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2 mesi fa

Classics. Restomods. Replicas. Continuations. All have the gorgeous vintage looks, but each is fundamentally different under the skin. Chris Harris and Top Gear Magazine editor Jack Rix discuss the differences of things like the Alfaholics GTA-R, Eagle Lightweight GT and GTO Engineering's recreation of the Ferrari 250 SWB.
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Service & Feedback

Anon Nona
Anon Nona 6 giorni fa
Which category for original classics modified and updated? So a genuine original as a donor car turned into something which would be a restomod if it were all new, e.g. the Jensen FF-R. Still a restomod, or another category? Anyway - Mr Harris having some fun in a Motorsports Tools Mk1 or Mk2"Escort" restomod. Go on - you know you want to.
Anon Nona
Anon Nona 6 giorni fa
I'm sure that Brabus would build you that W124.
mayorofthenonsense 19 giorni fa
Chris Harris could talk about socks for 2 hours and it would still be fun to listen to.
Al F
Al F 24 giorni fa
Poor form on Chris Harris' part. There are companies that can do engines from front engine cars into mid rear engine chassis. Coyote swapped cayman is an example.
Ted Heavy
Ted Heavy 27 giorni fa
WRONG. A resto-mod is a classic car with new gear like crate engines and air bag suspension and god forbid gullwing doors. Think taking an MGB and installing a modern V8 with electronic ignition and fuel injection. That is resto-mod. No one takes a new car and tries to make it look classic. That is like retro styling like the new Mustang- Camaro- Challenger..
Jeffrey B.
Jeffrey B. Mese fa
Great video. Bought a 2019 Subaru STI.....a real-time restomod. :) 1990's in a bottle with current safety and a warranty. And hydraulic steering. Wonderful car. Underappreciated.
Gavin Jackson
Gavin Jackson Mese fa
This is what Top Gear should be like, distilled Car opinion and spec from people like Chris and Jack... I couldn't stop watching their vids in this style.
Chopper Meir
Chopper Meir Mese fa
There's a few 205's + 309's with Civic type R lumps in them.
Ghett Away
Ghett Away Mese fa
I predict that the next future is going to be split between fully electric (or whatever other power source arises in the future) and least until petrol stations slow or stop production of oil entirely.
Ghett Away
Ghett Away Mese fa
“They’ve ramped up production to 4 cars a year “ You know what? That’s actually beautiful. I would much rather a low production high quality built drivers car than a high production low/mid quality car with safety features tailored to people who don’t even want the car as much as they want the badge and prestige. Especially if priced properly
Crazykiwi2 Mese fa
My restomod choice: Alfasud. So much potential. Maybe Bristol 407 as well.
the ultimategmoney 2021 NASCAR dude - top gear
the ultimategmoney 2021 NASCAR dude - top gear Mese fa
I would retro mod a 1996 esprit v8
Arjun Bhat
Arjun Bhat Mese fa
That is a horribly incorrect definition of a restomod. Surprised that he mixed it up.
James Jameson
James Jameson Mese fa
I definitely don’t agree with Harris on the restomod, surely a restomod is just a car that has been restored and modified. End of.
Nick Hiniker
Nick Hiniker Mese fa
Can’t believe they left out pur sang
Bartel Meijers
Bartel Meijers Mese fa
Please more videos of the last minute, just Chris Harris imagining cool concepts for restomods.
saradomin88 2 mesi fa
b16b engine and drivetrain in a Peugeot 205 gti... sounds juicy!
swamp scuzz
swamp scuzz 2 mesi fa
This is BBC's sorry excuse to keep Top Gear going. The guy isn't funny, he's talking like he knows everything about cars but sounds like a dick tbh, and he really lacks the charm that Clarkson, Hammond and May all had. RIP Top Gear
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski 2 mesi fa
I love the Frontline MGB resto mods...LE50 and Abingdon. Gorgeous and relatively affordable.
The710Salmon UwU
The710Salmon UwU 2 mesi fa
Vano Scrap
Vano Scrap 2 mesi fa
that fan buzz in the background is unacceptably painful in the long run. Come on, sound engineer...
Ebiking and Games
Ebiking and Games 2 mesi fa
This is shit get the old man, short man and cheese man back now
Elmer Fudd
Elmer Fudd 2 mesi fa
No its not. A restomod is an older car that has had a modern drive train, brakes and / or suspension installed into it. So it looks old but drives new.
Henrik Carlsen
Henrik Carlsen 2 mesi fa
The Peugeot + Honda sounds absolutely right.
Purple Shadow
Purple Shadow 2 mesi fa
Not really a restomod - but a hybrid coming-together of a Peugeot 206 with a 4wd transmission and Subaru EJ powerplant...:
Michael 2 mesi fa
Must have the same engine as the badge
abdulah m
abdulah m 2 mesi fa
Dreary conversation
Rich Twell
Rich Twell 2 mesi fa
Not a fan of this presenter constantly interpreting Harris. Get rid of him don't think he has what it takes to be a good interviewer.
jonas svensson
jonas svensson 2 mesi fa
Doing a Esprit S1 five cylinder Turbo
Dave Tomley
Dave Tomley 2 mesi fa
Saab 900 Turbo, just bought up to date
Michele Vianello
Michele Vianello 2 mesi fa
The world of journalism, in every discipline, is in dire need of honest, based and straightforward people like Mr. Harris. Please continue this format. People want critique, education, argumentation. Let those youtube marketing-paid, stupid hype dealers eat Chris' dirt.
Snarge22 2 mesi fa
Restomod? Maybe an Alfaholics version of a Alfa GTV6. 3.2L 4-Cam Busso derivative V6 engine with a bit higher compression and GTA cams. Milano Verde transaxle with 3.55R&P +LSD and machined lightened gears. One-piece Carbon Fiber driveshaft. Stitch welded chassis. Carbon Fiber hood, fenders, doors, & rear hatch with plastic rear window. Carbon Composite Matrix front and rear inboard brake rotors on aluminum hats. 17" superlight (Forgeline?) wheels. 215/45-17 high-grip tires (i.e. not too wide for slip angle fun). No bumper but with earlier Alfetta twin chin spoiler and matching sheetmetal. Hollow & stiffer torsion bars, Titanium exhaust, CF front seats with no rear, but upholstered back interior. Lithium Ion Phosphate battery located forward to save on heavy battery cable (may require interior location). Anything else I've forgotten?
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin 2 mesi fa
I definitely love the restomod idea. The fact that we can have 21st century engineering while still keeping that gorgeous lines and curves is a total no brainer for me. For once, I imagined a restomod Countach with Aventador mechanicals and a restomod Testarossa with F12berlinetta or 812 Superfast mechanicals.
Tarek Moghrabi
Tarek Moghrabi 2 mesi fa
type R all day, everyday
It's a MINI MINI World
It's a MINI MINI World 2 mesi fa
To be pedantic, a replica can only be built by the company which produced the original, anything else is a copy, an homage, or a fake...
Suleyman Yunus
Suleyman Yunus 2 mesi fa
You leave imagining thing in north nigeria 🤔😫😫😥😥😖😤🤑🤤😒
Chrisd 2 mesi fa
In my opinion, this is the best of the Rix/Harris duo to date
4g5y 2 mesi fa
One can sense that Chris is not enjoying these conversations as they aren't on the same wavelength. The grasp of knowledge is a different scale altogether. Better to make Chris do this alone, let the questions come on a screen or something! :)
chadgrov 2 mesi fa
Those Singers are painfully beautiful
Gabriel Eum
Gabriel Eum 2 mesi fa
Ferrari 250 SWB body + 550 Maranello engine and gated 6-spd gearbox + F12 differential + power steering up to 15 mph and no power steering above that speed = mine
Phenix HSIEH
Phenix HSIEH 2 mesi fa
Can’t wait to see if Chris drive the Volvo P1800 CYAN
Audidude 2 mesi fa
Peugeot 205 with Honda Type R running gear and gearchange! Almost as perfect as a Honda Integra Type R DC2 JDM with that gear 👌. Like the one in my shed 👍👍
bdb studio
bdb studio 2 mesi fa
Chris is authentic but this vignette is a bit Blue Peter
Joseph Matuszak
Joseph Matuszak 2 mesi fa
Not as a flame or knock, but a "RestoMod" is a restoration of an old car with new equipment. Not really the other way around. If the car is made to look old, but is all new it's just a "RetroMod."
Anolbea 2 mesi fa
I agree about the Peugeot/ K20A2 Honda hybrid.
Michael 187
Michael 187 2 mesi fa
i hate the toyota yaris gr its not practical, its expensive and you can only buy it in the us and great britain.......
Alex Clement
Alex Clement 2 mesi fa
Detomaso Mangusta with the 7.0 out of the C6Z would be perfection
J Pi
J Pi 2 mesi fa
Jensen FF with Ferrari FF drivetrain. Yaris GR with Ghemera clever valve tec.
David Bern
David Bern 2 mesi fa
Bring back the Datsun 510 and 240Z
Consigliere Egidio
Consigliere Egidio 2 mesi fa
Of simpler mods e86 with n54 engine, or e81 with m62b46 engine. For a start.
Eugene Vorster
Eugene Vorster 2 mesi fa
I love Chip Foose 's E-Type restomod. So many suttle tastfull changes. The spoked wheels are CNC machined! (Personally I'd just have the interior in Jaguar' s burgundy leather)
K 2 mesi fa
3:40 Is that Hammond?
John-Murray Hofmeyr
John-Murray Hofmeyr 2 mesi fa
Ive been thinking for a few years now that Ferrari and Porsche should make their cars or a car look more classic. Smaller lighter fun and timeless.
Bob Van Dell II
Bob Van Dell II 2 mesi fa
Wrong on the definition of a resto-mod. It's actually the opposite. It's an older car modded with modern refinements. It's a definitive improvement where newer technology, power, or comforts are applied to older chassis.
R K 2 mesi fa
The point is that restomods and authentic reproductions are desirable is because they remind us of when cars had souls as opposed to the cold and unfulfilling computerized feeling of current vehicles. Although upon hearing Chris’ ideas for restomods it sounds like he’s missed the point.
C7TV 2 mesi fa
“Restomod is when you take a newer car and dress it in a way which makes it look older”? I’m pretty sure it’s when you take an older car and restore/modify it with modern parts and tech...
Emyr Derfel
Emyr Derfel 2 mesi fa
Gets a bit Ship of Theseus/Trigger's broom at some point.
Danny Hudson
Danny Hudson 2 mesi fa
Chris: 205 with vtec Me: can this be done? I WILL do it regardless
micglou 2 mesi fa
Ehh no Chris is wrong... a restomod is taking an old car and update it.
eduardo gomes
eduardo gomes 2 mesi fa
from the moment you fired the best trio ever this show got worst in every aspect
Shift -Z
Shift -Z 2 mesi fa
cars built in the 60s and earlier are slower than minivans now, in every dimension, thus old cars are undrivable or a big let down.
Jaani Kääpä
Jaani Kääpä 2 mesi fa
Countach LP400 with Murcielago SV's powertrain/4WD/gearbox. Power assisted brakes, steering. Electronic rearview mirrors so you can actually see out of it and full sensors all around it for reversing, etc. Automatic parking and valet mode. An actual Countach you can live with. Also keeps the Countach heritage as the SV's engine was the last one Lambo made that was based on Miura block, so the same block used in Countach.
dule savic
dule savic 2 mesi fa
Audi S8 (the one with a 450 ps V10) with the engine from the Huracan Performante
Marvin Samuels
Marvin Samuels 2 mesi fa
Cracking! I agree, you’ve got to use components from the same manufacturer. Although not following those rules, I always wanted to do a Triumph Stag with a modern low capacity V8, possibly M60 in 3 and 4 litre forms. Not rocket ships but a big improvement on the original.
John F
John F 2 mesi fa
I'd give my left ball for a GTA-R
Alexis Malcolm
Alexis Malcolm 2 mesi fa
Hey Chris there is an actual 205 gti with a k24 in it here in Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 nice car
Craig Stovold
Craig Stovold 2 mesi fa
205 with EP3 CTR power and drive train.... ooof!
Crypto Cave
Crypto Cave 2 mesi fa
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T Ly
T Ly 2 mesi fa
Everyone came here to hear what Chris Harris has to say, the other guy should stop asking a question then interrupting 🙄. Seems like that guys mic is louder too, what gives.
Crypto Cave
Crypto Cave 2 mesi fa
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GGDriftz 2 mesi fa
Chasing my dreams! Anyone willing to check out my short clips would be greatly appreciated I only can afford to post clips but hope to have a capture card soon enough! Thanks for just taking the time to read this if nothing else, I hope you have a wonderful life!
Car Reviews by M A 7
Car Reviews by M A 7 2 mesi fa
Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk 2019 Review
Jay Hom
Jay Hom 2 mesi fa
I'd like to, if I had the wherewithal, to turn an old VW and and a 2CV into electric with say a 80hp motor. I wouldn't want to put anything more unless you are refitting everything for fear of my life.
Crypto Cave
Crypto Cave 2 mesi fa
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Car Reviews by M A 7
Car Reviews by M A 7 2 mesi fa
Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk 2019 Review
Ben Zare
Ben Zare 2 mesi fa
Jack Rix strikes again with his idiocy! Can he please stick to paperwork and let someone with at least SOME CAR KNOWLEDGE and passion for cars to interview Chris Harris, the God that he is among petrolheads... no SERIOUSLY!!! It's becoming uncomfortable to watch just how much Chris despises Jack's lack of knowledge about cars and his stupid comments, like, every.time.he.opens.his.mouth!
Scott Jones
Scott Jones 2 mesi fa
Ok my resto mod, 72 tr6 triumph with coil overs and a late 90's early 00's BMW m3 engine and transmission swapped in. Leave the body alone for most part, maybe lighter hood, trunk. And the big racing fenders from the scca race car from the 70's and some Nascar style deep rims. 🤤
Crypto Cave
Crypto Cave 2 mesi fa
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Brian Griffith
Brian Griffith 2 mesi fa
There is a company out there doing some nice 240z's...cant remember the name, but they are mint.
Car Reviews by M A 7
Car Reviews by M A 7 2 mesi fa
Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk 2019 Review
Brian Griffith
Brian Griffith 2 mesi fa
205 type r... I like how Chris is thinking.
Crypto Cave
Crypto Cave 2 mesi fa
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vasantos2171 2 mesi fa
Lamborghini needs a Lamborghini engine. Dead stop.
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 2 mesi fa
Lamborghini with an LS3 in it May be the only car to not have already been LS Ed 😂😂
Crypto Cave
Crypto Cave 2 mesi fa
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Johnny Canuck
Johnny Canuck 2 mesi fa
Look up Project Binky on ITpost, if you like that convo you'll love the boys at Bad Obsession Motorsport.
Michael Baines
Michael Baines 2 mesi fa
What I'd do is VN Clubsport with the VT Callaway 300KW engine with the E series manual 😎
Geoff Robbins
Geoff Robbins 2 mesi fa
wouldn't mind doing a vb/c commodore wagon with complete vf gtsr w1 running gear and day...
Anders Juel Jensen
Anders Juel Jensen 2 mesi fa
Mazda RX-7 with complete carbon fiber outer shell with a tasteful amount of wide body. Every subframe/crossmember in aluminium/magnesium. The iconic Mazdaspeed wing cloned in carbon. Dash from a 2019 Mazda 3. Complete space cookie billet reproduction engine with ceramic apex seals and microwave ignition. Modern sequential turbo setup. 7 speed helical cut gear sequential transmission with both paddle shift and automatic mode. Run by a Haltech Nexus R5.
Aj Johnson
Aj Johnson 2 mesi fa
Mercedes Pagoda pimped up please.
Jack Curtis
Jack Curtis 2 mesi fa
Id have Singer/Williams Vehicle Design do the 1998 Porsche GT1 Le Mans winner (the Mobil 1 livery one that was driven by Allan McNish), throw in a Carrera GT V10 engine and transmission, but more modernized. No electronic instrument controls, just buttons and switches like a Mclaren F1, and have no sort of exhaust restrictions from EPA or whatever, so it is the greatest sounding, non restricted V10, much like the old F1 cars! But all street legal with aggressive body work, and very modern materials, again built by Singer and Williams Vehicle Design. Crazy interior all specially done up, yet still minimalistic and lightweight and built to be driven hard on the road and harder on the track.
Max Torque
Max Torque 2 mesi fa
"Peugeot has nothing of any merit" GET OUT HARRIS!!! Have you forgotten that their fwd tarmac 306's beat the 4wd turbo WRC cars using the N/A 2.0 16v engine, in higher than the then touring car spec, reving to just under 9k and making very nearly 300 bhp!!!!. With it's 86x86 bore to stroke and wide cylinder spacing allowing futher over-squaring, and most critically hugely generously size tappets allowing the use a cams with super aggressive lift and accelerations, and a lovely, compact, big valve cylinder head running at decent 11.5:1 compression ratio.......
HUGO ESCUIN 2 mesi fa
Its a very sourprise
Marcomanseckisax 2 mesi fa
6:20 "aim it for Nice and go" - straight into the arms of the local gendarmerie in my long and expensive experience.
Bruno Begic
Bruno Begic 2 mesi fa
Am I the only guy on Earth who thinks an S54 in a BMW 2002 would be great fun?
Robin Vespignani
Robin Vespignani 2 mesi fa
Alfa 75 Evoluzione with Giulia's gta engine
Michael Foland
Michael Foland 2 mesi fa
Different style of restomod, but Icon 4x4 is making some amazing cars.
911s73targa 2 mesi fa
Restomods are cars made by pros to charge big money from checkbook braggers who won't really drive it. I'de respect it if somebody built it with his own hands in a shed, to be the car he really wants it to be for himself.. But restomods.. balls to that.. they look to fancy and shiny.. look at the singer, they look like plastic toy cars , where as a nice original Early 911 is so much nicer..
Harry Read
Harry Read 2 mesi fa
That 250 swb is proper the only car I would save up for at my current age of 20. Its absolutely stunning
matthew spence
matthew spence 2 mesi fa
it's kind of sad to see top gear reduced to two guys in a dark hangar talking about cars, the true spirit will live on but not on top gear
Tsparkdriver 2 mesi fa
This is the reason why last week I boughy a 1986 bmw e28 524td to swap a bmw 4.0 lightweight aluminium V8 and LSD int he back. The car was 1400 euro, no rust. Hoping to get a really nice restomod for under 10k euros.
Paul Rooney
Paul Rooney 2 mesi fa
I knew he was going to say a 205. Yes!
guitarwi3rdo 2 mesi fa
Pretty much anything puegeot with a k swap would be pretty sweet
Biohazard667 Productions
Biohazard667 Productions 2 mesi fa
whaaat chris is my kinda guy! I actually have a Peugeot 205 gti with an Honda K20 engine in it =) its doooopeeeeee
Mykola Rieland
Mykola Rieland 2 mesi fa
We are conditioned to success and failure, not that there is not something true but nobody can lead you to it. So, most of our consciousness is conditioned to live a life of constant struggle, which implies the denial of what is and the acceptance of what should be.
Andrew Lofthouse
Andrew Lofthouse 2 mesi fa
That was a great interview
veezo85 2 mesi fa
W124 with a modern amg engine would be something I’d like to do
Adil Khan
Adil Khan 2 mesi fa
Psychoanalysis: all three categories represent Freudian desire about women with varying degrees of make up, restorative surgeries and HRT....
SuperLuckyCat7 2 mesi fa
OK here goes me own recipe; Jag xj coupe from like -75. No vinyl top. XJ series 1 front and dash - the early chrome edged meter bezels and likewise straight exhaust pipes. Propelled by a genuine 12 cyl Jag engine mated to a 6 speed Tremec manual; however stripped and supercharged with like a Megasquirt injection and ecu (600 -ish Bhp on wheels). Bespoke LED front and rear lights. Wheels should be chrome original XJ12 ones, however rebuilt into 18' and widened accordingly... Etc. Most of the underpinnings do their job, would just go for urethane bushings, Coilovers and uprated brakes (but I'd stick with the inboard rear brakes ;-) ). Colour scheme; BRG with tan interior. That would be my favourite Build as of now ;-) 🏁
Jaye Bass
Jaye Bass 2 mesi fa
I have an X1/9 with a K20 built for a shade under 40K USD.
Joe Read
Joe Read 2 mesi fa
Get someone better than jack 😭
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