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Here are some of our favourite films featuring the best of Maranello, from Top Gear TV. In the mix, Chris Harris drives the Ferrari 488 Pista, the classic 250 GT TDF, the F12tdf and the raucous FXX-K. Which was your favourite?
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Unknown Artist
Unknown Artist Giorno fa
Kako ga cepas jbt
Daniel Uccheddu
Daniel Uccheddu 3 giorni fa
Great greats, all different unlike some brands who have the same engine, just add more fibre and call it a new car,lol. But, I would not let Chris drive these cars, he is a McLaren spy, drives Ferraris, then helps McLaren with insight. Doesn't like the SF90, yet in love with the Speedtail, the ugliest thing around!
the dark Knight
the dark Knight 6 giorni fa
La Ferrari e un auto perfetta e nata in Italia ed e l'orgoglio italiano
max 10 giorni fa
TDF its not pretty he said ;AHAHAH
cool_crazman 12 giorni fa
Fyfe Craigie
Fyfe Craigie 15 giorni fa
Read Zechariah 12:10
Read Zechariah 12:10 16 giorni fa
The problem is that 95% of Ferrari drivers are posers who don't know how to drive. Then, you hand them a race car for the street and the inevitable happens.
Read Zechariah 12:10
Read Zechariah 12:10 16 giorni fa
The steering wheel on the 250 appears loose. It is moving forward and backward in Chris's hand.
erik9108 16 giorni fa
When the world's electric.... we will certainly miss this mechanical symphony 😢
Silverio Julius
Silverio Julius 18 giorni fa
The fxxk is the car of asphalt 9 right?
CoolJRT 25 giorni fa
Paolo Saggiorato
Paolo Saggiorato 26 giorni fa
Beautiful cars!♥️
Francis Andre Buencamino Yan
Francis Andre Buencamino Yan 29 giorni fa
1:06 it made “Le Mans look like a fun run.”
Rhys Hynd
Rhys Hynd Mese fa
The grand tour is better. 😏
The Porschefile
The Porschefile Mese fa
ITpost knows that that image of the pista=Chris Harris
Zulu Bravo
Zulu Bravo Mese fa
Just not the same without James, Richard and Jeremy.
Walid Adjerid
Walid Adjerid Mese fa
Walid Adjerid
Walid Adjerid Mese fa
Walid Adjerid
Walid Adjerid Mese fa
Walid Adjerid
Walid Adjerid Mese fa
Walid Adjerid
Walid Adjerid Mese fa
Walid Adjerid
Walid Adjerid Mese fa
Walid Adjerid
Walid Adjerid Mese fa
Walid Adjerid
Walid Adjerid Mese fa
Walid Adjerid
Walid Adjerid Mese fa
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris Mese fa
A medievel sex toy LOL
Ew its new top gear
aGoldDuckOW Mese fa
"the world needs more cars that are hard to drive" news: the percentage of car accidents has suddenly risen in the past year by a drastic 87%
Ahmed Ghanem
Ahmed Ghanem Mese fa
Clarkson would say Like ahorse with masstard stuck upon its bottom 😔
Gay cha
Gay cha Mese fa
250 GT sounds great.
Aniket Sen
Aniket Sen Mese fa
that exhaust note from the goodness....Godly!
kenester621 Mese fa
Chris is the British Randy Pobst
ʎɐpsɯoop uoᴉʇɐɹǝdO
ʎɐpsɯoop uoᴉʇɐɹǝdO Mese fa
I'm taking the Pista over any of them. Future Classic....
TonyVee89 Mese fa
I want to cry... thinking about modern cars, full of touchscreens and batteries...we love cars cause we love mechanic and we hate electronic!!!!! We love fuel combustion engines that screams and flames. So sad
ricky v
ricky v Mese fa
A great example of why Top Gear still makes great content. I am excited to see more Ferrari coverage on this channel. Now I wonder if they'll do some more of those cross country trips again?
astronmr20 Mese fa
I'll have the 250
Luca Dahse
Luca Dahse Mese fa
Chris: *Goes to Paul Ricard* F1 bored snoring intensifies
Alex Kizler
Alex Kizler Mese fa
Said to myself, I’m not watching this video unless it’s Chris Harris was the one reviewing. Wasn’t disappointed.
Mudhaffar Adhwa
Mudhaffar Adhwa Mese fa
Tell a kid to draw a supercar and it'll be red
Kacper Chocianowski
Kacper Chocianowski Mese fa
Who still misses that show with Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond? Me
Dylan F
Dylan F Mese fa
The FXX K is the sexiest car on the planet
Lou Stath
Lou Stath Mese fa
Wish Ferrari would build a modern raw lightweight 250 GTO similar shape but all modern,I know the f12 is great but a new look 250 GTO would be awesome!
GTfour01 Mese fa
GREAT vid there, Mr. Harris.
Gian Luca
Gian Luca Mese fa
Benvenuti in Italia ❤️
Harry Tagara
Harry Tagara Mese fa
'When the worlds electric, i think ill remember this day, more than every other'. :,(
Iqtidar Hussain
Iqtidar Hussain Mese fa
christopher ayala
christopher ayala Mese fa
Synthetic fuels might come in handy
MegaH215 Mese fa
Yeah when he said that... that hit
HawkSea Mese fa
Is that the new Corvette?
Ben Mese fa
Chris Harris is my hero
Yiani Zhang
Yiani Zhang Mese fa
Chris will you be doing a review on Volvo P1800 anytime soon...
Adityaroop Mohanty
Adityaroop Mohanty Mese fa
Nobody- Some random day- fxxk randomly lands on earth 💥💥💥💥💥
Alfa DNA
Alfa DNA Mese fa
Forza Ferrari!!
Edith Sullivan
Edith Sullivan Mese fa
The soft wall serendipitously nod because clover secondarily interrupt under a right edward. economic, scattered chair
Steve Holt
Steve Holt Mese fa
Harris is always going sideways in his videos but I don't think I've ever seen him get into a Formula D machine and give it a go.
Steve Holt
Steve Holt Mese fa
Only 5M GBP? That's pretty cheap for a limited vintage Ferrari.
Jameel Ja
Jameel Ja Mese fa
How does he say the F12 TDF is not pretty. It's gorgeous.
Chris Maxson
Chris Maxson Mese fa
That FXX K review was amazing. I wish there was more to the review, more about the amazing track.
Randy Alakas
Randy Alakas Mese fa
What song in the background of ferrari 250 gt? So calming
Rick C
Rick C Mese fa
Incidentally, it *feels* like a medieval sex toy, too.
Doggie Mese fa
I feel sorry for Top Gear, cause i just noticed that if its not Chris i just dont watch em anymore.
chen fla
chen fla Mese fa
Production quality: 100% Host sense of humour: 30%
chen fla
chen fla Mese fa
@Gerard Magnarelli sounds like he is really good at climbing. Haha.
Gerard Magnarelli
Gerard Magnarelli Mese fa
When you say ‘host’, do you mean the inimitable Chris Harris? The 🐐 of car reviews??
Bjorre Meijer
Bjorre Meijer Mese fa
Who looks at a F12 TDF and says:"It's not pretty but..", how do you mean it's not pretty? It's stunning
HK Heyasa
HK Heyasa Mese fa
Is this a farewell to the loud engines as we welcome the quiet electric motors
christopher ayala
christopher ayala Mese fa
I hope synthetic fuels are successful so we can enjoy new ice sport cars
Anthony Murray
Anthony Murray Mese fa
The shortest 12mins ever🙌
Spartan 117
Spartan 117 Mese fa
The F12 TDF 🤤🤤🤤
Gennaro Falzarano
Gennaro Falzarano Mese fa
Ferrari >
PITSteelers Mese fa
I feel like it's pretty clear that the old trio had a lot of say in the final scripts. The writers are probably the same, but the writing itself is no where near as good as it used to be
D.T. Customs
D.T. Customs Mese fa
As someone who has had the privilege of seeing and hearing that 250 TDF, Ferrari stands unrivaled
Slayer 96 DA 2ND
Slayer 96 DA 2ND Mese fa
Man they suck at race but they are sure beautiful
Nightrodboss Eden
Nightrodboss Eden Mese fa
250 GTb TDF every time
Achintya Aatreya
Achintya Aatreya Mese fa
I don't think the Ferrari SUV experience would be as rosy as the cars in this video.
minatormyth Mese fa
Great video, thanks🤗🤗
Alush Play
Alush Play Mese fa
+1M views before end of January
What a weapon of tech. Not even legal on the road
crespin Denis
crespin Denis Mese fa
Chris Harris the Best
Smile ツ
Smile ツ Mese fa
nah clarkson better
Бодя Піскун
Бодя Піскун Mese fa
Cricket England
Cricket England Mese fa
The 250GT TDF is worth 5 millions pounds, well good job Chris Harris is driving it and not Richard Hammond
Time 4 Change
Time 4 Change Mese fa
How ostentatious of Ferrari to sell you an auto where they tell you where, when and how you can drive it.
Jerry Johnson II
Jerry Johnson II Mese fa
Pure Epic Ferrari video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing. !
Flaming Hedgehog
Flaming Hedgehog Mese fa
I flat out fail to see why the old 250's are so pricey. Artificially inflated by the uber rich playing ego games maybe?
kim torvs
kim torvs Mese fa
Idk but the lines fit Jeremy more than Chris harris... but Frankly Chris harris is the only decent one in the Current Top Gear Trio
2E (16) Yuen Chung Lam Ivan
2E (16) Yuen Chung Lam Ivan Mese fa
10:32 I'm pretty sure you don't do a qualifying lap off a standing start.
Zu Nayd
Zu Nayd Mese fa
Absolutely Amazing Symphony of Sound to get The Heart Racing🔥🔥🔥🔥Brilliant...Forza Ferrari👍👍👍
Besotted Ferrarista
Besotted Ferrarista Mese fa
The song of a Ferrari at FULL NOISE is Absolutely Spellbinding!!! I will never sell my atmo Ferrari it is simply sensational 👍🏻🇮🇹👍🏻🇮🇹👍🏻 🇮🇹🏎🏁
jl7676 Mese fa
The drifting shit is getting old. Show me a fast lap instead.
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior Mese fa
No one cares about the pista after F8 obliterated it
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior Mese fa
@Minas Sha F8 beats any of those
Minas Sha
Minas Sha Mese fa
About f12 tdf as well 812sf is better
Hunter Parleir
Hunter Parleir Mese fa
All I can say is... What a blessed man you are, Chris. Blessed indeed.
Paul N
Paul N Mese fa
Viva Cavallino Rampante..👍👍
MindDezign Mese fa
Not ONLY the Content, but right along with it " the Edit " One word for both " Glorious"
Vishnu 21
Vishnu 21 Mese fa
Just reminded me why I love cars
Chuck Mese fa
please we want more compilation like these.
CJ Marshall
CJ Marshall Mese fa
Thank you Mr. Harris
Theo Knows Cars
Theo Knows Cars Mese fa
Clarkson hammond and may are better than harris
Corona virus
Corona virus Mese fa
It can't get more legendary than this, like they say a Ferrari will always be a Ferrari, once a Boss it always be BOSS 👏
Zak Algamal
Zak Algamal Mese fa
Jeremy 🤧
Sidhant Megh9
Sidhant Megh9 Mese fa
Waiting for Drag Race and Lap Times 🏁
andreo photography
andreo photography Mese fa
When the computer starts working don’t, BUT really don’t think that you driving, let the computer do, otherwise get a car!
christdragon Mese fa
The best Ferrari here is the 250 GT TdF. I know most won't agree with me, but I don't care. I'd realy like to see Clarkson drive it. Thanks.
Whitney Schiesser
Whitney Schiesser Mese fa
Damn Chris Harris can do cars!!!
Celtic Batman
Celtic Batman Mese fa
Nothing to see here, once you see the 250. You can buy a dozen of any of the others with the value, if you are bonkers enough to sell it.
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