THIS is the new Porsche GT3: Chris Harris goes to Porsche GT Heaven | Top Gear

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3 mesi fa

Fetch yourself a brew for this 40 minute saga of Chris Harris in a garage full of Porsche GT cars, including a first glimpse of the long-awaited Porsche 992 GT3, and a ride in the development mule.
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Jason Giorno fa
I dream of this shit too. I also dream of beautiful women. I wake up sweating most nights.
allen styer
allen styer Giorno fa
4:36: I wonder if Chris leaning against that car bothers him 18:30: I guess not
СИЛА ДУХА 2 giorni fa
The Speedster for me please...
Smee 2 giorni fa
Oh Jesus... masks...
Andrew grimstead
Andrew grimstead 4 giorni fa
this takes me back to chris harris on cars , thanks top gear , for not shortening, or scripting this too much
telephonic 4 giorni fa
I still in awe at the 997 GT3 4.0, mind boggling how that was 500 BHP.
jermaine austin
jermaine austin 4 giorni fa
As a muscle car fan boy , most say I did enjoy this video. 911 is the king. Every year the GT3 gets better. Amazing engineering. Unlike McLaren and other prestige Manufacturers the 911s are robust.
Thomas Tam
Thomas Tam 5 giorni fa
Have you ever heard any of the two not referring to a car in this video as spectacular? Neither have I. Any GT family member is a legend!
Josue Laura
Josue Laura 5 giorni fa
“I’m not interested in third party options” The most Chris Harris thing I’ve ever heard
Yt AltAcc
Yt AltAcc 10 giorni fa
Its like if 2 friends who love cars met and somebody happened to be there with a camera. So good to watch!
Ki E-Skate Mods
Ki E-Skate Mods 11 giorni fa
Chris reaction when he was told that he can take a glimpse at the new GT3 was priceless. Lol 😂
Ki E-Skate Mods
Ki E-Skate Mods 11 giorni fa
This is Porsche GT Heaven for me.
Sami Jylhä
Sami Jylhä 12 giorni fa
So when Chris drives new GT3. Waiting it :) Purple :)
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek 12 giorni fa
that new gt3 looks phenomenal , this is video is exactly about what cars are all about for petrolheads.
the1beard 13 giorni fa
40.52 of advertising 🤔
Little Traveller
Little Traveller 13 giorni fa
When he doesn’t have a shitty script he’s always fun to watch
The Porschefile
The Porschefile 14 giorni fa
I’ve had an accident
Geoff Armitage
Geoff Armitage 14 giorni fa
Now this is what I call entertainment ! The banter between Chris and Andreas is wonderful ! The cars are gorgeous ! It has left me wanting more !! Fantastic !!
preston herring
preston herring 14 giorni fa
Anyone else notice how he just casually keeps sitting on the priceless cars lol
Earlando Johnson
Earlando Johnson 16 giorni fa
Watching this video in anticipation of the official reveal today! 🤞
J M 17 giorni fa
Great video, but is any one else concerned about the rear end? The hard line/overhang above the license plate seems to do away with the sexy rounded rear end. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Thoughts?
Markus Patients
Markus Patients 17 giorni fa
Who signs the papers for any of these to become a Mattel product / Hot Wheels or Matchbox toy and decide which ones make it? The only ones I can afford...
Abdelrahman Ahmed
Abdelrahman Ahmed 17 giorni fa
Andrea's is one of the best if not the best in the business
GasyCars 17 giorni fa
Andreas is Hattori Hanzo for cars!! 😅
Darren Moreno
Darren Moreno 18 giorni fa
If you are a Porsche fan you would definitely love this.
R Wilson
R Wilson 18 giorni fa
Chris Harris on his own would just send Top Gear off the charts - get him solo!
Laurie Dye
Laurie Dye 18 giorni fa
Ive watched this at least 8 times.....maybe more given i sometimes go straight to the uncovering of the new GT3! Beautiful!
Quan Tran
Quan Tran 19 giorni fa
911 heaven
GT perfection
GT perfection 21 giorno fa
Im so glad that American Porsche dealerships will ruin this car with markups and speculation so people like me that actually want the car will not be able to afford it. At this point the GT3 is a rich man's hobby.
kestkr 22 giorni fa
The 997.1 GT3 is definitely my favorite
Ben Bell
Ben Bell 22 giorni fa
I earn £20,000 a year. I will never own a 911 but I have to watch these videos...... Why do I do it to myself? If I had the money I’d go for the GT3 Touring. Such a stunning car. What an incredible video.
BlackNeck POV
BlackNeck POV 22 giorni fa
Sitting here scratching my skin off every second his ass juice drips on a fender
System ID
System ID 22 giorni fa
Dream garage i almost cried when i saw this garage on carfection.
Usha Tampa
Usha Tampa 22 giorni fa
They are seducing me.
Karlo Kos
Karlo Kos 22 giorni fa
I will be waiting for the diesel version
beatonthedonis47 23 giorni fa
I like how he goes from the German pronunciation of 'Michelins' to a perfect French pronunciation.
Don Curtis
Don Curtis 23 giorni fa
Loved this video and have now watched it several times! If anyone knows where to find the videos about Mr. Purple and the one shot in Spain that they talked about please post them in a reply to this comment. Thanks!!
Warren 23 giorni fa
28:00。 31:00 can watch again and again 😍😍
Harish Kumar
Harish Kumar 24 giorni fa
0:30 The exhaust note is 🔥🔥🔥 Pure Motoring Nirvana ❤️❤️❤️ 👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Hadi Yousef
Hadi Yousef 24 giorni fa
Which podcast did Chris tell the police story
ilmelangolo 24 giorni fa
Andreas is such a nice fella.
Friendroid 25 giorni fa
0:48 Don't Talk To Me Or My Son Ever Again
Tom Fidler
Tom Fidler 28 giorni fa
it does ISH I love it ahahahah
Simon K.
Simon K. 28 giorni fa
28:35 The moment just before he unwraps the 992 for a few seconds feels like waiting for your favourite adult model to unveil it's amazing butt😆🤤
Eric L.
Eric L. 29 giorni fa
4:50 in this dork just leans against this mans car while he’s wearing jeans. So disrespectful
João Dias
João Dias 29 giorni fa
My dream garage. I always will love Porsche especially Gt3 and Gt3 Rs. The sound and how it reves its fenomenal. Loved the video and how they talk about them. ♥️
Sami Jylhä
Sami Jylhä 29 giorni fa
Best car video long time. I have look this four times. First time when it was released. When they release Mule...
Gerald Good III
Gerald Good III Mese fa
That garage
CallMeMotherTeresa Mese fa
Hi JAY Leno!
g Mese fa
"in the memory you tend to glorify things of the past" 10:32 this man is deep
Will Creighton
Will Creighton Mese fa
This has to be the greatest Porsche video on YT.. Could listen to these two all day!!
auto blipper
auto blipper Mese fa
20:22 I thought he said this engine is a Creamer lol
Carter retraC
Carter retraC Mese fa
sergio Mese fa
Looks like a gt3 rs more than a gt3 way to overkill
Warn Gamers
Warn Gamers Mese fa
Imagine gt3 rs
Allenwrench Mese fa
James B would have the V12 manual version.....
Suge Couseng
Suge Couseng Mese fa
This gt 3 without the wing, please in my Garage
Zoloto Zvezda
Zoloto Zvezda Mese fa
For me, it would be the 997 midnight blue.... What a beautiful machine!
Murat BOYAR Mese fa
Awesome and amazing..
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke Mese fa
4:14 thats seriously disrespectful
Jaromu Designs
Jaromu Designs Mese fa
Is it just me? I don't care who you are, seeing someone leaning or sitting on a car boils my blood! Specially on these beauties.
Lossless Mese fa
MrDodo no.1
MrDodo no.1 Mese fa
Looks like a RSR
Chett Smith
Chett Smith Mese fa
Leaning against a car no matter who you are Very uncool not professional at all say a lot about a person's character Nuff said !
Rahul Sohoni
Rahul Sohoni Mese fa
Me before watching this video: good god 40 minutes is too long After watching the video: how is it over already??? I need a longer version of this!!
John Ulzheimer
John Ulzheimer Mese fa
"...500 HP is enough to put you in jail any minute, anywhere on a street legal situation..." Awesome!
Mr Fahrenheit
Mr Fahrenheit Mese fa
@4:45 have you now respect Leaning on the man's car.
Mr A
Mr A Mese fa
THE level-headed Chris Harris is like a kid in a sweet shop here. Porsche is just the pinnacle 💪
GridNotion Mese fa
The legend says, that if you go to instagram and follow EngineMachina, you will have Chris Harris's garage
Aikens Brown
Aikens Brown Mese fa
The Germans took over the color thing with cars today and I love it. Japanese car companies are so afraid of the new color scheme to I guess 😅
PG16 Mese fa
Is Porsche gonna go for any underbody ground effect, or any active aero systems to achieve more downforce?
paul connell
paul connell Mese fa
Nice bloke that Andreas chappy.
Carbonych ZS
Carbonych ZS Mese fa
incredibly exciting video!
Corran Helme
Corran Helme Mese fa
It was the first Porsche to feature alcantara not the first street legal sports car...and the 991 gen 1 had a melting engine.
Dave F.
Dave F. Mese fa
When will it be unveiled???
Timothy Knight
Timothy Knight Mese fa
Chris Harris, that was Awesome! And I am not even a fan of the brand. I watched the whole thing. More Chris Harris.
Nilotic One
Nilotic One Mese fa
StevieDee Mese fa
I can’t stop watching this video these 2 guys are awesome in a sea of 911’s 🏁
Doc Hudson
Doc Hudson Mese fa
4:20 i cant believe he sat himself on the side of that poor yellow porsche. With all the rivets on his jeans. Smh!
Ken Mason
Ken Mason Mese fa
You're a lucky man, what wonderful garage to look around, I love stories of all these Car's. 👏👏👏
james ford
james ford Mese fa
come on chris you dont sit on another mans car
aaryan chaubal
aaryan chaubal Mese fa
Yooo the 992 looks mad
dz302g50911turbo Mese fa
I'm waiting for the "Chris Harris Drives" THIS is the new Porsche GT3 - AP, don't you think we have waited long enough?!
Adrian Waters
Adrian Waters Mese fa
Porsche haven't done anything impressive about weight saving.... My old 90's Mini had an active weight reduction coating on every pannel 🙈
John Paterson
John Paterson Mese fa
That grey one with big of orange is beautiful What a history lesson this video is, 👍🏻
BezBog Mese fa
That was such a fetish video
Bonnie Drasco
Bonnie Drasco Mese fa
Pure Unadulterated Knowledge! Sat here intently like a hungry dog
Extra screws
Extra screws Mese fa
I'd have knocked him out right away when his ass was leaned on the car
Terry Bernander
Terry Bernander Mese fa
Why no questions about the GT3 RS? When?
Enrico Mora
Enrico Mora Mese fa
Beautiful cars. There is only one thing. Porsche has been making the same car for 2000 years. It is still the "usual" 911, ailerons, extended curves, but it is still Ferdinand's 911.
Scrodgulus Mese fa
hilarious to me that a porsche head engineer forgot the term for "drag" racing
dee marr
dee marr Mese fa
ya i would cringe ...what if those jeans have metal buttons...regardless.jay leno does that also.
SomeBabyZebras Mese fa
They gave it a mustache.
Tudor Jianu
Tudor Jianu Mese fa
Why the masks?
Geoffrey Demanuele
Geoffrey Demanuele Mese fa
adding another comment and joining the others : leaning against cars especially not yours is just a big no-no and unacceptable
Charu Mese fa
Do something about it
Paul Keenan
Paul Keenan Mese fa
A passionate interest brought me to this ITpost but fear now arises of the boring geek syndrome concerns.
Neutron Star
Neutron Star Mese fa
Damn! That's the most stunning Porsche ever!!!!
Thor Clevelandson
Thor Clevelandson Mese fa
I want to buy a 992 GT3 😎
tschingol Mese fa
can I drive and compare them in real?
Abu Harris
Abu Harris Mese fa
Best motoring journalist ever. Chris Harris
Airborne Nab A9
Airborne Nab A9 Mese fa
don't understand why chris spends over 30 mins just leaning on every car in the garage... btw just waiting for the new gt2 rs to break Nurburgring record.
Joshua Mwatsama
Joshua Mwatsama Mese fa
Fantastic presentation cum reveal. Well done Harris. Can't wait for that Top Gear series featuring Andreas Preuninger.
Allenwrench Mese fa
this and the auction video with Max and his purple pants are up there with your 24hrs of Nurburgring and Spa videos Neil and Chris.......the 911R / Aston Martin V12 video is the most beautiful however......I'm a 997.1 GT3 guy myself, so by definition, I'm strange - happy about that,,,,,,,,,,
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