar
Aswin S Kumar 2 mesi fa
SSC says hii 😌
Aswin S Kumar
Aswin S Kumar Mese fa
@Eunos Roadster 😁😁
Eunos Roadster
Eunos Roadster Mese fa
Red Panda Furry
Red Panda Furry 2 mesi fa
top speed war each year. in 2050, Hennessey will build 500 mph car
Tr1ggi 2 mesi fa
Can we PLEASE see this car dragracing against Ken Block's Hoonicorn over at the Hoonigan channel?!
popsicle stick
popsicle stick 2 mesi fa
Drag cars hit that speed n 3 seconds
popsicle stick
popsicle stick 2 mesi fa
Drag car hits 335mph n 3.6 seconds
Nevin Shajidaniel
Nevin Shajidaniel 2 mesi fa
is that gold , in the engine bay
Haku Hookie
Haku Hookie 2 mesi fa
Youp... I hope anyone who paid for it, will get it and be happy... Cause, ekhm, some things went wrong in the past...
Zulu 2 mesi fa
Christian Koenigsegg: Hey John wanna race?
rasher bilbo
rasher bilbo 2 mesi fa
I see the grifter is still at it.
overlex 2 mesi fa
This man and Mr. Koenigsegg are putting greedy big money ppl like Bugatti and Ferrari to shame... for all their flash and fanciness, this car’s “basicness” in its design just puts them to shame 🇺🇸
J C Mese fa
I would have a bugatti over this anyday
Franz Lightning
Franz Lightning 2 mesi fa
why am i soo sus that this guy is on a green screen. just really sus of everything now tnx to ssc
Your Tapeworm
Your Tapeworm 2 mesi fa
This guy is a discount richard hammond
David Carvalho
David Carvalho 2 mesi fa
Jesko Absolut drag coefficient: 0,278 Venon F5 drag coefficient: 0,39
Nick Z
Nick Z 2 mesi fa
the interior design is really bland looks cheapo
Vaka Productions
Vaka Productions 2 mesi fa
Is anyone so sceptical because of the SSC topspeed record lie?
BlueRex 2 mesi fa
turismo r gta 5
Phar2Rekliss 2 mesi fa
24 is not enough. I want one.
Thunder Chunky
Thunder Chunky 2 mesi fa
It's the only Hennesey I've liked... But I still don't like it very much.
chumleyok 2 mesi fa
Looks like a cross between a Noble and a Corvette. Is there any interesting engineering in this or is it literally just that? Jazzy kit car
Andy Bosch
Andy Bosch 2 mesi fa
Just go to eralisen and race it there
Brian Strang
Brian Strang 2 mesi fa
9:46 to 47. the body work better not look like that on production model. you guys seriously cant refine the composit molds? that lazy? one an done??
bo matt
bo matt 2 mesi fa
You gotta be trained and obtain a special license to drive the car. That’s just insane.
Acti0n 2 mesi fa
Still would prefer a Chiron at any days, could even daily drive it while that thing probably only holds together a few miles
Lavagreat The great
Lavagreat The great 2 mesi fa
that's very inspired by ferrari
Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius
Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius 2 mesi fa
How much do you wanna bet this car maxs out at 270mph and they have to fake a record like hennessey
Skeptical Skeksis
Skeptical Skeksis 2 mesi fa
So light with a cast iron block.
VIRAL SPIDER 2 mesi fa
Cant wait to see this engine in a supra
BirdogEd 2 mesi fa
TEXAS MADE Super car...”Come and take it!” 😎🇺🇸🗽❤️
Nayoko Kho
Nayoko Kho 2 mesi fa
It looked like a hybrid of Ferrari and McLaren and Lotus......
MR.Uzumaki 2 mesi fa
Maybe fastest on paper 🤣🤣
Kal2019 2 mesi fa
So wheres the official 311mph run approved by Guinness??
Skrappa RTR
Skrappa RTR 2 mesi fa
At least it’s not a shell car
George Spalding
George Spalding 2 mesi fa
It's kind of ironic when you think about it. Rich young boys will buy these 300 mph cars and never drive them over 200 mph. They will purchase them for bragging rights and to date Instagram girls looking for a sugar daddy.
George Spalding
George Spalding 2 mesi fa
I know a lot of people are wary of what John Hennessy can and cannot do to a high-performance car. Myself, I hope that this car becomes a reality and it becomes a true competitor in the hypercar genre. It's great to see Americans building really good fast cars.
Lampros T
Lampros T 2 mesi fa
Υπομονή και θα δείτε ποιο είναι το ποιο γρήγορο αυτοκίνητο....
Serge Yelchaninov
Serge Yelchaninov 2 mesi fa
I found it pretty funny that he compared the paddles to a bolt action rifle LOL he probably never shot a bolt action rifleXD
Raed Junior Abu Kartomy
Raed Junior Abu Kartomy 2 mesi fa
If I had the money to ever own a hyper car I would rather own that, than any other hypercar ever
Roscos Grow
Roscos Grow 2 mesi fa
Hey , I really dig those trainers you had on , what brand were they ?
Skating Chipmunk 101
Skating Chipmunk 101 2 mesi fa
Looks like a wide body Ferrari on steroids
L'Admin_4624 2 mesi fa
I will aford this car InchaAllah
David Escalante
David Escalante 2 mesi fa
It should be called the Hennessey Enzo
sir joe
sir joe 2 mesi fa
There's a lot of Ferrari and lotus design in this car, but looking like a toy from an Easter egg, I mean the way basic shapes have been developed. This is not a negative statement, just a first sight sensation
perry92964 2 mesi fa
if you had the money to buy one of these cars would you risk your life opening up to 300 mph? one thing goes wrong your probably going to die......just a thought, when your dead it makes no difference how much money you had cause you cant spend a single penny
slowpoke96z28 2 mesi fa
With the reputation on a worldwide stage now, hopefully he’s got all the shenanigans out of his operation. I’m from Houston and part of the “aftermarket” world. I didn’t know his suspect handling of some customers was so well known all around the world.
Alex Castillo
Alex Castillo 2 mesi fa
This car looks like the turismo gt from gta
Dangerous Dave
Dangerous Dave 2 mesi fa
My £1500 motorbike will leave it for dead 0-100mph
Paul Pugh
Paul Pugh 2 mesi fa
Is all of this cars design taken from every kool euro car from the last 20yrs.....
Rich M
Rich M 2 mesi fa
Looks like a Ferarri.
William stevens
William stevens 2 mesi fa
The big boss is not John Hennessey,its Jeremy Clarkson,thank god he smacked that champagne sipping ,guardian reading woke BBC noob in the face,he will always be remembered,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Top Gear will never be the same,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ps,,,,,,dont pay your tv license
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