Awards 2020: 18 amazing winners, 1 GOLD Defender!

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3 mesi fa

The Land Rover Defender, Toyota Yaris GR, Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, and the new BMW M3 are just some of our winners in this year's awards. Sit back and enjoy as we, not only run through ALL the winners, but also show you some cool cars doing some cool stuff. Featuring special appearances from Chris Harris, Paddy McGuiness and Freddie Flintoff (to defend some bizarre picks for their personal cars of the year), The Stig (to drive sideways in whatever we put in front of him) and a MASSIVE crane (for our grand finale), it's a feast of never seen before stunts, drifts and drives.
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0:00 Introduction
2:11 Track Weapon of the Year
4:40 Luxury Car of the Year
6:59 Performance Car of the Year + Chris Harris’ Car of the Year
11:49 The Car That We’re Most Looking Forward to Driving in 2021
12:40 The Unstoppable Force of the Year
13:50 Gamechanger of the Year
14:50 Super SUV of the Year
18:09 Paddy McGuinness’ Car of the Year
23:10 Eco Warrior of the Year
26:11 City Car of the Year
28:56 Retro Hero of the Year
30:58 Freddie Flintoff’s Car of the Year
36:22 Noise of the Year
38:18 Crossover of the Year
40:12 Manufacturer of the Year
41:34 Hot Hatch of the Year
43:19 Car of the Year

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Top Gear
Top Gear 3 mesi fa
Get the full story on all the Awards 2020 winners by ordering a copy of Top Gear Magazine direct to your door (including a Giant Supercar 2021 calendar), download the digital edition direct to your phone, or subscribe to future editions by clicking here -
cloud CG
cloud CG Mese fa
feature this Mobius 6x6
nik wardzynski
nik wardzynski 2 mesi fa
Why does he say the Ferrari is the “first front-wheel drive Ferrari” when it’s clear it’s 4WD. It’s not even the first 4WD Ferrari if that’s what he meant, FF
Casey Carlile
Casey Carlile 2 mesi fa
Chris should be fronting this yee spanners 🔧🖕
E-Skate Victoria
E-Skate Victoria 2 mesi fa
Sad looking list of junk.🤢🤢🤢🤔 Better luck next year.
Albert Maniscalco
Albert Maniscalco 3 mesi fa
VW is the 2ND BIGGEST after Toyota
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne 17 giorni fa
I love Chris Harris. I really do. He's just awesome. BUT to make a multi hundred thousand dollar car the "Street racer of the year" Or whatever that category is called lol. (The one the every man should be considered in) is just another reason the three from the Grand Tour show were so much better at the whole show. They would have disqualified it on the grounds that "No one can actually afford the bloody thing". Oh and No it's NOT Pewmah. It's Puma.
J S 28 giorni fa
I don't know why i'm still watching, i can't afford any of these
Neil Jansen van Rensburg
Neil Jansen van Rensburg Mese fa
So boring fell asleep halfway....
Nyx Mese fa
New top gear bad Old top gear good Thank you for coming to my ted talk ladies and gentlemen
trifon jacobs
trifon jacobs Mese fa
Old top gear was better, this is SOOOO BORINGGGGGGGG
Dirk Ho
Dirk Ho Mese fa
an hour of this guy doing a hammond impression
ManishRaj singh Tomar
ManishRaj singh Tomar Mese fa
We all know, this doesn't makes sense...but as a car lover (broke car lover) i loves to watch these hotties.
Legendy u Vás / Legends4you- moto
Legendy u Vás / Legends4you- moto Mese fa
Great video! Toyota GR just ordered for long time testing.
Sandesh Kurbetti
Sandesh Kurbetti Mese fa
That music arround 6:20 is amazing ❤️
Kytes93 Mese fa
Ah yes, from car show to advertising channel.
Mohammed Hammad
Mohammed Hammad Mese fa
half of the winners are British car makers ..LOL .. as if they are the only car manufacturers !
allride Mese fa
41:18 when the Ford CEO doesn't even remember the terrible name they gave their first proper electric car
David Sands
David Sands Mese fa
Surprised the new defender made it into the hanger without breaking down. Yet to read a positive review on one (and I like land rovers) My vote would have gone to the Toyota Yaris GR
lexus lfa
lexus lfa Mese fa
this video was a soul sapping vacuum of joy and excitement. Top gear changed from an entertaining comedic documentary that happened to feature cars to a boring spec sheet reading, consumer journalist, average at best car reviews.
Ilya Panfilov
Ilya Panfilov Mese fa
Why did they mixe the Aston Martin footage with the Audi during the edit?
Job Manders
Job Manders Mese fa
Sorry BBC, apart from Chris Harris(who should join the grand tour team) it's not worth the airtime.
A Macke
A Macke Mese fa
And so why is the embarrassing box on wheels car of the year, again please?
barrymccloskey Mese fa
Cool 'tache brah,. Gets my vote, defs. :-)
offitcock Mese fa
Your "queue dramatic music department" is so over the top
Alim ZazaZ Music
Alim ZazaZ Music Mese fa
"Smell the tension in this hangar!" Obvious headlight see through 😒
M. Statton
M. Statton Mese fa
I don't know why I was expecting something of value but....At least I agree with Harris on the 911 Turbo S. The rest....seriously?
Chicken yes
Chicken yes Mese fa
Kutuk proton ehhh Mat Saleh..ko tugu x70 dgn x50 masuk UK...menangis lh sial
ᚴᚢᚾᚴᚾᛁᚱ Óðinn
ᚴᚢᚾᚴᚾᛁᚱ Óðinn Mese fa
Defender it’s a masterpiece
TheKingkingg Mese fa
Well done Chris Harris, but still waiting for you to be a hooligan with 2020/2021 NSX and one of their GT3 cars
HummDrumm Mese fa
Whose this Richard Hammond knock off?? I love how the all electric Mr Nippy sounded like a 911 on the drive by. Top Gear editing at its worst. God I miss Clarkson.
Jaco Marais
Jaco Marais Mese fa
At least you weren’t biased
Dumitru D. S
Dumitru D. S 2 mesi fa
Kostas Angisoulaki
Kostas Angisoulaki 2 mesi fa
I'll give the TG car of the year award to 812 SF
Kostas Angisoulaki
Kostas Angisoulaki 2 mesi fa
JLR sucks n new Defender should be officially renamed Offender
Vitor Grencho
Vitor Grencho 2 mesi fa
Really enjoyed this video... up to the moment when the CSR of the year was revealed. Really? The Defender? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good car... but that’s it. Really disappointing. Even the Yaris GR would make a much better car of the year... Also, I don’t understand why Ford would have any car in this line up.
Qadir Yusof
Qadir Yusof 2 mesi fa
Make fun off proton uh ?
Erik Aas
Erik Aas 2 mesi fa
Old TG would have never played some acceptance speech, then again they never made a video full of shitty combination of dull and rubish. Some of these "winners", oof.
Steven Thomas
Steven Thomas 2 mesi fa
and the ultimate car award goes to the Porsche 911 Turbo S
A Singh
A Singh 2 mesi fa
The C8 and the Tesla Model Y should have been on the list. I know it's not available in the UK yet, but two really good cards missed
Yudhis 2 mesi fa
I rather watch Joey than Paddy tho
Thesloman 2 mesi fa
17:30 woah!
ThewayICit 2 mesi fa
And the TopGear Award for Best Motor Show on TV is: THE GRAND TOUR BY AMAZON!!!!!!
John Keyno
John Keyno 2 mesi fa
Top gear feels nothing like TOP GEAR without Jeremy, Richard, and James. It feels scripted even though it might not fully be so. They would make me laugh and enjoy the show, today is like reading specs from a magazine article compare and move on, with the old cast they would give you more of a driving experience.
Simon Yates
Simon Yates 2 mesi fa
pretty boring really !
Patrick4 2 mesi fa
When is everybody besides Chris Harris is getting fired? The Show would be so much better if he would be the only host.
Jonny 2 mesi fa
The Defender... Lmao
MD Bradford
MD Bradford 2 mesi fa
I thought Chris Harris hated the black series
Dj Rudeboy 254
Dj Rudeboy 254 2 mesi fa
I thank God for youtube...there are better reviews than this
Alex Van Rooy
Alex Van Rooy 2 mesi fa
I can barely watch this, the old (and I mean old!... but we love them) crew is the absolute best. Give them the title of "Top Gear", don't trash their history with this dump. Change your series name.
Matt P
Matt P 2 mesi fa
If Jack was the stig no one would expect it
Rick Stevens
Rick Stevens 2 mesi fa
These guys are corny a f . Bring out Tiff ...
Constantine Joseph
Constantine Joseph 2 mesi fa
No way. Land Rovers are notoriously more unreliable than the Germans who are already very unreliable. In as much as the entire new platform of the defender is utilitarian, luxurious and innovative, buyers aren't going to spend that kind of money to own a potential lemon. When you rate cars and recommend them, be sincere, the viewers will reward you for that. Land Rover as of now needs to be noted to all buyers for her lack of reliability in comparison to Toyota. Many a sensible buyer would definitely think about these things as much as they do love other aspects such as cargo space, refinement etc......
bo matt
bo matt 2 mesi fa
Chris Harris has gotta be the best automotive journalist in the history of automotive journalism. It was fantastic watching him in these cars.
Adam Nelson
Adam Nelson 2 mesi fa
How can you give the worst rated reliable vehicle the highest reward!? This is proof Top Gear is desperate for attention and ratings....
Murphy D
Murphy D 2 mesi fa
Land Rover, most unreliable
Ahmad Daniel
Ahmad Daniel 2 mesi fa
Why did he attack Proton like that? 🤣
TheBrainless 2 mesi fa
Chris Harris is my favorit automobile journalist from his very beginning!
Boiler.Maker 2 mesi fa
That’s almost as many awards as Top Gear presenters the BBC went through since Jezza.
Ryan 2 mesi fa
The unreliable Honda Element with a lift took car of the year, eh?
Leximus Maximus
Leximus Maximus 2 mesi fa
Good vid BUT!, we have to put up with the idiot funny man with the bully cricketer on TG TV, his opinion on any car never mind an ice cream van REALLY! is null and void and has no place in this vid or to honest on TG at all. Top marks to Harris and the proper TG team keep up the good work, i would say im looking forward to the new season of TG TV but it would be a lie, more Harris less of the funny man and bully.
Кавър Банда Монтана
Кавър Банда Монтана 2 mesi fa
I can understand all the other choises but why is the ghost better then the New S class that I can't understand 😁😁😁
Aswin Prasetyo
Aswin Prasetyo 2 mesi fa
LOL what do these awards really mean tho
capei4one 2 mesi fa
Phantastic ! Well done !
Robertson 2 mesi fa
this must be some joke to celebrate 2020 before it ends
Arisgod27 2 mesi fa
So everyone gets a trophy kind of like US kids' sports where even if you suck you get one. And the Defender? Well, talk to me a few years from now as whoever gets one will spend more time taking it to the dealer for service than actually taking it offroad.
93455Driver 2 mesi fa
Stop, stop, stop telling us to buy a GR Yaris......not for sale everywhere :(
Chip 2 mesi fa
..................another prove top gear is NOT objective automotive media or bound by any truth.......................... complete rubbish giving car of the year to the defender- least reliable car of the year.
Toyota4Life 2 mesi fa
That Land Rover is trash
Canadian KRISPY Bacon
Canadian KRISPY Bacon 2 mesi fa
ToP Gear, bring back CMH, for the love of God!!
Adin Wilson
Adin Wilson 2 mesi fa
I thought some of the awards were well deserved, like the porsche and the yaris, however some were not. I would say the defender is not a worthy call in my opinion, too much bad feedback on reliability and supply since its launch. However I did find the insert entertaining. I never take awards like this seriously, because in my opinion the car that sells the most units should be car of the year, and that would make it a car of the people by the people.
Jordan Min
Jordan Min 2 mesi fa
I don't see the point of this. Yeah, I get that Rolls-Royce and Ferrari and Porsche make great cars, but just how many average Joe, Dick and Jane have the money to afford such luxury when businesses are closing down because of covid - this list sounds like it was meant for the rich.
Sandweiler 2 mesi fa
The LR Defender should be the “unstoppable money pit of the year” 😂
Sami Jylhä
Sami Jylhä 2 mesi fa
Did The Stig drive wrong side of "Follow Through" ? with AMG Mercedes? Too much speed and drifting :)
Vick Johnson
Vick Johnson 2 mesi fa
Is it just me scratching my head, car of the year BS. There is so much missing for car of the year, do your homework right and fair.
RickOShay 2 mesi fa
The 'new' Top Gear is utter rubbish. No intelligent humor - no character - really boring presenters - just a very poor attempt to copy the real Top Gear of the past. BBC you need to pull the plug - and put this disaster out of it's misery.
RickOShay Mese fa
@Alexei M S Cruz Que ? No hablo charla loca !
Alexei M S Cruz
Alexei M S Cruz Mese fa
Rick ka-peow OShay, there's also no idiotic orangutan who thinks he knows everything... who hugs the whole she-bang...
Perception Engine
Perception Engine 2 mesi fa
Land Rover have car of the year?
lolkid126 2 mesi fa
This shit still alive?
Mi Ba
Mi Ba 2 mesi fa
the next year categories The best mustache , Best diversity truck , The best trans car ......BBD(L) CQtM
Howie Normus
Howie Normus 2 mesi fa
Defender has terrible reliability already.
Chong Li
Chong Li 2 mesi fa
JLF Must have paid Top Gear a bribe. I will give its off-roading capability credit as it is one of the best for tackling offroad situations. But the reliability oh yes. The most important thing that an off roader needs is reliability and is what the new defender lacks.
Hyper Trance
Hyper Trance 2 mesi fa
The only reason why I’m here are Chris Harris and his 992 turboS
Adam King
Adam King 2 mesi fa
Pathetic presenters with equally pathetic scripts Jeremy is grinning ear to ear
Mike Ormond
Mike Ormond 2 mesi fa
BBC budget cutting at its best.... Harris is now a stig as well as presenter..... real stigs don't drift.... it takes tenths off your lap 😉
the lion and the sun
the lion and the sun 2 mesi fa
Please don't do air quotation talking about the actual lethal virus
Tom Pontin
Tom Pontin 2 mesi fa
Dozed off... not sure there’s a car there I would want Edit - spoke too soon - GR Yaris
Chronicles of Bap
Chronicles of Bap 2 mesi fa
Gongs = Medals... for obvious reasons.
Aritra Ray
Aritra Ray 2 mesi fa
I am just glad Michael Keaton hosted one award show in his life
Jon Gib
Jon Gib 2 mesi fa
Why so many awards 😧
Martin Bettler
Martin Bettler 2 mesi fa
13:02 You can't argue with the way it goes. Follows a promo video 🤦🏼‍♂️
RICW9982 2 mesi fa
This is just a paid promotional event
CIC 2 mesi fa
Oh, so it was almost bed time for you. Who said I was going to bed?
Kunaal Khanna
Kunaal Khanna 2 mesi fa
Just no. Shave it off.
Simon 'Ted' Coram
Simon 'Ted' Coram 2 mesi fa
Better than BBC1 Top Gear.
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 2 mesi fa
If it was a proper Defender you could fix it with little more than a box spanner and a ball of string, you cant, its lost its soul shame on you Land Rover
You Tube
You Tube 2 mesi fa
Full of English cars... As expected... No reliability concerns, no true experimental received by users, bla bla bla... Sorry, not sorry 👎
Gaurav Tripathi
Gaurav Tripathi 2 mesi fa
5:26 you can see the 911 turbo
Pual Kkl
Pual Kkl 2 mesi fa
wait... why is it the "**letal** virus thing"...?
jbm0866 2 mesi fa
The Defender is cool, very cool in fact. However it's also expensive and comes with the stigma of Land Rover's horrible reliability reputation, at least here in the states. The new Bronco behind it is equally cool in a different way, and likely to not leave you stranded out in the wilderness 100 miles from the nearest town with a tow truck. Of course in the UK you're never even half that far away from some sort of civilization, and maybe even have cell phone service as well. I'll take the Bronco specced out just the way I want it and pocket a few thousands dollars for something else I may want..
jbm0866 2 mesi fa
Noise of the year is already reserved for the uber wealthy and people who work on tv shows dealing with cars, but soon even the wealthy won't have a new "noise of the year" to look forward to. That is of course unless Ferrari or someone pipes in fake noise and maybe seat vibrators to complete the illusion, but that sort of thing could be installed in a cheap shitbox electric car as well. Can you tell I'm not looking forward to the demise of internal combustion? Straight line acceleration is great, but it's not everything when it comes to the pleasure of driving. Unless my city installs a straight as an arrow dragstrip that takes me directly to work each day (and allows me to use the full potential) I'll keep driving my dino juice car until fuel is taxed to a ridiculous level that makes it no longer worth it.
Kris C
Kris C 2 mesi fa
I think I figured out where TFL got their 1st and 2nd Defenders from....
Michael Devaney
Michael Devaney 2 mesi fa
Honestly this was so dumb
Connor 2 mesi fa
Did he just air quotes “lethal virus thing”
zach pearo
zach pearo 2 mesi fa
You can't be building the Land Rover Defender up like that if you actually want car people to take you seriously. Was it just the most available vehicle because it sits in the garage so often?
Jameel Ja
Jameel Ja 2 mesi fa
*911 turbo S* :WoW, that speaks volumes that they preferred it over the Mclaren 765LT and Ferrari F8.
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