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Easily one of the most hotly anticipated cars of the modern era, the Honda e is undeniably desirable, but can it justify its rather punchy starting price? Well Chris Harris is behind the wheel to try and work out just that.
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Michael Devaney
Michael Devaney Giorno fa
I don't understand this philosophy of "99 percent of your journeys are short". The whole reason you have a car if for those journeys that are more. If your never gonna leave the city like Honda are saying then why get a car in the first place when there is public transport.
Donatas Staneika
Donatas Staneika Giorno fa
Yeah, this car will be definitely be made fun of on The Grand Tour. I love electric cars, but this looks like a cheap vehicle from the 80s. The fully charged driving range is an absolute joke. This car would only make sense if it was a super cheap hipster car (like around 5-7k). No wonder that Tesla is completely dominating the EV market.
Julian Thrussell
Julian Thrussell Giorno fa
For a small city car, less is always more. Great job Honda, hope you sell millions of them.
Krunchy KrunchiZ
Krunchy KrunchiZ Giorno fa
Me from Malaysia singing Hello......
7sq 5 giorni fa
Why the crap "music" !!!
Monster G
Monster G 6 giorni fa
volkswagen mk1 golf all over. its tried and tested and only just stopped production looool. too expensive
Munir Shafi
Munir Shafi 7 giorni fa
I get more looks in this car than I used to get in my Porsche !
bonamin 7 giorni fa
Just a reminder for those arguing that this car is expensive. Once the rest of the Electric cars start having terrible problems nearly un-fixable, and once you start crashing them and fining out they are made of tin foil, maybe then, you will realize where the money for this car went. This will arguably be the most durable and fun to drive city electric car for years to come. People cried about the prices of old 90s Hondas too. But now, that those Hondas work flawlessly after being raped for 30 years straight, nobody is complaining, and prices for stock ones are sky rocketing. :)
Sam Tate
Sam Tate 5 giorni fa
yeah. if this cars screens and batteries and engines are robust and dont take a lot of maintenance, i can easily justify the price
minnie saab
minnie saab 7 giorni fa
Stuart Murray
Stuart Murray 10 giorni fa
3:09 bloody hell, that's a relic of reference lol.
Ian Pannell
Ian Pannell 11 giorni fa
DontStay Music
DontStay Music 11 giorni fa
I'd say it is innovative, from engineering perspective, like its very small turning circle etc
Tazboy 12 giorni fa
This car bead apple system
pls forgibe me senpai
pls forgibe me senpai 12 giorni fa
Where is Hammond and the gang why is a ferengi now in charge of top gear
Jeremyk 541
Jeremyk 541 13 giorni fa
Honda in 2006 decided to start making cars and suvs that would only go on sale if the styling could make a small child sick. It’s pretty bad when the best looking thing they make is a generator
Jan Krige
Jan Krige 13 giorni fa
Thís "99% of the time" is a COP OUT! Thís means that, just like the underground, I can NEVER DRIVE anywhere else. Let me promise you nów that in 10 years time, the range will be much higher! I detest these cop out arguments of you don't need thís ánd you don't need thát, cause that line of arguing then leads you to buying 5 different cars, where instead you could have just bought one. Sorry Honda - you won't be getting any of my money.
InBae Dae
InBae Dae 14 giorni fa
Sell it in Canada...Please
InBae Dae
InBae Dae 14 giorni fa
xD so cute!
Ryan S
Ryan S 14 giorni fa
Strange that reviews don't talk about lease costs for vehicles. In the UK the majority of people lease cars and hand them back after a few years. The Honda e can be leased for £440 per month in the UK, with a deposit of £440. Easier to find than £26,000.
Cho Cho
Cho Cho 15 giorni fa
Coolest best looking electric car interior ever
Andrew W.C.
Andrew W.C. 15 giorni fa
If this was a motor-assist hybrid that used a tiny gas engine to solely charge the electric motor, I’d buy one in a second. Especially if it came with a Motocompo.
Andrew W.C.
Andrew W.C. 15 giorni fa
Can you set the screens up to display semi-lewd pictures of your anime waifu? That’s a big selling point.
Q J 15 giorni fa
Honda is done. Poor range and performance and expensive. Not to mention a gimmicky laggy infotainment system.
Tom Jennings
Tom Jennings 15 giorni fa
Disappointingly lukewarm reviews but I still love the way it looks like a Micro Machine, for anyone else who remembers those?
xnovae 15 giorni fa
That argument about the range being set to the average drive distance was used for the initial design of the Leaf, which along with the market, has since abandoned it. Top marks for looks and design innovations. It will probably be a big success when it gets about double its current range.
Andrew 15 giorni fa
terrible think
Daniel Udo
Daniel Udo 16 giorni fa
It needs a vtec in it.
Beverly Bride
Beverly Bride 17 giorni fa
We desperately need you Mr Chris to drive the new golf R and let us know your genuine thoughts
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 17 giorni fa
I honestly think this car is ugly as hell and am glad it's not coming to the US. Also, electric cars are a curse for car enthusiasts.
Xon Deez
Xon Deez 17 giorni fa
Would buy it if the range was 200 miles
Gr4mas 18 giorni fa
ETec just small kick yooo
Aidan Gordon
Aidan Gordon 18 giorni fa
Bring it to the States, Honda. *PEOPLE WILL BUY IT.*
Christopher Hamilton
Christopher Hamilton 18 giorni fa
Sad we can’t get these in America... I love it!
Michael Tang
Michael Tang 18 giorni fa
"Dixon's telly department" haha. Had to think what Dixons was. Forgot it ever existed 😅
Jacob Stringer
Jacob Stringer 19 giorni fa
This just seems weird without our OG trio
MBonny02 21 giorno fa
Blondie putting lipstick on causes 100 car pileup. Now Honda e can do a 450 car pileup!!! AWESOME
Murtazza Ali
Murtazza Ali 21 giorno fa
They should remove the screens keep 1 and bring the price to 18000 pounds.
wade 21 giorno fa
Honda in there car is too expensive shocker!!!
Rhidian D
Rhidian D 21 giorno fa
This is so close to great but just misses the mark I think. I saw one on the road the other day and they look wicked, but £30K for a small, short range, city car? Can't justify it. I wonder what they could have gotten the milage to at that price point if they'd got rid of the fancy screens and unecessary cameras? I'm sure they're relatively cheap but I'd much rather have simple mirrors & retro dials if it meant even 30 miles more range.
langra man
langra man 21 giorno fa
probably expensive due to EU tax to favour its own car industry
Roushan Kumar
Roushan Kumar 22 giorni fa
Mr. Bean's car .
leg07end 22 giorni fa
If it drives like a Honda, it is worth the money
Olja Mandic
Olja Mandic 22 giorni fa
I bet excluding those fancy and unnecessary camera mirrors, camera rear view mirror and that gigantic screen would shave off at least 5k from the price. Why are they so annoying with screens?
Curtis Klope
Curtis Klope 23 giorni fa
This would be a killer autocross car… too bad we won’t get it in the states.
अर्जुन् 23 giorni fa
That front lighting unit looks amazing
TerraMagnus 23 giorni fa
If they'd only carried that minimalist sensability to the interior, it might have both had more appeal and a more reasonable price.
MurderOnTheMind 23 giorni fa
$36,000!!! Tesla isn’t gonna be scared at all
Nick Feezel
Nick Feezel 23 giorni fa
130 miles? That ain’t gonna work in the US. which sucks. Kinda like the car
Mohsin Rao
Mohsin Rao 23 giorni fa
1:23 try arguing that with my South Asian family. I DARE YOU!
Russell Lapua
Russell Lapua 23 giorni fa
I took an e once that looked that colour.
hakshin yi
hakshin yi 23 giorni fa
Copy of VW rabbit gti. Shame on you honda.
Tesla Fudge
Tesla Fudge 24 giorni fa
Jonny Smith gets a grey one in a tropical storm to test turning in a parking garage, Harris gets to rip a green one through the countryside. That ain't right!
Zied 24 giorni fa
Man i just can bare you... And what stunts me more.. You think your self funny!!!! You have your viewers... Just like you. Why you have to review all the interesting cars pfffffff
bꜣ bꜣ
bꜣ bꜣ 24 giorni fa
ImmortalInflames 24 giorni fa
E owner: Yeah so one of my review mirro... cameras stopped working... Honda: Not a problem we sell the camera, harness, screen & labour as a set package.. E owner: well I best go to the bank and take out a rather big loan... So much for cheap $10 replacements on old Hondas..
Connor Emery
Connor Emery 24 giorni fa
That might be the ugliest car
dorstefan 24 giorni fa
If you will look at all this displays in the current cars in 10 years, you will go yuck...
Mac 24 giorni fa
1:45 what's that song? I've definitely heard it before
YaBoiNeems 24 giorni fa
Drop an abarth engine in it and it’d be cool
Francis J
Francis J 24 giorni fa
Honda E > egg shaped teslas
Ghost C.T.K.
Ghost C.T.K. 24 giorni fa
thought of you Chris mate - keep safe - itpost.info/dev/jn-koIa7pturh5U/video ☯👻☸
Ghost C.T.K.
Ghost C.T.K. 24 giorni fa
itpost.info/dev/a5Cjg7DQcJjXmHc/video 🛸 🚬
Subzero 25 giorni fa
Honda needs to innovate in electric tech. Give it time and volume.
Alastair Winner
Alastair Winner 25 giorni fa
Shame this is not on sale in the US
A Coul
A Coul 25 giorni fa
Dunno why I keep thinking of the new 370z when looking at this car. Maybe it's the color and simpleness of the design. They both look like something you'd see in a modern edgy anime.
Masood Shaikh
Masood Shaikh 25 giorni fa
Why is Honda deliberately killing this car? Firstly they came up with the most beautiful prototype for this car, then disappointed and now the price? Really wanted to buy, but won't.
hatching draggon
hatching draggon 25 giorni fa
£26,000 for a car that can't do more than 135 miles No thank you.
drumnbass8 25 giorni fa
A Full Review in four minutes????
Nicolas 25 giorni fa
what about the 1 time a year you decide to go on a trip, a trip that is in that 1% of the time, and the car you've bought doesn't DO THAT....
Rikzan Said
Rikzan Said 25 giorni fa
When will it available in Indonesia?
Tech In The Car
Tech In The Car 25 giorni fa
I’m picking one of these up this week from Honda PR for my channel and really looking forward to an in depth review and tech guide. I’m not sure that it is however priced out the market. I think if you compare it to other electric cars it sits right in the middle.
Ok 25 giorni fa
Japanese really know how to be humble yet beautiful. And that's what grace is.
kafzal101 25 giorni fa
I hope it continues in the future like e2, e3 and so on.. with electric technology getting better it can be the go to small, compact and fun electric car
Chris Mark
Chris Mark 26 giorni fa
Basically a fancy Nissan Leaf, which you can pick up for 5k
Leandro Ordoñez
Leandro Ordoñez 26 giorni fa
Should’ve called it the E. Honda
erikig 26 giorni fa
This is the biggest interior on a “small” car I have ever see. Harris seems to be floating in there...
H H 26 giorni fa
130 miles is way to low. Can't imagine 99% of ppl don't have friends / family further then 130 miles. Never mind travel for hobby / business
OutAllNever 26 giorni fa
If it was sub £20k it would make sense.
TheSillypig 26 giorni fa
I would love to have one. I think the design is awesome, although not in this color, I fancy the white ones much more. The range is no issue, 95% of the driving I do is to the supermarket which is 500 meters away. The only thing I dislike is the screens on the dash. Touchscreens are horrible when driving as you have to look at them to adjust anything. Makes no sense that we can't use our phones during driving but these massive tablets are perfectly fine.
Tweetboeren 26 giorni fa
And this is what you get if a car journalist is not seeing the quality of a product , that Honda will still deliver in 15 years, high tech quality and products aren’t always visibly, if you drive quality then you know, all the other competitors just cheating with indeed range and battery they all need new batteries in 5 years and yes you pay for it. Honda is the player since 1997 with the EVplus it is just a question from the public what they want, Hydrogen cars ?? Honda is light years in front of anybody and if you can’t see that you will miss the point of mobility.
SUPER ROOKIE 26 giorni fa
Someone plz make a bare bones electric car with no fancy bullshit i swear it's gonna be cheap, and it would sell
Svetoslav Popov
Svetoslav Popov 26 giorni fa
light? - 1550kg (rofl)
Tobi L
Tobi L 27 giorni fa
It looks so campy
VodkaHindJelly 27 giorni fa
one tiny spot of dirt on that camera basically obscures the entire view in your back facing "mirror" - how is that smart exactly?!?
Matt Bolt
Matt Bolt 27 giorni fa
One of my favourite hatchbacks! If only I could afford one hahaha
Ankush K N
Ankush K N 27 giorni fa
It's Mr Bean's car all electric #mrbeancar
John Inton
John Inton 27 giorni fa
Honda should install this drive train onto the S660 kei car, configure the seats with a centric driver position for global appeal, no steering mods.
Anon ymous
Anon ymous 27 giorni fa
Central driver postion you mean having th edriver sit in the middle? If so i persoanlly would love that! Always wanted to drive a car with this layout.
At Zero
At Zero 28 giorni fa
Great choice to.. go away from good looking or anything near attractive..
Steven Bollinger
Steven Bollinger 28 giorni fa
THANK YOU for pushing back against the range stupidity! (Can we start calling it "range stupidity" instead of "range anxiety"? That would be lovely, thank you. Also, if you could talk to Honda and persuade them to import the e here to Murrka. Thanks again.)
Daniel Ordonez
Daniel Ordonez 28 giorni fa
One of the best looking electric cars that you really shouldn't buy
SurtrGio 28 giorni fa
sadly not worth the Price here in Switzerland 39'000 francs( 31k £) .
Rakshith Bekal
Rakshith Bekal 28 giorni fa
they could have put in conventional side mirrors and rearview mirror. that would give it some more range. the smaller digital footprint in the inside too.
jake milani
jake milani 28 giorni fa
looks very good simplistic design and beautiful just the small battery(range) sucks
Connor Butters
Connor Butters 28 giorni fa
it'd probably be cheaper without all the fancy gadgets which you really honestly don't need in a car. if removing the gadgets gets you down under £20,000 then i could see this being a decent runabout for the environmentally conscious urban residents, just give it A/C radio, electric windows and some parking sensors instead of the whole iPad on your dash which really shouldn't be allowed on cars because honestly it's no better than looking at your phone while driving
D. R.
D. R. 28 giorni fa
I love how basically the law states that you can't use your phone while driving, so car manufacturers just started sticking big tablet sized screens to their cars
jigyanshu shrivastava
jigyanshu shrivastava 29 giorni fa
When this car will come in India???
mcfc 29 giorni fa
Looks like a great daily driver and it's rear wheel drive. Not sure if it buys itself out of a market because electric cars are expensive but you would still need a weekender if you buy one. This probably competes with the i3. Maybe
Anon ymous
Anon ymous 29 giorni fa
Ok so I wanted to like Chris Harris’s review of the Honda e which I’ve been wanting to drive myself for a long time. It’s all good because I have a bmw 1 series. But I have to call Chris out on a few things he straight out got wrong. 1. The Honda e is not a light car. It’s 1500kg, 1.5 tonnes! And for a small hatchback that’s a lot. Also, it’s 100kg heavier than my bmw 1 series hatchback which is already a very heavy car and when you drive it, especially around the corners you feel it’s bulky weight. I was disappointed by the cars excessive weight. 2. The Honda e is fast relatively speaking. 8 seconds isn’t bad at all considering it’s low power and heavy weight plus it’s all electric acceleration which will make it feel far nippier. I mean tk put the acceleration in perspective I will use my bmw again as an example. My bmw 116d sport has a 0-60 of around 10 seconds but seconds but believe me for some reason it feels much faster and infact is plenty enough for me and I’ve owned a cross vxr modded previously. As for the car being dressed up but essentially the same as other cars perhaps so. I’ve seen one in person and it’s interior is jlnicer than the exterior and that’s saying a lot since a lot of ppl seem to like the funky modern/retro design. The interior is like IKEA and Japanese interior design came together.
Anon ymous
Anon ymous 29 giorni fa
Also, not once have I ever thought I was special or fast or a great car. It IS however very relaxing but yet still retains some acceleration and cool styling aswell as all of those lovey screens and PACKED with tech. The camera wing mirrors for example are excellent and add an expensive feel to the car. You’ll love them. The one pedal braking makes it easier than other cars to drive. It has automatic parking and getting out of spaces also which not many ppl have talked about, maybe becuase it’s not very good. I’d love to try one out just wish it had a fully panoramic sunroof that went all the way back to the back seats...
Treadstone 29 giorni fa
Sorry guys, I don't need another appliance to charge up over night. Cute looking thing, but I can refuel my car in 5 mins, and get on with my journey. Once they discover the 'dilthium crystals' used by the USS Enterprise, I'll buy one!
jimmydigital 29 giorni fa
its the first electric car to turn my head and get me thinking about going electric. if it could do 350+ miles on a charge and was 20k new I'd buy one. For now it's a miss but a close miss.
Balamurugan Kumar
Balamurugan Kumar 29 giorni fa
Is it the AD of Honda?
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