Quickfire Hot Hatch Buying Guide: GR Yaris, Civic Type R, AMG A45 S, Fiesta ST, Golf GTI | Top Gear

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The last 12 months have seen some cracking new additions and a few mid-life alterations to the hot hatch game. The already brilliant Civic Type R had an update with some special lightweight editions, VW released the 8th iteration of their benchmark for the sector - the Golf GTI - and then Toyota came along and blindsided everyone with the Toyota GR Yaris homologation special...
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Tyler Morgan from East Enders
Tyler Morgan from East Enders 23 ore fa
Gr yaris is king
Unknown Artist
Unknown Artist Giorno fa
Kako ga cepas jbt
Dmitry Sinitsin
Dmitry Sinitsin 3 giorni fa
3:03 - верно слышу "хайэндай" ?
buk kuk
buk kuk 8 giorni fa
proper top tip .. That Toya is sth new and special .. Huiundajii N and Fiesta was purest (and cheapest) hot-hatches before ..
Jon Andrews
Jon Andrews 9 giorni fa
I wish I could order a GR Yaris with the circuit pack in the UK
Goe Bann
Goe Bann 14 giorni fa
Yesterday I test drove the GR Yaris with circuit pack and I have to admit it is definitely a fun car to drive but is it as special as all the car journalists say it is? Absolutely NOT. After driving this thing, it is not that special, certainly not as a daily driver. My old Ford Mondeo ST220 is a better driver's car than this over marketed GR Yaris. Personal opinion. It is a beautiful, fast, fun and very direct (steering) car though.
Sandiyoga Lawyers
Sandiyoga Lawyers 15 giorni fa
Yellow Type R 💛🤙🏽🔥🔥
reza bara
reza bara 16 giorni fa
Man i miss clarckson 💔
Shyne Sto.domingo
Shyne Sto.domingo 18 giorni fa
Not me
Stan Gosling
Stan Gosling 20 giorni fa
This is NOT top gear. These clowns are insipid.
JJ-Gameract 21 giorno fa
Subaru WRX STI: Am I a joke to you?
Frederick Dizon
Frederick Dizon 24 giorni fa
You show an amg 45 then why a gti and not r?
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 24 giorni fa
There was no r
CoolJRT 25 giorni fa
This show is so boring now, it makes me want to read the boring car reviews by boring old farts in newspapers.
Francisco 26 giorni fa
wouldnt the audi hothatch be the s1?
Niccilus 26 giorni fa
Yeah the MK8 GTI is more powerful and smart than the mk7 but, the mk7 just looks so much better, and it’s got such a nice and neat interior. Mmm but that cheap 4wd Toyota is so intriguing
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 24 giorni fa
That Toyota is not cheap at all, Toyota are loosing money in every single one sold. Toyota isn't always obsessed with just selling cars and making a profit like VW and BMW.
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
r e v e l a r e_ XVII 29 giorni fa
*Its both hilarious and impressive how the Yaris out of all things is now taking the hot hatch world by storm.*
Mr GB Mese fa
No BMW? Typical
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 22 giorni fa
@Mr GB it's much better than these new BMW's, I will buy one when they don't sell them with runflat😅.
Mr GB 23 giorni fa
@Dragos Pahontu clearly never owned one. Enjoy your horse
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 24 giorni fa
I would go on a horse instead of owning a BMW
Volkswagen Boy
Volkswagen Boy Mese fa
Hey Guys- I just started a ITpost channel and uploaded my first video on my Mk7 APR stage 2 golf R, would appreciate you guys checking it out! Thanks!
Edit my last comment, I was expecting a drag race 🤦‍♂️ waste of time that video 😂
Thats not fair why didnt you use the focus RS instead of the fiesta st 🤦‍♂️ poor little ford against the Merc A45 😂
Frederick OnTour
Frederick OnTour Mese fa
Where is the BMW 135i?
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 24 giorni fa
In your local mechanic shop
TheUnheardProphet Mese fa
Man, learn to pronounce Hyundai properly.
scadadle scadoodle
scadadle scadoodle Mese fa
This isn't top gear this is the bottom gear
POWER Mese fa
So bring in A45S but not the golf R or ford RS yup makes sense
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 24 giorni fa
The Civic is sweeettt, can't wait for the 4wd model, it will be a great daily.
Edgar Renje
Edgar Renje Mese fa
After the Focus RS stopped production, the Yaris GR is the most interesting one currently.
ikra Mese fa
A45 is a joke. For that money I'd rather buy a used GTR.
Mayank Maximum CX
Mayank Maximum CX Mese fa
What about vw polo r wrc street
Durga Prasan
Durga Prasan Mese fa
No wonder the golf is still the king.
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
I would take the Civic for overall practical and fun aspect. Maybe the R is better but the GTI is so dull.
panamera Mese fa
We need these group reviews from Harris being brutally honest
Luka Xomizuri
Luka Xomizuri Mese fa
Where is mazda 3 hatchback?
Agata Mese fa
I would hug them all 😍
Uncle Niels
Uncle Niels Mese fa
I was waiting for the drag race..
Kid RoveR
Kid RoveR Mese fa
Abarth is the answer
Станислав Стас
Станислав Стас Mese fa
Раньше было лучше
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
I like the Honda
thewirah1 Mese fa
VW is complete unreliable garbage with awful engineering.
Baked Frodo
Baked Frodo Mese fa
Why complain about GTI's power and not mention the Golf R?
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
It didn't exist at the time of filming. But I'd have the Honda out of these for daily driving.
PieTen FP0
PieTen FP0 Mese fa
Bla bla bla... let'em play.
265justy Mese fa
The Merc AMG is the fastest ...but very ugly..
265justy Mese fa
Mazda 3 Turbo ....will it come to Europe ..???? Would be a new hothatch contender.
265justy 23 giorni fa
@Dragos Pahontu A Golf GTD is regarded as a Hot Hatch and that is a diesel... what's your point. ? The 3 is still a petrol no matter how the engine runs.
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
It's not a hot hatch. That engine is tuned like a diesel.
||||upjidasoid Mese fa
😂😂Yaris. It’s fun. So predictable as all the reviewers put on a fake smile and pretend it does things that the others can’t. Out of them all the Yaris would be bottom with the type R I reckon.
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
The Type R is the fastest on a dry track, and the Yaris would be the fastest in a damp track. When you buy a Golf you get a Golf.
Calum240 Mese fa
Why a GTI and not an R? Why a Fiesta and not a Focus? Doesn’t really make sense. And the A45 S is really unfair. If it’s not unfair then why use an S3 when you could’ve use an RS3? Just not very well thought through unless there are reasons
Will Plays
Will Plays Mese fa
GR Yaris is the king of the 2020 hot hatch
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
@Sinan Shanavas hell yeah, so many people that are saying Golf are crazy
Sinan Shanavas
Sinan Shanavas Mese fa
lotsofcurveslover Mese fa
So they’re all great cars. That really helped me decide which one to get.
Saim S.
Saim S. Mese fa
I thought this was going to be a race.
Christopher Mischok
Christopher Mischok Mese fa
no Megane RS
Low Life
Low Life Mese fa
Where is the drag race??
E E Mese fa
Ermmm what about the bmw M135?
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
It's in the shop
Wezzerm Mese fa
You included the A45s over the A35, so why did you use the S3 instead of the RS3????
Aristotelis Nicolaides
Aristotelis Nicolaides Mese fa
Golf R dude comon
peter gazarek
peter gazarek Mese fa
Proud American
Proud American Mese fa
Disappointed was waiting for the race to start.
George Tudor
George Tudor Mese fa
You have audi and you don t have Renault Megane RS..what kind of biased top is this guys ?
RickOShay Mese fa
Amazing that the BBC keeps beating this dead horse. You'd think the constant decline in ratings would make someone at the BBC try and fix this disaster.
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
youyiheng72 Mese fa
How about the BMW M135i xDrive?
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
Joseph Robson
Joseph Robson Mese fa
I’m sorry but the Yaris is the only true hot hatch its a little 3 door car with a little engine I want the Honda just because it’s in Phoenix yellow but it’s still to big more of a family car than hot hatch and they all cost too much money 15 to 20 k max nor 30 to 50 k
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
It's amazing, but for daily driving or as a first car if have the Civic
ash402rs Mese fa
Shame on you !!!!!!!!! It is ridiculous that you let the Ford Fiesta ST instead of the Ford Focus RS or ST compete against these other manufacturers with their top models. the Fiesta is the weakest in the round and has no chance against the others, if only because it has no four-wheel drive and only 200PS, it is a small car and not a hot hatch. the comparison is unfair. Greetings from Germany.
Regan Yee
Regan Yee Mese fa
What horrible review with some hatches not even in the same class. Why a Golf GTI and an R instead. Everyone knows the R is the tip of the line Golf, especially if you're comparing hot hatches like the AMG A45....
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
The R didn't exist at the time of filming
Richard Murčo
Richard Murčo Mese fa
What about drag?
lanista78 Mese fa
Clicked on this video to check how long I need to scroll down in the comments section until I read about Chris Harris. Was literally the first comment.
onxiaftw Mese fa
The civic and Yaris definately look like something else but the yaris is just so much better with 4x4
Karim Mese fa
2:08 : "1.5 liter triple turbo" really ?
leo pard 2
leo pard 2 Mese fa
How is the GTI in this Comparison? The Golf R should be and the A45S is also wrong ... new top gear really is shit ..
leo pard 2
leo pard 2 22 giorni fa
@Dragos Pahontu it’s definitely cheaper than the Golf interior and i do care about a good infotainment, since i also want a good sound system, which the honda doesn’t have
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 22 giorni fa
@leo pard 2 i would have to disagree, the interior is very well built, no rattles, no squeaking. It's a comfortable daily, I mean James May had one😅, he wouldn't have bought it if it weren't comfortable. The infotainment isn't the best but it has AA/AC. Out of these, the Honda has a special vibe compared to ze germans.
leo pard 2
leo pard 2 22 giorni fa
@Dragos Pahontu more special in the way of cheap plastic interior, shitty infotainment? And even more horrible engine sound? The civic didnt use stock tires at the tracktest btw. Im not a golf fan but the civic is a pile of shit
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 22 giorni fa
@leo pard 2 normal dampers last twice as long. On VW forums you see them go at 100,000miles. The Civic is still the fastest around Nurburgring, if you care about lap times, which I don't. I just like the Civic because it is everything that the Golf is, but it manages to be more special.
leo pard 2
leo pard 2 23 giorni fa
@Dragos Pahontu the golf is still faster around any racetrack , and the dampers maybe break ok the honda but not on the golf .
Mayur Narayan
Mayur Narayan Mese fa
GR Yaris it is 💯
Andras Oravecz
Andras Oravecz Mese fa
And you left out the Megane because?...
Cazwhin Uniqukes
Cazwhin Uniqukes Mese fa
How can you have a Hot Hatch buying guide with no Ford Focus ST ? And with the AMG A45 but no the RS3?
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
I'd have the Civic
Connor Marsden
Connor Marsden Mese fa
Who else came here for a drag race
Human Being
Human Being Mese fa
Jack rix should be side by side with Chris Harris and show on topgear tv
Andreas Karlsson
Andreas Karlsson Mese fa
Fiesta ST for me but not this limited edition. ST-3 is just as good but much cheaper. Yaris GR is too small and lack rear space and doesnt sound good either. Expensive too, I rather get Golf GTi 300 for those money.
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
I'd have the Civic because it's the largest and most exciting personally
James Mccormack
James Mccormack Mese fa
Probably a really odd point to make wen looking at these pocket rockets, however I tip my hat to ford & Toyota for keeping the St edition n Yaris as a 3 door!
Mark M
Mark M Mese fa
Bottom gear since Jeremy and crew left , cant watch it at all , tried but naaaa, GRAND TOUR rules
Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty Mese fa
Where's the Suzuki Swift Sport, Peugeot 208 Gti, Renault Megane/Clio, Fiat 500, Citroen DS3, Skoda Fabia, BMW M135i & Seat Cupra???
Josiah Allen
Josiah Allen Mese fa
I love VW and Audi, but for me the winner of these hot hatches is by far, with no doubt, the Honda Civic Type R. Do your research and know why.
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
I agree! VW make good cars, but nothing exciting
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 23 giorni fa
@thewirah1 it may not be beautiful, but it's not trying to hide the fact that it's Japanese and that's what they like over there. I'd have to take the Honda because it's the most practical and exciting.
thewirah1 Mese fa
The Civic looks atrocious.
Y333 HJS
Y333 HJS Mese fa
Triple turbo fiesta st?!
Carlo Moro
Carlo Moro Mese fa
¿doesn't still exists renault nor bm'[w]
Gabrijel K
Gabrijel K Mese fa
Brad P
Brad P Mese fa
Triple turbo?
yuzlon godfrey
yuzlon godfrey Mese fa
C'mon bro the a45s and the s3 are the most fastest and top notch tech on the rail, the rest you are probably advertising🤏😎
Arjun Manikyam Visweswaran
Arjun Manikyam Visweswaran Mese fa
The 05 Hot Hatches....
LaPulgaM Mese fa
Golf GTI but not a Golf R? Fiesta ST and not a Focus RS? I think the AMG is in it's own class at that price range...
MUR47_k Mese fa
more in-depth review on the new i30n with dct pls
Fábio Tavares
Fábio Tavares Mese fa
Any guy that really understands about cars ,knows that the good choice is the type R. Its the all arround better car. Period.
Dan Georgescu
Dan Georgescu Mese fa
The A45S has 421 HP! This new Top Gear really does not live up one bit to the old one. Truly disappointing...
Adrián Sesmonde Sangiao
Adrián Sesmonde Sangiao 6 giorni fa
415bhp is 421hp so he is right ;)
kurias joy
kurias joy Mese fa
Renault alpine: itpost.info/dev/iYacqK2akbOwr5k/video
Buy a golf if you're at the end of your life and boring.Anyone else skip the audi another boring car.Type r or the the hyundai or the yaris more reliable.
khanya kkm
khanya kkm Mese fa
I thought I would see a race 🤦‍♂️
Alexander Walker
Alexander Walker Mese fa
Did he say the Fiesta ST is a triple turbo? 😂
Le Lupus
Le Lupus Mese fa
'nuff said. Toyota # 1.
Autops Dream Cars
Autops Dream Cars Mese fa
You guys are missing the Mini Cooper gp 3
KrusssH Mese fa
Cupra Leon is missing, my favourite hot hatch
Azman Mese fa
Gr yaris
okoye kingsley
okoye kingsley Mese fa
I'm waiting for money.
Berke Aksoy
Berke Aksoy Mese fa
It is a really bad show please watch old top gear or grand tour
Son N
Son N Mese fa
Should have included the RS3 with the unique 2.5 5 cylinder, not the S3 and GTI. Agreed on the Yaris. It is an absolute banger. Toyota has just hit the right spot there.
memeless boi vlogs
memeless boi vlogs Mese fa
Old top gear: 3 blokes having fun New top gear: a typical car show
Alejandro Mese fa
Me: Sees video on feed! Clicks on it! Video: Theres no Chris Harris on it. Me: aww damn it 😭😩😤😤
Mike C
Mike C Mese fa
Fiesta, i30 or Yaris for me 👍😎
H8XME Mese fa
Focus st????😡
James Collinge
James Collinge Mese fa
Should only be Chris Harris doing this.
Adi Winata
Adi Winata Mese fa
Hyundai underestimate.. for me hyundai the best packaging
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