Is the Aston Martin Valkyrie really an F1 car for the road? | Top Gear

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2 mesi fa

The Aston Martin Valkyrie is pegged as an 'F1 car for the road'. But is it really? With a little help from Aston Martin F1’s Otmar Szafnauer, the Valkyrie Chief Engineer Fraser Dunn and a big, fat Aston Martin F1 car, Top Gear Magazine’s Ollie Marriage investigates.
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Service & Feedback

Question Everything
Question Everything 8 ore fa
What an absolutely fantastic, amazing and beautiful sounding engine. Omg a naturally aspirated v12 cosworth generating 1000hp. See I'm not a materialistic person, but jeeez I wish I had money to drive some of these new super cars. This one does look and sound as scary as any of them and that's what I love about this one.
Question Everything
Question Everything 8 ore fa
Wow his voice is so similar to that of James Allison from Mercedes its not even funny lol well it is, but you know what I mean. Maybe this is just how top f1 car engineers and designers sound lol
Jamel Piclit
Jamel Piclit 16 ore fa
"Aston Martin's new F1 car" .. Also "Mercedes' 2 year old F1 car" 😂😅 AMG Project one for the win.
George Costanza
George Costanza 2 giorni fa
Otmar was really grasping at straws trying to draw parallels between that green Mercedes and Valkyrie when you have to point out how they both have brake ducts😅 It was hilarious how @2:23 he just said “Valkyrie has probably as much F1 technology as any other road car that I know of...” I was thinking any other road car that I know of probably has zilch for F1 technology😂
George Costanza
George Costanza 2 giorni fa
Not off to a good start attaining their goal... but at least they’re doing better than Williams🙁 That’s not really surprising, I think 3rd is really a hoop dream for them; but I am surprised that, although it’s still extremely early, Stroll’s been edging out Vettel.
Did I hurt you kid ?
Did I hurt you kid ? 3 giorni fa
The Valkyrie is by far the perfect combination between Formula 1 and Road car but let's be honest... HOW MANY RICH OWNERS WILL SMASH THAT FRONT WING ON A SPEED BUMP ONE DAY? 😬 I can already see it in a future "idot supercar drivers compilation"
ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ 5 giorni fa
Does the F1 car weigh 750 kg including driver AND a full tank of fuel?
Edison73100 6 giorni fa
Not sure how this will be a good investment for actual driving on the road
Jerrmz 7 giorni fa
Ahmed Shokry
Ahmed Shokry 7 giorni fa
valkyrie road car inspired from F1 Astonmartine car inspired from Mercedes AMG F1 car :D
Aniket Meshram
Aniket Meshram 9 ore fa
These are all setting up for the Lemans Hypercar category i feel 😁.
Ethan S
Ethan S 9 giorni fa
I love seeing the marks on the Valkyrie. It has actually been driven and used. Unlike most cars on this kind of stage never actually driven!
Thomas Napert
Thomas Napert 9 giorni fa
Brake ducts you say? I'm sure McLaren is going to have something to say 😂
Ben Philps
Ben Philps 8 giorni fa
pretty sure it was renault that found it out
M. Jackson
M. Jackson 9 giorni fa
That car is an absolute freak of nature. Newey is the Frankenstein of cars.
Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar 10 giorni fa
Aston Martin sucks in F1, and they build a F1 car for the road, I hope they are faster than a Mercedes station wagon.
M. Jackson
M. Jackson 9 giorni fa
Not the same thing. AMF1 uses a custom engine from Mercedes. The Valkyrie uses a Cosworth or "Cozzuh," and so far it is a dream. And for a road legal car... What AM is doing is beyond madness, dude. Look at the man behind it. This thing will will make a new "Holy Trinity" along with the Jesko and the AMG One.
Arsenic 12 giorni fa
Same colour=same car
J Bee
J Bee 13 giorni fa
Stop saying its "an F1 car for the road", Its NOT!!!! NO ROAD CAR WILL EVER BE AN F1 CAR!!! Haha will you please just say racing tech, not F1 for the road!
NeoLegolasSkywalkerStark 14 giorni fa
Stroll is really milking this as much as he can, trying to link the Valkyrie to the F1 team. It was Newey and Redbull that designed that car, not daddy's team.
Bud The Cyborg
Bud The Cyborg 14 giorni fa
24:10 Hamster drove an F1 car... Why can't Top Gear get their host in an F1 car today?
Ropponmatsu2 15 giorni fa
Good luck washing it....I own a Skoda Fabia and cleaning pollen off of it with a brush is ridiculous.
Sosa Parks
Sosa Parks 15 giorni fa
YUCK look at that orange peel on the paint lol
Bangalore Trail Rider
Bangalore Trail Rider 15 giorni fa
That Valkyrie looks like a used proto. Scratches on the wheel hubs, not a great paint job, chipped carbon//. This defenitley is a development test/vehicle and it is well used, but what a beauty!
Claus 16 giorni fa
22:11 "These paddles come from an F1 car but they won't tell me which one" tbt to RP 20 XD
True Gadite
True Gadite 16 giorni fa
Well the Mazda Furia started this F-1 idea tho 😔 sorry
Lars Peter Abildgaard
Lars Peter Abildgaard 16 giorni fa
What a misserable paint job on the Valkyrie ;-) 2:30
Huzaifa Savage
Huzaifa Savage 18 giorni fa
Theres is an even extreme version of this car i wonder if its as good as an f1 car. What an absolute beast i would kill to get me an f1 or even the extreme version of the valkerie
Tristanto Pambudi
Tristanto Pambudi 18 giorni fa
I don't think aston will beat alphatauri this year especially with Vetel Driving it, no way
Prasun 18 giorni fa
The air filter has more R&D than most production models lmaoook
Michel Fortin
Michel Fortin 18 giorni fa
That diffuser is pretty banged up.
HerreDePerre 18 giorni fa
Their f1 car is designed by Mercedes and the Valkyrie is designed by Redbull
wired 3758
wired 3758 19 giorni fa
Fantastic, thanks, Ollie. The details on the F1 vs road car were brilliant. It's obvious you're doing your dream job. Glad you took the chance for a quick sit in the F1 car.
Lorenzo Tillman III
Lorenzo Tillman III 20 giorni fa
what type of gas does the owner use?
Nurrichard__ 21 giorno fa
Imagine how often your get pulled over because Chips think you drive a race car. Which is kinda true though
Dynamic Solution
Dynamic Solution 21 giorno fa
European manufactures: People will spend 3 million to drive an aston martin replica f1 on the streets. American manufactures: People will spend $60k to drive a dodge replica nascar on public streets.
Matthew Yarnevich
Matthew Yarnevich 22 giorni fa
shit looks like the vagner from gta
Miguel v
Miguel v 22 giorni fa
that's a vagner
Symmetric 69
Symmetric 69 22 giorni fa
Stop linking Aston Martin with the Valkyrie project, it was all the hardwork and geniusness of Redbull F1 team and Adrain. Otmar is a fraud.
Robbe Elsas
Robbe Elsas 23 giorni fa
I'd absolutely love to see a Valkyrie race a GMA T50s
Wayne Large
Wayne Large 23 giorni fa
I understand the water running off if dropped on the 'air filter' when stationary, but surely the engine would SUCK the water through quicker than it can drain away?
Psiberzerker 24 giorni fa
More like a Group C car, but all right.
Quarkhammer 24 giorni fa
the Valkyrie is probably even faster than the F1 Aston, because its gearbox doesnt break so often :P
Tim Kuhn
Tim Kuhn 24 giorni fa
F1 car on the german autobahn when?
CDeliu 25 giorni fa
Too bad it isn't electric. More of a piece of history now ...
Ben Goacher
Ben Goacher 25 giorni fa
Aston Martin the new ferrari
daniel thompson
daniel thompson 26 giorni fa
Who better than AM racing mmmmmm how about the designer of the car and Red Bull.
but why
but why 26 giorni fa
Most countries dont even have the roads to drive this on.
Gerard Montgomery
Gerard Montgomery 26 giorni fa
Now it's time to give it a Doug score. Practicality us nonexistent and that scores a 0 but weekend score it 11 out of 10.
mark 27 giorni fa
Great advertisement for Aston and nothing more. Consider his preparation and knowledge of the Valkyrie which he is supposed to be comparing quote: "I've noticed it has brake ducts" Wow you really know a lot about the car. It's like he looked over the Valkyrie right before the video. I really like the car but this is poor at best.
MaliVinnyB 27 giorni fa
Where f1 and Nascar are the same... an "Aston Martin" with a Mercedes Engine!! LOL!
Syafiq 27 giorni fa
Mercedes : Hah, you late.
Robbert Coevoets
Robbert Coevoets 27 giorni fa
And redbull sponsors are still on it 🤣
Dromedda 28 giorni fa
he basically went "ye sure why not, theres a bit of f1 tech in there"
Michel Veit
Michel Veit 29 giorni fa
its incredible to me how they are putting so much effort into making what is essentially a formula 1 car road legal and creating the ultimate drivers car. and then about 90% of people who will buy the car will just let it sit in a garage and never drive it.
内田ガネーシュ Mese fa
Reminds me of Furai but with holes.
DoomOfConviction Mese fa
Ohh nice Sebastian Vettel will secure you the15th till 20th place.
Dave Mese fa
21:05 That's not really that special. A cheap D1 Spec quickrelease does the same.
Drew Secky
Drew Secky Mese fa
Valkyrie Vs Project one!
HoldMyBeer76 Mese fa
Aston Martin F1 car dimensions, 5.6 meters/18 feet 4 inches long with a 3.7 meter/12 foot 1 inch long wheelbase! The F1 car’s wheelbase at 145 inches is almost as long as the 149” Mini Cooper is overall! It’s total length of 220 inches is 8 inches longer than the 212 inch long 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost! Can they make F1 cars any longer?😳
HoldMyBeer76 Mese fa
F1 cars are so big these days. It’s insane how long and big they’ve gotten over the years. Seeing the F1 car next to the Valkyrie is mind blowing. You really see just how big today’s F1 cars are.
Aaron Mese fa
Cant be a fan of Aston Martin as long as stroll drives for them. Sorry bout it
Tom Rauhe
Tom Rauhe Mese fa
The Valkyrie isn't for the road...??
Atsxmu Mese fa
19:39 "simple"
Iliya Davoodipour
Iliya Davoodipour Mese fa
I really want to see a amg progect 1 vs Aston Martin valkyrie
Ethan L
Ethan L Mese fa
And the valkyrie’s brake ducts are Mercedes quality!
leo hug
leo hug Mese fa
The frantic hamburger trivially plug because cough implicitly excuse excluding a staking toad. aware, abnormal hyena
etotheroc43 Mese fa
When the hell did F1 cars become as big as Jeeps...
Doomskull Mese fa
mfw i get top gear recommended to me and its not top gear at all
ashay kholkar
ashay kholkar Mese fa
Mercedes breaks
Basuki Sugito
Basuki Sugito Mese fa
Why don't take both on a track and see which one is fastest??
amierull ridzwan
amierull ridzwan Mese fa
There you go green mercedes
Robert Balejik
Robert Balejik Mese fa
that looks like 2020 car just "re-liveried"
Duck Mese fa
look more like a Le mans car
TripleMoya Games
TripleMoya Games Mese fa
I wanna see this versus the AMG-One
Shaw Farrow
Shaw Farrow Mese fa
Going to have to create a Valkyrie track under the stewardship of the M.U.K. Team (Midas's United Kingdom)! Supposedly, that is one option to call it, unless others have better ideas..?!
V I J Δ Y Mese fa
17:52 gets me everytime, this is probably the 100th time btw, I think I should clip it and turn it into a 5 min soundtrack and listen to it when I sleep...
Pedro Mese fa
Top Gear really got so boring since those 3 lads left
Joseph Mese fa
Bumpers for USA???!!!
Big bang 1
Big bang 1 Mese fa
Meanwhile Koenigsegg putting free valve tech in gemera producing 600hp from 2ltr 3cyl engine...
Tom_murray89 Mese fa
Great car however red bull f1 helped developed it
Hendrik Ottmann
Hendrik Ottmann Mese fa
narrator , first 30 seconds lost interest ! updated page and came back to write this comment !
Lynch 616
Lynch 616 Mese fa
2020 Aston Martin F1 car does not exist.
goatmonkey2112 Mese fa
Really, you should be able to make a road car even faster than a F1 car. The rules are less restrictive. You mostly just need to add lights, bumpers, and airbags. Having the wheels and roof covered will be better for aero. Moveable aero pieces are totally legal. You can use fans or ground effects if you want. Full active suspension is totally legal. 4 wheels steering, AWD, also totally legal. There is no minimum weight. You can go nuts with the engine. And they've done some of those things. It's only compromised for practicality. Slap some soft slicks on that Valkyrie, and that 2g in corners will go way up. They could make this thing even more extreme really. It just becomes less practical as a real street car as you do it.
GBdudegamer Mese fa
The brake ducts are stolen from mercedes
Peaceful Gondola
Peaceful Gondola Mese fa
What a beauty with a stunning performance. Hats off to the Canadians who helped build the Valkyrie and the Ford GT 2017 and onwards.
Roedor Mese fa
Not gonna lie, I was a bit scared at the sound of that beast to be honest. Even turn down the volume a little bit
Dermotius Mese fa
oh what happened to you top gear..., you used to be my favourite show and now youre just this automotive journalist thing
Jorge Torres
Jorge Torres Mese fa
F1 Mercedes = astron Martin Valkiri = proyec one Mercedes
Jeff Donhauser
Jeff Donhauser Mese fa
Requesting a race between the Valkyrie & the Gordon Murray T.50s.
RbNetEngr Mese fa
What an amazing video tour of the Valkyrie...and the comparison to the F1 car. Thank you for a great video!
SL Mese fa
Omtar had nothing to do with the Valkyrie NOTHING it's all redbull technology.
Magnus Mese fa
thats one sharp looking green mercedes
Fergus McIntyre
Fergus McIntyre Mese fa
That engine sound made my cry
Igor Moskalenko
Igor Moskalenko Mese fa
Top gear now is chatting and talking...
LM47 Mese fa
Less talking, more driving.
Oubim Cius
Oubim Cius Mese fa
Cant wait to see these pulling up to the meets.
Polishman 669
Polishman 669 Mese fa
Here is the host touching a multi million dollar car and resting on it while the engineer keeps staring at his hand. lol. Keep your grubby paws off the merchandise.
Moyo Pedro
Moyo Pedro Mese fa
Any dimensions numbers on the valkyrie?
Douken Mese fa
This car is like alien engineering.
David Murphy
David Murphy Mese fa
Imagine driving that in London 🥴
_ Mese fa
People surely will
Oscar Lindfors
Oscar Lindfors Mese fa
My eyes widened when he climbed into the f1 car and you could see the carbon fibre exterior flexing under his foot. Usually drivers have a mini step up ladder to get into the car
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez Mese fa
Now stick a Naturally Aspirated 10k reving V12 in the f1 car
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