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Chris Harris and Top Gear Magazine Editor Jack Rix discuss the future of the 911. Will it even exist? Will it go electric? Is there a future for internal-combustion? Let's find out...
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Service & Feedback

Paul Bergin
Paul Bergin 17 ore fa
Electric cars not the answer
TurboTV 2 giorni fa
I’ve gotta say, Chris Harris IS Top Gear. I’ve never watched it since the main 3 left neither but I could literally listen to him speak about cars all day long and not get bored.
Zuurker U
Zuurker U 2 giorni fa
3.0L, >9500 rpm and add a smaller electric system for the bottom end. That might actually be really, really good.
Annie Worley
Annie Worley 5 giorni fa
Chris, great puffer jacket what brand is it? :)
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams 5 giorni fa
Chris makes a good point but synthetic fuel is just not going to work at scale, like clean coal its a myth
Grand Padre
Grand Padre 7 giorni fa
There will never be a replacement for the sound of a naturally aspirated 3.8/4.0L boxer 6 Porsche engine. That is the soul of the brand.
Dude On Bike
Dude On Bike 9 giorni fa
Is synthetic fuel analogous to "clean coal?" Because my limited knowledge of chemistry and petroleum says a synthetic fuel is still H-C-H combinations. It's irrelevant if it comes from dinosaurs or a chemistry lab. Hydrocarbons are hydrocarbons.
Allosaurus Fragilis
Allosaurus Fragilis 10 giorni fa
The environmental cost of producing lots of electricity cannot be lost in this equation. Electric cars owners tend to overlook this rather important part of the process.
Zuurker U
Zuurker U 2 giorni fa
A electric car running on coal power is still better for environment than a modern petrol car.
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
r e v e l a r e_ XVII 11 giorni fa
*I’d love to see Chris Harris on the Grand Tour.*
jools2323 11 giorni fa
There's no future for internal combustion engines in cars - 'synthetic' fuel or not.
Nigel’s Modelling Bench
Nigel’s Modelling Bench 16 giorni fa
My 5.0 Mustang just had it's first MOT. Emissions came out at 0% CO and >10PPM HC. What is all the fuss about??
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior 18 giorni fa
They want to force us to accept that the future is gay (electric)
Daniel Sadjadian
Daniel Sadjadian 19 giorni fa
I like how synthetic eFuels can be used in current cars too. No need to replace every car with a boring EV, keep the sound/feel whilst being cleaner. And for those who only like EV, well there are plenty of EVs to choose from anyway.
MICHAEL NOLAN 19 giorni fa
Colin The EV Instructor
Colin The EV Instructor 19 giorni fa
Synthetic fuels aren’t a magic solution to keeping the combustion engine unless we can change the laws of physics. They still burn stuff in an inefficient engine causing local pollution of CO2, particulates and other gases. Towns and cities want clean air and BEVs are the way to get it.
Muratib Mike Fatah
Muratib Mike Fatah 20 giorni fa
Synthetic fuel!
langra man
langra man 20 giorni fa
German car industry vs Tesla
SJ 22 giorni fa
I think the 992 is the last of the pure gas powered 911's ... the 994 will be hybrid or electric only.
Sven van Westerloo
Sven van Westerloo 22 giorni fa
Biodiesel can reduce emissions with about 90% on diesels. Biodiesel is a waste product of the food industry, non hazardous for the environment yet governments (at least the Dutch one) don't endorse the use of it. Why ? Political agendas. They have chosen electrical cars as the new economy, it's all about money and they don't care about emissions. Electrical cars still use non-replenishable resources (lithium, cobalt) so they simply switched to another resource instead of a renewable one, and batteries are still extremely bad for the environment. I don't believe electrical cars should have the future, hydrogen or synthetic fuels sound a lot more useful for that.
Donovan Tyler
Donovan Tyler 23 giorni fa
I find it funny to myself the host said what I've said for months about the color being important for the M3. There's a few owners in Annapolis MD. M3, M4. They have it in black. I've seen the SUV models in different colors and they are absolutely hideous to look at. As for the M3/M4 I think if they had a dual racing dash on the fenders it would fix the cavernous distance between that grill and the A pillar. There's a old BMW concept car that nailed this design. It's not like it's something new for BMW, I mean they've had this design for at least 10yrs
Micah 77
Micah 77 23 giorni fa
As a “Gear Head” The 997 911 GT2 RS is the one to keep forever “ WOW “ She’s 10 years old already 😎
VW GTI 23 giorni fa
Let the free market decide...we don't need politcal interference...freedom all the way...💨💨💨
Bikemike 1
Bikemike 1 23 giorni fa
As nice as a 911 is more than ever before an obsolete toy. Everywhere speed limit and even here in Germany there is mostly so much traffic that it comes down as a „natural speed limit“. It simply doesn’t make any sense at all (any more) to spend that kind of money on a car. Most of the time they’re on lease anyway.... 🥱. It is a toy of the past... unfortunately.
Rory Fraser
Rory Fraser 24 giorni fa
3:00 don't think Chris has ever met a politician
Matt Reid
Matt Reid 24 giorni fa
Gt3 is a track car , why shouldn’t it be made faster , that comment about road speed limits makes no sense.....unless gt3 is really not a track car
Francesco Orano
Francesco Orano 24 giorni fa
An evergreen...if i had two thousand euros i would buy a ferrari a mclaren or a mercedes. Remember Porsche reminds to Cisitalia an italian brand strong in the fortys. Italians have always done better.....
LM74 Works
LM74 Works 24 giorni fa
Great Interview, gives us Petrol heads a hope! #lm74works
Sharing Lungs
Sharing Lungs 24 giorni fa
Looking forward to a cayman ev
Christian Gruber
Christian Gruber 24 giorni fa
Why no 991.2 GT3 RS? :) I think it looks the best.
Shepherds Knoll
Shepherds Knoll 25 giorni fa
The 911 was iconic. In the 70’s and 80’s I owned two of them (also two 914’s). They represented superior sports car manufacturing to me and many others enthusiasts. I really don’t see this as the case any longer, to me the 911 represents a very high priced sporty car that is old technology. It is no longer the raw cutting edge car that my 1972 911T was or even my 1982 SC . They have morphed into something that I don’t recognize. Maintenance was never cheap, but I wonder what a brake job on one costs now or a set of tires. After you figure in depreciation, maintenance, fuel, insurance, capitalization the expense to run a new 911 must be astronomical. For me , Porsche’s ( and other German manufacturers) era has ended. What you are buying is overpriced, old technology, besides, I have recently street raced a GT2 and a Carrera S and beat them quite handily with the family sedan.
BazzaG76 25 giorni fa
Once again Chris Harris, u are wrong! EVs are & will develop so fast & be so good in all respects that the market for an ICE Porsche 911 will be so small it will be uneconomical for Porsche to continue building them.
Joe 25 giorni fa
Hi guys get rid of your mobile phones I’ve invented a synthetic landline phone. It’s basically the same as a mobile phone but it comes with a 40 mile long cable. Job done.
metaljonesy 27 giorni fa
Well said Chris!
Michael Foust
Michael Foust 28 giorni fa
Wow Chris is well read. EV isn’t the future. Bio Fuels are. Even Bill Gates latest book discusses that very thing, too many hurdles for “clean” EV power. Bio Fuels can be drop n play, in ANY car/truck/Semi/plane/boat.
fruhlingsbilder 28 giorni fa
Synthetic fuel will be nice for rich car enthusiasts
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 27 giorni fa
I'm not sure it'll be very expensive. The majority of the price of petrol is tax.
Kanyes Son
Kanyes Son 28 giorni fa
I want Porsche to make an electric 911. Porsche would make the most insane electric ever EVER. PERIOD.😂 I’ll also take a hybrid 911, that’d be awesome as well.
Simon HairyCheese
Simon HairyCheese 28 giorni fa
I really enjoy watching Chris. I don't watch the main show anymore as it's tripe. I also stopped watching the really old 3 too. But, I'm sorry to say, synthetic fuel to become green requires a fuel cell. You cannot burn it. That means battery technology. Sure, there are methods using coal and biomass that you can burn. But your car will not sound the same and it's debatable how green that is. It's entirely possible to build an electric powered system with the inefficiency of a multi cylinder engine block. But why the hell would you? Porsche hopes to keep old collectables running with synthesized fuel rather than electrifying them. They do understand that when you take away demand, it'll be difficult to justify a multi billionaire dollar industry to power 1000s of classics without economy of scale. It'd probably cost £5000 to fill up your old 911. No more oil subsidies either. We still run steam trains for hobbyists, so perhaps this is to guarantee some form of future for the past endeavours. Now where's my Taycan Turbo (oops, can't keep a straight face saying Turbo for an EV)....
Rich Feather
Rich Feather 28 giorni fa
Chris Harris is like the old farmer looking at a tractor after using horses to plough for fifty years: "They're still investing on making new collars for the horses"
Ncomeka Shinga
Ncomeka Shinga 28 giorni fa
Please can Top gear make a podcast I'd really like to see it on ITpost and other platform's🙏🙏🙏
Curt Austin
Curt Austin 28 giorni fa
All of my ICE cars - including the newer ones - suddenly seemed vintage after I got a Tesla Model 3. Why be sad about that? I enjoy my old vintage cars. My prediction as 2030 approaches: "new vintage" cars - special ICE cars, not Camry's - will be treasured. Porsche will provide a special service to keep them as new, adding the latest electronics, etc. "Super CPO". Everyone will be happy, even those who have difficulty coping with change.
Teslapower 28 giorni fa
TG has nothing to offer any more
VW GTI 23 giorni fa
So is tesla...👋👋✌
markbucknell1 29 giorni fa
Massive respect for Chris Harris. Words of wisdom from a down to earth legend 👍
TheMilk Trafficker
TheMilk Trafficker 29 giorni fa
2035: The "new" 911 still looks like a boring stretched VW Beetle.
Unreliable Narrator 66
Unreliable Narrator 66 Mese fa
That "brew" is hydrogen, but ..... never mind.
beau jeste
beau jeste Mese fa
The Germans were using synthetic fuels in fighter planes in WW2 - it’s nothing new!
beau jeste
beau jeste Mese fa
CO2 is the lifeblood of the planet...
michelcote Mese fa
Synthetic/bio fuel exist since decades in the form of ethanol. Much used in Brazil. Also, there is already biodiesel Nobody except Brazil wanted to go this way.
Sanel Šabanovič
Sanel Šabanovič Mese fa
The NEW BMW-s are so uglly cars that India manufacturer TATA makes bether looking cars !!! AMEN
InCombusTric Mese fa
It would be interesting to see an internal combustion engine using other than fossil fuel .. coz as a car enthusiast i think electrics are great but the internal combustion is always exciting .. 👍🏼
indobleh Mese fa
You can easily put Harris in with Clarkson, May and the little fella and it would be like they have always been together !
tony152 Mese fa
Hydrogen fuel is the future not electric.
Steve Cade
Steve Cade Mese fa
Leaded petrol is bad but we have developed unleaded. Unleaded is bad, drive diesels. Diesels are bad, we have synthetic fuels....... and so it goes on.
Phillip Wesley-Brown
Phillip Wesley-Brown Mese fa
Chris Harris is a purist and I for one 100% appreciate that. Original Gang of 3 was awesome, they brought motoring to the people with humor and their own motoring passion with an accent on humor. Lets just appreciate them all, and long live the combustion engine for its raw mechanical vibe and respect the punch of electrons. That said, I think Porche has it right. How can a 1.9 sec 0 to 60 be anything like safe on a daily drive!!! Were at the edge of speed right now...desperate for what's next even if its the "I want my mummy button" Lets hope we can appreciate the feel of a beast between our hands and pedel for a few more years before the autonomous drive is the norm!
Volker Hett
Volker Hett Mese fa
synthetic fuels are a well understood and proven technology. The Germans used those in their fighter planes during WW2. You need hydrogen and carbon, whether from fossil like coal or natural gas or by carbon capturing and electrolysis doesn't make much of a difference. It's just very expensive! But like the German Luftwaffe, supercar owners won't care about the price of their juice, or will they?
Mohammed Mughal
Mohammed Mughal Mese fa
Chris Harris is ALWAYS interesting to watch. Whether he’s sideways at opposite lock in a Mclaren, or sitting on chair in a studio talking about the future of the internal combustion engine. Never stop, sir.
Gregory Phipps
Gregory Phipps Mese fa
Chris, I think you're assuming that politicians would be prepared to acknowledge that they made a rash decision, or did not engage stake-holders about the potential of alternative fuels for ICE's. You give them way too much credit for open-mindedness and objectivity. Their position is ideologically-driven (no pun intended), and you can't change those whose feet are cemented in ideology (so many other examples) with facts or science.
acchaladka Mese fa
Synthetic fuels make sense as well because there are wheeled vehicles which can't use batteries yet: long distance trucking and shipping.
Michael Pruett
Michael Pruett Mese fa
Is this just going to become a podcast? It should be! This duo is quite good in my opinion and I’d love long form discussions from them
1224ALEX1224 Mese fa
Bit surprised, not the 4.0?
Tim Hamlett
Tim Hamlett Mese fa
The thing about the current line up is that viewing figures will drive who they keep. People who like a 'bit of a ladd laff' tune in to watch Freddie. People who like cars tune in to watch Chris. People who like eating crayons tune in to watch Paddy.
Mark Scotchford
Mark Scotchford Mese fa
Chris Harris for Prime Minister?
EnergyMaxWh Mese fa
ICE will fade like mechanical watches - popular with afficionados, but not with most people.
LiveandLetDrive Mese fa
Porsche's synthetic fuel is just as much a pipe dream as hydrogen fuel cells have been. Keeps clutching at straws, shmucks.
A92 Mese fa
I think i might buys some stock in synthetic clean fuels
Revelacion Humana
Revelacion Humana Mese fa
The 911 will go electric, and its going to be a huge hit.
Francisco Sousa
Francisco Sousa Mese fa
It already is.
Ryan Way
Ryan Way Mese fa
You sure about that?! HAHA I'm not buying an electric Panamera. Sorry, that's like asking Americans to give up the 2nd. a 911 has a flat 6. PERIOD.
Jack Shaheen
Jack Shaheen Mese fa
Porsche can’t even design a 991 S like I have that has front grill screens to keep pebbles from puncturing an AC condenser where you loose all refrigerate then lose ac. Don’t even want to discuss having it fixed or the dealerships who treat you like shit because you did not buy the car from them. Selling and buying a Tesla. Way faster anyhow.
andrewlam426 Mese fa
Chris is king 🤴
Tanvir Hussain
Tanvir Hussain Mese fa
Tanvir Hussain
Tanvir Hussain Mese fa
Politicians are bullshitters, we need combustion engines to continue! Cars are not evil at all. They are amazing!!!!!
Jon Jennings
Jon Jennings Mese fa
An e-Gas ICE 911 will still produce particulates and nitric oxide even if the net CO2 contributions are zero. I'm OK with electric cars, pluses and minuses, but it's the future, got to go with it, the environment and health is more important than cars, (marginally) and the vast majority people are not going to accept polluting vehicles on in their neighbourhoods in just a few years time. ICE enthusiasts will be the new Steam Train enthusiasts, fat middle ages boring men who spend there weekends travelling around the country ICE-CAR spotting. I expect when VW group start manufacturing their QuantumScape solid state batteries Porsche will bring out a 911e with a battery in the boot rather than an engine, with a manual gearbox option for the die-hards, that would be good enough for me with my rubbish driving skills to have some fun in.
K N Mese fa
Outside of Europe for places like australia who do not have the infrastructure for electric charging stations how do they benefit ?. in some places we barely have enough petrol stations. Gordon Murray raises some very relevant points about an EV future on Harris’s podcast and the impact of battery management . I do not believe EV is the future. Hydrogen or synthetic fuels to replace existing fossil fuels should be pursued.
Steve Zodiac
Steve Zodiac Mese fa
I would like to see a race from lands end to John o' groats between a £10 k Dacia Sandero, the cheapest internal combustion engined car on the road and a very expensive electric car with the ordinary charging infrastructure, driving mostly at motorway speeds. Say a Jaguar I Pace, or an Audi etron. It would just demonstrate to the buying public, how far behind internal combustion engined cars, electric cars are, even a Tesla, any Tesla would be slower, keeping within the speed limit and at least four times the price and more.
O M Mese fa
I know that dramatic faces make for more clicks, but don't let them do it Chris, you look like a fool.
ADHAiiN7 Mese fa
Chris drove every single nail with a single stroke, he's an absolute genius
Sean Fenwick
Sean Fenwick Mese fa
Chris is the best presenter TG has had because he is a proper driver. I wonder if Chris Sutcliffe would do a couple of episodes? Or even VBH or Rebecca Racer....
PenkillerDIY Mese fa
Form has future, propulsion does not. Synthetic fuel, that's not serious. Every ice user will abandon ice after driving an EV.
John Carlo Fernandez
John Carlo Fernandez Mese fa
C'mon Porsche, only you can save the internal combustion engines!
Young JP
Young JP Mese fa
The aberrant wholesaler climatologically level because bangladesh particularly fool aside a bustling jeff. orange, melted lycra
James 1:19
James 1:19 Mese fa
I will never own a electric car. I'm not sure why so many people are ok to allow the government to control what you can and can't drive. What else will you allow them to control?
Curtis Btyant
Curtis Btyant Mese fa
No Hammond, no top gear.
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 27 giorni fa
Artie Langerman
Artie Langerman Mese fa
Let’s just admit that electric cars suck balls. All of them. Every single one.
AionicMusic Mese fa
lol look at the top gear views now vs before. RIP
J N Mese fa
Chris for the knowledge and fred and pad are limited in knowledge but are entertaining as thebteio. There as entertaining as 2002-2009 top gear which is brilliant
Max Flight
Max Flight Mese fa
Harris’s expected U turn for politicians is a joke ... how Naive !
Max Flight
Max Flight Mese fa
Heartbreaking but IC is 💀 dead.
Koi Stam
Koi Stam Mese fa
Let’s not confuse companies like Porsche, Shell or even F1 & it’s partners trying to find a viable way to produce a replacement Biofuel with thinking that they have found a way. One of the major problems is and will be the inability to produce at scale without affecting feedstock cost, hence the ability or lack there of to provide a biofuel at scale, at a cost that can compete with the cost of electricity.
ShootyGames Mese fa
It’s a little depressing to think that by the time I’ll be able to afford something like a 911 most or all of my options may be electric 🤦‍♂️
SixPotShot Mese fa
Politicians making decisions are mostly Peters (Peter Principle) and the only reason why we are in the mess we are. Check also what Bernie Ecclestone said about democracy (and besides I would add my own: most western countries do not have any Democracy but simply put a term) and you will have a another excellent reason for the mess we are is stupidly simple my dear Watson
Rob Mese fa
My GT3 touring a sleeper and a Chris Harris confirmed it’s a keeper
Steve Walsh-Balshaw
Steve Walsh-Balshaw Mese fa
We still need ice engines just use technology to make em clean get sick of the ev hype which a lot of it is
bertraminc Mese fa
The bottom line is governments are stupid and you must remove them when they begin to make tyrannical laws that make no sense and restrict the public based on high school science and research.
Christopher W
Christopher W Mese fa
I really wish you'd let Chris finish his sentence on the M3...
pen paper
pen paper Mese fa
I love chris harris and love reading comments about him even more
Matt Jarrett
Matt Jarrett Mese fa
Surely if a GT3 isn't powerful enough for you then you're buying the wrong car to begin with? I agree that there's no point constantly seeking more and more power as though it is some sort of absolute requirement of progression.
Jacob Blackard
Jacob Blackard Mese fa
I would rather watch Jeremy Clarkson than hear this
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 27 giorni fa
The guy from Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
paul barton
paul barton Mese fa
Isn’t the problem with synthetic fuels that you still burn them and produce localised pollution ?
Aldous Huxley
Aldous Huxley Mese fa
Let’s hope that politics being driven by ideology will still be convincible by new facts.
Carlo S
Carlo S Mese fa
It will still be there, the 911. However it will be electrified.
Robert Curry
Robert Curry Mese fa
Why not electric with kinetic energy recovery & rocket thrusters? As for the sound it could be synthesized
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