720bhp AMG GT Black Series: is this Stig's most sideways lap ever?! | Top Gear

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Ever wondered what goes on at the Top Gear test track when the show's not being filmed? Well it's this. Constant, non-stop THIS. Yep, Stig's got his hands on the latest 720bhp Merc-AMG Black Series and wants to bonfire some tyres...
Want to see more of the Stig's drifting skills? Check him out in a BMW M3 GTS: itpost.info/face/PLVf811yyyVnPAhGghYTHS8stznj9yQdwj.html
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Spinister 7 ore fa
Has the track time been announced?
Unknown Artist
Unknown Artist Giorno fa
Kako ga cepas jbt
MRBADASS 4 giorni fa
🥇 Mercedes GT BS is the FASTEST OVERALL PRODUCTION CAR on the NURBURGRING! (Beating out the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ & Porsche GT2RS & Mercedes is Front Engine / Rear Wheel Drive) !! 🤣👍🥇 Mercedes GT63S is the FASTEST 4 DOOR SEDAN on the NURBURGRING !!! 🏆🥇 Mercedes E63S is the FASTEST WAGON on the NURBURGRING !!!!🥇 Mercedes WON their 7th FORMULA 1 CHAMPIONSHIP in a ROW (Pinnacle of Motorsports Racing) !!!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 🚀 The 1,200HP+ HYPERCAR Mercedes AMG ONE is the World's 1st Street Legal 100% Formula 1 Derived Car & OBLITERATES all Production Track Records Further !!!!!! (#1 SALES)🥇 Mercedes is the #1 Selling Luxury Brand Worldwide 5 yrs in a Row ! (Outselling Everyone) !! 2,164,000+ Million cars Sold Last Year! (Not including Mercedes Commercial Van/Trucking Division in which Mercedes is the LARGEST Trucking Manufacturer in the World) !!!! EXAMPLES: (Lexus only sold 275,000 cars last year, Cadillac only 129,000) 😂 🥇 Mercedes S class is the #1 Selling Large Luxury Sedan Worldwide 50 yrs in a Row !! (Outselling the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, & Rolls Royce COMBINED)! (#1 HISTORY) Mercedes Benz Invented the 1st Modern Car 1886 & 1st Motorcycle 1885! 😯100,000+ Patents/Innovations to the Automobile, of which Everyone else Copies to this day! This Company has the Most Records, Innovations, Richest & Oldest History of them all by a Loooong Shot! 😎 (I'm a HUGE CAR ENTHUSIAST) Growing up with Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lotus, Land Rover, Ferrari, SLR Mclarens all around me & because my Father was involved in the Engineering of the 1st two) 😏
bak3r 8 giorni fa
is stig arabic and fro m pakistan sislamabad
Real Verdade
Real Verdade 10 giorni fa
And In crying inside because electric cars are coming and will never do this or make us feel how a sport car should be
Kyle Spiteri
Kyle Spiteri 13 giorni fa
Bring the old crew back
Matthew Gwynne
Matthew Gwynne 13 giorni fa
It sounds like it's quieter than the new A45...
Kirin Kirin
Kirin Kirin 15 giorni fa
No grip👎
TomekLeeChan 15 giorni fa
If it was doing his best lap time, then consider for a new driver. Drifting is not the fastest way around the track.
CL4SSiCS 16 giorni fa
Why can’t it not be like the old top gear where it wasn’t so well edited and so professional ?
Deon Nel
Deon Nel 16 giorni fa
What a MONSTER!!!
Joao Costa
Joao Costa 17 giorni fa
Look a new viper brutal incarnation👍👍👍
Free Copyright Sounds
Free Copyright Sounds 17 giorni fa
why does it sound like a V6?
No 17 giorni fa
Flat plane crank
Jasace Rodgers
Jasace Rodgers 24 giorni fa
Lovely car but more than difficult to drive quickly
2222 BBS
2222 BBS 25 giorni fa
CoolJRT 25 giorni fa
I fell asleep in the first 5 seconds
Patrick Break
Patrick Break 25 giorni fa
That's not Top Gear!
Abcd Efgh
Abcd Efgh 25 giorni fa
Crazy how this car would be competitive in F1 if it was teleported back to 1978
DJ Gandy
DJ Gandy 26 giorni fa
The sound is shit
小明 27 giorni fa
yellow button
Derin Barutcu
Derin Barutcu 28 giorni fa
You guys need a better stig
FirearmTutorials .com
FirearmTutorials .com Mese fa
That's the way AMG cars deserve to be driven...
Ginger Dog
Ginger Dog Mese fa
Wish the trio was able to hold onto the Stig bit. The only Top Gear content I'll watch at all anymore is stig laps, and only when one of those new guys isn't narrating
Ketoo Mese fa
The sound......., i would better choose older amg with normal plane crankshaft
Basti Remedy
Basti Remedy Mese fa
take 400 nm torque off and it still whant to kill u in every sec u in drive it
Bidhan kar
Bidhan kar Mese fa
Gotta love that burning rubber smell.
James Cartier
James Cartier Mese fa
It's cool until you realize that a Tesla family sedan can be specified with 300 more horsepower. This really is the last days of the petrol engine lads
Seti4077 Mese fa
change the goddam name of this series
GameWe On
GameWe On Mese fa
TOP VIDEO!!! + like
Volkswagen Boy
Volkswagen Boy Mese fa
Hey Guys- I just started a ITpost channel and uploaded my first video on my Mk7 APR stage 2 golf R, would appreciate you guys checking it out! Thanks!
Jason O'Reilly
Jason O'Reilly Mese fa
and the time was............?
New king🤴
Krzysiek Janik
Krzysiek Janik Mese fa
This is one of the worst sounding car ever 🥺
Jake Hodgson
Jake Hodgson Mese fa
This is bullshit that car wasn’t built to go side ways on a serious lap
Rafael Murta
Rafael Murta Mese fa
This is a show off not a race against the clock
Ryan Farrugia
Ryan Farrugia Mese fa
what a dream
Christoforos Paphitis
Christoforos Paphitis Mese fa
Is this a drift car?
Yessen Akishev
Yessen Akishev Mese fa
10 Future Motorcycles YOU MUST SEE 10 Future Motorcycles YOU MUST SEE
Prithwi S.L.
Prithwi S.L. Mese fa
At 1:15 you can see even the Stig is struggling to keep the car in a drift which points out how hard it really is to drive this.
Janusz Dudek
Janusz Dudek Mese fa
Hahaha 😂 How many sets of tires he used for this one lap? 😜 Cool car... cool skill 👏
Liam Taylor
Liam Taylor Mese fa
Why was it never timed?
Juks Vlogs
Juks Vlogs Mese fa
Mario Kart
Roberto Magnani
Roberto Magnani Mese fa
Una bestia di macchina
OMGz1122 Mese fa
It's Chris harris
Mark Cady
Mark Cady Mese fa
“Stiggy Sideways”
misterspider33 Mese fa
AMG at it’s finest.
Roy Abou Khalil
Roy Abou Khalil Mese fa
sounds like a kia
FakeWords FakeWorld
FakeWords FakeWorld Mese fa
Is it only me, or does OPF even killed the sound of an AMG Black Series ^^
adxxmaa Mese fa
C63 Black Series > GT Black Series
Quentin Cheung
Quentin Cheung Mese fa
Come on, turn the music down, we want to hear the engine sound
Fugettaboutit Mese fa
What's not clear from this vid is when you get into the AMG GT Back and strap in, you're actually facing sideways.
Joel Robinson
Joel Robinson Mese fa
This is why I don't like Michelin Tyers on road spec car's. Stig do it again on P Zero Pirielis
Keanon Williams
Keanon Williams Mese fa
A Tesla is louder than this.
West Coast Supercars and Classics
West Coast Supercars and Classics Mese fa
Literally the stupidest driving style ever invented.... Take a fast car but drive like a slower car while burning a set of tires every lap....
Weroonn Mese fa
sadly top gear is not what it was back in the day! please shut down this channel!
Luis Henriquez
Luis Henriquez Mese fa
this was not entertaining. looks more like a promo video than a fast lap. a classic video of a fast lap is what we want!
juan lara garcia
juan lara garcia Mese fa
too much................
Sean Michael O
Sean Michael O Mese fa
Sideways = slow
Troy K Mokoele
Troy K Mokoele Mese fa
The last hurrah....I must have it....before EV's take over....😤
aeronuts Mese fa
No, I can only hear blinding lights . Please give me back the engine noise
altered trajectory
altered trajectory Mese fa
If the video & audio truly match, @0:47 he's just tapping through the gears while keeping it sideways. Mr. Torque dance move.
Ntokozo Dlamini
Ntokozo Dlamini Mese fa
I can literally smell the tyres all the way here in Portugal
Yigithan D.
Yigithan D. Mese fa
Jeremy would like this AMG very much
Chris Burn
Chris Burn Mese fa
Sounds like my old 1.4 Fabia, except not as good.
RGJ 22
RGJ 22 Mese fa
Personally I think this doesn’t have the true essence of an AMG BS car. It needs too be loud and aggressive sounding but it just isn’t.
Benjamin Libotte
Benjamin Libotte Mese fa
Nice drifting, but is it also quick around the test circuit?
H. K.
H. K. Mese fa
Sounds like a fan. I prefer the last version of the Amg a pro or R with upgrades. Sounds worse than a McLaren and that’s the worst of the worst hahah
Charles Martel
Charles Martel Mese fa
Top gear just isn't the same
Jagdeep Singh
Jagdeep Singh Mese fa
stig is more serious and workaholic without Jeremy,James and Richard
Minea Micheal
Minea Micheal Mese fa
Even Jeremy Clarkson couldn't do that during his review in 'GrandTour'
Emilio Andrade
Emilio Andrade Mese fa
The best black series ever
Nigel Marks
Nigel Marks Mese fa
That's not a serious lap time, sideways is not the fastest way around a track.
Larry Hancock
Larry Hancock Mese fa
Long live Top Gear!
Omar Hernandez
Omar Hernandez Mese fa
This thing gives me ACR vibes
Max P
Max P Mese fa
The perfect car for James Charles
Randomaniacs Mese fa
It would probably be a lot faster if the Tyres stopped shredding...🤣
Bongani Gumbo
Bongani Gumbo Mese fa
It just doesn't sound like an AMG let alone black series
Nick Microulis
Nick Microulis Mese fa
Is this the most Chris Stigrris sideways lap ever?
Craig FLEMING Mese fa
So you blow $1000 of tires in one lap
Matthew Fulcrum
Matthew Fulcrum Mese fa
Badly set-up car or bad driving, not the fastest way to set a lap time
Itzz Aland
Itzz Aland Mese fa
Not fun anymore where there isn’t a lap time competition like the old times
cardude1992 Mese fa
That was not a hot lap lol
SilentDeviL Mese fa
miss the times when stig was precise !
Siddhanth Jain
Siddhanth Jain Mese fa
I know The Stig is no longer Schumacher..😢
reynald cayabyab
reynald cayabyab Mese fa
Vacuum Cleaner!!!
Stephen Lawrence
Stephen Lawrence Mese fa
Sounds like a hairdryer.
Siddhant Sharma
Siddhant Sharma Mese fa
where is Chris harris???
Wong Tsz Fung Nick 黃梓峰 - (2D31)
Wong Tsz Fung Nick 黃梓峰 - (2D31) Mese fa
Man this car is drop dead gorgeous, but if I was rich enough, I think I'd purchase an aftermarket exhaust for the car before even buying one. The lack of sound is just so disrespectful to this amg and to all new modern supercars!
Gotdurt Mese fa
I kept wanting to see him reach down to shift... but denied... so wrong. The soul has been removed from track cars these days.
Tumi St
Tumi St Mese fa
Well it still has the amg DNA
Ethan Schmid
Ethan Schmid Mese fa
I know that a certain orangutan is going to enjoy reviewing this car on the Grand Tour!!!
londonkicker Mese fa
I think the stig should be called The Rubber burner
ผู้ชาย ห้ามดู
ผู้ชาย ห้ามดู Mese fa
I like ❤️
WhYQon Mese fa
I was able to see this beast yesterday at the local Mercedes dealership. Absolute crazy monster
Gian Carlo
Gian Carlo Mese fa
Why in hell does a V8 sound like a 4 cylinder?
Philip Stokes
Philip Stokes Mese fa
Flat plane crank
John Carlo Fernandez
John Carlo Fernandez Mese fa
This car needs a muffler delete so bad
Y2Kazan Mese fa
ShantyGaming Mese fa
Too bad this would never be his fastest lap. Good for a show though
Time 4 Change
Time 4 Change Mese fa
Somethings not right, Even Stig’s head is sideways.
SaBrE 2099
SaBrE 2099 Mese fa
Sploosh 💦
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