FIRST LOOK: New McLaren Artura V6 hybrid supercar - a P1 for £1m less?

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15 giorni fa

The Artura is the first step in an entirely new direction for McLaren. A hybrid V6 powertrain. An all-new carbon tub. This is an entirely different McLaren to anything that's come before. Or is it? It's due to replace the 570 'Sport Series' McLarens, but is it *actually* a mini P1 for one-sixth of the price? Top Gear Magazine's Editor Jack Rix finds out...
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Unknown Artist
Unknown Artist Giorno fa
Kako ga cepas jbt
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
r e v e l a r e_ XVII 4 giorni fa
*The P1 meets its newborn son.*
J P 4 giorni fa
Beautiful on the outside....ugly on the inside. Just like my ex 😂😂😂
Ben Sole
Ben Sole 4 giorni fa
SG Project // Проект Сгущенка
SG Project // Проект Сгущенка 5 giorni fa
The only V6 that makes me excited because it's nothing like your regular V6, so unique and special even F1 cars used 120° V6 only briefly.
Pece Tanovski
Pece Tanovski 5 giorni fa
RantLantis 5 giorni fa
who still misses the Old top Gear
He His So DULL So Turned OFF
DZ 101
DZ 101 6 giorni fa
Super cool car
Dirt Rider
Dirt Rider 6 giorni fa
3:34 for everyone who wanna see the real boss
iMANTlS 6 giorni fa
12:35 SF90 ? are you kidding ?
iMANTlS 6 giorni fa
using the P1 as a stunt to advertise for the Artura ? It's counter intuitive
Tom Thumb
Tom Thumb 7 giorni fa
Great cars but the presenter honestly had me 😴 so skipped most of the video 🤷🏻‍♂️
Ryan Brennan
Ryan Brennan 7 giorni fa
Haciyatmaz 7 giorni fa
worst colour on a car " Artura "
Hudxan -Topic
Hudxan -Topic 8 giorni fa
Idk abt the Kia Soul green
Ok 8 giorni fa
He is probably the most uninteresting presenter top gear ever had. He just has no appealing character or way of words, speech, anything.
DW70 8 giorni fa
Hi Jack, very nice car but not the latest automotive bombshell. Just an off topic question; are you going to arrange a Top Gear interview with Gordon Murray and Adrian Newey together on the new T50s and the Valkyrie?
Andy B
Andy B 8 giorni fa
The Artura's door panels not lining up with its sidepanels effs me up! :S
Doctor Merton
Doctor Merton 8 giorni fa
2 hours loading for 20km XD gg wp
Luke Withey
Luke Withey 8 giorni fa
What's with the giant watch on the dash? 😕
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor 9 giorni fa
Hey TopGear - has your camera op ever heard of a bloody gimbal?....seriously
Ideepimpact 9 giorni fa
That P1 blinks when he says it's name 0:33
alain thegenus
alain thegenus 9 giorni fa
Old top gear was better 😒
Fabio A.
Fabio A. 9 giorni fa
What's this chap's name? I usually take a very long time to warm up to new faces (yes yes I know he not new) but I do remember liking him instantly. Great presenter!
Leon Axel
Leon Axel 9 giorni fa
The P1 is sex on wheels
zuhairlamsia 10 giorni fa
Lower price with Mclaren brand, dont think too much. Just buy it
Joachim Likes
Joachim Likes 10 giorni fa
I can describe this car in one word "EPIC"
Da Aventador Guy
Da Aventador Guy 10 giorni fa
cant wait to purchase my first ever artura in roblox
Florian Ghiurau
Florian Ghiurau 10 giorni fa
2:46 When you get most excited about CO2 emissions, I check out. This climate change religion has captured far too many of you. You get excited but you don't really know what for nor do you know when all of the efforts are working or not. Too hot in Texas, climate change. Cold snap in Texas, can't credit policy so it's ... um ... oh that's right ... climate change. Don't ever tell me the CO2 emissions on a car video again and expect me to continue watching.
Janjua __
Janjua __ 10 giorni fa
Mini gaming here
Mini gaming here 10 giorni fa
The front end looks really nice because it pretty much looks like a p1 in the front but in the back it loos like shit. Don’t like the little lip at the end it looks dumb
Ash Salleh
Ash Salleh 10 giorni fa
good lord mclaren, change it up a bit.. and no, not like the Senna
Shaked Levi
Shaked Levi 10 giorni fa
Amazingly elegant and cutting edge car
Joel A
Joel A 11 giorni fa
The back is just like the mclaren Elva
Gareth Battersby
Gareth Battersby 11 giorni fa
No Android Auto? *cancels order*
thebobojambo 11 giorni fa
Dude, when he enter the car i notice that his Front view Was the car display, he couldnt see over :))
Shivek Dhar
Shivek Dhar 11 giorni fa
Imo Artura is more aesthetically appealing than P1
alex jordan
alex jordan 11 giorni fa
They could launch the P1 today and it would still blow minds visually, hands down the best looking car of the last decade
MrR9999 11 giorni fa
The P1 still looks like a total weapon. It has sexy hips.
VraelFreorhe 11 giorni fa
The P1 is probably one of the best designed car ever made.
EKM 11 giorni fa
Mclaren: here's a brand new, affordable hybrid that has never been seen before on the market Entire comments section: The p1 is beautiful 😍😍
Volkswagen Boy
Volkswagen Boy 11 giorni fa
Hey guys- I just started a ITpost channel with my Mk7 golf R STAGE 2, please check it out if possible, thank you!
Filipe Carvalho
Filipe Carvalho 12 giorni fa
Hold up! 900° Celsius!? Don't you mean Fahrenheit?
Patrick Adair Designs
Patrick Adair Designs 12 giorni fa
Why did you add fake camera shaking to this whole video???
Ayrish Kumar
Ayrish Kumar 7 giorni fa
Give you feeling that he’s actually taking to you in person
Nature's Corner
Nature's Corner 9 giorni fa
I didn't expect to see you here patrick🤣, btw love ur vids
jake milani
jake milani 12 giorni fa
this car is gonna sell like huracan did for Lambo all is left to do is for mclaren is to make A SUV
Sean Mouradian
Sean Mouradian 12 giorni fa
Love the interior of the Artura but the seats looks so dirty. Maybe cause of the camera/lighting would get a different seat other than the club sport. Beautiful car!
K K 12 giorni fa
What’s that soundtrack playing in the background?
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson 12 giorni fa
The music is annoying & distracting please don't use
Jacob Gideon
Jacob Gideon 12 giorni fa
Anyone know the song in this?
Liam Gilman
Liam Gilman 12 giorni fa
Background music is Kasseo - Through the Sunset
2002RM 12 giorni fa
Thank you Top Gear. I have done the rounds of others (Autotrader, Evo etc) and keep hearing the same repeated rubbish from McLaren themselves about this being an evolution for supercars, when they themselves already produced a hybrid in the P1. You are the only one I've seen so far to frame this car in the right context. All they seem to have done is make the concept more affordable. Which is of course great news and an incredible technical challenge, I'm sure. But why make out the car is some kind of game changer when it clearly isn't? I'm still trying to work out what about this car is special at all! Yes it looks good (subjectively). Yes it goes fast (but not eye wateringly faster than previous affordable McLarens). Yes it is light... no, it is heavier. It still has hydraulic steering, driving modes, not enough space for anything practical, a decent but not mind blowing interior, nothing special on the in-car entertainment tech. So can someone please tell me what about this particular car stands out from anything else we have seen before? For example, what can this do that a Koenigsegg can't? And don't come at with "Koenigsegg costs 10 x more blah blah blah...". If you call a car a "game changer" I want to know how it changes the game.
blkmamba824 12 giorni fa
It's very nice and I'm sure it's very fast... but it doesn't quite give me the "James May" fizz
Sittichai Wuttanakul
Sittichai Wuttanakul 12 giorni fa
McLaren V8 4.5 cc.👍😆😆😆😆 ⛽E85 1ล./2กม.🙄😲😲😲😲😲
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph 12 giorni fa
Mclaren releasing cars like new Samsung Cell phones. I will take the upcoming Ferrari mid engine V6
Looks like the 720s and the P1 had a baby It looks beautiful.
Prasaad Ruke
Prasaad Ruke 12 giorni fa
The first McLaren I've liked in more than a decade. I think I love it too ! My favourite McLaren is the F1. I also find it really practical compared to others in the list of McLarens. Yes I know. I just said the McLaren F1 is practical. But something about that car just hits the spot. The centre steering wheel, naturally aspirated BMW engine, non ABS brakes(I think, not sure, may be wrong about that), the whole shabang ! Coming back to this car, it's a good beginning for the second decade in production for one the most iconic car manufacturers. Also their performance in Formula 1 this year will set good stage for car sales. Best of luck McLaren. But truth be told. I'm a Ferrari fan. Forza Ferrari !
Damian Abramson
Damian Abramson 12 giorni fa
Where are the old people
Neplican_RS 12 giorni fa
Here for the P1, it's splendidly beautiful. Artura aokay.
Kane Holmes
Kane Holmes 12 giorni fa
0:37 "This is gonna cost between 180 toothousand five hundred pounds" So. £180 to £2500 god damn, let me just reserve me an order an slot at that price
Dante F. B. Colò
Dante F. B. Colò 12 giorni fa
Why v6 Mclaren ?😩
Sebastian Aguilar
Sebastian Aguilar 12 giorni fa
For every 3 McLarens that exist there's just one Renault Avantime
akmal asraf
akmal asraf 12 giorni fa
Another copy-paste design of their cars. Boring.
S19HU 12 giorni fa
From V8 to V6, wait few years and there'll be no V.
Nathanial Dupont
Nathanial Dupont 12 giorni fa
These digital camera movements make this video feel like an AR tech demo. Or a Battlefield cutscene.
Vylkeer 12 giorni fa
James definitely knows this already 2:49
Alex Ribes
Alex Ribes 12 giorni fa
Remember the Citroën GS? Yes, followed by the BX... They had those "comodos" on the dashboard. Ah yeah but you know, it was the 70's 80's...
JΛMΛ 12 giorni fa
P1 is still gorgeous, only LaFerrari can rival
FX 12 giorni fa
McLaren interiors are boring.. This steering wheel is outdated in my opinion
Tall Lifts
Tall Lifts 12 giorni fa
P1 is one of the best looking supercar ever
Саня Бабич
Саня Бабич 12 giorni fa
Dude get lost from this channel, better let chris harris lead. Because your destiny is to do paid reviews from Porsche
nakuboy 12 giorni fa
Nah the p1 is a different league. The p1 comes first, then speed tail, then senna and then the rest... the p1 is easily the most special vehicle they have made in my opinion.
VarunKatwaroo 12 giorni fa
Is it even legal for him to reference the Dacia Sandero? >.>
Michael 13 giorni fa
Ugh.. the music.. It's just so unnecessary and annoying.
RandomReverseRoom 13 giorni fa
Man the P1 is just gorgeous.
RandomReverseRoom 13 giorni fa
Crazy to think the p1 is 8 years old.
TENEMAX 13 giorni fa
In 2 words: it's ugly.
crylicstar 13 giorni fa
European countries : 180k gets you s supercar Asian countries : 180k gets you a close to high end family van
Meng pro
Meng pro 13 giorni fa
It looks like porsche taycan
LosBarrel 13 giorni fa
“46kg is negligible” Gordon Murray: blasphemy
Peter Cavellini
Peter Cavellini 13 giorni fa
Makes you wonder what McLaren has been doing the past eight years?
TinyBearTim 13 giorni fa
You can’t see past the Speedo
Matthew Lowdon
Matthew Lowdon 13 giorni fa
6:53 - Porsche 911 buyers enter the chat.
Matthew Lowdon
Matthew Lowdon 13 giorni fa
Two very good looking cars. I hope McLaren can improve it's service levels and try and eliminate the 570S's almost sheer drop appreciation. I love the styling and McLaren's performance is always so impressive.
Philip Minns
Philip Minns 13 giorni fa
Lovely video. BUT... although I like ambient music as much as anyone, when it's just a constant drone underneath the speech it makes what's being said far harder to focus on. I get why it's done, but there's really no need for it.
blackstarboy04 13 giorni fa
How is this suppose to be the opening of hybrid supercars when the 918 is a hybrid hyper car?? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
TheRandomPerson 13 giorni fa
Mclaren copied the POWERMODESWITCH from the Lexus LFA
Finley James-Hammond
Finley James-Hammond 13 giorni fa
Personally, I think the Artura is the second best looking McLaren, only to the 600LT (or the P1 but In that case you get what you pay for.).
Ben Imran
Ben Imran 13 giorni fa
Its look so simple not very aggressive
Tom H 76
Tom H 76 13 giorni fa
2:48 great news
Flying Hedgehog
Flying Hedgehog 13 giorni fa
Lumberjack shirt plus beard...BBC rubbish
Akhmad Mandala
Akhmad Mandala 13 giorni fa
£200k car with hybrid technology and yet the screen panels are from midrange smartphone from 2013 🤦🏻
Alex Angel
Alex Angel 13 giorni fa
All great, but they should have gone with the Koenigsegg dash style on the steering wheel, because you can barely see over the dash.
Drive Passion
Drive Passion 13 giorni fa
hagdf adsdf
hagdf adsdf 13 giorni fa
So your not allowed to drive it but your allowed to sit in it, for bullshit covid
Arav_2005 EBF1
Arav_2005 EBF1 13 giorni fa
How dare you say “Dacia sandero” how dare you stand where he stood. (This is a joke btw chill)
mike569112 13 giorni fa
It’s pretty. Looks like a noble 600.
PengWin76 13 giorni fa
No doubt this MacLaren is the most cutting edge vehicle design the world has ever seen. I LOVE that this car has the displays attached the to the steering wheel column EXACTLY IKE MY AGEING 370Z. Nice one Z, you set a standard there, haha.
diego diegui
diego diegui 13 giorni fa
It looks a lot like the 570s
Tommy B
Tommy B 13 giorni fa
It's not on the level of the p1 performance wise... It's below the 720s, performance and price-wise. However with 680 hp and a 0-200 mph in 8.3s it should be a match for the 992 Turbo S, at least on a straight line. If the setup is good it could be evenly matched with the Turbo S even on the track. It's surely gonna be faster than the Mclaren GT. Besides, the price is kinda affordable . The Turbo S is more pratical (it's a GT with 4 seats and AWD), but this car is cheaper, more exotic and a lot greener. I love when they combine high performances with low emissions, without giving up on the gas engine. It seems like a great car
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