Electric Awards 2021: Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, Polestar 2 and Lotus Evija

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Top Gear

17 giorni fa

Hot on the heels of the Oscars, it’s the Electric Awards 2021. Being close in date is where the similarities end for these two glittering ceremonies, however. Unlike emissions from the Academy Awards - overlong speeches and whatever comes out the back of those stretched Lincolns - the air is that bit sweeter for our Electric Awards winners this evening. Also, we’re coming to you from a service station in Braintree, Essex, which is a tack the Academy is yet to try.

Join Top Gear Magazine editor Jack Rix as he reveals the greatest electric cars in the world right now from Gridserve’s very fancy, state-of-the-art EV recharging forecourt. In the mix we’ve got Lotus’ Evija EV hypercar, the retro Renault 5 Concept, the Polestar 2 featuring some Tom Ford off-road adventure modifications, the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo estate, and Audi’s incredibly sharp e-tron GT. Enjoy a whole host of never-seen-before videos, plus we’ll be joined by Paddy, Freddie and Chris as the Top Gear telly boys tell us their personal favourites from the world of electrified motoring.

Enough waffle. Let’s roll out the red carpet for the Electric Awards 2021, sponsored by Hankook.
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0:00 Intro
0:40 One to watch
2:46 Best interior
4:32 Freddie’s pick
8:11 Best design
9:44 Best all-rounder
11:35 Best concept
13:26 Paddy’s pick
15:03 Best GT
15:46 Best retro EV
18:01 Best crossover
18:45 Chris’ pick
23:19 Best family SUV
24:18 Best estate
26:11 Best electric car 2021

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Service & Feedback

Top Gear
Top Gear 16 giorni fa
Which EV is walking away with the big one - Best Electric Car 2021? 👇👇👇
Ali Nishu
Ali Nishu 10 giorni fa
@MAN45 which model year?
Pedro Oliveira
Pedro Oliveira 12 giorni fa
Great video. THANK YOU. Challenge Top Gear to do the Top Country promoting electric Vehicles. Consider TAXES on buying. Bonus in value and volume. And most of all TAXES when Charging. Example of: Portugal have 7 Taxes to the client that goes on one public charging. That means if we buy 0.9€ of electric we must pay 5€ of TAXES .... to have 15Kw is 8€. On normal road we have consumption of 20Kw if we go all the way slower that the speed limit. Do Government want to take care of the environment or only they pocket....and pressure auto Makers to change all only for the marketing and social media?! Thank you
Bruno Pernar
Bruno Pernar 12 giorni fa
Rimac C_2
Ein Autofan
Ein Autofan 12 giorni fa
Lucid Air!😎
v795619 13 giorni fa
Well I guess I might as well cancel my magazine subscription. Not much point reading it now.
Oliver Loftus
Oliver Loftus 11 ore fa
It’s a win that a Tesla wasn’t apart of this
City Bom Cinema
City Bom Cinema 16 ore fa
yeah I once raced a McLaren Speedtail and won." "no way what were you driving" "a fighter jet"
there all garbage
chris ward
chris ward 2 giorni fa
The Hyundai looks like a maestro 🤮
Forza Drive
Forza Drive 2 giorni fa
Lotus sounds shit like an oversized mobility scooter
Marc Wareham
Marc Wareham 3 giorni fa
Lotus 💯 ❤️
Nigel Mutepfa
Nigel Mutepfa 4 giorni fa
This video is sponsored by Jeff Bazos
Ed Gallagher
Ed Gallagher 4 giorni fa
Nice to give some of the non-Tesla contenders recognition, but I sense a definite bias towards the car co's that advertise.
Manjunatha Prabhu
Manjunatha Prabhu 5 giorni fa
Tiktok videos are better than this show, where top gear has come, they are now shooting in a charging station. Now I realize without the trio top gear is as useless as demonitized currency
hosackies 5 giorni fa
That eqs is one repulsive looking thing... That visual price tag is too much to pay for that drag coefficient
Stefan Mahadeo
Stefan Mahadeo 6 giorni fa
Elon Musk will probably rage tweet and sue Top Gear for having no Teslas involved!
Nathan Wood
Nathan Wood 6 giorni fa
Real talk though that Sian is a bit surprising because I was expecting all electric not hybrids but I mean they made the rules
Ex. Tofia
Ex. Tofia 6 giorni fa
I think Tesla is missing.. 😕
Lars Henriksen
Lars Henriksen 7 giorni fa
Cant use any of these cars, in real life
Aditya Vishwanath
Aditya Vishwanath 7 giorni fa
I would've been disappointed if any car but the taycan cross turismo got the best ev award. I mean, the taycan saloon didn''t really look bad in any way, but audi's etron gt definitely looked better. And then comes the cross turismo. I'm pretty sure ppl will agree with me, that car is indeed the best looking estate out there, It's almost as if porsche made an estate, tried coverting it to a saloon and sent the estate out for sale anyway. What an amazing car. I can't believe I'm saying this, but even though I'm a crazy petrol head, if i had the money, I'd buy the cross turismo over anything else in that range.
Miso Pasko
Miso Pasko 8 giorni fa
26:32 please what's the song? thanks
TheWrongBrother 8 giorni fa
TopGear "Suck It Elon" Electric Awards 2021
vikas chandrakar
vikas chandrakar 8 giorni fa
You guys are Genius The content you produce The words you use 👏👏
Manuel Carmo
Manuel Carmo 8 giorni fa
Chris, don't accept evolution, he needs pollution and noise ... he's a clown, and he ruined this video!
V 9 giorni fa
glad this channel isn't brainwashed by tesla.
asrsi 10 giorni fa
The steering wheel of the Lotus Evija looks like it was stolen from the junkyard and quickly mounted... And the Ioniq 5 best looking? WTF? That thing looks uggly like any Tesla! Some people seem to suffer from aberrations of taste! I really miss the old Top Gear with the three best presenters!
Pawel P
Pawel P 10 giorni fa
Top Gear is trying too hard now... With poor result.
DEBU SINHA 8 giorni fa
Harreson Sinclaire
Harreson Sinclaire 10 giorni fa
So where's the Jag I-Pace, while not Tesla quick 4.5 secs is respectful and a beautiful looking package both inside and out, the only flaw I thought was that the rear vision in the mirror was a little limited, but apart from that the futuristic white leather and space age console was brilliant along with the active damping and handling in sport mode, and my other issue was that sadly I couldn't afford to buy one.
Stijn 4
Stijn 4 10 giorni fa
The acceleration of Tesla gets old very fast.
Mikhail Goncharov
Mikhail Goncharov 10 giorni fa
oxheymackem 11 giorni fa
Idiot says smoke coming off all 4 wheels on a estate car, it is dust from the gravel 🙄
Dejan Stankovic
Dejan Stankovic 11 giorni fa
as Pininfarina
Dejan Stankovic
Dejan Stankovic 11 giorni fa
Yeah Remac made Lotus
Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady 11 giorni fa
Harris is the only TG Presenter I can understand, and I'm from Northern England
Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady 11 giorni fa
I love technology and big screens but NOT IN MY CAR, I despise this idea that because we live in a world of 60" TVs and 7" phones we need cars with acres of LCD, eugh, god no. I'll only buy an EV when I can get one with real dials, buttons, and as many controls being manual as possible.
RccDB Cars
RccDB Cars 11 giorni fa
Angry Elon Musk noises
RccDB Cars
RccDB Cars 11 giorni fa
If I had to buy and EV on pure looks and branding I'd have a Pole Star. Such a cool brand and concept.
MisterMax Mod
MisterMax Mod 11 giorni fa
they didnt have tesla in any category because of the lawsuit with top gear. Sad...
Stijn 4
Stijn 4 10 giorni fa
Nope, because Teslas are poorly made garbage.
Ranveer Kissoondoyal
Ranveer Kissoondoyal 11 giorni fa
whats the car on the other side of the polestar @13:33
Ranveer Kissoondoyal
Ranveer Kissoondoyal 9 giorni fa
@Peter Harrison thanks so much mate 👍
Peter Harrison
Peter Harrison 9 giorni fa
That's a Jag iPace
William Collins
William Collins 11 giorni fa
is that how you pronounce "Hyundai"?
Steve Quinn
Steve Quinn 11 giorni fa
The only good thing about electric cars is avoiding the outrageous 80% government fuel duty on petrol and diesel. #DefundTheBBC
Cornelius Thompson
Cornelius Thompson 11 giorni fa
👏👏👏 Nice
Alex C
Alex C 11 giorni fa
Amazing group of cars!! But no Tesla in the mix? 🤔
uzayr haneef
uzayr haneef 11 giorni fa
whats the name of the tracks at the end from 26mins on?
Tijl De Boeck
Tijl De Boeck 11 giorni fa
What is an Aventador doing in the EV Awards?
Shaun Walton
Shaun Walton 12 giorni fa
When the magazines start becoming over 50% suv's and electric my subscriptions will end. And their not far from that now. 😩
Avik Sarkar
Avik Sarkar 12 giorni fa
If a Tesla didnt make it the list, are you sure Top Gear was even pretending to be fair? ... Exactly.
Kent Weeks
Kent Weeks 12 giorni fa
I thought I saw a Jaguar I-Pace. Maybe not..... 🤔 🐆 ⚡
bike 12 giorni fa
Best of all Lucid , you should mention it.
Like a PRO
Like a PRO 12 giorni fa
Sebastian C.
Sebastian C. 12 giorni fa
why having combustión cars in the show? you didn't need that ... also an hybrid? come one... hybrids are dead and they are combustión cars using electric power to get faster (avoid lag)... next time feature electric cars as they should be...
Aniruddha A
Aniruddha A 12 giorni fa
Love the content. Just wondering, not even a single award to Tesla? They are the one changing the whole electric car scene.
Lowrenc ✔️
Lowrenc ✔️ 12 giorni fa
Where is the Rimac C_two?
Stijn 4
Stijn 4 10 giorni fa
In a ditch.
Kia e-Niro Diaries Encore
Kia e-Niro Diaries Encore 12 giorni fa
I know TG is more about entertainment than a review of cars but there are some serious omissions here. The Tesla model 3 has done what would have seemed impossible 5 years ago, that of outselling the iconic BMW 3 series globally, ditto the Merc C-class and Audi A4. It goes to show that EVs are no longer competing in a discrete category, they are competing an beating established fossil cars too. Then what about the smaller, more affordable EVs that are beating the fossil competition such as the Renault Zoe, VW ID3, Hyundai Kona and my ride, the excellent Kia e-NIro? TG is fun but if you want to know about EVs check out The Fully Charged show or Johnny Smith on the Late Brake Show.
Mohammed Zohil P.K
Mohammed Zohil P.K 12 giorni fa
What ?,there is no Tesla in an EV video , U forgot about that or what
sebastian spalding
sebastian spalding 12 giorni fa
lol are we meant to be leave freddy can do the Scandinavian flick at 70mph lol come on bbc?
Idtech Celestial
Idtech Celestial 12 giorni fa
Thanks tesla to show other how to make electric cars! now back to rocket
Stijn 4
Stijn 4 10 giorni fa
Teslas are garbage.
Ein Autofan
Ein Autofan 12 giorni fa
Cool cars! Available with cool combustion engines too?🤣 Because i don't like the sound of electric cars...🙄
Erick Munoz
Erick Munoz 13 giorni fa
no Teslas, clearly TG dont care much for tech, performance, security, or convenience, then again who watch TG for real facts, or intelligent reviews.....
Bibu 12 giorni fa
They haven’t released a good car this year
Learning to Compound
Learning to Compound 13 giorni fa
No Model Y ?
Gelo Eugenio
Gelo Eugenio 13 giorni fa
Tesla everyone?
jeff steyn
jeff steyn 13 giorni fa
Sorry to break it to the tesla fan boys. The electric trend is been accelerated by the eu and California's regulations. 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars. In 2035 the Chinese will also be banning sales of petrol vehicles. There is also talk of the UE regs been brought forward to 2025. So no tesla isn't the reason for this acceleration
BookProX 13 giorni fa
I've ordered my Tesla and stated monthly payments, but the car is still trapped in a later delivery schedule... 🤨🤔 My Tesla is model TSLA, and I kept putting funds there, but NO CAR YET?! I've written a complaint to Elon as well, but the man is probably way too busy and/or does not reply to any "Joe" just because... 🤷🏻
Fuzail Malik
Fuzail Malik 13 giorni fa
One time Flintoff doesn't crash and he's already gloating
ezcatch77 13 giorni fa
Evija- It’s all words until it runs. Leaving out Rimac - BIG FAIL. Even their Concept 1 will annihalate Evija.
Odhran Harte
Odhran Harte 13 giorni fa
So not one Tesla in the entire list, very surprised considering they started the whole EV movement 🤔
Bibu 12 giorni fa
Just Because they started the EV Movement doesn’t mean They have to be in the Middle Of the scene 10 years later. EV’s have made it to the EU And im sorry to brake it to you but tesla are dying
Nisarg Suthar
Nisarg Suthar 13 giorni fa
"(Polestar) okay it doesn't go quite as far as a Model 3, and the charging infrastructure available to it isn't quite as good, but what it does have is manually adjustable dampers".🤯 Don't quite see how this logic works in real world where people would want manually adjustable dampers over better range and charging infrastructure.
Theo Teddy
Theo Teddy 13 giorni fa
10 years from now cars will be soooo different.. its happening now and we get to see it.. the future is finally here¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Stijn 4
Stijn 4 10 giorni fa
Alex G
Alex G 13 giorni fa
Top Gear&Co, BBC.... just getting worst and worst. I've watch pretty much anything Topgear&CO since I was born, it's been so disappointing these last few years. Please make it better, Soon! If you don't get better, I'am going to stop watching all together, my patience and tolerance for the new formulas is getting to an end, it's SHIT!
Tom Mavir
Tom Mavir 13 giorni fa
2.34 lovely video of the front of the evija but is that a towing eye I see?!
Simon Webb
Simon Webb 13 giorni fa
Think you missed off an award....The best selling that would be Tesla🤔.....but wait...we can’t put one of those on as they don’t pay for advertising which pays our wages..... I expected more from Top Gear but I’m not surprised....
Simon Webb
Simon Webb 10 giorni fa
@Stijn 4 that’s the great thing about opinions....we can all have one but none have to be correct ....but yours is clearly in the minority 🤔
Simon Webb
Simon Webb 10 giorni fa
@Stijn 4 disagree - they got around that one by making shitty/useless hybrid cars. Fully electric cars are only being reluctantly made/developed by legacy Auto because of public demand which has been created by Tesla. Because they delayed they have allowed Tesla an unassailable lead. GM developed the EV1 in 1996 then scrapped the project because they realised it would affect their connected ICE profits (dealership/servicing/parts etc)
Stijn 4
Stijn 4 10 giorni fa
@Simon Webb Tesla forced no one, environmental regulations do.
Stijn 4
Stijn 4 10 giorni fa
Teslas are garbage.
Simon Webb
Simon Webb 12 giorni fa
@Bibu you miss the real point of my comment....”try not to portray impartiality if your results are influenced by exterior forces “.....but remember none if these would exist without Tesla forcing them to make EV’s
Joel Small
Joel Small 13 giorni fa
This is a shameless ad for these cars, Top Gear used to be much better than this.
Not a mention about Tesla and Rimac..?? not in any category..?? No wonder why people don't watch you guys anymore.
Virtual Drive
Virtual Drive 14 giorni fa
He literally doesn't know how to crack jokes....
Ken Carty
Ken Carty 14 giorni fa
What is the name of those super awesome Puma sneakers
Michael Pruett
Michael Pruett 14 giorni fa
This makes me so happy! There are so many great EVs now and they look great too!
Alicetronics-Jaycar's Platinum Stockist for Central Australia
Alicetronics-Jaycar's Platinum Stockist for Central Australia 14 giorni fa
You can tell who pays the Bills EH!
AlexHogben 14 giorni fa
The only reason any of these cars exist is because of Tesla and Rimac. And Top Gear keeping up their bias ignoring the best electric car brands to talk about an e2008, a failed volvo that doesn't make sense and three samey VW group cars. And after all that noise everyone with half a brain will still go buy a Tesla. Range value performance tech no one is close it's laughable.
Nicky Cenci
Nicky Cenci 14 giorni fa
Im a Taycan fan but this this video was worthless
Daniel Baines
Daniel Baines 14 giorni fa
Love that you are promoting electric vehicles but... I am very disappointed not to see one Tesla on here!!
CIC 14 giorni fa
Does the BMW iX exist or not?
Bibu 12 giorni fa
It’s not out yet I don’t think
URBAN MOTO-BIKE 14 giorni fa
The best EV on the market is Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, THERE IS NO COMPETITON AT ALL. Until AUDI makes A4 AllRoad Quattro EV ;)
Nick Wainwright
Nick Wainwright 14 giorni fa
So all of those are better than every Tesla!.? Yeah right
william armstrong
william armstrong 14 giorni fa
Why is being presented by this person? He has no credibility at all particularly in relation of EV cars! He is to journalism what D Trump is to politics.
Hanupratap Singh Chauhan
Hanupratap Singh Chauhan 14 giorni fa
Please bring jeremy Clarkson and his mates back
Panos 14 giorni fa
Noone sees the inflation rates latest high technology brings. Good luck workers all over.
Martin Cairns
Martin Cairns 14 giorni fa
You can tell Tesla sued bbc for falsely having the car run out of electric on its race track. Payback. Tesla wins almost every award except top gears and out sells all those cars put together.
s c
s c 14 giorni fa
Hmmm not necessarily a fan of Tesla but surely get some sort of a mention here are clearly their cars are the most usable
Paddy Downey
Paddy Downey 14 giorni fa
Tesla fanboys wondering why they didn’t win every category ...
sarthak patil
sarthak patil 14 giorni fa
Top gear always have bad history with tesla
trevor john
trevor john 14 giorni fa
tesla fan boys are shaking rn
medowatcher 14 giorni fa
Top gear so salty towards Tesla 😆 I had a feeling they’d omit any of their cars. Come on Top Gear, not even an honorable mention?!
Péter Horváth
Péter Horváth 13 giorni fa
Tesla did not pay for the ad. They don't need to...
Relansis _1
Relansis _1 13 giorni fa
Remember Tesla doesn't pay for advertisement ;)
Aryan A
Aryan A 13 giorni fa
yep how is the polestar 2 better allrounder than a model 3 yes it looks better but seriously😑
ThatClipIsDope 14 giorni fa
No tesla in the whole video?? This means top gear awards aren't worthy Tesla
Stijn 4
Stijn 4 10 giorni fa
@ThatClipIsDope No they aren't, bottom in reliability surveys and cheap interior materials, laughable panel gaps... :-)
ThatClipIsDope 10 giorni fa
@Stijn 4 say all you want We all know tesla are the best👍
Stijn 4
Stijn 4 10 giorni fa
Teslas are garbage.
Mike Fox
Mike Fox 14 giorni fa
TG: "Time for Chris's pick..." Me: "Ooh, this should be interesting!" Chris: *picks a hybrid* Me: *disappointment*
Mark Scotchford
Mark Scotchford 14 giorni fa
Interesting that Tesla doesn't get a model mentioned. I wonder is that because Tesla sees itself as a tech company not a car manufacturer? Or is it because the customer can pay nearly 7 k for an auto pilot function which isn't an auto pilot function? Or it is because they don't handle at all well? Or is it because they catch fire? And when they do it takes hours to put the fire out because the batteries keep on reigniting it?
Nepto148 14 giorni fa
Can we get this guy on the main show? I love his auto-journalist presentation.
Tinku Thakuria45
Tinku Thakuria45 15 giorni fa
What's Simon pegg doing here 😂
harry wissink
harry wissink 15 giorni fa
Virtue fascism! Mask knights ! I am good and you are evil ! Etc etc
Cee 15 giorni fa
Chris Harris and Simon Cowell should never be put in the same sentence again. What an insult to Chris!!
Cee 15 giorni fa
So how much will the eqs cost...?
I explain jokes to make them less funny
I explain jokes to make them less funny 15 giorni fa
that lotus evija would have looked breathtaking without those green lines and a shinier paint.
I explain jokes to make them less funny
I explain jokes to make them less funny 15 giorni fa
Who is the first guy? He sounds and speaks exactly like Richard Hammond.
Arab Defender
Arab Defender 15 giorni fa
27 minutes of trying not to say Tesla
Relansis _1
Relansis _1 13 giorni fa
Kingfisher 15 giorni fa
Possibly the worst electric car review/awards out there, a Lamborghini with a huge engine? Come on Top Gear, drag yourselves up to the present day at least and maybe more than just a couple of minutes of cars the masses may be able to afford?
Buddhas' Palm
Buddhas' Palm 15 giorni fa
What size human can fit in the Lotus Evija? Just asking for a friend...
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