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3 mesi fa

Guess who is back with some excessive throttle and armfuls of opposite lock? Yep, it's The Stig. This time he's got his hands on AMG's sledgehammer from 2012: the C63 Black Series. He won't be short of torque, then. Rate this drift in the comments below and compare it to last week's BMW M3 GTS. Now make sure you subscribe to not miss next week's instalment:
Top Gear Series 29:
Chris Harris Drives:
First Look:
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Top Gear
Top Gear 3 mesi fa
What did you rate this compared to the M3 GTS Stig Drifts? Haven't seen it yet? It's over here:
Kevin Kariuki
Kevin Kariuki 2 mesi fa
If he was sticking to the left lane it would be amazing
Abdullah Z
Abdullah Z 2 mesi fa
@Toni C LMAOOO nice joke you are so mad that the black series is million times better than a basic nurburgring shit that is everywhere unlike the legendary BLACK SERIES. Shut your mouth you are embarrassing yourself.
Toni C
Toni C 2 mesi fa
When a BMW shows up, the AMG loses all meaning and becomes something that only a child would like.
Abdullah Z
Abdullah Z 2 mesi fa
@Vince Mavhandu Exactly you explain it just as it is! Even when you compare E39 M5 vs W210 E55, the E55 sounds more brutal and has a deeper V8 grunt. M5 almost sounds like a V6.
Vince Mavhandu
Vince Mavhandu 2 mesi fa
This is a sound of a true brave roaring car.. Bmw will never have a sound like tbis.. Bmw sounds like it doesn't want to.. Its too soft
Jaden Cresser
Jaden Cresser 15 giorni fa
10/10 felt like I was watching my NFS highlights
ANNIE THAGISHU 18 giorni fa
Rate this drift below: Perfect
Rayno Julius
Rayno Julius 28 giorni fa
BMW's and Merc's always look good going sideways.
Renzong Calvin Lepcha
Renzong Calvin Lepcha Mese fa
We never gonna see the Big 6.2L V8 return 😭
Lowbarr Kate
Lowbarr Kate Mese fa
Burnt oil
tudor bocastorta
tudor bocastorta Mese fa
r i p tires #sandero
Everything AMG
Everything AMG Mese fa
Can anyone tell me what track this is?
Ahmadnurfauzi 06
Ahmadnurfauzi 06 Mese fa
Germany muscle car💪
Tajwer Ismail
Tajwer Ismail Mese fa
The only segment from the new top gear worth watching
092 WOO
092 WOO Mese fa
092 WOO
092 WOO Mese fa
Kem Mese fa
Love the gaming feature
sssniper Dog
sssniper Dog 2 mesi fa
Easily the best looking an sounding car an drift of this boring lame ass series.
Space ManTv
Space ManTv 2 mesi fa
Okay what game is this🤩🤩
Peter Lenihan
Peter Lenihan 2 mesi fa weak drifting...👎
XPNDBLhero 2 mesi fa
Once they put "Black Series" on it, it basically means that anyone and everyone can and probably has accidentally drifted one of these.... They are basically made to destroy tires as fast as possible, that's it. They aren't meant for speed or style or anything..... Just tire murder.
Samurai Jack
Samurai Jack 2 mesi fa
TK KSB 2 mesi fa
After an Audi and BMW of this category I tried this AMG, There is nothing to compare! The Mercedes is the best!
Toni C
Toni C 2 mesi fa
This C63 is one of the best cars out there, but when a BMW shows up the AMG loses all meaning. Only a child choses a merc over a bmw.
Caleb Godard
Caleb Godard 2 mesi fa
Okay, I'm addicted
Bijoux Mathew
Bijoux Mathew 2 mesi fa
Nice drifting skills Cool
LM01 2 mesi fa
Only good thing about top gear now
Sagar Nanda
Sagar Nanda 2 mesi fa
0:37 That looks like a bmw m3
Bread 2 mesi fa
9.5/10 very good drift altho could probably get a little more angle out of it.
David Mason
David Mason 2 mesi fa
10 out of 10
Carspotterzeeland 2 mesi fa
my dreamcar. That sound. That agressive body. its great!
_R3KT _
_R3KT _ 2 mesi fa
Good to see stig is still on top gear.
Random One
Random One 2 mesi fa
Drifting again....Yawn....and unsubscribed.
Thomas McAree
Thomas McAree 2 mesi fa
Very good dift from the stig
Vince Mavhandu
Vince Mavhandu 2 mesi fa
1000/ the AMG tag and exhaust +100
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin 2 mesi fa
That is what the AMG is for. 11 out of 10 right there! ❤️
Khanya Mfingwana
Khanya Mfingwana 2 mesi fa
It’s not the stig.... It’s the stig’s drifting cousin
Laszlo Budai
Laszlo Budai 2 mesi fa
Bmw m2 compe👍👌
Kidus Tefera
Kidus Tefera 3 mesi fa
Not the drift but the sound 100000000000/10
RahulM 2310
RahulM 2310 3 mesi fa
How about drifting all the black series cars? That'll be awesome
Blaco Mpower
Blaco Mpower 3 mesi fa
Kim Laity
Kim Laity 3 mesi fa
Ok u cant lie, stig is pritty good and driveing
Kim Laity
Kim Laity 3 mesi fa
oh god my spelling..
Kim Laity
Kim Laity 3 mesi fa
Kyle H
Kyle H 3 mesi fa
Genuinely sounds better than the later models
Kyle H
Kyle H 3 mesi fa
Stig is insane👌🏿
Mike Peterson
Mike Peterson 3 mesi fa
C63 Black Series is miles better and sounds better and the stig did some epic drifting there.
DYLAN MEYER 3 mesi fa
I am Smexy_AF
I am Smexy_AF 3 mesi fa
Codex Orion
Codex Orion 3 mesi fa
I hope this series continues, it's entertaining
Edge 3 mesi fa
imagine drifting in an automatic
Edge 3 mesi fa
old times
Ashish 3 mesi fa
9/10 ever watched Australian burnouts?????
Christian G.
Christian G. 3 mesi fa
Anybody knows the road?
Sakatoki91 3 mesi fa
I'm gonna rate the camera work: 11/10.
Six Foot Four Mike
Six Foot Four Mike 3 mesi fa
Dear Top Gear, please let me know when the Stig is ready to retire, so that I can formally apply for the position. Thank you.
Food on Film
Food on Film 3 mesi fa
Compared to the M3 this sounds horrible
nitish21 3 mesi fa
I Love sliding my C63 it is so predicable even at full lock its crazy. If anyone wants to see clips of it take a look.
MVE 3 mesi fa
Back in the days when MB still made real driver cars instead of tv screens on wheels... .
Car Mad Elliot
Car Mad Elliot 3 mesi fa
Are we sure Stig isn’t Chris Harris?
Sreeram R
Sreeram R 3 mesi fa
0:37 wait what!
R4KS 3 mesi fa
2:44 He is even catching up his own tire smoke..
Rahul Sohoni
Rahul Sohoni 3 mesi fa
One of the greatest cars Mercedes has ever made
Bruno Begic
Bruno Begic 3 mesi fa
This thing sounds like it runs on testosterone instead of petrol
Muhammad.Fitri Bin Ramsa
Muhammad.Fitri Bin Ramsa 3 mesi fa
RickOShay 3 mesi fa
Such rubbish. The show lacks personality and entertainment value. It's like they're trying to copy the real Top Gear - but it just falls flat. The only decent thing are the cars. BBC you should be ashamed.
veinss vise
veinss vise 3 mesi fa
This car is a masterpiece
Chrissylandy 3 mesi fa
Chris did it better first..
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider 3 mesi fa
Will my C350 do that?
Tolga Nizam
Tolga Nizam 3 mesi fa
No background music, please.
Koenigsegg Jake
Koenigsegg Jake 3 mesi fa
2:19 That skid mark to the trees tho..😂😂😂
Flamur Shala
Flamur Shala 3 mesi fa
Yeah i noticed too 😂. I really want to know what happened there.
aditya jethi
aditya jethi 3 mesi fa
I thought the new 4.0 L V8s from AMG sound good.......but I think I had forgotten how orgasmic the 6.2L NA monsters sounded
ricky v
ricky v 3 mesi fa
I will say that the effects were really cool. I felt like I was in a game. I didn't think it was Top Gear thought and I hope the show gets better.
Thales Stroppa
Thales Stroppa 3 mesi fa
Tip for the TG staff: the videogame intro is too long
Vance Place
Vance Place 3 mesi fa
Like the BMW but that merc is so nice
mad_over_wheels 3 mesi fa
2012 c63 is a gem. 😍😍😍
Ramaano Mphigalale
Ramaano Mphigalale 3 mesi fa
Lol stig is Ken Block😂
Issam Touati
Issam Touati 3 mesi fa
They should hire Powerslidelover to do this kind of videos
J J 3 mesi fa
Who ever thought up this drift car thingy, well your just a legend my son 👍
Mengie Nghinamwaami
Mengie Nghinamwaami 3 mesi fa
Who else saw him select a BMW M3 GTS? 😂
Aj King
Aj King 3 mesi fa
Where can I get this game?
Adil Khaled
Adil Khaled 3 mesi fa
Mohammed bassaev
Mohammed bassaev 3 mesi fa
0:58 you see this is where you are WRONG! The perfect weather for the beach is sunny, perfect weather for drifting is damp!!!
Ahmad Kheder
Ahmad Kheder 3 mesi fa
Abhishek M
Abhishek M 3 mesi fa
Who is the new stig?
erfan soltani
erfan soltani 3 mesi fa
What a machine ! Nice holding Stig
mrlister2000 3 mesi fa
I'd love to see the state of the tyres after the drift!
Bob Smoot
Bob Smoot 3 mesi fa
It always amazed me how consistent the lap times of each generation of “The Stig” have been over time, the Stig has some serious driving skills, he is one sick dude
Yogi Munte
Yogi Munte 3 mesi fa
0:37 Top Gear is smart tho
Róbert Sás
Róbert Sás 3 mesi fa
What a beast
Mystery Bus
Mystery Bus 3 mesi fa
Driver didn't go deep into clip points. Angles weren't that impressive. Initiations were mild not wild. Looks like a pro track driver trying to drift rather than a pro drifter beating on a car TBH. Happy to see drift content in any case, keep it up. BTW, James Deane is on the island to the west of you folks, TG might want to give him a call if they are looking for a top pro drifter.
Vicente Conceição
Vicente Conceição 3 mesi fa
Mercedes C63 Black Series > BMW M3 GTS
Jim Clarke
Jim Clarke 3 mesi fa
Maybe it needs new tyres ))
김도현 3 mesi fa
0:38 of course thats a bimmer Cant ever be a merc
Hyra Genie
Hyra Genie 3 mesi fa
Im convinced that the The Stig is Chris Harris
Man all I got to say that the C63 black series is still a beast
Alexander Zgura
Alexander Zgura 3 mesi fa
Oh you wanted to have tires after pressing the accelerator? Yeah that’s gonna cost you extra, it’s an option. These things and the E63 Carbon Black S are insane.
Shajna Nadirsha
Shajna Nadirsha 3 mesi fa
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds 3 mesi fa
C63 BS is the best of the 63 cars. True animal of a car
9thbigfoot 3 mesi fa
0:37 that M3 looks so different...
Oliver Hirtenfelder
Oliver Hirtenfelder 3 mesi fa
@Top Gear which one of the cars went off track after that right hander?
Keen About
Keen About 3 mesi fa
Many tyres were harmed in making this film..
Julian Zwemer
Julian Zwemer 3 mesi fa
Nice drifts! Although I would rather choose the BMW M3 GTS.
Jerry Johnson II
Jerry Johnson II 3 mesi fa
Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abid Ashhar
Abid Ashhar 3 mesi fa
Where can i download this drift game?
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