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2 mesi fa

Straight from the set of the new James Bond flick: the Aston Martin DB5. And straight from a budget storage facility outside Stevenage: The Stig. Together, they shall drift - shaken not stirred. But did we hear VANOS coming in on that 50-year old Aston? 🤔
You should know the score by now, so don’t forget to leave your drift rating in the comments below. And if you haven't seen Stig drift a Caterham 620R yet, check it out here:
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Top Gear
Top Gear 2 mesi fa
So it's not a exactly a *standard* DB5, find out more here:
Forza Is The Best
Forza Is The Best Mese fa
Top Gear I have seen that website and it’s cool
Forza Is The Best
Forza Is The Best Mese fa
@Top Gear thanks
Yacine Cupra R
Yacine Cupra R 2 mesi fa
@Nemanja Ljubenovic E46 m3
Paul Shinn
Paul Shinn 2 mesi fa
But.. Why did they make it look like a video game?
porsche200471 2 mesi fa
Seriously, no one came to this video for a minute's worth of introductory bollocks at the start of the video. It's just annoying.
Батухан Смузи типа
Батухан Смузи типа 6 giorni fa
Finn McMisl
jameswalker199 11 giorni fa
That's some interesting pedal usage
Hb Hb
Hb Hb 21 giorno fa
Its looks like forza horizon 4 ahhahaha
Ash pine
Ash pine 21 giorno fa
I remember me and my grandpa watching James Bond on TV, good memories
The Stig
The Stig 21 giorno fa
A hotdog 1
A hotdog 1 24 giorni fa
the only thing i knew about stig before finding these guys was about beamng drive
Calvin G
Calvin G 27 giorni fa
Has anyone seen a DB5 in real life? So rare now
Calvin G
Calvin G 24 giorni fa
@THEODORE SWEET Is it fair to call a DB5 a unicorn?
THEODORE SWEET 24 giorni fa
Once at a classic car show
FlankyFrankie Mese fa
God damn that is beautiful driving, Stiggo
Brendo Mese fa
That was the most annoying and unnecessary first 60 seconds of a 3min video I've ever seen. All car video editors should be shot and we should start the industry over.
Neptune Mese fa
ExplorerExtraordinaire! Mese fa
oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh my brain orgasmd? 🤤
Cowboy Mese fa
Top gear 2.0 is shit
Forza Is The Best
Forza Is The Best Mese fa
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia Mese fa
💪This , Lexus LFA and 4 cylinder sportbikes are instruments of pure eargasms. .
The Devil
The Devil Mese fa
so, when do I get a turn?
johnny llooddte
johnny llooddte Mese fa
drifting was great..the editing was hoorible
AppleJuice Mese fa
Best looking E46 M3 ever made.
Scott Lash
Scott Lash Mese fa
ThatNativeGamer 2 mesi fa
Pretty neat how he uses his right foot to feather the brake and his heel on the gas. I never thought of that while driving in Canadian snow
Kanta Verma
Kanta Verma 2 mesi fa
This is the best car of compare to any car
MUNGO 2 mesi fa
Video of the year these Bumps sexy the sound...o m g...Love
Ash pine
Ash pine 2 mesi fa
Thanks grandpa You brought me here
Ajay Sampat
Ajay Sampat 2 mesi fa
hahaha hahahaha
hahaha hahahaha 2 mesi fa
i really wish The Stig follows them wherever they go. The only thing that missing was The Stig
Eren Sari
Eren Sari 2 mesi fa
Steve Houlihan
Steve Houlihan 2 mesi fa
I don't care of it's not a real DB5, it looks fantastic sliding around those bends like that.
GlücksritterTV 2 mesi fa
for england, for the queen!
Miguel Sarmiento
Miguel Sarmiento 2 mesi fa
Bring this car to Japan and let Keiichi Tsuchiya have a go in it
呂紹瑜 2 mesi fa
sideway elegance
Sosig Youtube
Sosig Youtube 2 mesi fa
Gosh i can't even drift a Dacia Sandero. How about this rare thing?
Gustav A. Mozumder
Gustav A. Mozumder 2 mesi fa
The Porschefile
The Porschefile 2 mesi fa
Some say that he’s recently been releasing pop records under the pseudonym of lady ga ga, and that under his race suit, he also wears a red g string and suspenders”
Joe Poutre
Joe Poutre 2 mesi fa
Now I know why The Stig will never speak. I wouldn't either because I'd never ever want to interrupt that gorgeous noise!
Luiz Henrique
Luiz Henrique 2 mesi fa
It's a crime drifting an Aston!
Lukasz Kaleta
Lukasz Kaleta 2 mesi fa
Even has a BMW throttle pedal
Lukasz Kaleta
Lukasz Kaleta 2 mesi fa
It sounds like an M3 E46/E46 engine
Diego Flores
Diego Flores 2 mesi fa
That Senna move was clean...
Exclusive Vehicles TV
Exclusive Vehicles TV 2 mesi fa
This is so amazing!!! Awesome video, awesome car, awesome ride ... ❤️ 110% ❤️
rashidrafi 2 mesi fa
I want Jeremy Clarkson
Celtic Batman
Celtic Batman 2 mesi fa
This is very cool and very disturbing at the same time.
Basil Altawil
Basil Altawil 2 mesi fa
Infinite outstanding/mind blowing drifts
Camfort Zone
Camfort Zone 2 mesi fa
Perialis 2 mesi fa
He dosent talk He dosent speak He dosent communicate all i said was 3 same words just differently
Sampreeth M.S
Sampreeth M.S 2 mesi fa
10 out of 10 rated
David Kinsella
David Kinsella 2 mesi fa
I have a feeling it would be possible to do a Forza Horizon 4 version of this.
Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty 2 mesi fa
I could literally feel the sound of the car in my laptop at the Vol.52!!!
Fart Squirrel
Fart Squirrel 29 giorni fa
lucky you, all I get is pesky crappie music.
วัยรุ่นรถซิ่งChannel WairounrodzingChannel
วัยรุ่นรถซิ่งChannel WairounrodzingChannel 2 mesi fa
WairounrodzingChannel I'm following you
Addicted Motors
Addicted Motors 2 mesi fa
Stig = Harris?
Ismail Chothia
Ismail Chothia 2 mesi fa
this is a dirty video and it needs a age restriction
it cool not bad
Media Easier
Media Easier 2 mesi fa
topgear trying all the gimmicks, top editor, great camerawork yet still is and always will be crap without a certain 3 middle-aged posh louts
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 2 mesi fa
Love the car, the the sound, but, I am very sorry, the car control in the video is wrong. Whoever was driving I hope would admit that either the video had been cut wrong or that wasn't a true representation of there, which must be good, abilities. Don't mean to doubt because I love the channel, please bring more classic car bids, alpine 110, my fav!!
Rose Enninful
Rose Enninful 2 mesi fa
Pro driver for sure, that was cool
Shane House
Shane House 2 mesi fa
This isnt the first stig This is Stig jr.
D P 2 mesi fa
It would be great if you could stop wasting a third of the video with useless fluff at the beginning.
pg574 2 mesi fa
Whos stig this time? Schumacher was awesome as stig! Would be aswesome to know whos every stig and what cars they driven.
James Kim
James Kim 2 mesi fa
sounds like an e46 m3
Monkei 2 mesi fa
I think Stig's timeout for his computer should end it was like 4 years.
AMAN BANSAL 2 mesi fa
AMAN BANSAL 2 mesi fa
Tim McCarthy
Tim McCarthy 2 mesi fa
juggenbugger 2 mesi fa
Bit boring
Ride Epirus
Ride Epirus 2 mesi fa
Is this a real db?It looks like a replica.
ThomPlayz 2 mesi fa
Do u all think the stig is Ken block
John Ryan Lewis
John Ryan Lewis 2 mesi fa
S54 powered ?
Traxl 2 mesi fa
Banana 2 mesi fa
Aston Martin time I guess
Ollie36m3 2 mesi fa
S50B32 euro e36 M3 motor IMO from the sounds of it
AppleJuice Mese fa
E46 M3's S54B32
Kristof Kiraly
Kristof Kiraly 2 mesi fa
Q: I added one final modification to your car Double O Seven: *A limited slip diff!!!!*
Michael Marquez
Michael Marquez 2 mesi fa
I would love a follow up for this video that includes an interview with the owner and how this car was prepped for this. Seems like the car is on its outside limits.
Alush Play
Alush Play 2 mesi fa
Actor James Bond need to see this video
Ocelot_Zz 2 mesi fa
Make him drift a 1930s car or something with very thin wheels
Matej Pramník
Matej Pramník 2 mesi fa
no other car can even try to be as elegant as this
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 2 mesi fa
I'm gonna refuse to believe that this the actual bond car used.
g4rr377 2 mesi fa
Still got the BMW acceleration shoe device
Mad Mick
Mad Mick 2 mesi fa
The drifting was good, the clip was bloody ridiculous.
ludovica franchi
ludovica franchi 2 mesi fa
8/10 DB5 good drift, could be better!!!
domme 2 mesi fa
This isn't Top Gear
bencsiszalan ツ
bencsiszalan ツ 2 mesi fa
it sounds clean
Paul Shinn
Paul Shinn 2 mesi fa
When the stig went to school, he gave the teachers their grades.
Fee son
Fee son 2 mesi fa
Duilio Pintagro
Duilio Pintagro 2 mesi fa
Excellent, thank you for the pedal view , very interesting
oo J
oo J 2 mesi fa
Old lady still got it.
Gulaleks2017 WOT BLITZ
Gulaleks2017 WOT BLITZ 2 mesi fa
Привет.СМОТРИТЕ КАНАЛ #GULALEKS2017 ) видео про танки. Ютуб лучший, смотрите как проходит ДеньРожденияТанков У меня их не много в основном СССР Отправляйте и свои видео- буду рад их осмотреть и озвучить, но только чтобы был д.р. понимаете) #gulaleks2017
Abid Ashhar
Abid Ashhar 2 mesi fa
I know the pain for not having 3 legs for Manual Drivers
Oliwier Przepióra
Oliwier Przepióra 2 mesi fa
T. Wallace
T. Wallace 2 mesi fa
This is undignified behavior.
STAG162 2 mesi fa
when a car is wearing skinny, cross-ply tyres, ANYONE can be the Stig.
Paul Shinn
Paul Shinn 2 mesi fa
@STAG162 Haha! You're right. I'm a TG noob.
STAG162 2 mesi fa
(clearly not an OG top gear fan, or you wouldn't question it)
Paul Shinn
Paul Shinn 2 mesi fa
Prove it
Entinty 2 mesi fa
Tried a bit to hard with this intro
miguel EV02
miguel EV02 2 mesi fa
I don't know this sounds like the s50 in my head, could be wrong guess we'll never know
Ollie36m3 2 mesi fa
@miguel EV02 as it should be. That's my fault. Always been jealous of the real s50s
miguel EV02
miguel EV02 2 mesi fa
@Ollie36m3 yes, if I was speaking about the north American I would have stated that : "s50us"
Ollie36m3 2 mesi fa
Euro s50 imo
Matt Walden
Matt Walden 2 mesi fa
Agent Stig
bradleremond 2 mesi fa
This looks rather satisfying
El Guapo
El Guapo 2 mesi fa
Hate the editing, but what a beautiful sight.
Matthew Edwards
Matthew Edwards 2 mesi fa
Can you actually buy one? Or does anyone know who makes them for the James bond film?
odl21 2 mesi fa
What a stupid and pointless video
OA 84
OA 84 2 mesi fa
We want more of stig drift please!
tantive4 2 mesi fa
I don't know whether to be more impressed with Double O Stig or the two guys keeping up in the chase car to do epic tracking shots
JJ A 2 mesi fa
Awesome, I would have loved to be in the passenger seat of the car.
My name is groot
My name is groot 2 mesi fa
Most beautiful driftcar of this planet 😍
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