Chris Harris' Dream Bond Car Garage: BMW Z8, Aston DB5, Lotus Esprit | Top Gear: Series 30

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With access to a hangar full of James Bond's most magnificent cars, Chris Harris wasn't going to miss the chance for a good nose around 007's Lotus Esprit, BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB5, Jaguar XKR and so many more.
What's your favourite Bond car?
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Service & Feedback

pete 3 giorni fa
No lotus esprit turbo ???
Soki Krong
Soki Krong Mese fa
Talk about the bond auto-rickshaw.😅
jwalton_1418 Mese fa
Lmao I got a db5 in forza while watching this video from a wheel spin 🤣🤣🤣
DesertTrips156 Mese fa
dude owning a 2002 xkr convertible just got cooler lol
AK Centz. Accents
AK Centz. Accents Mese fa
I've sat in the green jag
the ultimategmoney 2021 NASCAR dude - top gear
the ultimategmoney 2021 NASCAR dude - top gear Mese fa
My favorite Aston from bond is the dbs v12
Jon Jakubco
Jon Jakubco Mese fa
Just put Chris in a room full of cars and let him talk. We'll all be happy
alpha hawk
alpha hawk Mese fa
why is there a AUTORIKSHAW at 1:58
amonrei Mese fa
Heretical? That BMW 750iL is the best Bond car. /runs
C Anderson
C Anderson Mese fa
Where’s the z3?
dominicrusho Mese fa
The Vanquish is just magnificent
jiggbury Mese fa
Didnt Vettel like the Z8?
John Olive
John Olive Mese fa
terrible photography.
trn2allah Mese fa
The cars are awesome, the host... psssh Jeremy is to Topgear what gears are on a car.
Abhinav Rijit
Abhinav Rijit Mese fa
Top gear is now just trying to just copy their own old episodes...but to be honest ...they will never be better without the three previous hosts and specially Jeremy.
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht Mese fa
Jeremy? Who's that?
Guinness Harvey
Guinness Harvey Mese fa
No Z8?
Bikash Kumar
Bikash Kumar Mese fa
What about that three wheeler tuk tuk?
Jeff Stephens
Jeff Stephens Mese fa
There is a patch on the road at Milford - Alpine section - where they put an hydraulic ram to make the DBS roll. They tried many times to roll the car but failed without the ram. Just a little further down the road there’s a short climb and sudden dip where the Aston Martin experience guys want you to make the AM your driving fly !! Happy days.
Gary Hodgson
Gary Hodgson Mese fa
The z8 used in the film was only a z8 body shell on a dodge viper chassis. BMW couldn't supply a finished car in time for the film.
Leon He
Leon He Mese fa
I would love to get my dad in a room like this, he would love ist,
Herman Rockenfeld
Herman Rockenfeld Mese fa
wow Bravo !
Big pants
Big pants Mese fa
DB5 and Connery for me.
Bob Wibulseth
Bob Wibulseth Mese fa
No Toyota!
ryszard witek
ryszard witek Mese fa
Proud 81 Lotus Esprit Monaco White owner here :D
Dai Shi
Dai Shi Mese fa
What about Aston Martin DB10?
a gm
a gm Mese fa
The Citroen 2CV was one of the most iconic and coolest Bond cars. Why was it missing from that collection?
Crash Box
Crash Box Mese fa
On the day this was filmed, 007 had it out on a mission.
Rolie Duclayan
Rolie Duclayan Mese fa
Still TOP GEAR is so boring even the topic is interesting, when COLINFURZE has more views than this
Mohammed Choudhury
Mohammed Choudhury Mese fa
0:26 is that paint peel on that Z8 😳 🤦
Bogfinken Mese fa
The Tuk Tuk Visa ride was pretty crazy though
aroravaibhav62 Mese fa
From octopussy i guess
aroravaibhav62 Mese fa
There’s a tuk tuk behind chris, among everything else.
Dramani_ Mese fa
That Tuk Tuk was part of MI6 merchandise in Octopussy
E D Mese fa
B549WUU is an actual real car the owner must be chuffed at them using his plate and a copy of his car
And the legends for top gear was three monke from the past.
yung furs
yung furs Mese fa
chris didnt even get onto speaking about the tuk-tuk
Jonn Bigboote
Jonn Bigboote Mese fa
I thought Elon bought the Lotus submarine...?
Niklas Gronwald
Niklas Gronwald Mese fa
007 have a good taste 😎
Øivin Fjeldstad
Øivin Fjeldstad Mese fa
Montenegro? I suppose he meant Monte Carlo, lol
Michael Devaney
Michael Devaney Mese fa
Man the V8 Volante is just such a gorgeous car!
drstevenrey Mese fa
I would never ever be seen dead watching anything from TG after the departure of the presenters. But Drivetribe sent me here, so, I'll watch it.
Oliver Rashid
Oliver Rashid Mese fa
Your loss! It's a good show now
David Seddon
David Seddon Mese fa
The Living Daylights car isn’t the Living Daylights car it is the No Time To Die car as it doesn’t have the sunroof that the Living Daylights car has
Wad Mese fa
Why auto rickshaw
Madmanmarque Mese fa
Die Another Day was not the low point... The Man With The Golden Gun and Moonraker come to mind.
RaphAviation Mese fa
From what I remember, the vanquish stunt car is actually 4WD. Can't remember what chassis though. Someone could confirm?
we8gas Mese fa
The first video I've linked from top gear since the 3 legends left. This is a special video this one. Amazing ❤
Kessler1996 Mese fa
Barely 13 seconds given to the 750iL, but at least it got some attention - the big E38 from Tomorrow Never Dies is always considered a dud in the Bond car line up, but I think it's a sensationally cool, sleek vehicle, especially in the Aspen silver paint and sitting on the 18-inch M-Sport alloys. A dream of a car :)
Rotorhead500 Mese fa
The green XK8 from Die Another Day... if memory serves, the stunt/mule cars were based on a cut-down Bronco chassis, retained the 4x4 drive-train and had a Ford short block V8. Were quite loud in the workshop! Was fun driving around Brown's Lane plant playing with the minigun! 🤣
Rotorhead500 28 giorni fa
@Acoustonaut I recall it being a bit... errrm... loose, inside! 🤣
Acoustonaut 28 giorni fa
@Rotorhead500 I understand the car that ran on the ice was, yes. It was in the SVO workshop and one of the guys told me that as he was showing me. He said it was the only unit they found that made it possible for 4x4 running gear. I remember half the cowl and bulkhead was cut away, the base of the windshield was basically floating!
Rotorhead500 29 giorni fa
@Acoustonaut It was a Chevy lump, was it? I only got to see them in the SVO workshop; remember being told it was a Bronco running gear and short-block V8, so assumed they'd knicked the lump too! Bet Ford kept that bit quiet! 🤣
Acoustonaut 29 giorni fa
The car they used on the ice had a Chevy V8 and transmission as that was the only thing that could fit and give the 4WD, The rest were RWD as normal. That paint looked incredible going down the BL XK production line.
Gabriela Sochan
Gabriela Sochan Mese fa
Furyo Mese fa
To me the db5 is really the most beautiful car ever made, it’s so charismatic i just love it
J Mese fa
Wonder why they don't have the Alfa 159 in there.... Still one of the best looking saloon cars made in the modern era and they crashed several black ones in one of the Daniel Craig films chasing the Aston DBS in the opening sequence.
Sahil Rawat
Sahil Rawat Mese fa
I loved to see the tuk tuk/autorickshaw as we call in India. Maube the quintessential Bond ccar ever. Never knew James Bond had one of that. Maybe in Octopussy. And also maybe his greatest and most secret Bond vehicle ever.
Vandal42 Mese fa
Jag CX75 sooooooo much cooler than the DB10 - fact
Atticus Bastow
Atticus Bastow Mese fa
a WHOLE episode on this with Chris please
Yuta Farhan
Yuta Farhan Mese fa
Richard hammond's 50 years of bond cars is still the best
Swapsrox Mese fa
still not as good as Jeremy, Richard and James
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht Mese fa
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin Mese fa
For me, it has to be the Z8. It may not handle as a true sports car, but that Z8 is a sexy looker and a cool Boulevard cruiser. I love that. Oh, forgot to mention the first gen Vanquish. It is still a great looking AM to this day
Alex Wong
Alex Wong Mese fa
This video is better than the whole of first two episodes of season 30.
that_G_EvanP Mese fa
My friend's dad bought that BMW 750iL right before the movie came out. Same color and everything. People were in love with that car.
Kessler1996 Mese fa
What a dream!! That would have been incredible, did it have the M-Sport alloys as well?
gomongoose Mese fa
Aaaaand .. I was waiting for Chris to discuss the Tuk Tuk as well ...... bummer!
Itz Fredify
Itz Fredify Mese fa
Shinigami117 S
Shinigami117 S Mese fa
Where’s my boy the bmw z3???
FixxxeR208 Mese fa
It's such a shame the super Jag CX-75 never went into production. It would've been a blast and whoop the so called supercar trinity's ass that came later.
Corona virus
Corona virus Mese fa
The garage dream we all been waiting for, absolutely brilliant BOSS.
Luke Stocks
Luke Stocks Mese fa
I love the way Chris is such a GEN X boy I'd be the same way around all those cars. Love watching his stuff
Joe Hahn
Joe Hahn Mese fa
Love the ‘69 DBS as well.
ImBarryScottCSS Mese fa
I'd have the CX75 and DB10. A crying shame that neither of those beauties were put into production.
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin Mese fa
The DB10 did path its way for the new gen Vantage. Heck, underneath the DB10 is basically the old gen V8 Vantage.
RiDyCY Mese fa
Where is the 2007 Ford Mondeo?
Ariana Roberts
Ariana Roberts Mese fa
But where’s the Yellow Citroen 2CV that Bond drove in For Your Eyes Only?????
Crash Box
Crash Box Mese fa
On the day this was filmed, 007 had it out on a mission.
drink4711 Mese fa
exactly! what a cool little car that was
Ruairi McCarthy
Ruairi McCarthy Mese fa
James Bond YAWN
Marco Marco lynx
Marco Marco lynx Mese fa
I read Chris immediately I have to watch the video. You are the best Chris, thanks
CarS2drive Mese fa
agree, that green dbs is the best bond looking car !
Perry Mese fa
It's really a shame bond films now have shied away from gadgets and crazy modified cars.
Henry VIII King of England
Henry VIII King of England Mese fa
how much did BMW pay you ?? the BMW Z8 and M5 ? abominations and a disgrace to James Bond. same with the crappy AMC. but that was NEVER a JB Bond car just happened to be in movie. No the nadir was the BMW Z3 think Timothy Dalton used ? 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
ace iimov
ace iimov Mese fa
About the new Top gear. Why would I spend an hour every week watch two wannabes who cant even say words properly. Chris Harris is cool
RJVX12 bring me 300% profit because of Tesla pump
Umut Uzel
Umut Uzel Mese fa
RJVX12 algorithm is my choice, i dont worry about BTC rates at all
Eren ÜNLÜ Mese fa
is there really still a person who does not know about the existence of RJVX12 algorithm?
64bit Brian
64bit Brian Mese fa
Today I realised that my ideal car is a fire-damaged Jaguar C-X75.
Ferana Asami
Ferana Asami Mese fa
Classical for elite people I guess
04dram04 Mese fa
4:10 DB5 has heavy oil leak
August Borgen
August Borgen Mese fa
Isn’t that Elon’s esprit?
M Mese fa
they're missing the 1.9l Z3!!
Lord Twaddle
Lord Twaddle Mese fa
I’ll agree with Harris here, the old DBS is easily the prettiest bond car ever made. It beats out the Vanquish and DB5 for me by quite some margin.
Thomas Mulhall
Thomas Mulhall Mese fa
Thank you, your Lordship! I have shown my DBS at concours events next to a DB5, and, believe it or not, I get a bigger crowd. The AR-7 on the glovebox prop doesn't hurt either. William Towns was a genius. Cheers
Quinn Quiroz
Quinn Quiroz Mese fa
i liked the old top gear but the new one good to
Tony Harper
Tony Harper Mese fa
Cubby Broccoli said that the thing about the gadgets, cars etc in Bond movies was that they should be 5 years in the future. Enough for the audience to say WOW, not too much that they thought it impossible. The invisible Jag failed that test, hence why it marked the low point.
thenewsaint 04
thenewsaint 04 Mese fa
Anyone remembers the Lotus Esprit Turbo from For Your Eyes only? Of just the legendary DB5s, surely this has got to be the best looking car just by standing still
Perry Mese fa
And from if looks could kill!
Mr Race Car
Mr Race Car Mese fa
can't wait for this weekends' episode
Sheridan Mese fa
The worst part about becoming a legend is people often look back on you as a cliché even though you made the trend
Rick B
Rick B Mese fa
Die Another Day has Rosamund Pike, for that reason alone it is forgiven!
BubbaSmurft Mese fa
Yup, she was pretty (good) in that film but holyhell she has NOT aged well. (as if I'd have a "snow"balls chance in hell) :)
L15EWT Mese fa
I got to see one of the xkr villain cars at a car show with someone dressed up like the villain. Cool to see
asrese Mese fa
Chau Que Linh
Chau Que Linh Mese fa
The belligerent wave posteriorly consist because tights importantly juggle besides a lackadaisical syrup. unhealthy, two ambulance
Aldo Maverick
Aldo Maverick Mese fa
The dbs and the esprit r my favourite
Pandamasque Mese fa
3:04 and the Stig (Ben Collins) was driving!
Erik Santoso
Erik Santoso Mese fa
Did the esprit they borrow from elon musk?
Damion Lee
Damion Lee Mese fa
This is a fantastic collection, not just envious, I'm full on jealous. The run around with Paddy in the DB5, you & Freddie in chase was great. But how did you/the script writers not go with the play-on-words joke that wrote itself? Should have been Paddy: Do you expect me to talk? Chris: No Mr Bond, I expect you to drive!
Prageeth Athapaththu
Prageeth Athapaththu Mese fa
Bmw z8 ♡♡♡♡♡
D70 Mese fa
This is why TopGear is the best platform for petrolheads. Great video presented by one of the biggest petrolheads ..... in the world......
acodike Mese fa
And the Z3 ?
The 12th Dimension
The 12th Dimension Mese fa
2:06 great to see some love for the classic DBS. Most underrated car there
mani kumar
mani kumar Mese fa
auto rickshaw in the background! while lotus...
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