DRAG RACE: Toyota GR Yaris vs Toyota Supra vs Honda Civic Type R | Top Gear

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28 giorni fa

4WD vs RWD vs FWD. It's time for these three modern Japanese performance heroes to battle. But who'll be first across the line? The more powerful Toyota Supra? The grippy rally-bred Toyota GR Yaris? Or the front-drive hot hatch Honda Civic Type R? Well let's find out...
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miguel delacruz
miguel delacruz 3 giorni fa
I like the diversity of cars they used in this race. Toyota GR Yaris vs BMW Z4 vs Honda Civic.
Dollah kid
Dollah kid 7 giorni fa
This is how a video should be made
Juan Yepes
Juan Yepes 11 giorni fa
i am so mad its not coming to america i wanted to buy that car for my daily :(
Quick Expert Reviews
Quick Expert Reviews 12 giorni fa
So then what exactly happened
sabiko 021
sabiko 021 17 giorni fa
GR Yaris VS GR 86 VS GR Supra GOOOO....
Pierce 19 giorni fa
I still can't take a yaris seriously.
Alex Blood
Alex Blood 20 giorni fa
Why is no one comparing the GR to the S1?
Trackday and Roadtrip Driving & some MTB
Trackday and Roadtrip Driving & some MTB 21 giorno fa
Useless dragrace. AWD vs RWD vs fwd and no rolling race anyone could predict the result.,Yaris competitors are golf r Audi rs3 seat cupra etc that would be more interesting.
Howard Swing
Howard Swing 21 giorno fa
RPGMN777 Official
RPGMN777 Official 22 giorni fa
I miss the old hosts of Top Gear! Jeremy Clarckson, Richard Hammond, and James May “Capt. Slow”
2001Canes BestEver
2001Canes BestEver 22 giorni fa
Short & Sweet. Thanks for omitting the 10 mins of filler content. 👍🏾
Ethan W
Ethan W 22 giorni fa
Tbh the Yaris is actually dearer than the Civic Type R.
一一 22 giorni fa
Catman Sandiego
Catman Sandiego 23 giorni fa
Yaris vs. A Supra . what world are we living in now. When is the pony and the pinto gonna face off with a Mustang 🐎
Dess Zebrowski
Dess Zebrowski 23 giorni fa
Now we just need the Corolla hatch GR 😎
VaN_GoGH 23 giorni fa
Wait, did I just watch a video where the title matches the content and got straight to the point without 18 minutes of babbling into selfi cam with annoying music in the background?
DropkickOfTheCentury 23 giorni fa
Honda is embarrassing itself by even being put in this race, they need to bring back a rwd car asap, i suggest a rwd prelude pls.
Ramaano Muravha
Ramaano Muravha 24 giorni fa
The GR is my favorite for years to come,its such a complete small hatch,mr Toyota himself built this.
L S 24 giorni fa
Clarksoooooon !
Shoeb Saleheen
Shoeb Saleheen 24 giorni fa
Was the bimmer an auto?
Relentless Pursuit
Relentless Pursuit 23 giorni fa
They all are yes - ZF 8 speed
Seaf Halabi
Seaf Halabi 24 giorni fa
Carwow would have made this video 5 years long.
Walter Bellinoroci
Walter Bellinoroci 24 giorni fa
Ma che c...o di confronto è? Cilindrate e segmenti troppo differenti
Kazehaya Khai
Kazehaya Khai 24 giorni fa
I thought the thumbnail are from carwow
Zhvikov 24 giorni fa
I want the oldies back XD
John Vincent Morales
John Vincent Morales 24 giorni fa
Sinibak lang ng yaris yung civic hahahahaha☺️☺️☺️
Lee ludlow Art
Lee ludlow Art 24 giorni fa
I haven’t watched top gear since c m and h left.
Tudy 25 giorni fa
next video idea : tesla roadster 2021 vs skoda octavia 2004
TheBlkzenki 25 giorni fa
60k civic got beat by a yaris lmaoo
Cooleye 888
Cooleye 888 25 giorni fa
Another pointless drag race 😩
Kyle Le
Kyle Le 25 giorni fa
aunt jemima
aunt jemima 25 giorni fa
MadMax PRO
MadMax PRO 25 giorni fa
The civic didn't had a laptop 😒
Bee Xiong
Bee Xiong 25 giorni fa
Its funny, its like nobody has ever seen an awd car launch before.
tђє ยภF๏rGเVєn
tђє ยภF๏rGเVєn 25 giorni fa
I eat the new Civics up with my Speed 3 and its only a slightly modified 2010. The Type R is a joke.
MCG Channel - Mazen Cars Garage Gamer
MCG Channel - Mazen Cars Garage Gamer 25 giorni fa
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Ben Tran
Ben Tran 25 giorni fa
The supra could have definitely got a better start
S Jay
S Jay 25 giorni fa
Taking some inspiration from Carwow I see
Liakos Tsiantoulas
Liakos Tsiantoulas 25 giorni fa
I can tell that little Yaris has the behavior of it’s big cousin R35 GTR! Great car!
kenyan documentaries
kenyan documentaries 25 giorni fa
Still not as good as the boys
Mira .45
Mira .45 26 giorni fa
For those of you missing old TG. Jeremy in this moment: WHAT A LITTLE MACHEEEENEEEEE!!!!
Troy S
Troy S 26 giorni fa
Now just imagine it with a short ratio 10 speed DCT auto.
Smooth As Detailing
Smooth As Detailing 26 giorni fa
the background sound from the race is continuous and in sync judging from the gear changes in the exterior shots, so if the final line crossing footage is correct my calculations show a 13.5 second pass for the GR Yaris ? :) 12.9 for the Supra?
abaj006 26 giorni fa
Wow an AWD beats a FWD in a drag race!
Young Mula
Young Mula 26 giorni fa
0:32 Is that blue supra stick? He looks like he's shifting..
Kavinda Jayawickrema
Kavinda Jayawickrema 26 giorni fa
Do a rolling race
Fanofgaming78 26 giorni fa
The supra shouldn't be in Its German from BMW lol
totalsubmition 26 giorni fa
2 Japanese cars and one BMW. Let's be honest.
Ben-DubZ 26 giorni fa
Please do proper tests around a track. I think you'll find the results change. Top Gear??? Type R vs Lexus LC500??? All these straight line drag races make epic cars look shit. Seen it in others. Let's put a 4wd auto against a 2wd manual and see who wins....... May as well put a model x in there with ludicrous mode to make an F1 car look shit. For example the new megane rs is faster around a track than an s3, because it can carry the speed through the corners. The Type R again, would give these cars a run for their money around a track. But no, in my opinion, these kind of reviews are for the non car kind of people......mainly the German brand owners that like to fit in with the majority and lack situational awareness. You know I'm right for those that don't know what an indicator is 🙄 Top Gear do it right with the stig. That's how a test for the best should be done. But hey that's my opinion and on a positive note, a nice line up. 👌👏
Daniel —————
Daniel ————— 26 giorni fa
Honda Civic fn2 would beat the Yaris 😉
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 26 giorni fa
Too short..🤦‍♂️
pedro barnez
pedro barnez 26 giorni fa
thumbnail makes the supra look like the smallest car there.... how small is it?
The white beast
The white beast 26 giorni fa
Imagine 350whp on that yaris 🤣 " *supra shaking* "
Abraham Arthemius
Abraham Arthemius 26 giorni fa
Well.. Those guys from HKS and other tuning company in Japan already made a 400hp GR Yaris from the 3cyl, so yeah hahaha..
Painrelax AMV
Painrelax AMV 26 giorni fa
New supra is just shit
Rabih Deeb
Rabih Deeb 26 giorni fa
Ha ha funny drag race not really real coz very short road for the civic type r guys go looking for others videos
Eleia Barnes
Eleia Barnes 26 giorni fa
Carwow does it better. Get your own gig. 😜
POWER 26 giorni fa
TwinTurbo Ray
TwinTurbo Ray 26 giorni fa
I still don't understand why that automatic, ugly little shitbox of a car is bearing the name Supra. I can't be the only that is insanely angry about it. They should've never crammed the design of the awesome FT-1 in this little shitbox. I know, looks are subjective, but it looks off in my opinion. And the fact that you can't have it with a manual is a shame, objectively that is. The people that disagree are wrong.
Hon Solo
Hon Solo 26 giorni fa
I beat the civic R in my '06 Gti. He was pissed. Typical honda kid. It was close. He kept trying too. Civic-0/Gti-3. I spent 10k, years and years ago. He spent 30k recently. I called this race the whole way. Yaris with a tune would be sick. Wish our countrys vehicle choice didn't suck and we could get the Veloster N. Instead we get sport utility vans aka SUV. (A van without the slider door) and trucks, boo.
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas 26 giorni fa
I mean the other two didn't even start moving
BIGG CHUUCH bb 26 giorni fa
Cant drive the honda thats why
Terry G
Terry G 26 giorni fa
The CTR is a notoriously hard car to launch and bogs down too easily. One of its few weak points.
Rafael Suarez
Rafael Suarez 26 giorni fa
Try to run the type R on 245 40 r20 tires then drag race the car
B M 26 giorni fa
This could have been a whole presentation instead of a 1 minute snippet. Top gear what happened to you
kyshro 26 giorni fa
Would still take the GR Yaris out of them all! Bummer 🇺🇸 doesn’t get it 😢
car machine
car machine 26 giorni fa
and on track is honda first .. how is it even posiblle :D
Mike Ward
Mike Ward 26 giorni fa
I don't understand why people keep including the type r in drag races off the line. Off course the type r is going to suffer off the line, it wasn't designed to be launched from a standstill. It's FWD, has a manual, and doesn't really have a launch control. It's really a useless comparison against awd cars.
VISION0STUDIO 26 giorni fa
Thats it... im changing my Type R for that Yaris GR 😑
Terry G
Terry G 26 giorni fa
James Kenneth Paras
James Kenneth Paras 26 giorni fa
What happened to the type r
Roshan Srinivas
Roshan Srinivas 26 giorni fa
Thinking of how much Mat Watson yaks on about before starting a drag race. Top gear just makes a one minute video. No BS video
ron blondeau
ron blondeau 26 giorni fa
lol all wheel versus front when is the track race?
Gokul S
Gokul S 26 giorni fa
Done by carwow a decade ago
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht 26 giorni fa
I forgot that carwow invented the drag race.
Dee T
Dee T 26 giorni fa
Proper Japanese battle? I'm sorry but I only see two Japanese car here.
WANT Digital Agency
WANT Digital Agency 26 giorni fa
Well done lil' Yaris!!👏🏻👏🏻
TheKingkingg 26 giorni fa
The civic driver obviously had issues, but supra with much more hp would still win... I would love to see a track race
Terry G
Terry G 26 giorni fa
CTR is a good, fast car. It just struggles to get off the line. Once it gets going it’s an animal.
Bradofwar 26 giorni fa
All the keyboard warriors on here that say it stays ahead most cars at traffic lights with legal speeds, I eat a yaris for breakfast with my M140i xdrive.
Relentless Pursuit
Relentless Pursuit 26 giorni fa
@Bradofwar speedlimit in the UK is 70mph at best so top end not hugely important. I'm 100% certain the GR will corner quicker than the M140 (RWD or Xdrive) go try one 👍
Relentless Pursuit
Relentless Pursuit 26 giorni fa
@Bradofwar agree, the GR will not run 600bhp. The GR is a bespoke car, not a family HB with a big engine. The B58 is a great engine, but it's better than the car itself. Aluminium panels, carbon roof, forged alloys, AWD, 2 LSD's, 1380kg - it's a proper car, not just a 1 series! Even as an M140 owner myself, I'd be kidding myself if I made out it was anything more than a slightly modified 1series
Bradofwar 26 giorni fa
@Relentless Pursuit maybe your RWD one drives like that. Not the xdrive though. I can drive 110 at those highway loops, has a ton of grip.
Bradofwar 26 giorni fa
@Relentless Pursuit if we are going this way... My M140i has a 50/50 weight distribution and the aerodynamics of a Porsche spyder. Yaris is a proper rally car but nothing more. It has no sound at all and looks horrific. Also the B58 has great potential, with a few 1000 pounds you drive a 600bhp one, not seeing a yaris do that with that little money.
Relentless Pursuit
Relentless Pursuit 26 giorni fa
@Bradofwar and like I say, the M140 is a great car, with a brilliant engine, bit its chassis will always let it down, even with suspension upgrades and an LSD it still doesnt handle as youd like it to
Dave Anderson
Dave Anderson 26 giorni fa
Was that a 100meter drag race?
Vasco Francisco
Vasco Francisco 26 giorni fa
Toyota For the Win
Ned Elmassry
Ned Elmassry 26 giorni fa
That GR Yaris will be an absolute classic one day.
Alex Green
Alex Green 26 giorni fa
As a Civic Type R owner, can confirm, they are not a drag racer in the slightest 😅
Terry G
Terry G 26 giorni fa
Agreed. That is not its strength. They still okay against most other FWD hot hatches.
SADA-WAN 26 giorni fa
Not fair ..... ROLLING 😡 U need a course in CARWOW SCHOOL
scollyutube 26 giorni fa
So moral of this story is, get a Golf R, sorted.
Aldous Huxley
Aldous Huxley 26 giorni fa
Another useless test. Put the cars on a real track and compare them. That provides insights.
Relentless Pursuit
Relentless Pursuit 26 giorni fa
Cars spend 99.9% of there time on the road so track tests are just as useless
Gabriel 26 giorni fa
BMW wins.
N911GT2 26 giorni fa
Who would have thought the lightest car with awd is fasted of the line... 🤦🏻‍♂️
sinsins 3
sinsins 3 26 giorni fa
トヨタの兄弟げんかは兄が勝つ 仲裁のホンダは追いつけず
Myron Adams
Myron Adams 26 giorni fa
Bobby G
Bobby G 26 giorni fa
Ya (ris) Dancer!
DEVILxSATAN YT13 26 giorni fa
VTEC never kicked in yo
resmen81 27 giorni fa
That was epic. No unnecessary talking or faffing about. Straight to the point
Zhi Tao Tan
Zhi Tao Tan 27 giorni fa
U know the new supra is half BMW right?
Be8 27 giorni fa
That little thing just takes off. If it was a rally stage,the Yaris would have it.
fathir 5214
fathir 5214 27 giorni fa
*g r p o w e r*
JerrinSpace 27 giorni fa
The Supra had a big lead over the Civic Type R, because of the different transmission. Both cars have similar engine power, but the new auto transmission technology is far superior than a 6 speed manual. The driver of the Civic Type R seemed slow at the start. The Yaris is a pocket rocket, it had 20% less mass + a powerful turbo engine than the other cars. It's acceleration is not surprising!
Scott Rudicil
Scott Rudicil 27 giorni fa
Everything fun about the Type R starts at 45mph and up. It’s garbage off the line.
K P 27 giorni fa
These drag races are useless. Anyone can build a straight line dragster. It takes more skill to develop a car that can handle corners. Next time I'd like to see a track battle.
Sweaty Sam
Sweaty Sam 27 giorni fa
The GR was like f@!k point A 😎 but the Supra was like what about point B😋. The Type R though just balled up in a fetile position 🥺😭🤣😂🤣.
R K 27 giorni fa
So I’m guessing that the Civic had either a really fat guy driving or they loaded it down with groceries in the boot. I’ve driven one (and the Toyota) and there’s no physical way in this universe that the Toyota would beat it in a fair competition.
Relentless Pursuit
Relentless Pursuit 26 giorni fa
Depends what you class a "fair competition". The GR beats the CTR 0-60 in ANY conditions, it's simply quicker off the line. Its beat it in most 1/4 mile races too. Round a track itl depend on the type of track and conditions, and anything off road the GR also wins very easily. Day to day road driving the GR is just a quicker car!
Ali Mirza
Ali Mirza 27 giorni fa
Wow!, that's overhyped civic now looks pathetic
R3N G.
R3N G. 27 giorni fa
Civic Type R guys crying in their sleep, lol
bhunts32 27 giorni fa
Please please change the host of the show he sounds like he's in his grandmother's house Talking Ginger lie to someone who can't understand. Why is he Whispering into the microphone we can hear you. Maybe he should be hosting a baking show. This is a car show.
Daniii guerrero
Daniii guerrero 27 giorni fa
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