FULL REVIEW: Chris Harris vs the 986bhp hybrid Ferrari SF90 | Top Gear: Series 29

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Top Gear

27 giorni fa

Chris Harris reviews one of Ferrari's many new offerings from the last year or two. This offering though, is really rather special. With a twin-turbo V8, bolstered by no-less than 3 electric motors, the Ferrari SF90 is one of the most complex and adept supercars ever made. So let's see what Chris makes of it...
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Swaroop K
Swaroop K 5 ore fa
15miles in a Ferrari, I don't mind even if it is electric !
itshafix 13 ore fa
Next year we gonn hit 1sec for 60miles per hour ? What's the point on road cars any ways . Jk
Marco Marco
Marco Marco Giorno fa
No thanks...I prefer the old ones with the smell of petrol, leather and rubber. They seem to have lost their hand...Pininfarina, gone...Magneti Marelli gone too. I stick with my v8
Unknown Artist
Unknown Artist Giorno fa
Kako ga cepas jbt
We g
We g Giorno fa
This is a dream car and I don’t like Ferraris
Crown Royal
Crown Royal Giorno fa
Cars that are just more and more clinical and fast are just not cutting it for the full driver experience anymore. If you want all out speed now get a $200,000 Model S Plaid + (yes I know its heavy) and do 0-60 in 1.9 and the quarter mile in under 9. If you want a driving experience get a straight piped GT3 RS.
Keegan O'Rourke
Keegan O'Rourke Giorno fa
you can turn everything off so you can control it the way you want to control it one of the best cars
Glen Peters
Glen Peters Giorno fa
Great car, great review but why do you want SO many ads they are such a distraction.
Smile Receive
Smile Receive Giorno fa
mayank singh
mayank singh 2 giorni fa
Chris couldn't agree with you more.. Absolutely true about this car.. Just a fast and blunt car.
Stevie Jo
Stevie Jo 2 giorni fa
Yes...I would NEVER buy something like that driving maintenance bill 💸💸💸💸💸
Samzilla 2 giorni fa
Doesn't sound like a Ferrari
Diary Dom
Diary Dom 2 giorni fa
Can we talk about the styling? It looks like a Chinese knockoff of a Ferrari.
davesid1477 2 giorni fa
Electric Ferrari, lame.
iveco shop
iveco shop 3 giorni fa
After pulling a police chase.. go electric and hide
JKey 3 giorni fa
and yet new tesla does 0-60 in less than 1.9 at half the price😂
Benelux supercars
Benelux supercars 3 giorni fa
here in belgium the first SF90 stradale has arrived and what a beauty it is.... itpost.info/dev/eqOngozNhdrWqH8/video
Jeff Gaudesi
Jeff Gaudesi 4 giorni fa
Ditch the stupid electric motors and the weight. Useless unless they are solid state assist for shifting. Lithium is a dead technology, especially in a Ferrari. Ferrari needs to make their cars outside of over regulated Europe and keep the cars pure! I bought the GTS superfast knowing this could be the last of the greatest v12 motor before the excitement is taken away at a higher price! Europe used to make the greatest cars, now due to their over regulation they are destroying the likes of Porsche and Mercedes as well with these little 4 cylinder turbos everywhere. We are in an idiot age of ecobox, science is real, and a BS troll government!
Efrem Castilla
Efrem Castilla 4 giorni fa
Tombino ibrido elettrico🤣🤣
cody3580 4 giorni fa
Chris Harris knows how to drive Ferrari
Rafayel Islam
Rafayel Islam 5 giorni fa
Ferrari: Top speen 211mph. Bugatti Chiron: Hold my 300mph!
JTettley 6 giorni fa
'One Thouuusannnnnd horse power!! Id never thought id see the day'.....the day was about 10 years ago mate, it was called the Veyron.
Brayden Wiener
Brayden Wiener 6 giorni fa
That was the most dramatic Edrive ever😂
Jay 6 giorni fa
That car is so powerful that most common users can't handle it without the "drift" mode button on high speed. 😆
oneonly xram
oneonly xram 6 giorni fa
Love when Chris does reviews, my favorite person to do these, dude can drive and is honest. The SF90 is insane, the interesting part is the brake by wire, I wonder how much better it is compared to the NSX??
Linclon Continental
Linclon Continental 6 giorni fa
My Job is about 15 miles away but would love to drive that SF90 all over San Fernando valley laughing knowing I have 15 miles to cruise
Famus 801
Famus 801 6 giorni fa
that top speed isn't that impressive, a 2015 Aventadors top speed was 217Mph
IamYourGod 76
IamYourGod 76 7 giorni fa
Well its the fastest production road car to the 1/4 mile right now
Paris Malaspinas
Paris Malaspinas 7 giorni fa
Im getting tired of Chris these days. Just because all you want is a manual old school car with no drivings aids and no technology at all just so that it feels like a proper Ferrari it doesn't mean the car isnt good or exciting. Times change and Ferrari has to adapt to this new ev world of 1000 hp cars. People love mclarens and lambos because they are flashy and fast in a straight line. If Ferrari wanted they could easily have made a proper supercar with a v12 that would handle like a charm because after all, its Ferrari. We all know what this company is capable of but apparently you are so stuck in the past that you cannot appreciate anything thats not 1980s style. Move on. You literally think Ferrari has any other choice? They have to please their buyers if they want to continue to exist. LITERALLY nobody wants a hardcore supercar anymore unless its a special edition FOCUSED for the track.
Antestius Leontius
Antestius Leontius 7 giorni fa
Chris please, take a couple of seconds and ask yourself if the wealthier customers who normally buy a Ferrari know how to seriously drive it... Are you sure they care about technology before driving?
Nomad624 7 giorni fa
3:58 is such a fantastic shot, chris harris's driving is so entertaining to watch
shooter mcgavin
shooter mcgavin 8 giorni fa
Top gear is dead now
Drawing Masterclass
Drawing Masterclass 8 giorni fa
La Ferrari: "Am I a joke for you?"
Prometheus 19 ore fa
yep, you could drive that in electric-only mode before this one. this wasn't a true statement
Ale Falcio
Ale Falcio 8 giorni fa
A shit model! Looks like a miserable model for Ursula VDL and EU commission. Poor Enzo Ferrari...
Deepfried 8 giorni fa
Top gear we have today just doesnt cut it. NGL even american/aussir version was 100 times better
s3 8l 400bhp
s3 8l 400bhp 8 giorni fa
Wow what a car when they fuel cap flipped open I though had a roof vent like my 555 sti ra lol all I need now is some battery’s that can take me 20 miles 🤭😍👍🔥🔥
Hamlet Derohanian
Hamlet Derohanian 8 giorni fa
It looks part McLaren part Corvette, no? Look again...
Mario 8 giorni fa
Macchina di merda, senza personalità e brutta, anche la Ferrari è morta!!!
TKO?????????????? 9 giorni fa
Idk why this is my dream car
Fabrizio Bianco
Fabrizio Bianco 9 giorni fa
"It's not the future that i want".
SVARUN Studios
SVARUN Studios 9 giorni fa
Great presentation - one word: Passion
HiddenWen 9 giorni fa
I'd be content just gazing at this car. It's so beautiful!
Martin Donohue
Martin Donohue 9 giorni fa
If you've got the money to buy one of these, everything you need for a weekend away you'd just buy when you got where you were going...
Chris Garret
Chris Garret 9 giorni fa
And just like that he's back on the banned list
Don QuIxoTe ?
Don QuIxoTe ? 10 giorni fa
this car epitomizes what is wrong with the car industry ..... just like the aprilia 660 does with sportbikes...
No 10 giorni fa
It's an exhilarating ride
Ashis Bhatta
Ashis Bhatta 10 giorni fa
i think it the best ever AERODYNAMIC design .....
Bojidar I
Bojidar I 10 giorni fa
Gear changes are just whip snapp. And your gone. The car is simply amazing and chris did an amazing job i love this guy and his reviews. No matter his personal take on the car good or bad
S K 10 giorni fa
Chris, not sure it’s a great car ??!! Are you mad ??!! It is EPIC man! I bet you loved it really !!!
Francesco 11 giorni fa
You can buy your wonderful McLaren Artura....hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaah patetici. E vestiti meglio...
Fabio Foto
Fabio Foto 11 giorni fa
Awful review for Top Gear. Fire him and bring Mat Watson.
Fabio Foto
Fabio Foto 9 giorni fa
@No .
No 10 giorni fa
What are you on about? Chris harris is better than mat watson
Ruoyang Wang
Ruoyang Wang 11 giorni fa
Not a drivers car?Ferrari: Let's try not kill the driver first.
patrick sebastian
patrick sebastian 11 giorni fa
chris harris carries new tg, they should just sack the two cringe enducing muppets and turn top gear into the one man show that is chris harris.
Tony Tang
Tony Tang 12 giorni fa
Doesn't look as good as the 458...
EyeEye Kay
EyeEye Kay 12 giorni fa
Chris Harris is wasted talent on new Top Gear
Kalle Sundqvist
Kalle Sundqvist 12 giorni fa
Jisandong-Tiger 12 giorni fa
porsche creats 918 6 years ago.
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson 12 giorni fa
This is a track car!
Naturecall Akbar
Naturecall Akbar 12 giorni fa
Ferrari are to focused to build SF90 to be a good car and forgot building F1 car to be competitive.
SgtNuker 12 giorni fa
Why? Why does every UK personality get it wrong? It's AWD, not 4WD in a car. There is NO transfer case.
Kalle Sundqvist
Kalle Sundqvist 12 giorni fa
Davide RAINOLDI 13 giorni fa
Rimettete Jeremy, Richard e James. Questo non è più Top Gear. Chi sono questi? Squadra che vince non si cambia. Tanto vale guardare Friends!!!!!
Dan Ordel
Dan Ordel 13 giorni fa
So I take it that the Laff is still a Legend
ruhaan premi
ruhaan premi 13 giorni fa
instead of making a cheap laferrari they made a 1000hp nsx
jaison john
jaison john 13 giorni fa
It's so beautiful
Gianclaudio Palazzolo
Gianclaudio Palazzolo 13 giorni fa
Please stop the vomitive color grading! (Teal & orange)
Dean Roddey
Dean Roddey 13 giorni fa
As usual, no interest in either turbos or batteries. But, I have to say that's arguably the best looking of the V8 series that they've done yet. And you can't even really make any great claims to skill when you pass lesser folks, since these types of cars are so assisted now. I'm sure I could kill myself just fine in a 458 Speciale, and have the satisfaction of at least being the one responsible.
Prestonesfpv 13 giorni fa
Too much playstation and hairdresser, sorry, it just dont tingle my willy.... now the one from Alfaholics you drove, now thats a proper car 😊
Etienne Swanepoel
Etienne Swanepoel 14 giorni fa
Does it look like a ferrari? Hell no, its a corvette.
Nginchheang Vong
Nginchheang Vong 14 giorni fa
I'd choose 812 over this any day lol 1000hp my az
No 10 giorni fa
This is way faster than the 812
Zahir Ahmed
Zahir Ahmed 14 giorni fa
15 miles of range is not useless at all...that's a lot of laps around Harrods you know!
Michael Isaacson
Michael Isaacson 15 giorni fa
Oh dear. The front end looks like a 1995 Chevy Camaro. A lot.
steffydog1 15 giorni fa
Mmm, not sure, but hey, that’s progress, not that pretty either is it
esphi LEE
esphi LEE 15 giorni fa
Gordon Murray knows how to design a super car.
gl hf
gl hf 15 giorni fa
I miss chris harris old videos. This is to much 2 fast 2 furious :(
S Gill
S Gill 15 giorni fa
Utter garbage. Would rather have Model S plaid plus.
No 10 giorni fa
Michele Romano
Michele Romano 15 giorni fa
In love 😍
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 15 giorni fa
No 10 giorni fa
In Jean Claude junkers ass
RogueBeats 15 giorni fa
1000HP Ferrari :O Supra Owners be like: thats cool kid
RogueBeats 9 giorni fa
@No yeh, also i dont think a 1000hp supra would handle as good as a Ferrari
No 10 giorni fa
A built car will always be fast but won't be as reliable
ITS OMARZ 15 giorni fa
Actually it's not the first ferrari you can drive on electric power only
Aintnopity 15 giorni fa
is it really only 211 mph top speed?
No 10 giorni fa
Cars aren't only about top speed
Goodnight 16 giorni fa
Finally i got this car. with GTA mods Vehicle :v hahahahaha
Dean Churchman
Dean Churchman 16 giorni fa
That capacitive starter button is a huge turn-off; it's no different to pressing the screen on a $50 phone, where's the sense of occasion a top of the range Ferrari is supposed to deliver? They went cheap on the one thing that is supposed to excite you and establish a connection to the car.
Black ThaGod
Black ThaGod 16 giorni fa
She is a beautiful car, she definitely a rarri far as looks.
FreeMind 16 giorni fa
too much editing
Star Lord
Star Lord 16 giorni fa
WHERE are the ELECTRIC FERRARIS WELL i guess they will die out in 9 Years 2030
Voss 16 giorni fa
if chris harris told me to jump off a bridge, I would be inclined to think he knows whats best and follow through.
Daniel Oceans
Daniel Oceans 17 giorni fa
1995 Camaro front with the modern Camaro back Amazing machine but one ugly car for Ferrari standards
Bebie Glo
Bebie Glo 17 giorni fa
The LaFerrari looks and sounds way better... Might be an unfair comparison, but that's the only other ferrari hybrid road car.
No 10 giorni fa
This is faster than the laf
Mpamphs Tripokaridos
Mpamphs Tripokaridos 17 giorni fa
If u need a drivers car get a Yaris GR :)
Mike DC
Mike DC 17 giorni fa
The SF90 is new era platform for future Ferrari cars. Just like the 458. Give it time and the sf90 will be the car everybody wants.
Mike DC
Mike DC 17 giorni fa
15miles of ev range is only good for leaving and coming into the house to park. So the neighbors or wife dont hear ya.
Mike Cano
Mike Cano 17 giorni fa
Anyone buying the Formula 1 Topps Chrome Hobby Boxes? Let me know your thoughts. I think the product is going to be the best card release of 2021.
Massimo Todaro
Massimo Todaro 17 giorni fa
5:44 great camera take
JamesJDMoe 18 giorni fa
so basically Tesla Plaid would destroy this 400k turd
No 8 giorni fa
@JamesJDMoe doesn't come with any aero kit, it also weighs 2.2 tons. No way that's beating any significant performance car lmao
No 8 giorni fa
@JamesJDMoe ok so what data do you have to back up anything of what you just said?
JamesJDMoe 8 giorni fa
@No plaid has new aero kit. it'll beat everything. from porsche to lambo to ferrari. it'll beat them all in straight line or track, for a fraction of the cost. it also has new tech to make the performance repeatable and not overheat, like the Taycan.
No 9 giorni fa
@JamesJDMoe You have no fucking clue what you're talking about. On a straight line maybe but it'll be really close. What about downforce, aero, brakes on the Tesla? Overheating? Weight?
JamesJDMoe 9 giorni fa
@No it will
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh 18 giorni fa
Why the hell Chris Harris sounds contradictory to me, on one hand he says it's totally madness that i can't control without putting leashe(ESC On) on it & in other he says, he thinks this might not be the greatest ferrari, can anyone out there help me with this, i want sensible genuine answer, cheers! 🤝🏻
Salvador Jose
Salvador Jose 18 giorni fa
Chris is not dressed for the occasion anyway great car nice video.
khalil FreeMan
khalil FreeMan 18 giorni fa
Why buy a buggati or Laferrari when you can just have this
Kalle Sundqvist
Kalle Sundqvist 18 giorni fa
Denis Delic
Denis Delic 18 giorni fa
Only because of you Chris I enjoy in those moments
N & Zs
N & Zs 18 giorni fa
I used to really enjoy a Harris review but in the last 2 years he has become so entrenched in his very narrow view of what cars click that he has missed the point of many a fine machine. This car is a milestone and will set benchmarks for super cars to follow at a price point an availability that more accessible. It retains elements of Ferrari we love from the past while making it relevant and progressive enough to create bridge to the future of exotic motoring.
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