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Yes, The Stig is back in one of Blighty's finest - the Ariel Atom 4. Now it's not the obvious choice for a drift wagon, we'll admit, but with the Atom 4's new torquier turbocharged engine, The Stig's feather-touch left-foot braking - oh, and 538bhp/tonne - let's see just how sideways it'll go... Rate this drift in the comments below, and check out The Stig drifting an M3 GTS here:
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Unknown Artist
Unknown Artist Giorno fa
Kako ga cepas jbt
Aee Bee Cee
Aee Bee Cee 8 giorni fa
a not drifting video make you lol
BMHater12 8 giorni fa
Someone has to edit this video to include eurobeat music lol
Tejus Sonics
Tejus Sonics 13 giorni fa
Asphalt 8 players: Pathetic
danmar007 14 giorni fa
That looked like trying to rollerskate on ice. :)
TKOG: Alfiesgaming45
TKOG: Alfiesgaming45 15 giorni fa
i remember drifting an ariel in nfs mw
senior bro
senior bro 16 giorni fa
Drifting in these types of cars is really hard
Adithya Arun
Adithya Arun 18 giorni fa
Very good👍
CoolJRT 25 giorni fa
*Insert Entertainment*
U A Mese fa
This is the most beautiful car I've ever seen. I probably won't be able to own it ever but I'm gonna drive it one day
Rynld Channel
Rynld Channel Mese fa
Stutt stuutuutuuu stuuutt stututuuuutt
L S Mese fa
At 1:33 you can see the following camera crew car in the right wing mirror
Hazlin Kundur
Hazlin Kundur Mese fa
It looks like i am playing an arcade games with this driver
saenzlopez Mese fa
cant drift
Philippe Robitaille
Philippe Robitaille Mese fa
this looks so terrifyingly sketchy
Bleon04 WestSide
Bleon04 WestSide Mese fa
This is not even drift.
John Mese fa
Don't copy Japan
Sergei Scholte
Sergei Scholte Mese fa
Sorry but looks clumsy en chaotic, to close to revlimiter to be able to steer with the throttle and to much steering input. He's fighting the car instead of dancing with it. It's true the atom is designed for grip and you won't get the angle of an fr-layout. Dry drifting would be balls to the wall and preferably be done with big runoff areas. But on a damp track and this power to weight you should be able steer with throttle and comfortably maintain your drift. Been there done that with formula cars on slicks. Transitioning this type of car is not for the faint of heart tough.
Paprika Sosu
Paprika Sosu Mese fa
he is living in forza or assetto
jl smith
jl smith Mese fa
Didn't seem to want to drift much. I'm thinking the weight distribution was not ideal for drifting.
Tomas Goiris
Tomas Goiris Mese fa
good choice of Stig
mitchamus Mese fa
Rubbish. Don’t give up your day job... oh .. wait..
razvanel Mese fa
them : Ariel Atom wasn't meant to drit Stig : hold my beer
Tim Arnold
Tim Arnold Mese fa
More like: Them: Ariel Atom wasn't meant to drift Stig:
Cameron Du Plessis
Cameron Du Plessis Mese fa
Even the stig is struggling to keep the atom in drift, excellent driving stiggie👌
Cameron Du Plessis
Cameron Du Plessis Mese fa
Even the stig is struggling to keep the atom in drift, excellent driving stiggie👌
Maarten Balliere
Maarten Balliere Mese fa
Not great, but that's to be expected.
Tim Frost 14
Tim Frost 14 Mese fa
Do another car challenge. But ship themed. One of those secretly being the Titanic
MondySpartan Mese fa
The Ariel Atom. *It’s so quick it can destroy your entire face.*
Akszew Mese fa
great news
Duunni Duunni
Duunni Duunni Mese fa
too cinematic for top gear
Mayo Mese fa
gówno nie polecam
Paddy Downey
Paddy Downey Mese fa
I really don’t get this series, but drifting does nothing for me so I pass. As a headphones listener using auto-play, it’s basically just noise!
Dr Haider
Dr Haider Mese fa
Is this game on PS5? The graphics are amazing!!
Final Form
Final Form Mese fa
How is that excellent weather??
Aum Pauskar
Aum Pauskar Mese fa
Super short wheelbase, light car, lots of power. Less power you understeer, more power you spin.
street legal X
street legal X Mese fa
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Mese fa
Well I can see it wasn't made to drift.
Ajith Kannan
Ajith Kannan Mese fa
Fantastic 👍.
X-07 Mese fa
BBC stands for Bring back clarkson
Abhishek Kaprwan
Abhishek Kaprwan Mese fa
No smoke, No drift.
Makgale Marcus Mathale
Makgale Marcus Mathale Mese fa
Anselm Hamilton
Anselm Hamilton Mese fa
Lotus Exige?
waitwuttt Mese fa
lol kids dont understand how hard it is to drift that. hes fighting oversteer and understeer.
Jon Gib
Jon Gib Mese fa
NOT easy in that thing !
Right 2 Fit with ayurveda
Right 2 Fit with ayurveda Mese fa 2 mins hindi month name trick
Tony B
Tony B Mese fa
Intro is way too long. It is one third of the whole video.
party gremlin
party gremlin Mese fa
Jonathan Michaels
Jonathan Michaels Mese fa
Do we have to Patreon to unlock the other circuits?
calvincheng14 Mese fa
Dang this thing looks hard to kick out. Battling it every inch of the slide.
Bob Last
Bob Last Mese fa
you rated that great? so grading is on a curve then...
TwoZero Twenty
TwoZero Twenty Mese fa
This is by far the hardest vehicle had to drift
Mountain Bike Clips
Mountain Bike Clips Mese fa
Rating....poor... should have scandi flicked it he/ she was struggling to engage a drift...or just given the keys to me.....
Ara Carrano
Ara Carrano Mese fa
Tail light flare was a nice touch.
Miles hardin
Miles hardin Mese fa
can you do a c8 corvette? or a tesla?
Kimmobiino Mese fa
So if u want a fun toy this is not it..
James Varty
James Varty Mese fa
Chris Harris in there? similar drifting style, wheel control
Cody Paul
Cody Paul Mese fa
I would love to see a video on a vw gli from these guys. maybe one day
Max Drift
Max Drift Mese fa
Cool video! I'd love to see Ariel make a purpose built drift car!
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht Mese fa
Admirable effort. That car is 100% not made drifting.
anthony robinson
anthony robinson Mese fa
Awful, really. On the Rev limiter all the time and doing 50mph. You sure?
Dan Nelson
Dan Nelson Mese fa
10/10 for drifting arguably the most stable car ever
Gabriel alves
Gabriel alves Mese fa
K J Mese fa
What a blessing this channel, this segment.
Liam Curran
Liam Curran Mese fa
c’mon lewis hamilton... you can do better 🤤🤤🤤
Riley Manderscheid
Riley Manderscheid Mese fa
Actually pretty terrible drifts. Was there any real drifts? I know was designed not to drift I'd say that was accomplised
timpearson0911 Mese fa
He’s trying his hardest to make it spin. Hard in a car that’s not exactly supposed to but still good 👍👌🚘🏎🚙🚗
Tanner Clinton
Tanner Clinton Mese fa
Wow, cool car!
Catalin Popa
Catalin Popa Mese fa
Rate for drift:7 or 8
Albatross125 Mese fa
Lol the car wants so bad to regain traction. It just doesn't want to drift.
Gugagalp Mese fa
It’s very difficult to actually drift a ATOM but it was a excellent effort.
Noor Bright Channel
Noor Bright Channel Mese fa
Awesome Content I really liked it...Keep Sharing and Keep In touch also "NEW FRIENDS" are always Welcome...My Home Doors are Always open for Blessed Guests.....Come and have a nice Cup of Tea ☕ نئے دوست میرے گھر کا بھی چکر لگائے انشاء اللہ آپکو میرا کونٹینٹ اچھا لگے گا۔..
Pat Bullard
Pat Bullard Mese fa
Seeing the camera shots from the rear presents the question. Who is driving the camera chase car? And is this a chase car or motorcycle?
Rayno Julius
Rayno Julius Mese fa
I take my hat off for the Stig trying to drift this looks like it would snap your neck if you try and get it more sideways.
Pit Crew
Pit Crew Mese fa
Rain was chosen because it’s barely sunny in the uk
STAG162 Mese fa
rate that drift? sub-par. Stig was battling to hang the ass end out even in the damp/wet. if all you wanna hear is turbo noises then this is right up your strasse.
Spencer Hooker
Spencer Hooker Mese fa
Do you know what type of car this is
Ali Jawad
Ali Jawad Mese fa
Anyone else got a 30 minute Samsung ad at the start?
Pixel_Geist Mese fa
I miss the old men of top gear
shwagonvids Mese fa
Impressive when considering the snap oversteer tendency of a light-weight rear engine mounted platform!
NYpaddler Mese fa
1:46 That cameraman sitting on his ass instead of standing up on the outside of the turn has either a serious lack of smarts or an overabundance of faith.
neonxrunner Mese fa
Ahahahaha so cool
Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore Mese fa
That thing has tons of grip. Even on a wet road, looks like he's having trouble getting the back end out. On the slow-mo shot you can see some grass and weeds hanging off the bottom. So he put it in the weeds once or twice attempting this. Just way to much grip. Point for the Atom. LOL!!
L S Mese fa
One of stigs nice white shoes are grass stained as well, Good catch on the weeds, I had to turn up my quality to see them
Bahman H
Bahman H Mese fa
Let's face the fact! Chris Harris does way better! In many many of his reviews, he slides to the edge (not being just in the middle of the road). He slides from one corner and continues to next one.. He does all without these fancy things and mysterious naming etc...
Eliot Mansfield
Eliot Mansfield Mese fa
sounds like a 1.0 corsa being revved up at mcdonalds
Tarrin BakerDeyoung
Tarrin BakerDeyoung Mese fa
it was good, but he has had better
Austin Reed
Austin Reed Mese fa
I wonder if Ariel will ever put a V10 or a V12 into one of their cars because why not?
Robert K
Robert K Mese fa
Your question tells me that you're very young and probably without any driving experience. As soon you understand how unimportant numbers are, you would step into another dimension of life. Take your time.0
Adi Mese fa
And call it a molecule 🔥
Michael Egert
Michael Egert Mese fa
Its not good to drift this car.
Jeremy Hixon
Jeremy Hixon Mese fa
Probably had to wait for a wet day to get that to drift.
Ragdoll Racing
Ragdoll Racing Mese fa
Pretty average driving 🇭🇲
Iordaniss Googlis
Iordaniss Googlis Mese fa
yea it Stinked
Chris Mese fa
Fake engine sounds put in? It doesn't line up with what he's doing with the gas pedal lol. It literally sounds like it's out of Forza.
MaNuU1991 Mese fa
Brendan Fitness and Money
Brendan Fitness and Money Mese fa
1:36 Wow, so much to see happening between the quick footwork and through the bodywork
أسامه القرني
أسامه القرني Mese fa
You can get a whole episode.
DD bhaha
DD bhaha Mese fa
Wow... Top Gear's video quality really dropped.
LRF Car Reviews
LRF Car Reviews Mese fa
You should do more reviews.
CWM 99
CWM 99 Mese fa
Fun fact: that’s Richard Hammond trying to get his old job back
CWM 99
CWM 99 12 giorni fa
@Matthew Donnelly wasn’t it also the fact that Jeremy said the N word
Obama Mese fa
@Matthew Donnelly sad
Matthew Donnelly
Matthew Donnelly Mese fa
@Obama jeremy punched a producer and got fired the others the resigned to make the the grand tour with him
Obama Mese fa
why did they change the people actually
CWM 99
CWM 99 Mese fa
@w123 300d no it’s not Richard Hammond, I’m just pretending that it is him stating how much better they’re than the current presenters.
Shajna Nadirsha
Shajna Nadirsha Mese fa
People say in comments that the drift was very good,good ,ok,bad,hmm k like that But in reality these guys didn't know drift and if they ,they can't beat stig and never will
Frack Black
Frack Black Mese fa
Drift stig is James Deane #rumourstarter
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