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2 mesi fa

It’s here. The sixth generation G80 BMW M3 and *that* massive grille. Being such a controversial car, there was only one person to slot into the carbon bucket seat of this £75k, 503bhp, rear-wheel drive saloon: Craig Revel Horwood. Unfortunately, he wasn’t around, so we put Chris Harris behind the wheel instead. We hope that’s alright.
Here’s what he had to say in this brand new instalment of Chris Harris Drives…
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Service & Feedback

ShredStation 6 ore fa
Why they couldn’t take the similar design from the G20? It would’ve looked a little better.
VTECH 11 ore fa
3:49 Should mean DCT gearbox. DSGs are VW gearboxes. Good video though.
vince King
vince King 14 ore fa
I really like the way it looks, especially in that colour, looks like a green beaver. I recon the grill didn’t need to be quite so flat, but I think it looks good
svfutbol20 Giorno fa
God in heaven, that grille is absolutely WOEFUL
Samuel Sägesser
Samuel Sägesser 2 giorni fa
This can be red.
Brett Baker
Brett Baker 2 giorni fa
From the outside looking through the windscreen, Chris looks like a 10 year old that stole his dad's car. Can he even see over the wheel? 5:14
Luis Bustamante
Luis Bustamante 3 giorni fa
Meh, I’d take any AMG over this nasty looking thing any day!
cdcdcd6777 3 giorni fa
best car reviewer . PERIOD.
Aiden Lepore
Aiden Lepore 4 giorni fa
The f80 is so beautiful
Greg Shoopman
Greg Shoopman 4 giorni fa
The most ugly car I have ever seen
Mark Wells
Mark Wells 4 giorni fa
The E90 V8 M5....... hmmmmmm
leon davis
leon davis 5 giorni fa
I am watching this only because Chris Harris is driving. He is the celebrity of the car Journalism. I like that he was honest about the cars looks. I do not do not like the looks
PrinceBarin 5 giorni fa
Spot on about the looks as compared to the F80 (it’s even more striking when you compare the G82 with the outgoing coupe). Amazing to drive though - more controlled than its predecessor and mind blowingly quick. But you should be required to take a test to qualify for the RWD version.
The Duke
The Duke 6 giorni fa
Don't put it in the wall you KNOB! LOL!
evo 7 giorni fa
It's a lardy big daddies car and on a B road will be all over the place.
Angelo 8 giorni fa
LOL 9:24
frisco 9 giorni fa
Who designed that awful front?
Bennett Williams
Bennett Williams 9 giorni fa
Bennett Williams
Bennett Williams 9 giorni fa
this years bmw's grilles are too big, car is hideous
Gregorys Mode
Gregorys Mode 10 giorni fa
The car is £87000. And its ugly. Metal origami with a sh+t grill. No thanks.
#OccupyDogtown 11 giorni fa
Magnum Muscle
Magnum Muscle 11 giorni fa
The car is too heavy. Too ugly. Too complicated. BMW has lost the way.
John creedon
John creedon 12 giorni fa
E92 Dct is the best m3 ever. Fact
Themba Wulana
Themba Wulana 12 giorni fa
Lol bum face sound like a compliment to me🤣🤣🤣
Sharing Lungs
Sharing Lungs 12 giorni fa
As much as he’s trashing it, I actually like the new design better. I think the number plate breaks up the buck tooth grill just enough. Without that front plate might be a little rough to not just stare at that bit. I prefer the side mirror on the new car too. The side profile is a bit too busy mashed together.
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 12 giorni fa
BMW if ur reading this, please, please finally change your interior design. It was never that great to begin with... its so meh
Thomas Schuster
Thomas Schuster 13 giorni fa
my problem with the new BMW is is it an Audi or a Toyota? or did they both have sex and that's where that came out? i stay with my E90 !!
Rafael Fogaça
Rafael Fogaça 13 giorni fa
looks like a jaguar face...
randomvoiceovers555 14 giorni fa
Can anyone give me tips on how to improve my car knowledge
Soap A
Soap A 14 giorni fa
Love Chris Harris, absolutely hate the G80
Gveff 14 giorni fa
Inline 6 andy
mansees 15 giorni fa
A horrendous looking car. Pass.
kirk robinson
kirk robinson 16 giorni fa
Seems to look like an Alfa Romeo quadrifoglio at certain angles especially in that green
Thanh Tong
Thanh Tong 16 giorni fa
Tire companies love Chris
Chris Bruneau
Chris Bruneau 16 giorni fa
that front grill reminds me of walrus man from Star Wars! Ugggggh!
Mark Kent
Mark Kent 16 giorni fa
I'm sorry but no matter how good this car might be, I still wouldn't buy one and it's because of the styling. It looks awful. And if I'm spending huge amount of money on a car, it has to be visually pleasing to me no matter the performance.
Karl Anttila Sr.
Karl Anttila Sr. 17 giorni fa
BMW -- call me when this car loses 20% of its weight. Until then, cheerios!
Kim Jung
Kim Jung 17 giorni fa
Do brits not use the metric system?
코코몽 17 giorni fa
🤏확률적으로 인간의 깨달음은 세대를 거듭하면서 반복 학습한 경험으로 물리적 숫자들이 개선된다 합니다. 👌🇬🇧🇩🇪🇺🇲🇮🇹🇦🇺🇧🇬🇨🇷🇳🇱🇿🇦🇧🇪🇮🇳🇧🇻🇩🇰🇧🇷🇨🇦🇲🇾🇨🇵🇯🇵🇵🇭🙏😎
MR V10
MR V10 17 giorni fa
At 3:49 you mention they’ve gone away from the ‘DSG’ gearbox... F series M cars had DCT not DSG Never the less amazing video!
Ryan 17 giorni fa
Apparently the design team had "gone fishin". The grill on this M is atrocious.
yoyodawgsupbrah 17 giorni fa
This car is hideous
Paddle Shift
Paddle Shift 17 giorni fa
Huge fan of Mr Harris, but i really like the new M3 visually, even the 1973-1977 Oldsmobile Cutless front grill.
Dominik S
Dominik S 18 giorni fa
to jest top gear ??? to jakaś popierdółka jest bez Jeremy ;(
Robert Farrell
Robert Farrell 18 giorni fa
The grill is ugly.
corone2018 18 giorni fa
Thumbs down cause it doesn’t look that great
tkobvious 19 giorni fa
E90 M5? 😁 Never heard Chris misspeak.
Jeremyk 541
Jeremyk 541 19 giorni fa
They’ve tried to style a BMW like an Alfa and it only works on an Alfa...
Carmine’s Import Service
Carmine’s Import Service 19 giorni fa
This is exactly what BMW needed for the new generation clientele. They don't go to the track. They drive to the grocery store. Love the comment about the people that are actually still working at BMW M. lol. Hail to the F chassis. Best BMW chassis ever built since the E30 and the F80/82 possible the best looking front end of any BMW ever built. The dashboard was also awesome. I think BMW has loser on their hands and I am a BMW guy to the core. Have owned them all. I need to drive one I guess before I comment. Lots of competition around to make a watered down M3. The new G80 should have been the F82 GTS to start with and move forward. Period.
Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson 19 giorni fa
e90 v8 m5 u wut?
mary bastin
mary bastin 19 giorni fa
I'm a big fan of bmw m3 it's one of the best cars I mean M cars 🚗😎
Tanner Needs Tacos
Tanner Needs Tacos 20 giorni fa
Will go down as the most catastrophic, sorriest excuse for car design in the history of M cars.
Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike 20 giorni fa
It's a shame he didn't compare it to the Giulia since he did mention the Merc and Audi
zaakir ketwaroo
zaakir ketwaroo 20 giorni fa
To think that there is a team of desingers who worked and approved the grill...
Dr. Evil
Dr. Evil 20 giorni fa
Shame on you, BMW! What were you thinking??!! Fine, it may perform, but we want a car that looks mean. Not a car that looks like a sleeper. I'm keeping my F82 FOREVER. Oh, and thanks for giving me a boost in my M4's equity.
FishTheory 20 giorni fa
Chris you should start your own show again, you're on another level
1CrazyDudeYo 20 giorni fa
I think the new transmission will prove it’s worth in longevity. BMW is addressing warranty concerns and Powertrain is always a focus to improve. I think this was a very calculated change on BMWs part. Time will tell
Peter Swan
Peter Swan 21 giorno fa
what are the shoes he's wearing ?
Tim Wallace
Tim Wallace 21 giorno fa
BMW has lost their entire market to Tesla sorry to say. If they can put the driver back in electrics then I think they can gain share back. It looks like they are throwing up the white flag though
It aint Ralph tho.
It aint Ralph tho. 22 giorni fa
Lets hope this camel toe M3 drives F80 prices down.
JAWWAD ASLAM 22 giorni fa
Wat a pathetic design
Rashad Arbab
Rashad Arbab 22 giorni fa
Do the diffuser's on these cars even do anything? Im very confused the muffler is so big that it blocks all the area infront of the diffuser. In F1 the diffuser extends to the centerline of the rear wheels and so the downforce is felt right on the axle. these diffusers I feel do absolutely nothing for downforce.
Durzel 23 giorni fa
Lol fake noise piped through the speakers to make the engine sound decent. Why are people ok about that? People no doubt raving about how “analog” it is and how it’s the last hurrah (of 100 more last hurrahs to follow) against the march of EVs, whilst overlooking the fakery. Seats looks decent though.
kessu83 23 giorni fa
you cannot call an M... a 1700kg car....
Simac 23 giorni fa
Call the show ´Chris Harris’ Top Gear ´ 😎 drop the script, let’s all get into petrol heads heaven......
Brad Jack
Brad Jack 23 giorni fa
God I hate it. It's by far the ugliest thing besides those crossovers BMW has made
holymahogny 23 giorni fa
Been interested in cars my whole life but I don't know mutch about them other than looks. Harris is exeptional at conveying information so it makes sense to one who dosn't know mutch about cars. I haven't watched one episode of Top Gear since the OG three quit but discovered Harris on YT and he makes me want to start watching Top Gear again. He's damn good at his job!
rahul ravichandra
rahul ravichandra 24 giorni fa
@1:05 is what exactly I too felt about the car, rather the M4 looks well suited with that new kidny grill 👍👍
William Taylor
William Taylor 25 giorni fa
Straight-on view of front end is growing on me.
Craig Wythe
Craig Wythe 25 giorni fa
Personally I think it’s the best looking bmw. I never liked BMW’s until I saw this.
Neman Momand
Neman Momand 25 giorni fa
Looks is subjective, but the rest of the car like performance is amazing.
money - ish
money - ish 25 giorni fa
I'm in love with m3
TheFastStang 26 giorni fa
Thx Chris - I agree
Truth Kangen
Truth Kangen 26 giorni fa
If 20 years ago someone telling me Kia and huyndai design will look better than BMW I wouldn't believe it.
Mane Swipe
Mane Swipe 26 giorni fa
Do people who just want a nice manual as a daily driver, really take all of Chris' petty complaints seriously before buying?
Henry Ting
Henry Ting 27 giorni fa
Fully agree with Chris here. The look is a bit over the top and busy.
Dax O
Dax O 27 giorni fa
The old one seems way nicer
Adi Nugroho
Adi Nugroho 27 giorni fa
roadie3124 27 giorni fa
Personally, I think that it looks like a failed attempt by Kia to make a car that looks like a BMW. Too many meaningless "features" that detract from the looks. I'm sure that it's very fast and very capable on a race circuit, but how relevant is that to anyone other than people who want bragging rights that their car is the latest M3? I know people with 2 or 3 year old M3s who leave it in "Comfort" and never put their foot down more than about 1/3 because they want to save fuel and reduce emissions. Why buy an M3 in the first place? What I want is a car that's capable of driving long distances at high speed and I feel fresh at the end of a 10 hour drive, a car that can accelerate faster than most other cars, a car that's got a nice exhaust noise without being a pain, good stereo, comfortable seats, luggage capacity, reasonable fuel economy, and it must be manual.
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider 28 giorni fa
I like the shape.
riccccccardo 28 giorni fa
Shmee150 just bought one.
Qiyuan Zhang
Qiyuan Zhang 28 giorni fa
I wonder why Harris has never done a detailed review of the e92 m3 even though he had one. There are some short video-clips about it but that's it.
zeczam 29 giorni fa
E92 M3 was the last M3
snapjenk 29 giorni fa
If Matt Watson from car wow and Chris Harris were the two anchors for Top Gear I would come back
Eliot Buffoni
Eliot Buffoni 24 giorni fa
I think top gear is more about mates having fun and enjoying cars
Unreliable Narrator 66
Unreliable Narrator 66 Mese fa
I'm sorry, but that is butt ugly and a serious mistake by BMW.
serpent viper
serpent viper Mese fa
Chris Harris is a fantastic motor journalist and an even better driver. Keep hold of this man Top Gear - he's by far the best you've got! I'm an F82 M4 owner and that new M3 is absolutely one of the ugliest things to come out of BMW I think ever - such a shame BMW's design philosophy has gone that way. I think I'll be keeping a tight hold of my M4 for the foreseeable future!
InCombusTric Mese fa
Did he jst say the C63 is gona be a 4cylinder 😂 ? Yes this M3 does not look as great to be honest and of course driving a car that performs this good and then hate how it looks on the outside .. bit of a let down BMW 🤦🏻‍♂️
Russell Jacob
Russell Jacob Mese fa
Enjoy an ugly car, or enjoy a nice looking car.... That the Camry is a nicer car inside and out says a lot...
Mapstar Damo
Mapstar Damo Mese fa
At least driving it you can't see the ugly exterior
FlopsPL Mese fa
After couple months I also used to grill. Now is ok.
Orenoryori Mese fa
New M3: built for the nouveau riche Chinese market
Phil Carroll
Phil Carroll Mese fa
I think you meant E90 M3 not M5 fella! 7:02
K Slay
K Slay Mese fa
Yea horrid looking car
ФёдорГенадич Микроволнов
ФёдорГенадич Микроволнов Mese fa
These nostrils look not so virgin.
lahorimunda18 Mese fa
so ill just keep my e92 M3
just thisguy
just thisguy Mese fa
Leased an m3 the day I lost my job yolo
1k Jay
1k Jay Mese fa
Why do people still call it 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive instead of awd,fwd,rwd 🤦🏽‍♂️
sif Mese fa
Oh thank God you were all distanced. I was worried when you said people showed up to see the new M car.
Matt X
Matt X Mese fa
Its so ugly ugly ugly and expensive uhhgghh
Stefan Van der Weele
Stefan Van der Weele Mese fa
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