HONDA E vs CORSA-E vs MINI ELECTRIC: Racing EVs around empty Alton Towers | Top Gear

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27 giorni fa

*WARNING* More consumer advice coming your way. This week we're answering the question: Which is the best EV supermini... for racing around an abandoned theme park in the North of England?
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Service & Feedback

Moe Grant-Harris
Moe Grant-Harris 3 giorni fa
Watching flintoff drive always has me on edge, keep expecting a crash
Vortec Garage
Vortec Garage 3 giorni fa
Top gear just is not worth watching without the old cast
ghxstcxntrxl music
ghxstcxntrxl music 4 giorni fa
7:10 anyone taps on my car like that that looks like that will get punch in the face by me on gawd
bekir ilkyaz
bekir ilkyaz 7 giorni fa
Corsa looks really good even with that orange colour , Honda looks interesting because it is different and kinda unique , Mini looks good but because it looks like other Minis
Exemplify 11 giorni fa
That's why you don't sit och lean or lay on the bonnet. The Mini bonnet is like a potato field now 🤪
Quacky Duck
Quacky Duck 13 giorni fa
An EV race where they all finished?
Curlyano26 16 giorni fa
They legit sound like oversized rc cars
John Booth
John Booth 17 giorni fa
I miss the old top gear cast
Aidan Gordon
Aidan Gordon 18 giorni fa
Now *THAT'S* classic Top Gear. Fantastic work, boys!
DJVK 18 giorni fa
Ben Tran
Ben Tran 19 giorni fa
This would be such a sick thing to do
asad ullah
asad ullah 20 giorni fa
Only here for the honda e
Fancy Steve
Fancy Steve 21 giorno fa
wuling ev
Jeremy Lan
Jeremy Lan 21 giorno fa
Drone pilot is @andrewjlawrence!
LyriC - HolyCyborg
LyriC - HolyCyborg 22 giorni fa
loved it! 👏
Aakash 22 giorni fa
Horribly contrived.
SigZA 22 giorni fa
Sad that Top Gear has transformed into this garbage.
AbdulQadir Hamid
AbdulQadir Hamid 22 giorni fa
what episode is this?
chimaeraSPK 23 giorni fa
At the beginning, I thought it was an ad for a mobile game.
Donere 23 giorni fa
We miss the old show stupid show now and boring to watch
Doctor Howdy
Doctor Howdy 23 giorni fa
this isnt top gear...
Kash Sattar
Kash Sattar 23 giorni fa
It's just not Top Gear really is it now.
Jacob Siyasa
Jacob Siyasa 23 giorni fa
Those FPV Drone shots so on point.
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson 24 giorni fa
The Honda is not beautiful to me... Looks too plain and uninteresting
Naz Sera
Naz Sera 24 giorni fa
The Old Top Gear. Was Top Gear ⚙.. Those three Clowns 🤡 Were themselves, Youz.. Just Bad Acting ... trying to Hard... Sad 😥
Peter Van den Berg
Peter Van den Berg 24 giorni fa
Wait a minute. ☹️ This is not Top Gear.🧐 Who are these guys?🤗🤨 Just give us The Real Top Gear back. 💪
Matt Evans
Matt Evans 24 giorni fa
They really tried hard to stack the deck against the mini....and it still won....
Matthew Boyd
Matthew Boyd 24 giorni fa
Love the video To bad none of these cars are sold here (America). I would love the Honda E.
Filip Borin
Filip Borin 24 giorni fa
Honda- expensive for low range
Ziegenlord 24 giorni fa
Corsa still looks the best
ZesPak 25 giorni fa
I love how bigger productions like TG are embracing the ITpost format. The drone shots in this were on point. We often see productions like this that used to have huge budgets and thus helicopters (which TG used quite a lot tbh) get a bit stuck in what they know and in there way of filming. Here you see a big number of drone shots that are just impossible to pull off with a helicopter. Props, great vid!
Aidan Gordon
Aidan Gordon 18 giorni fa
This. Imagine something like the supermarket sweep with drone shots... God, that would've been cool.
ZesPak 25 giorni fa
I know that little Honda is too expensive, I know the range isn't all there. I'm aware that the e208 is the better buy. But I WANT that Honda. It's such a great design.
Nick Mcginley
Nick Mcginley 25 giorni fa
miss the old top gear
Xfishf00D 25 giorni fa
I closed the beginning five times because I thought it was an ad 🤦‍♂️
surya bahtiar
surya bahtiar 25 giorni fa
I hope my Aldous gameplay can entertain you all❤
The Eric
The Eric 25 giorni fa
That looks like fun.
Mountain Man Dale
Mountain Man Dale 25 giorni fa
It looks like some other show. This is pure rubbish.
THEOGPLAYERV2 25 giorni fa
yeah old top gear is way better shame they are gone
A comunist Apple
A comunist Apple 25 giorni fa
Wait, where is May, Hammond and Clarkson?
Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews 25 giorni fa
These northern accents are awful.
Super Owen
Super Owen 25 giorni fa
The new top gear sucks
VW GTI 23 giorni fa
It still those driving batteries...💨💨💨
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 25 giorni fa
Why are you here then?
R Menon
R Menon 25 giorni fa
One of those presenters has a really strong accent. It's hard to understand what he's saying.
J Hough
J Hough 25 giorni fa
What episode is this from?
Typically katy X
Typically katy X 25 giorni fa
Typically katy X
Typically katy X 25 giorni fa
I’m so scared
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MCG Channel - Mazen Cars Garage Gamer 25 giorni fa
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mmahgoub 25 giorni fa
1:30 Oh my god I experienced like 7 Gs i thought he flew
Thanasis K
Thanasis K 25 giorni fa
The corsa looks amazing! Opel for life!
RikMcCloud 26 giorni fa
This is soooooo good!
StressedYeti 26 giorni fa
It's good to see FPV in main media
Panduka 26 giorni fa
the beginning of the video made me think of those mobile phone game ads that are like age of empire clones
Jinesh Munasinghe
Jinesh Munasinghe 26 giorni fa
now this is so refreshing ... like the old top gear with the original trio !!
Charlie Nancarrow
Charlie Nancarrow 26 giorni fa
‘Start you batteries’? That was a bit lame
UKCHEEZ 26 giorni fa
Who made this video its amazing some of the shots i feel like im there 👌💯
Nixon 26 giorni fa
Cringe fest with those two
Kreuzberg BL
Kreuzberg BL 26 giorni fa
Who else missed Jeremy,Richard and James? 😕
Aidan Gordon
Aidan Gordon 18 giorni fa
Eh. With _The Grand Tour_ in full-on special mode, I'm not sure if you're missing much.
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 25 giorni fa
It's been 6 years. Let it go. If you were like this about an ex boyfriend for 6 years, your friends and family would tell you to seek professional help. You're even worse than that, because you don't even know the 3 has-beens you're pining for personally.
MaJieMao 26 giorni fa
Mini is like twice the cost of the Honda isn't it?
Matthew P
Matthew P 23 giorni fa
No the MINI is cheaper than the Honda by a few thousand dollars. Honda is really expensive.
Harri Ahonen
Harri Ahonen 26 giorni fa
This made as much sense as the Trump campaign.
El Guapo
El Guapo 26 giorni fa
Wait, wrong voice. This isn't Top Gear!
M C 26 giorni fa
Racing EVs through a closed theme park course? Love it!
Fazlur Rahman
Fazlur Rahman 26 giorni fa
I want to do this too! Brilliant!
Revan 26 giorni fa
A Top Gear show with Tanner and Chris would be epic.
Cubed 26 giorni fa
It's real life Yoshi Valley
Paul Wade
Paul Wade 26 giorni fa
Oh it's all 3 and not just Chris SKIP!!!
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 25 giorni fa
But don't forget leave a bitchy comment.
Diogo Cezar
Diogo Cezar 26 giorni fa
Tbh, I don't believe any shit Top Gear has done in the last 5 or 6 years.
TheShinyShow 26 giorni fa
The hectic camerawork makes this near unwatchable
Anastasis B. Marinakis
Anastasis B. Marinakis 26 giorni fa
The Honda E looks brilliant.
Paddy Ocallaghan
Paddy Ocallaghan 26 giorni fa
What a load of shite
Rob Tap
Rob Tap 26 giorni fa
I know a good ride called Rita.
Vlad George Moldovan
Vlad George Moldovan 26 giorni fa
I thought the beginning was an add
GunnerPlayGames 26 giorni fa
Quality video, love the design of the Honda and the mini, not such a fan of the corsa
Brenden Pragasam
Brenden Pragasam 26 giorni fa
Too bad Americans have no real way to watch this series in real time...
a strange apple logo
a strange apple logo 26 giorni fa
this is like a Walmart version of the grand tour or the old top gear
Patrick Rollins
Patrick Rollins 26 giorni fa
cHrIs hArRiS
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming 26 giorni fa
They ruined it with the dead ends. It’s supposed to be about the cars, not the drivers. Head in the same direction or do a time trial
Czechbound 26 giorni fa
Genius idea, very well executed. Drone pilot should get a bonus
Sheikh Farhan
Sheikh Farhan 26 giorni fa
I see that the Top Gear Crew got the new DJI FPV drone. Those drone shots are real crispy.
Simon Williams
Simon Williams 26 giorni fa
'Did you get stuck in a Queue?'
Roshan Srinivas
Roshan Srinivas 26 giorni fa
Drone shots were amazing
nicksimpson 26 giorni fa
you dont "start a battery" lmao, the motors still need to turn on
christdragon 26 giorni fa
That was super cool. The kind of thing I dreamed of doing as a teen. I love the look of the Honda, and Mini Cooper. This is the kind of thing I'd expect to see on old Top Gear with Clarkson, Hammond, and May. Thank you.
Kelr 26 giorni fa
I think he dented the mini's hood.
NikesZ28 26 giorni fa
So has nothing to do with the cars then, all about luck and navigation.
PUNISHERMARKO 26 giorni fa
this was uploaded 6 months ago...why reupload?!
Beyond A Build
Beyond A Build 26 giorni fa
That Honda is giving throwback design vibes 🛠🙏
lotus 26 giorni fa
Tim Brien
Tim Brien 26 giorni fa
This should just be called "The Chris Harris Show"
Aidan Gordon
Aidan Gordon 18 giorni fa
I dunno. The other two are coming into their own, I think. Not anywhere near the CHM era, but still good in its own right.
Romi 26 giorni fa
the Honda E is a really nice looking city car but outrageously overpriced for what it is with that tiny range.
Alianos 26 giorni fa
thought i was watching an ad of a shitty mobile game at first
Nik Gnashers
Nik Gnashers 26 giorni fa
Top Gear has always been pointless (well since Clarkson/Hammond/May took over), but at least it was funny. Now it's pointless, dull, boring, with zero humour.
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 26 giorni fa
@Nik Gnashers in other words, you're here specifically to bitch and moan. Got ya.
Nik Gnashers
Nik Gnashers 26 giorni fa
@Alle Warten Auf Das Licht Because I am. Why are you here ?
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 26 giorni fa
Why are you here then?
racer77cow 26 giorni fa
These are the EV's we need in America. Quirky, cheap, fun to drive... But no, Karen's keep buying SUVs so we all have to suffer
Aidan Gordon
Aidan Gordon 18 giorni fa
Yes please. I'm sick of every new EV in America being another bloody crossover. Also: Electric. Camaro. Coupe. Come on, GM... you _know_ people would buy that...
Prem Parekh
Prem Parekh 25 giorni fa
How do these cars fit a full family...
Elean John
Elean John 25 giorni fa
Because Americans like it huge
Anshuman Bhattacharyya
Anshuman Bhattacharyya 26 giorni fa
The camera work is amazing!
Maxmilián Blažek
Maxmilián Blažek 26 giorni fa
Mini Cooper e 🤗🤗 Opel Corsa 🤔 And Honda e 🙏
Franck Barget
Franck Barget 26 giorni fa
Those drone shots were on point
Paul Kearns
Paul Kearns 26 giorni fa
Did Flintoff dent the mini's bonnet at the end?
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 26 giorni fa
The Mini bonnet is very easy to bend (British build quality), but they pop out again easily.
Md.Ahmed Vali Khan
Md.Ahmed Vali Khan 26 giorni fa
This Race is CUTE😍😂
Uche Osemene
Uche Osemene 26 giorni fa
At this point, I'm just watching any video with the Honda e in it
Safo Christian
Safo Christian 5 giorni fa
Same here
roldox c
roldox c 22 giorni fa
It's got me as well!
Love Girl
Love Girl 26 giorni fa
Love Girl
Love Girl 23 giorni fa
@VW GTI Access my social networks.
VW GTI 23 giorni fa
So do i....and pretty girls 🥰🥰🥰
Fast H Racing
Fast H Racing 26 giorni fa
Chris Harris yes. Other 2 just annoying.
Yathuprem S
Yathuprem S 26 giorni fa
1:59 That shot. 😲
Matt G
Matt G 26 giorni fa
Is this show now just a mouthpiece for the electric car?
alliwantedwasapepsi 6 giorni fa
State propaganda all the way.
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