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29 giorni fa

The father of the McLaren F1 cashed his in and spent the proceeds on expanding the finest collection of lightweights on the planet. Fancy a guided tour?
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Una Adachi
Una Adachi 7 ore fa
The hell happens to these car's once this mans dies? I'm honestly curious
Brother Bryan
Brother Bryan Giorno fa
Seems like a nice man, I would buy a car from him.… If I had the money. LOL
Haydn Nuss
Haydn Nuss Giorno fa
How the hell does he fit in a mini etc, but cant fit in a Lotus Elise?
Mike's models 2
Mike's models 2 2 giorni fa
After watching all these videos Gordon comes off as bit cocky.
Anže Filipič
Anže Filipič 2 giorni fa
Damn professor, what a place.
High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter 2 giorni fa
The guys full of shit.
dacian muntean
dacian muntean 3 giorni fa
people call themselves petrolheads just for buying an manual gearbox this days ...this guy is the ultimate level. .
Gary Broadbent
Gary Broadbent 3 giorni fa
So good to hear someone with so much enthusiasm and who really knows his stuff.
william armstrong
william armstrong 4 giorni fa
What a pity that would have been interesting. However I have standards.. unlike the presenter you still strangely employ. I will not watch anything that distorter of facts and truth (when not outright lying) presents. Everything he presents he reduces the BBC's standards for truth and accuracy.
Shawn 4 giorni fa
Now that is a fantastic collection of unique and beautiful cars. So many collectors have the same old expensive run of the mill exotics.
Beany Boom
Beany Boom 4 giorni fa
Crazy cool garage, so many beatuiful designs. But I wish this numpty would let Mr. Murray talk, instead of interrupting him all the time.
William R
William R 5 giorni fa
That Lotus 31 is beautiful! :0)
Mr Radman
Mr Radman 5 giorni fa
The periscopio is in my dream garage.
Android 890
Android 890 6 giorni fa
Wow how to make orange look Good . A Great guy and a truly British achievement.👏I love the classic Honda he probably can't fit in🤣more Murray please 🙏
andyamh 7 giorni fa
Get rid of the useless interviewer. Send Harry Metcalfe
kris angelus
kris angelus 7 giorni fa
Brilliant trip round a brilliant garage of a brilliant man! Love it!
Johnny Boye
Johnny Boye 8 giorni fa
What to say after that. A joy from start to finish.
Brian Lingden
Brian Lingden 7 giorni fa
I keep coming back.
SuperDeadlen 8 giorni fa
I think his whole car collection weighs less than my Mitsubishi 3000GT.
Carlo S
Carlo S 8 giorni fa
At £3.1 M that is actually a bargain. Why? RD man! That thing just did not pop out of the drawing board.
Grady Turner
Grady Turner 8 giorni fa
if we can keep the oil in the oil tank..... ithats simple jus throw a bladder in the tank
Tim Knight
Tim Knight 9 giorni fa
So interesting.
Ivan Julian
Ivan Julian 9 giorni fa
Did I hear Gordon say it has a 15:1 compression ratio? Presumably it runs on ethanol then?
Henrik DK
Henrik DK 9 giorni fa
Any chance a Gordon Murray fan can try it out?
Scott D
Scott D 10 giorni fa
I want to know how much a year it takes to maintain all of his collection. Must be amazing.
Timmy Oshaunessy
Timmy Oshaunessy 10 giorni fa
Pure genius and legendary. When he speaks. Every body listen
Chris Whittle
Chris Whittle 10 giorni fa
Such authority and passion. The best.
Graham Coffer
Graham Coffer 12 giorni fa
Don’t know much about cars,but this is a brilliant produced video with an obvious genius in car design,can’t believe he hasn’t an F1.
JVV 12 giorni fa
This man has narcistically dedicated a whole museum to his own life story and to cheer on his own accomplishments but I'm still loving every bit of it
Brian Lingden
Brian Lingden 12 giorni fa
The way I see it, he bought cars that were important to him. Cars that he wanted in his youth. Finally, his own designed cars that he keeps around as a reminder and to tell his story.
Simon Low
Simon Low 13 giorni fa
Anything for sale here?
Diet Coke
Diet Coke 14 giorni fa
New top gear is so cool. I miss the old trio but this new modern top gear is great
tacodude tacos
tacodude tacos 15 giorni fa
who misses the 2009 boys who destroyed cars and stuff
Hendrie Kelder
Hendrie Kelder 15 giorni fa
Epic upload
Hendrie Kelder
Hendrie Kelder 15 giorni fa
I need an F1
John PM
John PM 15 giorni fa
Should have asked him about the Ford Escort Mk1 that Retro Power have built for him, 2.3 Cosworth engine in a simplified Mexico Escort style rally car....
Brian Lingden
Brian Lingden 15 giorni fa
Love it, mad respect for Mr.Gordon Murray.
- bvuv
- bvuv 16 giorni fa
It was sitting next to my pillow now it’s how
AAron Ziebarth
AAron Ziebarth 17 giorni fa
Hammond looks weird
Morten Berg
Morten Berg 17 giorni fa
Just a little too full of himself...
dingus153 17 giorni fa
I'm surprised he doesn't have an F1 in the collection
Brian Andrews
Brian Andrews 18 giorni fa
Brilliant guys
Ben H
Ben H 18 giorni fa
When someone is as smart as Gordon, the best thing to do is listen! Great job by the journalist by keeping Gordon talking!
Jival Roopnarian
Jival Roopnarian 18 giorni fa
34:41 that has a fake grill this is where it started
Brian Lingden
Brian Lingden 15 giorni fa
BITS2 18 giorni fa
When can we see it driving around? I hope it won't be like "Nikola trucks"...
Martin Mees
Martin Mees 18 giorni fa
Superb video and not 1 bar of rubbish royalty-free trap with robotic meows. How refreshing
Sébastien BRION
Sébastien BRION 18 giorni fa
Le commentaire de fin concernant ses 2 dernières voitures de tous les jours: c'est un beau compliment et une belle reconnaissance pour Smart et Alpine. Comme quoi, il n'est pas indispensable de posséder des voitures ultrapuissantes et hors de prix pour ressentir de beaux moments de conduite.
modscotsman 19 giorni fa
Was lucky enough to meet him at his facility a couple of years ago and what a fantastic man to speak too. He is very approachable and keen to speak to anyone that has an interest in design and engineering.
Chantelle Lowry
Chantelle Lowry 19 giorni fa
I Love your channel
Chantelle Lowry
Chantelle Lowry 19 giorni fa
TheHBW44 19 giorni fa
This could easily have been two hours long and everyone would’ve watched it!
PaltryShelf816 19 giorni fa
The T 50 is a true and 100% successor to the F1
Brian Lingden
Brian Lingden 15 giorni fa
In every way.
pejpm 19 giorni fa
I don’t even really care about cars, but hearing this guy talk about them makes it really interesting to me. He has a real presence about him.
Brian Lingden
Brian Lingden 15 giorni fa
He has passion and knowledge.
Andrew Norris
Andrew Norris 19 giorni fa
Why limit to just 25 cars? It keeps the price mega high and means the cars will not be driven so much - as lots of people will be buying them as an investment. Gordon is the David Attenborough of cars, he's so nice, few people seem to have asked him that question?
Brian Lingden
Brian Lingden 15 giorni fa
I have no idea.
Apollo T
Apollo T 19 giorni fa
The biggest failure of new NSX was Honda didn't hire Mr. Murray on to lead the design that car. If they had beg Mr. Murray to design the new NSX, it would continue the legend of NSX and even surpass the status of original McLaren F1.
Brian Lingden
Brian Lingden 15 giorni fa
Didn't Shigeru Uehara design that? He was one of the engineers I think.
Tim B
Tim B 19 giorni fa
Shame you didn't mention the Sprite sitting in the middle??
jeremy draper
jeremy draper 20 giorni fa
They actually smashed the Jukeboxes mostly because they didn't want people getting and running the older models themselves, remember, they were a coin operated machine. Thought Murray might like to know.
O. Bartlett
O. Bartlett 20 giorni fa
DaVinci's Mona Lisa has nothing on this gorgeous masterpiece ! .........uuuugh I need a cold shower 😊😍🤩😎
Calm. 20 giorni fa
The sort of interview that draws in viewers that have no interest in cars. Amazing passion and knowledge.
Satvik Krishna
Satvik Krishna 20 giorni fa
There will track days with this car!
ian thomson
ian thomson 20 giorni fa
Who's the interviewer?
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior 20 giorni fa
Praga R1 disagrees
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior 20 giorni fa
Why the heck do they send this carrot top clown and not Chris Harris!!!
zounds13 20 giorni fa
"Well, she did all the riveting." LOL
my Self
my Self 20 giorni fa
wow a man after my own heart I've always loved and owned small light weight cars and noticed lots of cars in the background Hillman imp, BMW 700, Midas and a Smart roadster as a an daily driver Top guy
maneki9neko 20 giorni fa
There are several dozen Gordon Murray interviews around on video, and to my point of view this one is by far the most informative. Through Murray's discussion of his collection, you learn not only how Murray thinks in terms of design and engineering decisions, but how he came to appreciate what he values.
WladimirWostok 20 giorni fa
Why is his face 2-coloured? Is he suffering from some weird disease or is this maybe a gene defect?
Matthew Maw
Matthew Maw 20 giorni fa
This ranks right up there amongst the best use of an hours time I’ve ever spent! I could listen to Gordon Murray talk about his history all day long! Bravo TG!!
J Adams
J Adams 20 giorni fa
I just love the things Gordon loves, and pretty much nothing else. I wonder what he'd think of the Rochdale Mk.II
mohamet Huzain Ali
mohamet Huzain Ali 20 giorni fa
Turbo lag was a thing of past modern turbo charged cars accelerating much faster than NA cars
langra man
langra man 20 giorni fa
He needs to change the headlights
Jo LiMag
Jo LiMag 21 giorno fa
What a guy, fantastic choices for cars
Punit M
Punit M 21 giorno fa
more more more more and more. I come to any channel to here Gordan talk freely not to have him put on a schedule of the the interviewer or youtube. stop interrupting Gordon when he talks. Sir Gordan please come out with your OWN channel PLEASE and THANK YOU
rstking123 21 giorno fa
I could listen to Murray for hours, what a genius
Gian Carlo
Gian Carlo 21 giorno fa
Love the Abarth collection.
Johan Sidén
Johan Sidén 21 giorno fa
New engine in the T50s?! Why no questions about it? Would've been very interesting to hear, to say the least.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 21 giorno fa
This might be my new favorite top gear video. Which must be annoying for the production crew, but it’s so much better than making everyone yell at each other
mammutpenthouse 22 giorni fa
His mission in life is to build cars
Omar Faruk
Omar Faruk 22 giorni fa
A true designer at heart. shoes match car
SeenCreaTive 22 giorni fa
A car manufacturer that isn't afraid to show off amazing cars from other companies. This makes me want a T50 even more. Knowing he is a true enthusiast. I mean.... If I could afford anything more than a Yaris
Usman Khan
Usman Khan 22 giorni fa
Brilliant... only deficiency i think is how he acquired these
Tough Monkey
Tough Monkey 22 giorni fa
Gordon Murray is one of those rare individuals that you could simply pull up a chair to and listen to every word that comes out of his head for days on end. The knowledge and wealth of experience he speaks with is fascinating, and he conveys it with such an unassuming and modest way he could be talking about an Austin Maestro and I would still hang on every word.
Anthony 22 giorni fa
He is a Mad Man. Dr.Frankenstein in an automobile.
Keff Mdehehe
Keff Mdehehe 22 giorni fa
Why is this not a conversation Held by chris?????!
Muhammad Khairul
Muhammad Khairul 22 giorni fa
Wow that awesome to all people but not me... why dont you spend your money to poor people..
SmokinJoe347 22 giorni fa
Now we need an hour long video focussing on all those little gems of lightweight motorcycles, can somebody, anybody please make that video 😉
Francisco Belo dos Santos
Francisco Belo dos Santos 22 giorni fa
Incredible content. Thanks Top Gear.
DIYTAO 22 giorni fa
Really love the show, but how come you missed the Hillman/Sunbeam IMP? I would have like to hear story of that lighjweight marvel.
pervertt 22 giorni fa
The classic Renaissance man. How can life be fair when Gordon has been given so many talents?
Phil C
Phil C 22 giorni fa
Gordon is the man. A genius in his automotive field.
TurboTingol 22 giorni fa
What a man! A true petrolhead hero he is.
ThePilotGear 22 giorni fa
I don't give a shit about supercars and hypercars...but this is something else. I would love to meet Gordon Murray in person; like a Collin Chapman 2.0
Bob808 22 giorni fa
Gordon Murray might be one of the most reluctant SLR owners in the world! LOL
Francesco Di Giuseppe
Francesco Di Giuseppe 22 giorni fa
As much I respect Gordon Murray as a package engineer, he is no exterior designer, and it shows. You can tell that he does not have a concept of automotive exterior design when he talks about the SLR. The SLR is a beautiful exterior design, it wanted to bring Mercedes design into the 00s and it was quite successful in doing that. Some of the exterior design concepts it features resisted well into some years ago. The fact he does not like it it's just because all he knows are racing cars and 70s style exteriors, so anything that does not match his vision, it's not considered. He did not really follow innovation in form, while he does innovate in the powertrain and aerodynamics. The T50 is essentially a McLaren F1 with a different powertrain concept, that influences the exterior design in some way. He says he likes styling, but actually he likes his styling, the styling of his era. And by the way, styling is the wrong word for it, it is exterior design: styling has been somehow a deprecative term in history, underlining a tacky approach to exteriors and form. But again, he is not an exterior designer, cause he reuses exterior ideas over and over without much innovation.
R0CK WIRE 23 giorni fa
You can kind of see how Murray's design has evolved over the years.
F5 Garage
F5 Garage 23 giorni fa
pure class, what a legend
Themayseffect 23 giorni fa
Can we start a petition to get the name changed to just T50 Lauda lol.
TheZebJohnson 23 giorni fa
The new owners of these should be forced to sign a contract to say they'll put AT LEAST 1,000 miles on them every year
meganspecv 23 giorni fa
Alfa 4c?
George F
George F 23 giorni fa
Thank you so much for showing us this amazing collection. The drawing tools are simply priceless. As are the cars that where made from them. Thank you Gordon
DUcE Dev!lsTear
DUcE Dev!lsTear 23 giorni fa
You need to make one with Horatio Pagani !
Kieran OPC
Kieran OPC 23 giorni fa
I love how he collects what he wants not whats trending or new. He seems to have a similair thunking to mine where i buy what i like and what means a purpose. Its like when people say the mclaren senna is ugly but to me its absolutely stunning becuase of how much purpose it serves! Nothing on that car is designed to be ‘pretty’. Only to go as fast as it can for its price bracket
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