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With Ferrari's first ever SUV on the horizon, we check in with Chris Harris to get his opinion on Ferrari's future, and whether this new high-riding Fezza is going to be warmly received by Chris... or not.
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Service & Feedback

Kaden Parks
Kaden Parks Ora fa
SUVs that are fast are the best daily drivers
KO*RO*PY it is.
KO*RO*PY it is. Giorno fa
I wish they'd make a sedan with v12 and cool suicide doors.
Harsh Kaushik
Harsh Kaushik 2 giorni fa
This would the ONLY Ferrari which would be driveable in my INDIA...due to worse roads.
tallroc 2 giorni fa
Harris Mackay
Harris Mackay 3 giorni fa
I'm not mad it exists, I'm mad it replaces the GTC4 lusso.
Cliff Lee
Cliff Lee 15 giorni fa
I would rather see a Ferrari station wagon/shooting brake/estate car rather than a suv.
Fas H
Fas H 17 giorni fa
I know EVs are the future. I just want car compamies to make manual EVs. Like full on stick shift EVs. I dont know how they would do it, But the motor industry has done some amazing things and i know if they tried they could make one. That would be amazing.
Rhett H-S
Rhett H-S 20 giorni fa
G wagon is a 4wd, not an AWD/SUV. These high end AWD are actually people movers, they have no relationship with offroading, they are actually more like old coach built luxury cars in size, people want space and interior comfort.
Victory Mansions
Victory Mansions 21 giorno fa
How can anybody care about cars this much? They're just a mode of transport...
beatonthedonis47 22 giorni fa
The Cullinan looks worse than the car Homer designed in the Simpsons.
Matisse 25 giorni fa
Purosangue means pureblood, so kind of its saying, this car is the original, it is part of the elite group of the best
MagnumTriumph 26 giorni fa
"you might as well walk around saying hate me"
Michal Havlik
Michal Havlik 27 giorni fa
Reminds me SsangYong... Terrible idea,terrible name...
Lewis72 28 giorni fa
"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." - Henry Ford.
chad barbaro
chad barbaro 28 giorni fa
Ok, lets not forget about the Chinese market. They put shields on a toaster now, dont you ferrari?
Pedro Pinheiro
Pedro Pinheiro Mese fa
An eletric SUV with the Ferrari logo?! That really isn’t a Ferrari Purosangue
Jojoselavi Mese fa
He´s completely right, it´s a sad thing that Ferrari as some kind of "last company standing" yields the SUV pressure. But it has to be done, yeah of course...
Phil Johnson
Phil Johnson Mese fa
3 pedals is the best pedals
Phil Johnson
Phil Johnson Mese fa
Does that mean that an FF will be something to look at in 8 yrs?
Roco Mese fa
Yet super and hypercars are necessary. Petrol cars are also necessary. Each to their own I say
Roco Mese fa
I disagree with his argument against SUVs. If everyone had similar views we would all be driving low powered electric vehicles or something. Very hypocritical of him considering how unpractical supercars and hypercars are. He is very passionate about how stupid people are to buy them and contradicts himself by purchasing a Mercedes G wagon. I use to value his opinion, but I think his ego has grown since hosting Top Gear
Aphoenixshallrise Mese fa
So they eventually stole the name
Aditya singh
Aditya singh Mese fa
completely agree we need real cars
Zed OHH Mese fa
What a grinch!
Vehicle Technology
Vehicle Technology Mese fa
Please stop bleeping bleeping Harris.
Tristan Moos
Tristan Moos Mese fa
Noticing that Gloss black/ Piano black is becoming a hot trend in almost every auto maker.
Oli G
Oli G Mese fa
Please please please take over at Ferrari. I could listen to Mr Harris all day long, thanks.
Damian Wipfli
Damian Wipfli Mese fa
I just hate this roadprinzess suv, if you have to build one, make it usable for the point they were originaly designed Sport Utility Vehicle. Like the Urus, Rexton or Class G. They can tow a lot, have awesome offroad capability.
Kyle Holloway
Kyle Holloway Mese fa
I just don't like 95% of Ferrari's. They've completely lost their appeal to me. There's just too many models being released all the time and it's kinda diluted what made the brand great in the first place.
Panaceias Úberes
Panaceias Úberes Mese fa
I love Chris Harris working man train of thought: "They are unnecessary cars" and so on. But I got a GLS AMG and I absolutely love the concept of 7 people doing 180mph (after de-restricting it, of course) in complete comfort. Isn't that a democratic concept, taking speed to the masses?
serpex77 Mese fa
It is unimaginable how these SUV's took over the world. Besides the fact they are useless off road, useless in cities, they are also a "space crime". They are not safer in collisions (proved by Fifth Gear)they are absolutely rubbish. What perplexes me, is the amount of brain wash, the masses accept. This childish SUV trend begun just like all the non-senses, kendama, trap music, etc. The SUV is just another symbol of opulence and egocentrism, and have nothing to do with the driving experience or the love for cars.
Marcel Handsome
Marcel Handsome 2 mesi fa
I think Ferrari should do a four-door saloon or four-door coupe instead SUV's are ugly.
Rocket racer19 ProGamer
Rocket racer19 ProGamer 2 mesi fa
Jeremy is better f new top gear
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski 2 mesi fa
As Henry Ford said: "if I asked customers what they wanted they would say a faster horse".
First Step
First Step 2 mesi fa
Come on fellas! Shit-UV's are source of humour!. You look, point and laugh until your shit your dacks.
SHOPQEYS 2 mesi fa
Everything Chris says about SUV's is B.S. Prove it.. he buys a G wagon. Long live the SUV.
Joedon Bean
Joedon Bean 2 mesi fa
Ferrari is so far off track they're in the parking lot
eldavieo 2 mesi fa
Next we will have a cateram super 7 jeep 😂
Resize Films
Resize Films 2 mesi fa
Lamborghini literally makes agricultural tractors, why wouldn’t they make a SUV too after all?
Some Guy
Some Guy 2 mesi fa
I love SUVs. But I don't love the Lambo et al.
Terapie Ad-Hoc
Terapie Ad-Hoc 2 mesi fa
Purosangue = Pure Blood = Thoroughbred 😄
Devin du Plessis
Devin du Plessis 2 mesi fa
Ironically cars like the Scenic and Espace are the types of cars that kicked the comfort-car movement off. The SUV is a comfort car and people who want that plus sports go for these sorts of things.
Devin du Plessis
Devin du Plessis 2 mesi fa
‘Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines’ - Enzo Ferrari, 1960 What this basically meant is beauty first, everything else second. Enzo must be turning in his grave so fast that they could power their F1 program with his corpse. 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂
Mauro Loureiro
Mauro Loureiro 2 mesi fa
C'mon Bugatti, you guys are being left behind 😜
Ash Divakaran
Ash Divakaran 2 mesi fa
I never understood the problem until my wife wanted a Ferrari - doctor, cashed up, can’t drive manual, doesn’t like going fast...wants to drive a Ferrari to the shops. This leaves car enthusiasts like me driving a V8 Holden
Faisal Haq
Faisal Haq 2 mesi fa
Enzo si sta rigirando nella tomba
Don Achille
Don Achille 2 mesi fa
But but but, Enzo didn't want a Ferrari badge on the Dino 246 because it had V6 with less power and price. I think he might be against putting the badge on the SUV as well, so....
The Boss
The Boss Mese fa
It was also to honour his son hence why he called it Dino
David Reynolds
David Reynolds 2 mesi fa
I’m not watching this. Just came to say a Ferrari suv would be an abomination.
Superfly Guy
Superfly Guy 2 mesi fa
I'm proud that as a 53 year old I drive a Civic Type R, front wheel drive manual gearbox proper hot hatch.
Jack Maddox
Jack Maddox 2 mesi fa
The G wagon is the evolution of a military vehicle that Mercedes built decades ago; it became popular with civilians, so it was evolved, and, perhaps sadly, became the behemoth ultra-luxury stupid expensive Kardashian-mobile it is, but it wasn't created in the last few years to meet market demand for a family-mover type car like the Bentayga or Cullinan, etc... Though I have to say the Aston DBX is gorgeous, in my personal opinion. And if I had to tow a rally car and go to my place in the sticks I'd get big ol' pickup truck; but a Chris Harris-type (as in, across the pond), might not feel owning a Ford F-150 or Ram 1500 is appropriate, whereas a G wagon, well....
Evander Jameson
Evander Jameson 2 mesi fa
I know so many people in the Palm Beach crowd that will get one without a thought of how it looks or performs. You had them at Ferrari SUV. 😒
gj rt
gj rt 2 mesi fa
To CHRIS HARRIS: Challenge 2002 Camaro and Firebird the enigma of super cars. The real cheapest Lamborghini before that was a thing. Analysis do it.
gj rt
gj rt 2 mesi fa
Woah! Chris Harris?! G-Class? Big flex?! Should of got a Tahoe. Egbfhnfhheghea
gj rt
gj rt 2 mesi fa
“What do you think about how old man Enzo thinks about it?” STORM BREWING.
gj rt
gj rt 2 mesi fa
First few seconds. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂☺️😂
Johnny Mackerel
Johnny Mackerel 2 mesi fa
It is pronounced “poorow sangway” and means pure blood.
KartoffelWilli Peter
KartoffelWilli Peter 2 mesi fa
Chris Harris is a jem. This is what I want from a motor journalist, someone who knows his field, relates to the average petrol head, adds his own viewpoint and voices it openly, instead of just presenting every car thag brands are putting out without really putting any own emotion behind it.
Markku Lepisto
Markku Lepisto 2 mesi fa
All we need are more of these talks with Chris and Chris Harris Drives with Neil. That’s it. That’s your 950kg 500hp manual formula, TG :))
givemeajackson 2 mesi fa
The name is the biggest insult possible
Exotic Performance Vehicles
Exotic Performance Vehicles 2 mesi fa
“Your made CEO of Ferrari tomorrow, what would you do?” Binotto 😂
911s73targa 2 mesi fa
Chris Harris is a real car person, not just an influencer or self appointed car journalist who sucks up to the crowd
nordicmonkey 2 mesi fa
Chris mentions the Cullinan and Bentayga, but to me they make the most sense of all. Looks aside, have Rolls Royce and Bentley ever been 'necessary cars'?
Iván Alfonso Pizarro Montenegro
Iván Alfonso Pizarro Montenegro 2 mesi fa
I like the Urus, but if I want an SUV, I would buy a Range Rover or a Toyota 4Runner.
AntiVaganza 2 mesi fa
Whoever designed this setup must hate cameramen or just like to violate basic rules of how human beings' visual sense works... There is a very simple rule, which is that we will always be drawn to the brightest part of the frame and I guess the producer really wants us to look at a bright box that shows the name of the show insted of looking at Chris? As if the slightly less bright box also carrying the name of the show is not enough or the meter tall letters on the backdrop... So, five times in one frame we need to be reminded of which show we are watching. Desperate much? That said, of course, always a pleasure to hear him speak his unfiltered mind.
Automotive Testdriver
Automotive Testdriver 2 mesi fa
Harris is one of us👍👌. The only idea of Suv makes me vomit and unfortunately i have to drive them every day in my job.😢
You Tube
You Tube 2 mesi fa
Dear Harris, I buy, bought and will buy SUVs for street use. Thousands of potholes, bumps and best view ; SUV gives that to me. But.. While I get in and enjoy my Nissan Qashqai, I do appreciate my SUV brand; I also hate these performance - sportscar brands that they are losing their purposes! Think that, Bugatti or Koenigsegg is making an SUV, what a rude idea it would be!
Tony 2 mesi fa
U used to hate g wagon U always talked crap and now u get one and saying nice thing because u paid by top gear urus is 10 times better than g
Alex Air Conditioning
Alex Air Conditioning 2 mesi fa
And this is why Chris Harris is a legend
Henry Smith
Henry Smith 2 mesi fa
This is what Top Gear should be like every now and then :)
Josef Gordon
Josef Gordon 2 mesi fa
Brilliant. Gotta say the name sounds like a vanerial disease , as Jeremy Clarkson would probably say 😅
SydneyPhotography2019 2 mesi fa
Ooh nice Omg it’s Puro- Sangue. You say ALL the letters, this isn’t English. It means pure blood.
Richard S
Richard S 2 mesi fa
I love the Alpha Stelvio. Its 4WQ and better than an estate because you have better views and the deal with the shit roads a bit better and easier to throw a load in the back with the dog. Ideal for winter windy potholed UK roads. It absolutely disgusts me that Ferrari would get rid of the Lusso for an SUV
Armyman 2 mesi fa
I remember when Ferrari used to make sportcars
AidanBagel 2 mesi fa
i miss the old guys james was my favorite
J Robinson
J Robinson 2 mesi fa
Pretty sure he owned a Merc GL at one time
Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike 2 mesi fa
The thing is that Urus is basically a Q8 Will Ferrari share a platform for the Purosangue? And yes, Harris is right, if the Suv is making money, as we clearly see with the Urus, then they would be stupid not to do it. And to be honest it will be the first family car from Ferrari. The Koenigsegg did a 4 seater something stating it's a family car and that is just wrong. So yes ones again yes to Suv
Joey Gard
Joey Gard 2 mesi fa
As a Canadian who likes trucks and suvs it just seems counter to what they are making suvs that’s with all super cars with the exception of Bentley and rolls Royce as it makes sense they do but Ferrari and lambo just seems like their parent companies are making that choice
Dailydriver 2 mesi fa
We l knew when lambo did it then Aston this was coming but it’s so sad.
Larry 2 mesi fa
Not long until Ferrari start making electric cars
Bianka Suarez
Bianka Suarez 2 mesi fa
y mclaren suv para cuando
Kristopher Cook
Kristopher Cook 2 mesi fa
Hates smug SUV’s but loves his G-wagon... and everyone of you hangs onto his every word! 🤢
Eric Yung
Eric Yung 3 mesi fa
the more cars got stiff because car journalists only talked about track times the more people went for crossovers because they were more comfortable to daily drive. Now the makers of stiff uncomfortable cars are having to catch up to the problem they helped create and car journalists don't like the direction the car industry went. A car doesn't have to go around Nuremburg in under 7 minutes to be a good car.
ben wood
ben wood 3 mesi fa
Chris is really up there as a motoring journalist, he's sullying himself doing silly shit with a an ex cricket player and a game show host.
citylims 3 mesi fa
Ferrari is officially a joke.
Maarten Van brakel
Maarten Van brakel 3 mesi fa
I really hope top gear fades into irrelevance... after getting rid of the 3 lads that literally saved the magazine from bankrupcy, the snobism, elitism, snarky and just overall fakeness of this pathetic company, makes it unbearable to any petrol head that has been alive for more than 20 years
Michael Heider
Michael Heider 3 mesi fa
"I made a comment in 'your mag'". Chris knows hes above the top gear of now.
Sayeed Zyjota
Sayeed Zyjota 3 mesi fa
Can you imagine a Koenigsegg SUV?
SneakerTifosi 3 mesi fa
After driving an SF90 and F8 back to back on track I walked away loving the F8 and feeling the SF90 was a bit numb
ChrisBlackArtist 3 mesi fa
mustang v edsel - one designed by comittee and focus groups one done by passion and love of cars. Which one failed which sold?
steffydog1 3 mesi fa
Have to make a profit, simple. SUV is a golden ticket of guaranteed sales, so it’s inevitable.
Vunene Mutarini
Vunene Mutarini 3 mesi fa
I see Harris, I click. Simple
Gavin Jones
Gavin Jones 3 mesi fa
So glad I live in the USA where if I want to tow something I can buy and drive a big pickup and not have to pay 8$ per gallon to fill it up. At least for a little while longer anyway.
G M 3 mesi fa
It is called adapting to market, even most valuable company Apple is doing by launching several models! Companies are pushed to do this to survive unless critics sponsor these companies to stop this adaptation !! So stop BS and appreciate the companies!
superweh 3 mesi fa
I hope the greenies outlaw SUV's.
Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira 3 mesi fa
Every motor journalist who complained about lack of room/comfort/practicality in cars that didn't need any more of it is responsible for the SUV craze. Cars basically upped a segment for no reason and traded charisma for...real estate qualities.
Franciszek Nosal
Franciszek Nosal 3 mesi fa
Honestly it's such a puristic approach...You did not even see it, you hate it already coz it's an suv. From a pragmatic point of view, cullinan is the closest to the phantom you can get, for 150k less ..
Louis Eguchi
Louis Eguchi 3 mesi fa
I get it - it’s just that he loved his lusso- sounds like this will be a lusso on stilts
Jason B
Jason B 3 mesi fa
Chris is dead wrong on this. Sorry. I'm going to say something nobody wants to hear, but I disagree with Chris and arguably the whole of the auto journo-sphere. Brands were going with sedans and coupes because the engineering with yester-year's technology demanded the lowest mass physically possible. Obviously that still helps, but suspension and transmission technology has progressed to a point where now, the SUVs of today can outperform Ferraris and such from 10 years ago. So with performance being the goal, and technology allowing it in SUV format, we not only might as well make SUVs from a business perspective, but the capability of today's tech _demands_ that we progress to SUVs. The Bentayga, Urus, et al. are the opposite of excess because they do the most work at their given price points, they're a lot less excessive than a 458 or even Mulsanne, because they're so capable at this point.
Ryan Mcqueen
Ryan Mcqueen 3 mesi fa
A G Wagon is not “honest” lol. A Land Rover Defender or Discovery is “honest” and gives the point he was trying to make.
James Z
James Z 3 mesi fa
That head bob at :37 so awkward lmao
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