FIRST DRIVE: Audi RS e-tron GT, 637bhp EV review... feat. Marques Brownlee

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The new Audi RS e-tron GT is more than just a Porsche Taycan in a sharp suit. It shares its platform and tech with the Porsche, but Audi is pitching it as more of a cruiser than an outright sports car... just one that happens to have supercar-shaming performance. With up to 637bhp available, it's not just the first Audi RS model to be pure electric, it's also the most powerful to ever wear the RS badge. Top Gear Magazine editor Jack Rix, is among the first to drive one and deliver his verdict. As a bonus, we also speak to tech-reviewer Marques Brownlee about his thoughts on Audi's new offering, and EVs in general. Marques is one of ITpost's top tech-experts and, as we reveal in the film, soon to be a new regular contributor to Top Gear Magazine with monthly written reviews on new electrified cars. Find more from Marques here:
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Service & Feedback

Kishor Raj
Kishor Raj 8 minuti fa
Tesla was doing wrong these ecars look way cooler.
Damien lcfc Oldsworth
Damien lcfc Oldsworth Giorno fa
Bring back Clarkson
Maewashe Kelcey
Maewashe Kelcey Giorno fa
This is the most beautiful car
Joe Antos
Joe Antos 3 giorni fa
Beautiful car but needs much better battery for $100K. Need at least 400 miles range.
Vikhnesh AR
Vikhnesh AR 3 giorni fa
This is priced like a supper car But it nither has the range nor has the performance of its competition like the Taycan or the Model S So what's the point of this
FaDezZ 4 giorni fa
Only made in Neckarsulm home boiiiss
Shift4g 7 giorni fa
MKBHD and Tesla owners are techies not car enthusiasts. Which is absolutely fine, it's just that there is a difference in expectation and importance that are not automatically equal. Porsche designed the Taycan to be a Porsche that happened to be electric. So the range is not as important to that type of customer, nor do most enthusiasts worry about range. This RS e-tron is more of the same, though to a lesser extent. It's still not a general purpose EV with attributes that a general car buyer would be looking for. They're products catered to the markets in which their ICE counterparts already exist. Once GM, Honda, and Kia start flooding the market with EVs, the range argument and comparisons with Tesla models will make more sense.
Eoin Kirwan
Eoin Kirwan 7 giorni fa
Surely more tire, less wheel would be more comfortable!
Arcamensios 8 giorni fa
That's a nice looking VW Maxima 🤔
MauriceBln1 12 giorni fa
Audi builds much better and more beautiful cars than Tesla.
Kelvin Cuevas
Kelvin Cuevas 12 giorni fa
Love this car looks fantastic
Hamid Khaleel
Hamid Khaleel 15 giorni fa
Checking this video out for @mkbhd Marques… btw terrible camera person.. gave me a headache watching the video.
James Stammers
James Stammers 15 giorni fa
Why would anyone buy a car like this? £100k + for a car that will be out of date in a few years and will need a new battery in less than 10.
James Stammers
James Stammers 11 giorni fa
@MauriceBln1 Look how far the technology has come in the last 2-4years and how far it needs to go to get to being a proper replacement for ICE. The tech in this car is going to be out of date in 2-4 years
MauriceBln1 12 giorni fa
Why out of date? The design is great. You're right about the battery, but it affects all electric cars. Tesla too.
Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu 16 giorni fa
USConnexion 17 giorni fa
Marques pinklee
Artem Gur
Artem Gur 17 giorni fa
Can you image Jeremy Clarkson begging for subscribers! you guys should change the name of the channel
Phil Marwood
Phil Marwood 17 giorni fa
Fog lamps under the number plate ?
miamimo70 17 giorni fa
Vomit Green, next
Arjun Kumar
Arjun Kumar 19 giorni fa
so beautiful!
Kazem Edmond
Kazem Edmond 20 giorni fa
Tesla's range isn't magic. They use the whole battery, lessening it's life, and they have far less protective shielding, but which is why their cars can have spectacular fires, and they have less cooling, which hinders their performance. It's not a secret.
Rod Zamora
Rod Zamora 21 giorno fa
Is this an advert for Schuco?
D Pap
D Pap 21 giorno fa
watch until 14:00 because from then on the video is like watching someone scratching their own ass....pointless
______________ 22 giorni fa
“The speed that you can carry through roundabouts”. I must be old, because that line doesn’t excite me.
Vic Monte
Vic Monte 23 giorni fa
Elon Musk says that your show is a fake.....
Sa'ad Suleman
Sa'ad Suleman 24 giorni fa
And it's got the same life span as ready of the Audi's, 150,000 miles. Pffffffft.
Péter Simkó
Péter Simkó 24 giorni fa
"If i controlled Top Gear I would want Audi and Marques Bronwlee."
Noor Emir Anuar
Noor Emir Anuar 24 giorni fa
MKBHD ft Top Gear
Igor Della Pietra
Igor Della Pietra 25 giorni fa
"it looks different, quite great honestly" meanwhile i am sitting here, outragend that another electric car manufacturer tries to maintain or emulate design elements that do only make sense in gasoline powered cars
Bish Bash Bosh
Bish Bash Bosh 25 giorni fa
Great colab! Needed since Top Gear lost all credibility with electric cars when they first reviewed Tesla
Surya Karan
Surya Karan 25 giorni fa
Worst camera work of Top Gear till now.
Paul Schubert
Paul Schubert 25 giorni fa
the colour looks like bad diarhhoea, but the car itself is stunning
jptothetree 26 giorni fa
It's gorgeous!
harry viking
harry viking 26 giorni fa
I would love to have that car with a REAL MOTOR!! Its raw!!
TrainedDumbAss 26 giorni fa
It looks like a Nissan GTR and a Bentley had an unconventional love child... I like it
Too Lucky
Too Lucky 22 giorni fa
Aw mate i can totally see the kia stinger gt in this one too
SuperStar's FastCars!
SuperStar's FastCars! 26 giorni fa
It is actually scary that regular people can have F1 performance on the street. Without the driving experience or skills. 😬. So once you start to get below 3 seconds 0-60 and 600+ horsepower. It becomes accidents waiting to happen. There should be a special license required for these car specs. Like having a motorcycle license.
Buktownx 26 giorni fa
Do you hear that?....No...neither do I....sad. Where is the amazing exhaust note....ohhh its electric.....lame
Abdul Shahin
Abdul Shahin 27 giorni fa
Great camera work at the 3 minute mark.
Wheelchair Slayer
Wheelchair Slayer 27 giorni fa
I am a big petrol head and I love the traditional demonic sound of muscle, super and hyper cars. Electric vehicles are cringe and just defeats the purpose and important component that makes a car so beautiful.
DUNYA PONSEL 27 giorni fa
Nice car..
Lee Bruce
Lee Bruce 27 giorni fa
238miles for 100k no thanks.
SoFlaShooter2189 27 giorni fa
TLDR: as much $ or more $ than a Tesla Model S Plaid +, nowhere near as fast, and can’t drive itself. Good luck Voltswagen 😂👍🏻
Kenneth Allen Morris
Kenneth Allen Morris 27 giorni fa
Just drive.
U 27 giorni fa
2190 days of boycotting top gear since Jeremy flattened the producers. true legend.
T Beck
T Beck 27 giorni fa
I have never hear of this Marquis. I do however know of marquis de sade and Biz Markie. This guy certainly does not have what I need, and you say that he’s just a friend.
Ano Niem
Ano Niem 27 giorni fa
Asking a Tesla fanboy (most probably with a financial interest in Tesla) about what he thinks about the E-tron. What's the added value of that? The E-tron is available for a test drive today (same counts for the Taycan), Tesla's plaid+ is, as usual with Tesla, nice promises about a somewhere in the future. And still those guys call Tesla is "far" ahead of competition. Great journalism.
Cam Alex
Cam Alex 27 giorni fa
Der Birra
Der Birra 27 giorni fa
great video thanks!!!
Cody Michael
Cody Michael 27 giorni fa
This show is dead.
Povitto 28 giorni fa
He look like MKBSD
J. S.
J. S. 28 giorni fa
Maybe one day Tesla can take a page out of literally every other manufacturers playbook...and design something that looks good.
Duckbilled Walrus
Duckbilled Walrus 28 giorni fa
I would definitely love a car like this if they just had the charging network to support it (oh and I might need some more money)
Jamie J
Jamie J 28 giorni fa
Its not a lucid
Chris Beck
Chris Beck 28 giorni fa
Top gear desperate to stay relevant 😆
Asad 28 giorni fa
Get someone who can hold a camera straight!.. Like watching a TV bobbing in the sea
Ben McLean
Ben McLean 28 giorni fa
Nice bmw interior lol
joytekb 28 giorni fa
I would rather see Jeremy as special guest.
Vincent Eziniwa
Vincent Eziniwa 28 giorni fa
The price tag is just a week salary for most footballers.
Nick S.
Nick S. 28 giorni fa
this is not Top Gear I remember. It should be, hello, this is the new car, let do the track and crash it.
aBOOBaMUSIC 28 giorni fa
#Pray4Prey😈by OBAWON...out now
valleysofneptune 28 giorni fa
Amazing car, the colour looks my old army cadet shirts , which I don’t like , but I can imagine this car will come with some beautiful colours
Martin Allen
Martin Allen 28 giorni fa
Should have called it the ARSe
Vasco Duarte
Vasco Duarte 29 giorni fa
What a waste of time talking about color when you have limited time with the car. How different is this thing from the Porsche? C'mon basic question. Answer that in the first 2 minutes! BIG FAIL
Soul2Soul 29 giorni fa
Hyundai Genesis Coupe from the side, Front looks more like Lexus, Rear is from the SAAB and hood is an old aftermarket design without the intake in the middle. I love it !
Ismail Gurkan
Ismail Gurkan 29 giorni fa
500 miles per drive + 1 hour full charge in any charging station or at home, then I will buy an electric car until then no point.
Luis Seichter
Luis Seichter Mese fa
Tesla pulls half their numbers out their ass
Your Fan
Your Fan Mese fa
They didn't even try to make it look different than the Taycan.
BMW M3 Mese fa
It kind of just looks like a slightly modified taycan but I guess that’s pretty much what it is.
Sp3cKed OuT
Sp3cKed OuT Mese fa
This ginger guy is the most boring car journalist ever god damm
PetroHead Mese fa
When guys like MKBHD is invited to a top gear "car episode" its no longer a car review we're watching... this is the new age of "fast drivable laptops with wheels" -- what will "PetroHead's" like me do in the future? SMH... long live NA and MT!
Stephen Pollen
Stephen Pollen Mese fa
Blah blah blah VW group owns Porsche and Audi so we all know it is really aTaycan in drag, think Seat VW Skoda etc and platform sharing back in the day
spiegel Mese fa
$180,000 Canadian! No thanks! Other cars will impress my friends more and be just as good.
spiegel Mese fa
I've vomited that color before.
theni Mese fa
If the goal of the paint mixer was to get as close as possible to the color of diarrhea then pogs, that's probably the best anyone can do using metallic paint.
Edo_87 Mese fa
The range sucks hard for the price
Tobias Unknown
Tobias Unknown Mese fa
What Tesla promises and what they deliver is roughly 10 years apart or where is that proper autopilot?
Tony Ngomana
Tony Ngomana Mese fa
Is it me or that thing kinda looks like a taycan from the back.
Ryan Lanzetta
Ryan Lanzetta Mese fa
That thing is just stunning. Shame on BMW for having such an ugly lineup right now...
Barton Seagrave
Barton Seagrave Mese fa
The EU banned vacuum cleaners saying they are saving the world and then produce 80 Million Electric Cars. A very dishonest lot, no wonder the Brits left.
Gabriel Constantin
Gabriel Constantin Mese fa
The top gear guy needs some help with the video conferencing gear. My mom's calls are better lit, clearer, higher res.
Gabriel Constantin
Gabriel Constantin Mese fa
What's the color called? Mud?
Sebastian Avila
Sebastian Avila Mese fa
That shit doesn’t sound
R S2002
R S2002 Mese fa
Those seconds do count. At 60mph, 0.2 seconds is a car length. So yes, numbers matter for acceleration.
Alex Dovey
Alex Dovey Mese fa
wow thats my house in the background of the woods had no idea this was being filmed.
Sina Seirafi
Sina Seirafi Mese fa
"Anything more (faster) would be painful"? Yes, we can actually see the pain in the faces of people riding in Tesla. 😂
jake the snake
jake the snake Mese fa
Bmw take note: this is how you design a beautiful car.
Hermit Ally
Hermit Ally Mese fa
At that cost, I'd rather go for Lucid.
Carl Baravelli
Carl Baravelli Mese fa
I think 300 miles is plenty even if this is not real world. I have an electric car with 200 miles and live in a cold mountanois place and it is never a problem, even when doing long trips over in the snow. Provided you can charge at home and the country you live in has an adequate network of chargers, 300 miles is all you will need.
Grapes For All
Grapes For All Mese fa
232 miles range 160-180 miles when cold. Ill wait until they improve the range. Very nice car though
Rick Morty
Rick Morty Mese fa
beautiful car
Hans van Schetsen
Hans van Schetsen Mese fa
Imo best looking ev for now. And when the solid state battery is available (2022-2023 according to some) range and charging won't be an issue anymore.
aggiewoodie Mese fa
Something to keep in mind, top Tesla range vs everyone else, is 3-motors vs 2. To get that 500+ mile range, Tesla is going to use a tri-motor setup. Accounting for software management and other factors, they’ve found that to actually be more efficient- each motor is using less torque to drive the vehicle at the same velocity, or overcome inertia, as compared to a dual motor configuration.
driesp Mese fa
wow this is a boring show nowadays
Chris H
Chris H Mese fa
Hmmm not sure I did t see one of these northbound a5 by Milton Keynes. Er let’s call it .... striking... in appearance
Silas Itota
Silas Itota Mese fa
@Carwow already reviewed it lol
Gustav Focar
Gustav Focar Mese fa
Fantastic car, Germany is best cars 👍
Rothbardo Mese fa
Tesla range doesn't deliver their stated amount. Audi delivers more.
Patryk Ponichtera
Patryk Ponichtera Mese fa
Where was the first part of the video shot? Looks like a nice forest, I'd like to go there
Cj B
Cj B Mese fa
Gawsh I just can't get into the "new" Top Gear.
wil lam
wil lam Mese fa
nobody cares how many hours you got, just get on with the review
jazeboy69 Mese fa
MKBHD = Diversity points. The top gear hosts aren’t very educated about Tesla which is weird, all they need to do is watch the Tesla announcements on ITpost.
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