Chris Harris on... the new Renault 5 EV: "The French have rediscovered their mojo" | Top Gear

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Chris Harris sits down with Jack Rix - Editor of Top Gear Magazine - to chat about the upcoming all-electric, reimagined Renault 5. Is utilising the back catalogue demonstrative of an imagination deficit, or should it be plundered at will? Let's find out.
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Service & Feedback

Ant Franchomme
Ant Franchomme 3 giorni fa
It's nice hearing positive things about French cars as they are often shot at and often with a lot of bias ideas. I'm not a expert but the French did a lot of great smallish cars with a good design. I'd love to see the new RENAULT 16 TS or TX which had been the car of the year back then
James Lebron
James Lebron 3 giorni fa
citroen DS has to be one
Mrbigolnuts 5 giorni fa
If Lamborghini made and full electric Bravo, heaven
ryeman95 6 giorni fa
Electric cars are trash. Think a very large laptop with wheels, tell me what happens when a laptop battery gets old. There is no resale value, there is no maintainance of these cars. We are being moved into a system of bondage where renting or leasing is the only financially sustainable way to keep and drive a car. Most people won't even be able to afford these leases and will take public transport. Anybody who cheerleads this NWO rubbish should get the rope. Simple as. Internal combustion forever!!
danbobnix 7 giorni fa
Could listen to Chris Harris forever
Picio301 9 giorni fa
Oh my god. A presenter that doesn't just praise german stuff but actually enjoys the innovation that French brought to the market. I'm in heaven.
Damien Hill
Damien Hill 9 giorni fa
A new CX would be glorious .. 🙏🙏
Kirth Gersen
Kirth Gersen 10 giorni fa
Notice how much better their vocabulary and command of the English language is. Huzzah. Plunder away chaps. Thankyou.
DGB Services
DGB Services 12 giorni fa
Speaking about wanting another big French saloon, Peugeot’s new 508 PSE seems to be critically acclaimed as a driver’s car. Looks great too!
Vivian Faust
Vivian Faust 12 giorni fa
Early 90's for new 18/19 Y.O driver, best car ever, Citroen AX GT.
SpaghettiKillah 13 giorni fa
Couldn't agree more with Chris ! The Mazda, Peugeots and Volvos are killing it design wise. Bmw one atrocity after another 😂
chucku00 14 giorni fa
2:34 Renault isn't a "Régie" anymore since its privatisation in 1996.
MegaProtix 14 giorni fa
Chris Harris is the goat of motoring presenters
Sol Fest
Sol Fest 17 giorni fa
It's not gonna look like that when it goes in to production. Look at the Honda E vs the consept, such a let down.
Teds World
Teds World 17 giorni fa
I want a small petrol turbo like the original Renault 5 Turbo not an EV. I wouldn't even mind if it was a 1.0 litre 3 cylinder. But they already have the Renault Twingo Turbo, so maybe it should be a 1.2-1.4 Turbo.
Idiotokraft3000 18 giorni fa
couldn't probably agree more with those two
Argentum 19 giorni fa
There is too much emphasis on ugly, unreliable, overpriced German cars in the UK and USA at the expense of beautiful French cars.
TheSillypig 19 giorni fa
There's quite a few awesome retro looking EV's. This Renault, the Honda, the Opel Manta and the Peugeot E-Legend. If I win the lotery I'm gonna buy them, strip them and drop in some good old petrol drinking beast of an engine. New meets old!
Pete David
Pete David 20 giorni fa
Are French cars unreliable and badly designed ? Or this complete nonsense..? There was a slightly negative reputation in the past
langra man
langra man 21 giorno fa
Reno 5 looks great . Nice design
Julien Verbois
Julien Verbois 21 giorno fa
"Quand ton coeur bat la chamade" means roughly in English "when your heart beats in a hurry under the effect of a strong emotion." Therefore "Chamade" refers to a very strong emotion, that will make your heart beats faster... :-)
Gumpy 49
Gumpy 49 21 giorno fa
The roads will be far better when the hideous trend of the suv dies off.
Lorcan McGivney
Lorcan McGivney 22 giorni fa
Chamade a question ive always wondered🙈🙈
Piccalilli Pit
Piccalilli Pit 22 giorni fa
*CITROEN CX* please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please..!!! Or SM.
Piccalilli Pit
Piccalilli Pit 22 giorni fa
*MY GREATEST HOPE* with electric, is that we can get back to the days of buying a rolling chassis and having a coach builder do the body for you - that would be a wonderful world to live in...
Piccalilli Pit
Piccalilli Pit 22 giorni fa
*I NEVER LIKED FRENCH CARS* until bought a Citroen C6 and OMG - instantly converted... Weird AF. Headlight switch on the floor. Door handles that lift up diagonally that you have to explain to everyone how to get out. Tiptronic box that worked back to front. But a ride that was better than my S500 Merc.
Brutus ofTroy
Brutus ofTroy 22 giorni fa
Sadly, the quality is so poor that after about 2 years they squeek and rattle
Chris Burn
Chris Burn 23 giorni fa
I know this, that "en chamade" in music refers to prominent loud fanfare trumpet and reed sounds on an organ, usually ones on display on the front of the case, so I would imagine that "chamade" means something like a "fanfare"...
DGB Services
DGB Services 23 giorni fa
I’d love to see Peugeot make a ralleye version of the new 208 with the 1.2 130bhp version of their puretech engine coupled to a manual gearbox and have as little in the way of unnecessary tech as possible to keep it light as possible. Also in form of GTi by PS with the 225bhp 1.6thp from the 508 GT. Come on Pug!! 🙏
DGB Services
DGB Services 23 giorni fa
Nice to see top gear presenters appreciate modern french cars rather than be all snobby about them like the old lot were!
Rick Morty
Rick Morty 24 giorni fa
i wish they made a newer similar version of the 406
Alan Hynd
Alan Hynd 24 giorni fa
Chamade is a French term that roughly translates to "In the emergency lane, in a cloud of steam."
asr 01
asr 01 25 giorni fa
i love the safrane V6 bi-turbo.
VW GTI 25 giorni fa
5 GT Turbo...⛽⛽
Lionel Di Martino
Lionel Di Martino 25 giorni fa
A mehari would be a deal breaker, with a small battery, 50 miles max to go to the beach...
Caius Cosma
Caius Cosma 26 giorni fa
fully electric ?!! instant dislike...
Marquis Daily
Marquis Daily 26 giorni fa
Go for Talbo Lago T150, Delage D8, Delahaye 225, Citroën Traction, Citroën DS, Peugeot 504 the e-Legend is modelled from, and reinvent the Renault Twizzy
Neil Pavett
Neil Pavett 26 giorni fa
Peugeot 504 Coupe and / or Convertible
aknotpsu 27 giorni fa
Im french and i am impressed by his knowledge
Mark Vince
Mark Vince 27 giorni fa
The gt5 was a sought after model, The 6R4 took things to a new level, It's sister the Clio adopted the same.
Fernie Ariel
Fernie Ariel 27 giorni fa
Why can't we have Renaults and Peugeots here in America, dammit!! We finally got Alfas not long ago but I really miss seeing the french cars on the road. Sure, they're not the greatest, but they're iconic brands nonetheless, specially for those of us who grew up watching Rally racing.
Paddy Comyn
Paddy Comyn 27 giorni fa
This kind of discussion is just brilliant - please bring us a panel podcast!
Davy Du Tré
Davy Du Tré 27 giorni fa
I hope they make a rally car like the toyota yaris I think they gonna ruined it like honda did with the honda e the shaved away all the coolness of the concept
Daniel Farrant
Daniel Farrant 27 giorni fa
French certainly had some funky looking cars but reliability was chod
Chris Cuthbertson
Chris Cuthbertson 27 giorni fa
I want a new Citroen AX
Bruce Kennedy
Bruce Kennedy 27 giorni fa
You had me at: "BMW is all over the place" 🤣
Ncomeka Shinga
Ncomeka Shinga 28 giorni fa
Top gear should really consider making a podcast I'd really like to see it on ITpost and other platform's🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
hexxon77 28 giorni fa
Enough of SUV! Why people need a combination of mini bus and truck if you don't have three kids and a dog???
Tobacco Stacker
Tobacco Stacker 28 giorni fa
boring guys.
Platypus Hatstand
Platypus Hatstand 28 giorni fa
Citroen AX GT?
Paul Le Mars
Paul Le Mars 28 giorni fa
Isn't a Citroen CX a rebadged Tesla model S with a nice interior? I know, I'll get me coat.
Robertus Koppies
Robertus Koppies 29 giorni fa
Chris Harris is one of the finest, most relaxed and differentiated men on the planet when it's about cars. I owned several Renault 5s, but the best was the Renault 5 Alpine in their shiny the Alpine A110 that would be the way to go!
Ethelred 29 giorni fa
Citroën SM
Anyoldion 29 giorni fa
"Don't ask people for advice", yeah Churchill said that same thing about politics, the jist of which was: if it's important and complicated don't ask a bunch of average numpties from the general public what they think because you'll get some very average responses.
Johnny Smith
Johnny Smith 29 giorni fa
I want a new Peugeot 207cc
chevyimp 29 giorni fa
Chris lightning
Chris lightning 29 giorni fa
Spot on, the french and Italians ( fiat not ferrari) sell cheaper cars and get criticised for their interiors not being as premium yet if they sold premium interiors at premium prices no one would buy them as they de rather have the German badge. Catch 22
DGB Services
DGB Services 23 giorni fa
Exactly that.
Foodways Distribution
Foodways Distribution 29 giorni fa
Top gear praising french junks!!! LOL. In a nutshell If you are wondering why top gear is just another mediocre bbc program with 5M less viewers.
blxtothis 29 giorni fa
Sorry, it doesn’t inspire me like the dear little 5! Got to agree that since Bangle went, BMW have gone right off the design rails, not long later, Mercedes switched to a watered down Bangelesque awkwardness and ugliness and Audi, well they have just been wringing out small variations of the 1980s Audis Design ad Infiniti’s. I love the CX, had it been given a lightweight small OHC V8, decent gearbox and clutch it would be the only car for me. My old Athena was glorious but that agricultural engine and crap transmission,!
d0nn13br45k0 Mese fa
This car sucks in so many ways !!! ...
The1trueDave Mese fa
7:42 I think they asked a focus group and got 3 different names :-)
The1trueDave Mese fa
3:52 - 4:30 Praise be, someone finally said this! I just popped in for an interesting snippet on the new R5 and someone just nails everything I've felt was wrong with the car industry for the last 20 years..!
Bennitito Seale
Bennitito Seale Mese fa
i had a renault 5 williams for 6 months mad car.
Bert Sw
Bert Sw Mese fa
Waiting for an electric Marina.....
Skodey Mese fa
Cars that need to be brought back list I'll start: 1. Sierra cosworth
Damian Doherty
Damian Doherty Mese fa
Henry Ford: "If I'd asked people what they wanted, they would've said faster horses!"
Defund the BBC
Defund the BBC Mese fa
Wolfgang Greis
Wolfgang Greis Mese fa
Reminds me of the episode of them simpsons when Homer designed a car
Smithy Boy
Smithy Boy Mese fa
Renault 4 ev all the way
Xxx Xxx
Xxx Xxx Mese fa
Chris is the best. And thinking off getting a megane rs 2011. Any views. Thank you.
Atticus Bastow
Atticus Bastow Mese fa
These segments are so great. Keep them coming, TG! The more Chris Harris the better!
LS_scape Mese fa
So frustrating that every car these says needs to drive sporty on wheels with almost no rubber, I want comfort - like the old French cars, exactly.
Markus Fuchs
Markus Fuchs Mese fa
With the Renault 4's shape, it could be remade into a Crossover.
Robot Munkee
Robot Munkee Mese fa
AWESOME!!! Another great looking great idea of a vehicle that the US will never ever see anything like. America will never let decent cars into the country, same as decent chocolate and a plethora of other products that everyone else in the world enjoys. They say it's because of taxes on imports, foreign relations, farmers and chicken, and all kinds of weird nonsense things throughout history, but in reality... Americans know that their versions are so bad in comparison they'd never sell anything and go bankrupt. Try living in the US for a few years and tell me I'm wrong.
Sabah Al-Boukhari
Sabah Al-Boukhari Mese fa
Chris Harris …your awesome
baggierols 73
baggierols 73 Mese fa
Looking back, for style influences, is a dead end. This is where start-ups have an advantage, they aren't bogged down with misty eyed nostalgia
simon nørgaard
simon nørgaard Mese fa
Citroen Mehari E
Mr PCB Mese fa
Love listening to Chris. Makes so much sense. Have to say though the best hot hatch of the 90s 306 GT6. Perfect combination of performance, handling and ride.
Pilcrow Mese fa
Remake the Avantime! It was always a car that was too far ahead of its time... perhaps now is the time for it to shine? Plus, a modern redesign, subtly changed, would look incredible!
Simon Burleigh
Simon Burleigh Mese fa
I would like to see a new Citroen DS 21, pure EV maybe even as hatchback and estate not saloon and estate but keeping the same shapes.
JHorvat84 Mese fa
if they lunch for 15k euro i am buying one with cash
chakalisa jopi
chakalisa jopi Mese fa
Never a dull moment when watching these 2.
ZesPak Mese fa
I've never agreed with Chris on anything more than the look of new BMWs. Everytime I see one I can't help but think about "the emperors' new clothes". Who are all these blind people buying these?? I mean, I know they are generally good cars, but they do make you feel sick just looking at them.
Emppu T.
Emppu T. Mese fa
The frenciea are making cool and very nice looking cars too, like the new pug saloon i saw was epic looking and i think the reno talisman is epic
Elliott Lester
Elliott Lester Mese fa
R5 and 205 EVs would slaughter any offerings by BMW, Audi and Mercedes. As a second car for 40-50 somethings , these are the very cars we want to relive, and plundering the all time great back catalogue for the next reincarnation is great in my eyes. Why not throw in the mix, a Lancia Delta? And I have to disagree with Chris, as a R4 EV would look very cool whilst being super practical with the higher roofline.
Ray Boccino
Ray Boccino Mese fa
They've rediscovered their mojo... by bringing back a 50-year old design? How's that progress? The French hdd rediscovered their design mojo since they came out with the 2004 C4 and the 2005 C6!
ZeHoSmusician Mese fa
2:26 "When you see an X4, you just go..." Either he hasn't seen the i4...or he has but he managed to "unsee" it... 6:36 "...since the C6, which still looks amazing to me!" And our opinions on 'looks' have definitely diverged! (That or it was an April Fool's joke--fitting, given the video's upload date...)
klinkske Mese fa
I didn t forget how shitty our rotnoault 18 was. Romantic it all the way. It s junk. Still is.
1greenMitsi Mese fa
new cars are just too bulky, thanks safety regulators
Das Boot
Das Boot Mese fa
Harris could be waxing poetically about a Traban or a hand grenade and still mange to make it interesting and informative.
Good job Chris is not in Marketing - Leave the 2CV and Renault 4 as just too iconic, and concentrate on a Renault Chamade and Citroen Ami - Sorry Chris, a chunk of credibility just did a handbrake turn
Don Lucchese
Don Lucchese Mese fa
Perfect in every way.
Mikkel Bom Simonsen
Mikkel Bom Simonsen Mese fa
As Chris says we need to see a french (big) car that the french president would want to be driven around in. Not Macron sticking his head out of the sun roof of a DS 5, but Mitterand in a SM présidentielle.
RuiD Mese fa
there is the DS9 .
Gkc Gary
Gkc Gary Mese fa
Chris Harris is by far the best automotive journalist out there but MUST stay unscripted!!
SuperDeadlen Mese fa
I currently drive a Mitsubishi 300GT but my first car was a 205 GT which was like the 205GTi but without the pokey engine, loved how it handled and drove and the glass sunroof was great. Also had a Renault 5 GT Turbo and a GTX ( 1.8?), all great little cars. Ripped the sump off the GT Turbo, eat three turbos!
DevilBliss Mese fa
Top Gear, these chats between Jack and Chris are what's kept me going through lockdown - all car manufacturers should have to watch these as part of their job description.
Markus Fuchs
Markus Fuchs Mese fa
Yes indeed! Forget about the focus groups. Listen to what Chris Harris has to say.
James Hulme
James Hulme Mese fa
Chris Harris, so knowledgeable, and not just on the glamorous stuff, and so damned articulate. Please please keep these going!
Charles James
Charles James Mese fa
When car companies need to go through their back catalogue suggests to me that they lack innovation for something completely new and novel.
Gavin Ivers
Gavin Ivers Mese fa
To sell electric cars there needs to be something you want to own it, not have to own it to get somewhere. I think several manufactures need to get together and mass produce the hard wear to bring the price down. Range at the end of the day is the big problem at the moment.
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