Chris Harris drag races his glorious old Citroën 2CV | Chris Harris Drives | Top Gear

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2 mesi fa

‘First one to get to the gates.’ The brief was simple, actually getting there was a bit more difficult. After years of arguments, Chris Harris and his mate Andrew Frankel decide to settle the score once and for all. Whose Citroën 2CV was quicker?
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Service & Feedback

Nika Smits
Nika Smits 17 giorni fa
get some spiked tyres swap a 602 block in it and u have a rally car
trwsandford 18 giorni fa
The world is a better place because of the 2cv
gothic blood
gothic blood 21 giorno fa
not top gear crap gear there talk to much take to long
Lewis72 28 giorni fa
Andrew is so full of shit, it's hilarious.
[KPG] 28 giorni fa
Steve Holt
Steve Holt 29 giorni fa
That man speaks all fancy like
Hamish Johnson
Hamish Johnson Mese fa
Jeremy, Richard & James
Paul Woods
Paul Woods Mese fa
I would love to buy that old, rusted 2cv...
bibia666 Mese fa
Isn't that 2cv a 3 billion euro car?
bibia666 Mese fa
It's stunningly beautiful
bibia666 Mese fa
It should be
Richard Watson
Richard Watson Mese fa
More more more Chris Harris!!!
Peppermint Mese fa
I don't know how a 2CV is glorious, but I have to give this to French designers. I think France made several of the very different car designs that were actually successful. The 2CV is such example, the Citroen DS is another one. Not only were these cars different, they also had many innovations to them. All this in an industry that is more afraid of innovation than of anything else. French really have smart ideas - too bad their later cars lack in reliability
jeremy clarke
jeremy clarke Mese fa
Top Gear, when it was great (side note: harris, rory and sabine great too) was the most watched Tv show on the planet. Not because it was about cars, but about 3 mates having a giggle. Chris - you have the knowledge, pedigree, humor - crown is yours, sir. Hint: build the show yourself, tho...
jeremy clarke
jeremy clarke Mese fa
Chris Harris. Mensch. Also great to see Frankel. I started reading Car! when LJKS was writing, loved the Mel and Frankel years and abandoned it when the millennials with northern accents took over!
Kim jong Un
Kim jong Un Mese fa
Is it the same 2cv that was attacked in Argentina?
George Bunting
George Bunting 2 mesi fa
Great, reconfirms why i have one.
sail3303 2 mesi fa
I know it's a car show, but how about a show with Chris and his dog?!?!?!?
The Porschefile
The Porschefile 2 mesi fa
Harris is a wonderful car bloke and frankle is equally so, I love this stuff boys
frog 2 mesi fa
Im pretty sure i could win this race... on foot
Chris Davies
Chris Davies 2 mesi fa
Your race should have been on a ploughed field with a tray of eggs on the passenger seat!
Kevin Buttle
Kevin Buttle 2 mesi fa
Absolutely brilliant - Had me properly laughing all the way through. More please 😆
Dave Hewson Road Racing Obsession Engineering LTD
Dave Hewson Road Racing Obsession Engineering LTD 2 mesi fa
Best crap drag race EVER
Jeeves Beats
Jeeves Beats 2 mesi fa
Stick a 2 rotor in it
Jim O'Halloran
Jim O'Halloran 2 mesi fa
Forget the City Car Cup, what the world needs it more "2CV in a paddock" racing. That paddock looks big enough for a circuit!
Stephen McNiven
Stephen McNiven 2 mesi fa
Put on a rolling road
Stephen McNiven
Stephen McNiven 2 mesi fa
I've just learnt what the opposite of what an S Class is.
Aaron Datsun
Aaron Datsun 2 mesi fa
Love this. Pip the pup is a bonus too :)
Dea Rty
Dea Rty 2 mesi fa
Without Jeremy Clarkson top gear sucks
Matthew Rollinson
Matthew Rollinson 2 mesi fa
This was excellent, so funny. 100 times more interesting and genuine than the TV show.
M D 2 mesi fa
Bruno Njezic
Bruno Njezic 2 mesi fa
Modern hot road 😂😂😂😂
RandallSlick 2 mesi fa
Love 2CVs, but I do remember following one frequently on the hill from Marlow to Booker, and the 50 cars behind. And yes, the young lady behind the wheel did lean forward.
The brummie Rail enthusiasts
The brummie Rail enthusiasts 2 mesi fa
Looks like they’re at the different scenery
ZesPak 2 mesi fa
9:47 Ok that second time had me almost falling off my chair. That was hilarious.
Brad Collins
Brad Collins 2 mesi fa
My '72 2CV4 had a methanol injection (self-made) which enabled me to 'kill' 40hp-VW Polos. Ha! Spinning wheels in 2nd gear! And then I had to go the TÜV and all was over...
Nick Matthews
Nick Matthews 2 mesi fa
Two great presenters enjoying what they like best, highly recommended viewing. A BIG 👍🏻s up. More please.
Dan Curwin
Dan Curwin 2 mesi fa
this is gold
Mustafa bilal.
Mustafa bilal. 2 mesi fa
Why is this video in carwow's playlist section (head to head)
weltonreds 2 mesi fa
Chris....Time to dust off a few 1950's Moggies and Ford Populars for a head to head.
Dan Rand
Dan Rand 2 mesi fa
I'm fine with 1 minute of racing and 17 minutes of talking but the gaps between adverts were shorter than the actual adverts. I don't think I'll be watching many more of these
Stuart Taylor
Stuart Taylor 2 mesi fa
This was delightful, whereas the current Top Gear ding-dang doesn’t do it for me.
tyler joyce
tyler joyce 2 mesi fa
3...2...1 AD
noname 2 mesi fa
The lawnmower would have won!
Steve 74
Steve 74 2 mesi fa
Ah yes chemistry amongst fellow men and no silly shouting well done Chris.
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown 2 mesi fa
Looks like a lot of fun.
RONNO 1 2 mesi fa
Where u been Chris!?! The top top gear presenter,I think if things planned out different jezza hamster n gay would of been happy for our Chris to carry the torch 👊🏻👌🏼
Rhett Harris
Rhett Harris 2 mesi fa
Even the cranking at 2:56 sounds whiney and french.
Rhett Harris
Rhett Harris 2 mesi fa
Rusty as. Needs some ACF50 at the very least.
JohnnyNr5 2 mesi fa
i hate that Chris's 2CV is left to die outside. ..but other than that this was great content :)
Joe Poutre
Joe Poutre 2 mesi fa
What action? What, action? What? Action!
P H 2 mesi fa
Good to finally put a face to Frankel - enjoying his DriveNation podcast with Dan Prosser 👍
sofiaa1983 2 mesi fa
In my opinion its just aint top gear anymore hashtag old top gear back they just dont have charm
Paul GT40
Paul GT40 2 mesi fa
Chris, this is the formula, keep at it re
Turbos&Twelves 2 mesi fa
loved it....
Pique 2 mesi fa
More of these!! 2 lads arseing about with (excuse my French) shitboxes in a field, slagging each other off about their (un)loved classics. Bravo Christopher.
Stuart Simmonds
Stuart Simmonds 2 mesi fa
Dyno run required ......
Howard Clements-Gilbert
Howard Clements-Gilbert 2 mesi fa
Frickin hilarious! :)
Holiday rillix
Holiday rillix 2 mesi fa
Old one was better
Philippe Schyns
Philippe Schyns 2 mesi fa
Just the reason why I always parked my Dyane 6 in a slope in the old days. Living near Spa-Francorchamps made it easier. And then driving the old track sideays, in the snow, at night might also have been more fun 🤩
Ben Turnbull
Ben Turnbull 2 mesi fa
Chris Harris for Prime Minister...
Thijs Bies
Thijs Bies 2 mesi fa
I very much enjoyed watching the two argue over their 2cv's. Great job!!!!
C-J Watson
C-J Watson 2 mesi fa
This makes me completely want a 2CV
P B 2 mesi fa
Hands down prefer this to any super car review 👍
Nurburgring Dreaming
Nurburgring Dreaming 2 mesi fa
“ROADKILL” European style folks. PS. Could they please stop the commercials JEZZZZZZZ !
Fh Gu
Fh Gu 2 mesi fa
2 2cv and 2 pals in a field. Damn it was a bloody good one. Now let them do a road trip through Russia or some weird place!
Steven Maniscalco
Steven Maniscalco 2 mesi fa
Didnt realize chupacabras were so friendly.
S1_Jordan 2 mesi fa
Why am I not surprised to see a Citroen that wont start
Tarptiyer 1
Tarptiyer 1 2 mesi fa
Jeremy would not be happy
beau jeste
beau jeste 2 mesi fa
Chris - can we enter a team for the Wisborough Green 12 hours?
Erik Tomlinson
Erik Tomlinson 2 mesi fa
I'd watch another hour of this, easily.
T Ly
T Ly 2 mesi fa
Haha what a legend
bennyray1000 2 mesi fa
Is that the wheeler dealers 2cv
scott cook
scott cook 2 mesi fa
What a genuine piece of entertainment. This was great!
Keelan McGurk
Keelan McGurk 2 mesi fa
Disaster from start to finish. Love it!!!!
Neil Donald
Neil Donald 2 mesi fa
10,000 times more interesting, relevant and exciting than Formula-E... The future of motorsport has landed.
Palle Schultz
Palle Schultz 2 mesi fa
This is british humor at its best. Laughed so hard when Chris went over the jump. :D
NeilCam CompetitionImages
NeilCam CompetitionImages 2 mesi fa
Now THERE is the presenters' partnership that Top Gear has been searching for since the departure of Clarkson and co. Harris and Frankel are brilliantly natural together with great humour and repartee combined with proper car knowledge!
huntersofpembury 2 mesi fa
🤣 almost perfect (just needs more Pip!!!) If you two could hook up with either Harry Metcalf or Henry Catchpole I think you'd have the perfect recipe for a dream channel for petrol heads 👍🤞 Merry Christmas! 🎄
It's a MINI MINI World
It's a MINI MINI World 2 mesi fa
Harris was cheating!
Brulaap Gaapmeester
Brulaap Gaapmeester 2 mesi fa
It is clear that the problem with Top Gear is not Harris, but the other two.
Ellis Thomas
Ellis Thomas 2 mesi fa
When I was a kid my first ever toy car was a yellow 2CV with a black roof. I would like to own a real 2CV one day and paint it those colours
Bittertokken 2 mesi fa
This was quite enjoyable, couldn’t stop laughing
415 s30
415 s30 2 mesi fa
My 1952 Dodge M37 can start with a lever like that, the radiator has a hole for the shaft to pass through. Yes you can hurt your hand! I converted it to 12V.
David B
David B 2 mesi fa
How to make Top Gear an icon again. Get rid of the two louts. Add Andrew. These two have chemistry that will never exist between Chris and the other two current guys.
Finlay Lavery
Finlay Lavery 2 mesi fa
Hack theory... it was Chris Harris driving the 2CV back in the 2014 Patagonia Special all along... "It is that 2CV again.. following our track. I couldn't do that! Who are those guys?!"
Bruce Larson
Bruce Larson 2 mesi fa
Doesn't seem like Chris' 2cv has been getting much use lately. Aside from maybe as a drinking shed? These are in their element in fields.
M Millar
M Millar 2 mesi fa
Brilliant fun. One question: Why is Frankel wearing racing overalls for the first day of hot racing action? In a 2CV, if it all goes wrong at any speed the car is realistically capable of, the driver can simply open the door, step out and run away.
M Millar
M Millar 2 mesi fa
@frankelandrew Ahh - Chris trying to make you look a berk; true to form then. This vid is the funniest thing I've seen in what's otherwise been a dark year, many thanks.
frankelandrew 2 mesi fa
Because Christopher, comedian that he is, said it would really funny to do it in race overalls. He then turned up in jeans making me look like a total arse. Amazed more have not picked up on it. At least we spared you the Le Mans start. AF
Jordan Bevacqua
Jordan Bevacqua 2 mesi fa
The weathered paint on Chris's 2cv is beautiful. Definitely needs to not be kept in a field.
Øystein Espedal
Øystein Espedal 2 mesi fa
Great fun, but those three false starts in a row were a bit tedious. Should hire a flag-wavy person next time.
Brodie Bennett
Brodie Bennett 2 mesi fa
Best thing I've seen from TG in awhile...
Rod Croskery
Rod Croskery 2 mesi fa
This is good.
Karim Akiki
Karim Akiki 2 mesi fa
Amazing content and Andrew is hilarious!
Darren Best
Darren Best 2 mesi fa
9:36. That is all. LOL
John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald 2 mesi fa
This sort of stuff could be good on the telly. Car journos that knew one another before they were on the telly. that could work...
Philip Barker
Philip Barker 2 mesi fa
Interesting stuff, making Top Gear your own Chris!
Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh 2 mesi fa
Replace Paddy with Andrew Frankel on Top Gear plz
Andrew Lofthouse
Andrew Lofthouse 2 mesi fa
This is the best Auto Car off record win or loss
Nick Haslam
Nick Haslam 2 mesi fa
This is truly fantastic. I so need a 2cv again to go with my M2. 👌
Iain Smith
Iain Smith 2 mesi fa
Chris needs to check out the Immersion 11 racing 'Green car'
Jasem Kashani
Jasem Kashani 2 mesi fa
I see "Chris Harris Drives", I click & watch the whole video 👌
Luke Mallory
Luke Mallory 2 mesi fa
Last time I saw Chris' 2cv, it was in much better nick. Is that a patina of rust or waxoyl..?!
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