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2 mesi fa

A proper look at the cars, drifts, challenges, drifts, laps and, er, drifts featured in the new series of Top Gear. Chris Harris, Freddie Flintoff, and Paddy McGuinness find themselves amongst some of Bond's greatest runabouts, there's the new Ferrari Roma, new GR Yaris, new Defender, Lamborghini's latest creation - the V12 hyper-hybrid Sián, and a rather special Aston DB5...
Looks good? Catch the new series this Sunday, 8pm on BBC One and iPlayer if you're in the UK.
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Cian O'Mahony
Cian O'Mahony Mese fa
Top Gear is better than ever 👍 4 episodes in a series though- MORE PLZ A TG Chis Harris on Cars series, per TG extra, would be icing on the cake. Please make a pure car-porn show for enthusiasts 🙏 (I do not get anyone who preferred the latter years with Clarkson n Hammond, it was so contrived, clunky, just painful- unlike new, charismatic, natural and entertaining crew with Chris Harris their for legit tests.)
K Slay
K Slay Mese fa
Who the hell are these toolz..
bas kikkert
bas kikkert Mese fa
Can't wait!
Kalapahar Mia
Kalapahar Mia Mese fa
0:34... What he said??..
Brock Mese fa
Just watched the episode of Freddie driving it the day after the Extreme E race tonight. That was a solid episode.
Ero Mese fa
Man I simply can't stand that annoying accent, I'd rather put it on silent and watch it with subtitles lol
Sepehr Montakhab
Sepehr Montakhab Mese fa
We miss Jeremy Clarkson
Stefán Björnsson
Stefán Björnsson Mese fa
"Have a bit of smoke gentlemen Ha Ha Ha Haaa" haha love it
10ksain Mese fa
Benjamin Dover
Benjamin Dover Mese fa
What a waste of license payers money here. These three can’t drive cars properly. Bring back the other three now!
osix YT
osix YT Mese fa
-music like from Cyberpunk 2077 (it's nice!) -I have no comment to cars 😐 (nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice and NNIICCEE!!!)
ArminTamzarian Mese fa
So here we are.. you guys betraying mankind by pushing this whole covid agenda 2030. Sad.. everything is rotten and corrupt. Good luck pushing the social distance BS.
RED-RAIDER-83 Mese fa
You won't see this chris but thanks for sticking at it and making good tv for us.
Andrew Mese fa
im here and subscribed because of colin furze :)
NLBassist Mese fa
Chris is great, ditch the clowns
The Making Of Greatnes
The Making Of Greatnes Mese fa
Sorry to the team for your lose @Sabine. We will forever be a Legend😭✊
Aslam Moolla
Aslam Moolla Mese fa
Unlike the Grand Tour, at least they producing new content.
Chuck Fina
Chuck Fina Mese fa
Only watch chris's parts
BadMan Mese fa
One of the best trailer I have ever seen
SotosM3 E30
SotosM3 E30 Mese fa
No Bavarian legends?😢😢
Joshua-john Lill
Joshua-john Lill Mese fa
Good episode one but i still reackon it needs the news ( by the way its not road signs please search it up on youtube your company the news) and can you please brig back the saying some say.......all we know is called the stig/stig's restives
Manav 2 mesi fa
The camera man is getting stupider and stupider o sweae
Salman paracha
Salman paracha 2 mesi fa
Freddie and Harris are doing a commendable job! Ofcourse the og trio can never be replaced!
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes 2 mesi fa
Absolutely can't wait to see what is next.Thanks for sharing Deb👌💯✌
Daniel James
Daniel James 2 mesi fa
I cant believe how the sian looks more like a fighter jet than the aventasor did. It looks amazing
egyptian falcon
egyptian falcon 2 mesi fa
Who miss the old team of top gear ?!
bas kikkert
bas kikkert Mese fa
I think everybody does, but let's be honest, these guys are doing a great job
DigitalV3 2 mesi fa
A lot of skids, can't complain.
unkle suga
unkle suga 2 mesi fa
It'll be nice to get the whole episodes somewhere because BBC America just gave up on us as far as Top Gear goes.
Lambo Plays
Lambo Plays 2 mesi fa
Can’t wait for the new series 👍
J . wick . 30 years ago
J . wick . 30 years ago 2 mesi fa
I've never seen a G flying like that 😳 0:46
Zio 2 mesi fa
a car show? really?
Summie 2 mesi fa
My question is why do They have to drift literally Every car
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin 2 mesi fa
Paddy reviews the Roma? Looking forward to that.
DoubleDeckerAnton 2 mesi fa
That Yaris GR is something else. 😯
GRD PROJEKT 2 mesi fa
The Sian looks so otherworldly, it feels like I've seen things I shouldn't see; it being driven and slid about.
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 2 mesi fa
Freaking epic
Ryno le Grange
Ryno le Grange 2 mesi fa
Lambo's and Alfa's honestly give me semis
Aditya Rai
Aditya Rai 2 mesi fa
0:40 this is good. This is good.
Ryno le Grange
Ryno le Grange 2 mesi fa
Looking forward to Chris Harris car tests again
Luke Lawrence
Luke Lawrence 2 mesi fa
Intelligent Thanos
Intelligent Thanos 2 mesi fa
Meh, nothing compares to a Dacia Sandero...
KUZY 2 mesi fa
Some say, Stig grown a third leg
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 2 mesi fa
I did looking at that 6R4
Sourav Mishra
Sourav Mishra 2 mesi fa
Chris liking a Lamborghini? What? Is he trying to remove the ban? 😂
Anzar Ali
Anzar Ali 2 mesi fa
Lamborghini sian looks immense
David Moore
David Moore 2 mesi fa
Sorry all I saw were Mk2 escorts
CarsTheSupers 2 mesi fa
Is it just me or are they actually getting great?
Carlo Carugati
Carlo Carugati 2 mesi fa
Wow, the Sian looks like a monster
Glen Booth
Glen Booth 2 mesi fa
They getting there !
D P 2 mesi fa
Did I see a Lotus Esprit in at the end there? One of my favorite Bond cars!
Frankestein01nl 2 mesi fa
So many reasons in here why i dont want an electric ;)
Harry Wightman
Harry Wightman 2 mesi fa
jeezus thats crazy
Nizar Suteza
Nizar Suteza 2 mesi fa
The Sian omg
Krzysztof Połaniecki
Krzysztof Połaniecki 2 mesi fa
I very like farrari roma
Hako Okami
Hako Okami 2 mesi fa
Song name?
G Rodriguez
G Rodriguez 2 mesi fa
Roma? Like the tin tomatoes with basil?
TurboTV 2 mesi fa
LS powered S14... on top gear, yes.
Alex 2 mesi fa
Harris in the monaro should be good 🤘
A G 2 mesi fa
“Alright lads, we’ve been wildly unsuccessful and Chris here is starting to develop a bad back from carrying the series... we’re just gonna throw as much money around and see if shit sticks , sound good?”
Animals being Weirdos
Animals being Weirdos 2 mesi fa
This "Chris Harris on Cars" is defenetly my cup of tea 👌😉
HC DaVe 2 mesi fa
that's all they can do good now epic trailers lol we all know the actual episodes SUCK mainly cause of the cringe presenters except CH of course keep him and fire the rest
J B 2 mesi fa
How do you watch post-Clarkson era TopGear in Australia?
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 2 mesi fa
I think it's on Netflix worldwide.
Graham Marsden
Graham Marsden 2 mesi fa
Good to see more older cars and scenarios in the mix this season
Spipouh Mome
Spipouh Mome 2 mesi fa
Степан Гончаревич
Степан Гончаревич 2 mesi fa
Which is quicker gt2rs or pista in drag, roll and on tracks?
Ganesh Balasubramani
Ganesh Balasubramani 2 mesi fa
Mind blowing
Grand Bay Central
Grand Bay Central 2 mesi fa
Lambo Sian can buy you 2 private islands in (Bahama and French Polynesia)👍👏
SPORTCAR111 2 mesi fa
is it only me who didn’t like SIAN when it was released... But now Extremely Attractive?
Tom Simpson
Tom Simpson 2 mesi fa
Im similar with the sf90 at first i was like ooooo but now i dont like
DodgeSRT 2 mesi fa
I think these guys are great. And they are good at what they do. But nothing will top the original 3. I take this as a very good car show. But Clarkson Hammond and May, that’s Top Gear.
D.T. Customs
D.T. Customs 2 mesi fa
If only it was still Richard, Jeremy, and James...
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 2 mesi fa
@J B yea, the old 3 are now just demonstrating how past it they are. They're just caricatures of themselves now.
J B 2 mesi fa
Nar... they last couple of specials on Amazon show that they had just one formula, and its time is over. Don’t get me wrong - they were ground breaking and unbeatable in the day. Just like Stock, Aiken and Waterman. But that era is over now. Just like Stock, Aiken and Waterman.
Dr Devil
Dr Devil 2 mesi fa
1:03 is drama at its best.
Eugenio Garza
Eugenio Garza 2 mesi fa
No Porsche?
Decepticon Stinger
Decepticon Stinger 2 mesi fa
God that Sian looks badass!
Mevinu Samahith
Mevinu Samahith 2 mesi fa
Can you get mat watson
Ya gigglejuice Tape dispenser
Ya gigglejuice Tape dispenser 2 mesi fa
Thak you I was looking for someone to say this. I like these guess but I would love Mat to replace Paddy.
Chasing Different Adventures
Chasing Different Adventures 2 mesi fa
It's all about the Manual Transmission and it looks like only Chris and the Stig know how to drive them
Ninh Nguyen
Ninh Nguyen 2 mesi fa
The problem with this trio is I still can't tell who is who.
jon22 jake
jon22 jake 2 mesi fa
what a good look🏁🚗
Tiger Gan
Tiger Gan 2 mesi fa
Why three of these guys will never crash in the show? Since the three old blokes had left three of these guys never crash like Richard Hamster is the one that crash about... Two times...
danmar007 2 mesi fa
Hey! That was a great series. Can't wait for the next one.
Dez Mak
Dez Mak 2 mesi fa
What is the car that's featured in the thumbnail?
154 Rudhran R Nath
154 Rudhran R Nath 2 mesi fa
Ferrari Roma
Dez Mak
Dez Mak 2 mesi fa
Absolutely amazing video edits...🔥
T-Amsterdam 2 mesi fa
This looks sick!
MSi Aventador
MSi Aventador 2 mesi fa
The warm tube TopGear is back !
lightning9 2 mesi fa
The front of that Lambo Sian looks like it was designed to slice through everything..🔪🥥🥩🍉..
bussnr1 2 mesi fa
Still hate the new program.
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 2 mesi fa
@bussnr1 better than yours anyway, if this is your pastime. What a horrible existence.
bussnr1 2 mesi fa
@Alle Warten Auf Das Licht thanks, have an awful day:)
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 2 mesi fa
@bussnr1 that's pathetic
bussnr1 2 mesi fa
@Alle Warten Auf Das Licht yes, just to spread hate
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 2 mesi fa
Yet here you are.
Martijn Westerink
Martijn Westerink 2 mesi fa
Oh-weee! I'm looking forward to seeing the Alfa and the MG Metro! And that Yaris man. It is just special to see one of the most boring cars on the road become a homologation special. Maybe add an angle kit? But I'm certain they build it with modifications in mind.
S Ellahi
S Ellahi 2 mesi fa
All these cars & still no "HAMMOND! U BLITHERING IDIOT!" ... 😔
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 2 mesi fa
Dale 2 mesi fa
How do you think the other 2 feel, knowing that the only reason they continue to have a job is Chris Harris?
Matt Evans
Matt Evans 2 mesi fa
When I saw the word new, I thought they had reimagined it....again....
dombower 2 mesi fa
But what about Bitcoin. And SwissBorg
TheNinjaRider 2 mesi fa
The first "reincarnations" of Top Gear was pretty shit, but I have to say - this new trio really does it for me! Whoever got Chris Harris on Top Gear was a genious, the only way that show could be saved!
__ ANDROMAN4E __ 2 mesi fa
it will never be the same top gear that was in the past
Ya gigglejuice Tape dispenser
Ya gigglejuice Tape dispenser 2 mesi fa
Yes, it won't, but the OG trio are gone now. Get over it.
VerifiedOffComments 2 mesi fa
is there a release date for the new season?
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 2 mesi fa
Simon xP
Simon xP 2 mesi fa
In Germany we say: Quer ist mehr. And I think it's beautiful.
Carlife 2 mesi fa
I'm not sure which one I like more: The Sian or the Centanario
Haris Kovačević
Haris Kovačević 2 mesi fa
I know there's no Clarkson, Hammond and May, but you know what? I think this one is gonna be awesome!
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 2 mesi fa
@Kevin A the bland tour? Bhahahahahahahahahahahaha. It's so good, it's weeks away from being cut.
Kevin A
Kevin A 2 mesi fa
@Haris Kovačević so you want to get used to lower standards. got it
Haris Kovačević
Haris Kovačević 2 mesi fa
@Kevin A i know mate, but i kinda want to get used to this new one
Kevin A
Kevin A 2 mesi fa
go to the grand tour. this show is nothing compared to that
FarmYard Gaming
FarmYard Gaming 2 mesi fa
Most excited I've been about one of the newer seasons, and I already liked those. Can't wait.
Eduardo Oka
Eduardo Oka 2 mesi fa
these guys are very cool but we i really miss May, Clarkson and hammond
Ellis 007 Bond
Ellis 007 Bond 2 mesi fa
Looks like there may be a James Bond Special!
Colin Baker
Colin Baker 2 mesi fa
Good to see some Group B action.
Ryan Robinson
Ryan Robinson 2 mesi fa
This new season looks sick can't wait 😍😍
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