Hyundai i20N review: is this 201bhp hot hatch a match for the Fiesta ST? | Top Gear

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Welcome to one of 2021’s easiest-to-understand new cars: the Hyundai i20N. This isn’t a niche-busting crossover-urban-SUV hotchpotch with a hybrid propulsion system. Nope, this is old-school. It’s a 201bhp little hot hatch with big potential. But will it be a match for a Fiesta ST? Top Gear Magazine’s Head of Testing, Ollie Marriage, has hit the road and track to find out…
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Service & Feedback

mi e
mi e 17 ore fa
한국에 나왓으면 삿다.
DANNYr6s Giorno fa
2:48 the N doesn´t stands for Nürburgring alone. In first place its because of Namyang
Tasoulis Livas
Tasoulis Livas Giorno fa
I'm not sure if it's better. But for sure it is much uglier....
S Ellahi
S Ellahi 3 giorni fa
Yaris over i20 any day!
Foster Koranteng
Foster Koranteng 5 giorni fa
Not exactly like the polo gti probably a bit powerful and fun to drive but that’s what I believe it mimics 🤷🏿‍♂️
Lineage2Ertheia 5 giorni fa
but not better then a Dacia
Dukey Fraser
Dukey Fraser 6 giorni fa
The toyota yaris gr smashed this.... like nothing before
Roland Gibbs
Roland Gibbs 8 giorni fa
vs BMW M140i...
Siniša Jakus
Siniša Jakus 9 giorni fa
Japanci i koreanci fantastični
Giannis Diamantis
Giannis Diamantis 11 giorni fa
SpacemanXviio 11 giorni fa
affordable fun car, thumbs up
Ted Tedness
Ted Tedness 11 giorni fa
Getting rid of the dual mass flywheel and making it a single mass would be a start to a better reving engine. And it would help in using the rev limiter that destroys the dual mass flywheel workings. To bad Hyundai doesn't have a 1.8 liter, or tuned the 1.6 to 225hp/230 ftlbs of torque.
Rene Hourian
Rene Hourian 12 giorni fa
It's not the engine internals that make it feel like the revs aren't dropping quick enough, it's an emissions trick to hang the revs in decel to prevent production of NOx gasses. I know what you mean, when rotational mass is high it feels like there is mechanical drag preventing the engine from revving freely but in modern cars it's often am emissions deal. Some do it more than others, my mk7.5 Fiesta ST does it noticeably, there are some ECU tuners who can take some of that out but often a lot of it is baked in and can't be removed. So unless you do a standalone ECU no way around it often.
Miljörör för Språkpartiet
Miljörör för Språkpartiet 12 giorni fa
Doesn't matter if it has 500 or even 1000hp; it's still a pathetic Hyundai.
Zirma Li
Zirma Li 12 giorni fa
"5 foot 9 and spacious", well no wonder, you little man
G Rodriguez
G Rodriguez 12 giorni fa
Aw it cocked it’s bum like me when I fart
ActionHeinz 15 giorni fa
Not allowed to be tested against one of its direct competitors is like saying "yes, we know it's worse".
Daniel Le Fevre
Daniel Le Fevre 15 giorni fa
Sorry, the GR is better.
Kamil Rak
Kamil Rak 16 giorni fa
I ordered one 😁 Can not wait to take it for the ride 🥺
ali fuat ırgal
ali fuat ırgal 17 giorni fa
Ford is better than Hyundai
C A 18 giorni fa
A great little car...the only problem I have is after working for Hyundai South Africa and having seen the diabolical business ethics and practices of the company I would NEVER EVER buy anything with that badge on it...
Aldo Mandovani
Aldo Mandovani 19 giorni fa
I bet the design will scare away some potential buyers
Toby Scorer
Toby Scorer 19 giorni fa
I'd take it over an st anyday
Dmitriy Arye
Dmitriy Arye 21 giorno fa
who is this guy?????
atarilee 21 giorno fa
현대 , 기아는 번호판 , 실내등 LED 벌브에 인색..
Karthic Nair
Karthic Nair 22 giorni fa
Did he just say "high-undai"?
Limpet 7R
Limpet 7R 22 giorni fa
They have no heritage or brand image to sell their performance cars like VW, RenaultSport, Ford RS etc. Volkswagen have proven with a number of generations of the Golf that they can stick the GTI badge on a soggy turd and the sheep will queue up to buy one anyway. Hyundai doesn't have that luxury, so the products have to do all the selling. Mediocrity, like a mk4 Golf GTI for example, won't do. I absolutely love my i30N. Image aside, which I don't care about, it's bloody brilliant.
Jay Chavda
Jay Chavda 23 giorni fa
The Super Power! i20N🔝👑🏆
Adamp1324 23 giorni fa
Release date for UK?
お拖把茶 24 giorni fa
1:46 someone has to mention this moment.
TheMiluk 24 giorni fa
Nope thats not top gear
Cenap Baba
Cenap Baba 24 giorni fa
00:11 terrible gripping
Snute7 25 giorni fa
Has to be one of the ugliest cars I’ve ever seen
Khalid Alaa
Khalid Alaa 25 giorni fa
I think it needs negative 1 camber angle on rear wheels and it will be perfect
M I 25 giorni fa
Great little car
Bitterman 25 giorni fa
Love the look of this car and looks Way cooler and better then the existing or new version of the i30n, the shape of the front end, the rear end, the design of the wheels, it looks absolutely awesome. It is No Yaris GR though and unfortunately seems pretty slow.
Rainbow 25 giorni fa
The Hyundai is so ugly, it even makes the Fiesta look good next to it lol.
Jed Ryan
Jed Ryan 25 giorni fa
ST all the way! 🖐🤪🤚
Baz00ka 25 giorni fa
The i20N is by far faster than the Fiesta on a track. Wakefield Track in Australia it was even driven faster than the Yaris GR (non rallye Version)
Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma 25 giorni fa
Hyundai Engines are the best.... ✌️
Yan Da Costa
Yan Da Costa 25 giorni fa
You should be on the telly...
Mave rick
Mave rick 26 giorni fa
The design of this car is a total mess especially the rear
Ball is life
Ball is life 26 giorni fa
Why does this looks so similar to veloster?
Robbie Rayburn
Robbie Rayburn 26 giorni fa
Wish America got the i20!
Richie Btime
Richie Btime 26 giorni fa
It's got a mechanical differential...🤔
Stewart Boyd
Stewart Boyd 26 giorni fa
who's he?
Adam Griffiths
Adam Griffiths 26 giorni fa
Looks shit
Gagumon -
Gagumon - 22 giorni fa
sandeep sharma
sandeep sharma 27 giorni fa
How much safe it it...😂 much its got in ncap..saftey test
Rubo Stars
Rubo Stars 27 giorni fa
Had to stop watching the video because he keeps mispronouncing Hyundai to a point where it gets so annoying
Paco Sanchez
Paco Sanchez 27 giorni fa
I find this car quite interesting in today's Pathetic scenario made of electric and ibirid SUVs with automatic Gears...and 3 cylinder cars.
Groaznic 28 giorni fa
Good review but Hyundai is pronounced "han-de" not "hay-un-dey". Would love to see a 3-way test of Veloster N, I20 N, I30 N.
Paulo Matias
Paulo Matias 28 giorni fa
what i dont understand is, he says the hand brake doesnt do very much but in a german video they do wounders with the handbrake, also here it says the sound isnt good but also in the german video they say the sound is good and real, im confused.
ShadowPlay 28 giorni fa
Agree. Reviewers seems to disagree quite a bit on central points. Also some say the suspension is super hard and punishing others that its perfectly fine. Some say it sounds better than fiesta St... Confusing. I want to know how easy it oversteer.
Bence Szendi
Bence Szendi 28 giorni fa
Perfect design!
Ömer Çetin
Ömer Çetin 29 giorni fa
The history repeat itself. Hot hatches are rising again.
Wrist Candy
Wrist Candy 29 giorni fa
Way prettier than the ST
Y00NIVERSE 29 giorni fa
Just to make sure that Hyundai 'N' stands for Nurburgring and Namyang
Viraj bikers zone
Viraj bikers zone Mese fa
I love i20 and vw polo ❤
paulzx10 Mese fa
Nice car but Chris Harris this man is not....
Tom Lloyd
Tom Lloyd Mese fa
Really nice looking bit of kit, it’s a shame only Ford (and the limited run Yaris) make a 3 door hatchback these days though, we don’t all need rear doors
staggabob Mese fa
It'd be interesting to see how this does against an old EP3 Type R or Clio 182
hector herbert
hector herbert Mese fa
Take the Hyundai over the Fiesta anyday ,this car gives you a lot for a very affordable price ,sure that with a few tweaks on the electronics and turbo ,and the better tires ,it will be a little monster.
Alan Couldrey
Alan Couldrey Mese fa
I'm surprised by my own reaction to this video -- increasingly I want to see EV reviews, see EV progress. But I'd love a Hyundai i20N... but then that feels like a flashback to a previous time...shouldn't I want a cool EV instead? Torn. But nice car!
Doug White
Doug White Mese fa
1200kg and 201hp is ok but not amazing, should be 1050kg
Tech Pappee
Tech Pappee Mese fa
If only we got any 'I' vehicles in the US, nope. We get the Veloster N and Elantra N. At least they're both offered with a 8spd wet DCT or manual. I really think the I20N & I30N fastback would sell well in the States. Nice looking and performing little HH Hyundai (Albert Biermann) has developed.
Mil0 Mese fa
How could you possibly think an LSD isn't necessary in a sporty FF? It's like one of the basics
otero otero
otero otero Mese fa
Laloo Lhouvum
Laloo Lhouvum Mese fa
It's pronounce Hyundai- Hunday
Michael Caslin
Michael Caslin Mese fa
Just ordered my St3 because why would I want to be seen in a Hyundai xD
abdullah alobaidani
abdullah alobaidani Mese fa
Garbage car
Guru Mese fa
Your tone reminds me of Dr Lipschitz, a therapist from the legendary series "SUITS"
Sly Dood
Sly Dood Mese fa
Far better looking than the Fiesta. Another good effort from Hyundai.
JΛMΛ Mese fa
rear lights are identical to Lexus IS500
Nettuno Mese fa
Better than Ford is just impossible
Jack Lee
Jack Lee Mese fa
Nice review! Please note it's pronounced "hyun-dae" not "hi-yun-die".
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin Mese fa
I do like Hyundai's styling. They can actually make good-looking mainstream cars.
Josip Malčić
Josip Malčić Mese fa
Cool car but the back is so ugly man...
Otero Mese fa
Pretty sure the rev hang issues are with engine tuning, since this engine in the Elantra N with the DCT does not have the same issue
Ellis Thomas
Ellis Thomas Mese fa
0:53 Cheeky Sugar Loaf in the background
Sønderport Station
Sønderport Station Mese fa
About the same as my 4 year SEAT Ibiza Cupra.
YUF TUF Mese fa
ppl buy suvs and crossovers
YUF TUF Mese fa
ust buy an electric car it is faster than this
Gagumon -
Gagumon - Mese fa
same price??? haha
Tutu 74
Tutu 74 Mese fa
Pegeout 208 лучше
Kao Lor
Kao Lor Mese fa
Fumming how we don't get this in NA
Peter Sims
Peter Sims Mese fa
I'd still take the Fiesta. From front on the lights look a bit low for my liking.
Aabhas Tandon
Aabhas Tandon Mese fa
is it just me or are all new cars starting to look like mobile phones?
Keanu Besas
Keanu Besas Mese fa
I like the way he say "Hyundai"
sonyviva308 Mese fa
The problem with this car is that there are too many badge haters from where I lived. It's ridiculous. "Korean this, Korean that," such uneducated people.
Mubin Mese fa
Rabadged gr yaris
Sr. D
Sr. D Mese fa
3 Doors please...
Hari Subagiyo
Hari Subagiyo Mese fa
Yaris GR or hyundai i20N?
Chirpy Wiggins
Chirpy Wiggins Mese fa
It looks like another proper driver’s car ! The ST finally getting some real competition! The 3 Cylinder ST still sounds better though 👊
is better From Clio rs? also y know price approximatly?
@Edward Garnett so expensive? 28-30 here in greece has the i30N
Edward Garnett
Edward Garnett Mese fa
They saying 20-25k
Icke Bins
Icke Bins Mese fa
Just bought a Fiesta ST Edition. Really like the I20N, looks good, drives well. Just couldnt stand the digital cockpit but thats all I can find. Great job hyundai
Mayur borah
Mayur borah Mese fa
dsmproject95 Mese fa
noreworks Mese fa
Thank God, not a single "old top gear" comments. Finally people have moved on.
Andrew M
Andrew M Mese fa
and the US doesn't get it again.
Elley1970 Elley
Elley1970 Elley Mese fa
Buy a Yaris GR . League's ahead..
Elley1970 Elley
Elley1970 Elley Mese fa
@Jonathan White you're right, Yaris is way better 😉
Jonathan White
Jonathan White Mese fa
Different segment and different price point, there is no comparison.
Explorer Mese fa
Indian i 20 118 bhp , why hyundai
Jack'o all Trades
Jack'o all Trades Mese fa
I didnt know Stanley Tucci reviewed cars!
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